8 May 2015

Hamann raves: Liverpool should sign 'magnificent' £38m playmaker who rejected Benitez. Possible?

Everton star Ross Barkley is one of the most coveted young players in Europe right now, especially amongst former Liverpool players, who frequently heap praise on the 21-year old attacker. Reds legend Dietmar Hamann is a confirmed admirer of Barkley, and this week, he's once again urged LFC to pursue the the midfielder.

In April 2013, Liverpool were linked with an improbable £38m summer move for Barkley (swiftly dismissed by Roberto Martinez), and when asked this week about signing players from Everton, Hamann responded:

"Very blinkered view my friend. I'd carry [Ross] Barkley from Goodison to Anfield if Liverpool could have him"

Ex-Reds Jamie Redknapp, Mark Lawrenson, and Jamie Carragher are also huge fans of Barkley. In a recent column for the Daily Mail Redknapp enthused:

"He [Barkley] is magnificent. We’ve not had a player in this country since Gazza who can run the length of the pitch with the ball without ever looking under pressure. It’s as if the ball is glued to his foot".

Lawro is equally impressed:

"The more first-team action [Barkley] gets, the more we are seeing he is pure gold. Whether he is still at Goodison or moves on, he should develop into a massive midfield presence"

Jamie Carragher added:

“There has been a lot of talk on Merseyside about Ross. We talk about the players that will come through and ask who is going to replace Steven Gerrard? Who is going to replace Frank Lampard? That goal on Saturday was Gerrard-like"

Martin Keown - who also played for the Everton - has also suggested that Barkley is a player Liverpool should pursue:

"[Ross] Barkley is the perfect replacement for [Steven] Gerrard. He is still a long way from becoming the complete player Gerrard is, but he has all the potential to be the leading player of his generation".

Do Liverpool have any chance of prising Barkley away from Everton? Probably not, but if things had gone differently, he could've already been a Reds player.

In 2008, 14-year old Barkley scored two goals for Broadgreen International in the Liverpool Echo Cup Final, and who presented the trophy that day? ex-Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez.

According to the BBC, Benitez was 'impressed enough to want to sign him' but Barkley's loyalty to Everton meant there was 'nothing they could do'. Barkley's PE teacher at the time recalls:

"He [Barkley] was loyal to Everton and that came across when he met Rafael Benitez. He was not arrogant or rude, but it was very much just a case of him saying 'thanks very much' and that was that."

Everton legend Ian Snodin has also dismissed the prospect Barkley signing for Liverpool. Last season, he noted:

"I don't think Liverpool have much of a chance signing him. I don't think Ross would like to upset Evertonians and go across the park".

Snodin may be right in this case, but switching clubs on Merseyside is not that uncommon. In the last 30 years, the following players have done the unthinkable:

* Peter Beardsley
* Abel Xavier
* Nick Barmby
* Gary Ablett
* Kevin Sheedy
* David Johnson
* Alan Harper

Alas, Steven Gerrard may already have sabotaged any LFC attempt to sign Barkley. Last season, the youngster revealed the advice he'd received from Liverpool's captain:

"He [Gerrard] said the big hitters are going to be looking at me but the main thing for me is to stay with the club I’m at, the team I support and love, which is Everton"

Reverse psychology, perhaps?

Unfortunately, the painful reality is that if Everton decide to sell, Barkley will probably go Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, or even Man United.

Rodgers just doesn't have the pulling-power of Mourinho, Wenger, Van Gaal et al, and with Steven Gerrard also leaving, there's even less incentive for top players to come to the club.

Sad, but true.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. He's turned Rafa down once already

  2. Why oh why is all our attention still 'inwards' toward the premiership.....?

    Surely when Christopher Columbus did the hard bit we should all realise there's a whole new world our there...

    ...for crying out loud....grrrrrr.....

  3. Never gonna happen............................

  4. Our overseas transfers has been as bad as British ones if not worse.

  5. I like the idea of Milner in midfield , cost nothing and is better then Barkley
    the way i see it we have a great foundation to build if we can sign him and Ings and keep Raheem


    otherwise it looks good

    Milner has better stats then Mccarthy,Barkley and Kovacic
    He can play Right wing,Left wing,Cam,Cdm,CM

    Bargain ,
    Ings as well suits our style of play , while Origi proved he could play up front for a top team at the world cup .

    This way all our funds can be spent on that leaky defense which is a larger issue

  6. Yep he'll go same way as rooney.....

  7. yes, but 38 million squid........

    really there's no one else.....? .....No...?!?

  8. I don't care if manager doesn't have any pulling power as long as he delivers results and buy decent players. BR can't even do that so sack him.

  9. We have as many flops from other nations then ones in same

    Is Markovic
    better then Downing,Lallana ? no he aint

    is Moreno that much better then Johnson when he first arrived from portsmouth, no he ain't

    Is Aspas,Balotelli Borini
    better then Sturridge and Lambert no they aint

  10. ...If he had been 'given' a decent striker we really wouldn't be in this situation....really....

  11. Rodgers has delivered

    wages says we should be 5th

    we are 5th

    and its a hell of an achievement when you consider he done it with only midfielders scoring and no fit firing striker

    Sterling 7
    Coutinho 5
    Henderson 6
    Gerrard 7
    Lallana 4

    Imagine what he could do with Danny Ings and Origi , players that suit his style?

  12. Divock Origi , Raheem Sterling and Jordon Ibe

    Rodgers could do a lot of damage with that attack

    i can see Origi score 20 goals next year
    He has what Rodgers needs

    dont forget Danny Ings as well

    Ings,Origi,Sterling,Ibe,Markovic and Sturridge when fit

    with Coutinho,Milner,Henderson and Lallana feeding

    why are people complaining , thats one hell of an attack?

  13. Lambert...borini are the players of his choice..so please!

  14. We had three strikes worth over 35mn in lambert ...borini. ..and Balotelli. ..2 of which were BRs choice.

  15. Mr 'round table' I get you but a question.....

    apart from the brilliant style of football that I love watching what would you say to the 'issue' that was kind of hinted at last year and also this year especially in the cup competitions......?

    That even if our BR gets good players playing what about when he gets to the real pressure end of competitions and league...?

    Look at Klopp and Rafa...they went toe to toe with the absolute best teams in their leagues and held it together.......you reckon BR can....?

    I will always say YNWA to BR but I do worry about what I've seen.....I can only hope he evolved PDQ.....

  16. YH but they were meant to be reserve players
    Lambert playing ten minutes at the end of matches was the deal

    but because
    committee singing Balotelli is not doing well
    and Sturridge a phenomenal striker is injured

    he has had no choice to play them

  17. Ballottelli was brought in to 'lead the line' and replace Suarez goals I believe....

    ....and from what I gather FSG tried to play clever in identifying a 'broken' talent who could be fixed by BR and sold for a handsome profit...hmmmm....

    I thought at the time it was a brilliant move but I was very, very wrong.......

  18. Just because they didn't deliver...you are justifying by saying that they were meant to be reserve players. What a lot of BS.

  19. And why was borini bought?

  20. Yh

    only had to beat Bayern

    last yr we finished above Manchester united the best team in our league and still finished behind city

    Rafa only had to beat Real and Baraclona
    not to mention they were in cl finals twice before he joined

    Brendan has to beat
    Man united,City,Chelsea and Arsenal

    even if we beat one like last yr chances are another one will overtake us

  21. probably illegitimate son..........

  22. Are you sayin' you cool with BR....?

    I certainly wouldn't have an issue if he got another year but I can never be suer when reading comments cos people change their minds with the outside temperature....

  23. First signing

    Rodgers was at Swansea

    scouting players for Swansea

    then lfc came in

    there was no scouting in place
    as Rodgers cam new

    he signed players he knew
    Borini,Allen and Assaidi
    its perfectly understandable

  24. I'd still want BR to go out there and prove his detractors wrong by bringing in one big marquee attack mid/striker signing...........

  25. So Lambert was not meat to be a ten minute player and cup game player?

  26. Lfc we dont sign big players
    we make big players!

    its been the philosophy for the last 50 years

    why is it suddenly going to change?

  27. So he cannot sign a decent player without a scouting team and he can't sign a decent player with an entire transfer committee either? How is wasting 30mn over such players is even close to understandable?

  28. Did he even successfully do that?

  29. well we signed Suarez for one.....

    going back to the original post Hamann was probably one of the best when we got him from newcastle...

    Dalglish was pretty shit hot too........

  30. You get put in a position

    1) No scouting as you did not know you would be in lfc job
    2) the owners tell you you can't sign top players
    3) you have to reduce wage bill

    what do you do?

  31. Suarez would not have been that easy to sign if he did not bite Baakali

    Hamman was big but was playing for Newcastle, you don't go from Bayern to newcastle by choice
    his stock was clearly lowering till he joined us)

  32. sad to say........LFC......

    ...not by choice, but by memory..... :-(

  33. I am with Steven on this one. Football needs. desperately, players playing for *their* clubs. Even if it is the wrong club..

  34. Stan Dinaround8:59 pm, May 08, 2015

    21year old DM from Mainz... Great positional sense, great defensive play, great going forward and he has a mean freekick on him aswell... I think he would be the perfect partner for Hendo... He would allow Hendo the freedom to get forward without being worried he is leaving the defence exposed.... Bonus being, he can play as an attacker aswell..... He isn't so well known outside of the Bundesliga, but he's one of those unsung heroes..... If we don't sign him, I guarantee he will playing for a big club in the near future...

  35. I can see Logan calling him round tables square chairs..

  36. Stan Dinaround9:05 pm, May 08, 2015

    ⌗remember to apologise for being an apologist.....

  37. It is unlikely outlr scouts are gonna go looking for Indians and end up with untouched gold..

  38. His stats in Portugal were hardly flattering for a 20 mill pound buy actually they were rubbish.

  39. But not a reason to stop trying. Even with all of BR's blips/faults I still see that he has done enough to warrant another season; the club has invested too much in his development not to see it through.

  40. They are not too good none of those have reached any dizzy heights.

  41. Stan Dinaround9:12 pm, May 08, 2015

    The day Everton sell LFC their best player, is the same day I get knighted for my work in the porn industry.

  42. rotchie the red9:15 pm, May 08, 2015

    and you could change your name to "Stan Dinproud"

  43. Stan Dinaround9:16 pm, May 08, 2015

    Lick it, sorry, like it...

  44. No I am joking of course, We won't get Rafa or Ross

  45. Please. Depay is ten times the player Sterling is

  46. Stan Dinaround9:22 pm, May 08, 2015

    What does YH stand for... please excuse my ignorance.

  47. No discussion of stats? No discussion of injuries? No discussion of overpraise

  48. Stan Dinaround9:24 pm, May 08, 2015

    Just no discussion.

  49. Are you suggesting we go for American players? Or get lost going for Indian players? Or perhaps it's taking credit for what Scandinavians had done before.

  50. Damn you Orme, you got there first.

  51. We need more than that although signing thought players would fill gaps and leave us money for one or two seriously food players.

  52. The way he played was.. I remember also stats being wrong, though not dramitacaly.. Point is that in a fluent team he'll be there with driblings, key passes, pulling defenders, and who scores or assists don't bother me..

  53. Your right. In a time when players have become.so seperste from the fans, those players at boyhood clubs become more important.

  54. On her majesties secret cervix.

  55. I like you, square chair..

  56. No pace? Have you ever seen him play? He's not been good but one thing he definitely HAS got is pace

  57. Versatility is a prerequisite for modern top players. If you look at the world's top 3 club teams - Bayern and Spain's big 2, their players are almost all able to play in a number of positions. Same goes for the top international teams -Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina... They're all full of multi-functional players

  58. Stan Dinaround9:47 pm, May 08, 2015

    Sure, but not to the extent our boys are being expected to play.... I don't see Gotze playing as Sterling does, or Lewandowski playing as a winger... But for the most part, I agree.... Does it help, I'm not so sure...sometimes you need a master of just one...

  59. Simply put... this transfer shouldn't even waste a discussion.

  60. Actual Supporter10:23 pm, May 08, 2015

    Great That would make a profit then if theyre worth that much, them 3 only cost 30m altogether, So which manager do you wish to take over the most then? with your logic you cant say mourinho cos of 30m shevchenko who then left on a free, you cant say benitez cos of robbie keane and aquilani etc so they cant even buy a decent player (with your logic)

  61. Daniel Sturridge's glass legs are not BR's fault. With a 20+ goal Sturridge, we finish top 4...end of. All the tools are at Anfield with the exception of a RELIABLE striker. As good as Depay is, I don't think he's the difference.

  62. in round kitchen?

  63. Do you honestly think Rodgers is negotiating prices for players?

  64. Yak hair? Yummy hippopotami? Yammering headshrinkers? Yodeling hams? Yelping hamsters?

  65. It's hot out, which is against my constitution.


  66. Much more important to talk about Rodgers inability to bring in quality players at the moment ;-)

  67. So it says here the "painful reality" which pretty much means it is based on fact, that if everton did sell barkely he wont play for liverpool, not because of the club being rivals or not having the wages he could get at man city for instance, nothing can be taken into consideration like that, its going to be rodgers fault for his "lack of pulling power", and this being weather he is interested in the player or not, despite identifying the striker situation as his priority, i can just imagine a new story on here like
    "Barkly Signs for Man City! Sack rodgers?"
    while rodgers is looking for a striker or something, and it could be news to him with being linked to barkely,
    and if rodgers dares say he wasnt interested, "oh the fatal reality is he lacks ambition!"
    so what can he do? ignore what the fans think and hope they realise the real reality that its not the same as playing football manager 2015 maybe

  68. Support one of the rich clubs then who can offer the wages, its that simple

  69. Fair enough

  70. Keep Sterling, Your having a laugh arnt you

  71. Yes I recon that Rafa would (HAS) changed his attitude and would go for the League before Euro glory

  72. What baggage ?

  73. JK, I don't know why you'd keep BR another year if you believe it's so imperative we have a renowned manager (not that I disagree with you about that). I'm sick of Liverpool being Rodgers' managerial class room...

  74. must admit mr pornstar... I thought the same thing.....

  75. Stan Dinaround2:35 am, May 09, 2015

    If you get the chance to check out any Bundesliga matches or highlights, look out for him.... Saying that, there are many great young players in the bundesliga at the moment...

  76. Stan Dinaround2:37 am, May 09, 2015

    I like a mix of yodeling hamsters....

  77. Gotze hasn't played wingback but he has played both flanks, no10, false 9... Strikers are a bit more specialist but attacking players in the mould of Markovic, Sterling et al, have to be able to play in a number of positions

  78. Stan Dinaround3:02 am, May 09, 2015

    I watch Bundesliga, I should take more notice...

  79. Definitely


    Look at his second run, he is also agile on top of that

  80. You are right, but I am referring to this season's transfer window, which we know how ended up.

  81. "We’ve not had a player in this country since Gazza who can run the length of the pitch with the ball without ever looking under pressure. It’s as if the ball is glued to his foot".

    No offence, but that maybe is part of what inflates the British transfer market at the top level. Standards should be a teensy bit higher.

  82. What about Stan Binaround?

  83. Liverpool are not going to win anything under BR. The club now sells its best players to the highest bidder and tries to seek alternatives to top players but still ends up paying just as much! People slate Benitez but since he left who has won more trophies lpool or Benitez? Who is still rated as one of the best in Europe lpool or Benitez? Slate him all you want but until H&G arrived Benitez had transformed lpool including the academy.this could be the last chance we get to get in a top manager before we turn into Newcastle or villa.

  84. Those managers won something...so its ok if they waste money as long as they keep winning.

  85. Borini 10mn...Balotelli 16mn...Lambert 4mn...thats 30mn right there. I am not making up anything.

  86. I didn't mean this season, I just meant throughout his career he's efficiently played those roles when asked. This allows him to fit into any system the manager wants. Mueller is the same

  87. Stan Dinaround9:26 am, May 09, 2015

    I should still pay more attention mate.....

  88. Agreed. He has awesome talent and technique. Seen him do some amazing stuff. He just needs to be given the trust of his manager. Once he's playing without fear he'll be a top player.

  89. Looked him up after you mentioned him weeks ago - good shout.

  90. Keep sterling on merit or according to your opinion?

  91. I agree with you on this one, Rafa for me too. The 2008/9 team that Benitez built was as good as anything in Europe that year, imho.

    That midfield 3 of Masch, Xabi and Stevie was better than any midfield unit Abarmovic ever managed to buy, and certainly in the discussion for best english league midfield ever, along with those brilliant bastards at the toilet in the 90's.

    The only reason we didn't piss the league that year was Benitez being a c*&nt and settling for draws in 8 out of 11 mid-season games.

    I say "settling for"... What I mean is, we're totally dominating the oppostion, usually like 20+ shots on goal to their 4, yet Rafa rarely ever had balls big enough to take off a defender, go 3 at the back and really push for the winner.

    Drove me mental/cost us the title.

    Why someone couldn't explain to him that it's better to lose one and win one than draw them both I don't know.

    As a result, the best team in the league that year finished second.

    It's a weird one to want the guy back who prevented us from winning the title by being too cautious, but it's this that I'm hoping he's learned.

    But that team he built...drool............................

  92. Awesome post.

    The other thing about Rodgers is, he just signed a new contract and as FSG are playing money-ball, that GUARANTEES at least one more season, but more than likely 2 more.

  93. Hahaha, post of the day!

    Last year was the Suarez show. Simple as that.

  94. Good question.

    No, not next year, not a chance. WAY too much growing up to do, and he's just not that good imho.

    The year after we might be looking at him a little more favourably, kind of like a poor mans Couts, but expect nothing next year.

  95. Yep, I didn't see that much in him either.

    Little bit of pace and some good control at times, but nowhere near the vaunted prospect we were led to believe he was.

    He just doesn't have the hips to be a real "man beater," (for want of a better expression).

  96. Quality!

    He'd have fit right in in the 70's/80's with that barnet!

  97. 50m? YES PLEASE!

    I'd be happy to sell him for £35 million.

    Imagine how many average players we can buy with £35 million...


    Lovren and Balotelli.

    Lovren...£20 million... : (

  98. Yes, our management are pathetic.

    The Balotelli signing was the last straw for me in terms of having faith.

    People say that his off days are because he's troubled.

    No, his off days are the result of him being average. Sure, he might do 5 amazing things every year...
    ...but so would I, or any player.

    Lambert last year at Soton showed flashes of as much quality as Balotelli ever has.

    He didn't even fit into our system of play...unbelievable.

  99. Me and both. I think maybe he can go on win more trophies like mou. In my opinion he's the only active manager out there that can battle tactically with with mou.

  100. Please please please please no. I don't think we'll get any reliable goal scorers. If anyone else is interested we'll lose them.

  101. They pay as much as u deserve. How much is sturidge on again? How much were they paying Johnson when he was one of the best defenders in England? How much were dey paying suarez again? U don't expect them to start paying allen 150k a week for the sake of competing wage wise do u?

  102. He'll come good. He's just lacking in physicality and not used to the pace but most times he has the ball he looks like he can make stuff happen. I remember that lob pass to sterling. Awesome

  103. Some thing is not right. We are on the same page. I think it's the new breakfast I had today. Strange

  104. It is. Totally misplaced. I've seen balo be unstoppable at times for his other clubs. He's just been allowed no room to flourish. If we can get in two experienced wingers in he'll flourish. We don't cross the ball enough.

  105. And yet fans want Benitez back cos Apparently he was the reason Gerrard In his prime scored those spectacular goals In the dying minutes against olympiacos for instance and the dying minutes of the fa cup final, Gerrard should have thanked Benitez as soon as he scored, being allowed to shoot if he wanted to is down to a tactical genius

  106. Even as a fervent Liverpool supporter, I have to say that your assessment of Man Utd's current / future strength and appeal to Depay is ludicrous.
    Utd have not been playing the free flowing attacking football that they are renowned for, yet they are pretty much nailed on to secure a place in the Champions League, boast a near 70,000 seater stadium, and offer larger wages than most UK teams if not all. As you say, they have shown little flair so a player like Depay will clearly see where he will be able to come in to the team and become a vital piece of the jigsaw. Look at the players he'll be training with in order to help develop his game: De Gea, Rooney, Mata, De Maria etc - who have we got for him to learn from? Joe Allen, Balotelli, Borini, Lazar?
    Regardless of the manager, we are not on the same level.
    I'm not convinced by any of what is going on at Liverpool at the moment. Recruitment is poor, as is managerial decision making in game and regarding team selection. It's time for a change but not sure whether it should be Rodgers or the transfer structure that requires change.
    We do know that the players Rodgers has personally spoken of as being potential targets in the past are significantly better than the players who actually signed for us, so who really is to blame?
    Marco Reus please btw. Since everyone seems to have forgotten with all the Depay business. That'll make things a whole lot better.
    I think Henry and Werner are smart enough to know that we need a signing of note to re inspire everyone, particularly the Manager if he stays as well as the current squad.

  107. Stan Dinaround3:11 pm, May 09, 2015

    Yeah, get some balls from wide areas, like the one he managed to score against England at the WC, and he's one of the best.... I still don't understand why Brendan froze out Andy Carroll with claims of being wrong for his style, then goes out and buys Lambo and Balotelli.... Only Brendan can answer that question... and I'm not too sure even he knows the answer..... It's not like they were last chance to buy a striker buys either, he tried to buy Aleksander Mitrovic earlier swell, who is another Andy Carrtoll type player....

  108. Stan Dinaround3:13 pm, May 09, 2015

    Spooky, I had something different aswell.... Keep eating that one, and I'll keep eating mine....;)

  109. Agree with all but Mignolet should not be our keeper.
    I wonder how much Depay will be on in comparison with our dear little Raheem - could be an interesting negotiating point in our favour as I doubt very much he is on more than 100k

  110. Utd have just bought Depay with brilliant season stats and an excellent world cup for 25 million. Who the hell is going to pay 50 mill for Sterling?

  111. Itsbeencrackedbitch3:34 pm, May 09, 2015


  112. What happened to the theory of giving foreign players a year to acclimatise? Lazar is a young boy in a new country with new friends and a manager who plays him as a freaking wingback. I think he'll improve. But he's no Depay!

  113. What was her name? :)

  114. He did. He wanted Willian and Salah ahead of Lazar.

  115. I just want a manager whose sole aim is to win the Premiership. That is the only way forward. We need to start winning meaningful.trophies again.

  116. Stan Dinaround4:01 pm, May 09, 2015

    Lets just call her cream pie.

  117. Yokohama Liverpool Fan7:45 pm, May 09, 2015

    Willian Salah, Mkhitaryan were targets in the window previous to our Markovic signing. We failed to sign Sanchez and Shaqiri in the last window.

  118. Yokohama Liverpool Fan8:00 pm, May 09, 2015

    At least he built from the back and ensured the team was hard to break down.

    By the same logic we threw last season away conceding 50 goals, having no answer against Mourinho and
    being absolutely useless this season in all cup competitions persisting with tactics, formations that haven't been working.

  119. Yep Brendan can't attract players