24 May 2015

Record Transfer: Agents fly-in to discuss Liverpool mega-deal for 'excellent' €60m maestro

In March, Portuguese newspaper O Jogo claimed that Benfica star Eduardo Salvio is one of Liverpool's top transfer targets and according to new reports this weekend, the Reds are already taking steps to sign the 'excellent' Argentine attacker.

According to The Telegraph today:

* Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers remains interested in signing Salvio.

* The player's Agents have flown to the UK for transfer negotiations with the Reds.

Some info about Salvio:

* Right-sided attacking midfielder, who can also play on the left, or as a number 10.

* 38 goals/34 assists in 149 apps for Benfica.

* Goal/Assist every 2 games.

* This season: 13 goals/11 assists in 38 apps.

* Goal/Assist every 1.5 games.

* 5 apps for the Argentina national team.

* 7 major trophies with Benfica/Atletico Madrid.

* 2013: Missed 6 months of the season with a serious knee injury.

* 2013: Man City reportedly made a €30m bid for Salvio.

* Current contract expires in 2017, and contains a €60m release clause.

Liverpool may be interested, but under current rules, it will be a difficult signing to complete as Salvio will need a UK work-permit.

Extensive international experience is usually a pre-requisite when applying for a permit, and with only 5 appearances for Argentina, the attacker doesn't meet the criteria. Additionally, Salvio hasn't played for the national team since 2012, which doesn't help his case (!)

There may, however, be hope on the horizon. According to the Evening Standard:

"Home Office rules are expected to be made tighter during the summer, meaning an English club could be certain of securing a work permit for a non-EU player only by buying him for at least £10 million".

With a €60m release clause, it's probably that Benfica will sell Salvio for more than £10m, so if the new rules do actually come into force, then Liverpool will be able to benefit.

That said, after Liverpool's disgraceful 6-1 capitulation against Stoke today, it's doubtful that any quality player will want to join the club this summer.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. We already signed a similar type of player from Benfica... Markovic. If we sign Salvio, I really hope he would be much much better and ready to make an impact.

  2. Rodgers out. He never slates the team but yet praises them when they get lucky wins instead of being honest and saying its luck. 6-1 is completely unacceptable, not even against Barcelona... As I always say this guy not a motivator and can't motivate or organise teams not to lose.

    This season has been shocking. I never watched today's match because I know what to expect from this current team.

    Lfc a joke thanks to Brendan Rodgers, Suarez did all the good last year and helped even more by helping increase transfer money but our silly manager wastes it kmt.

    Such a shame we have such a poor, weak minded soft manager who has the dumbest tactics and excuses I've ever seen from a manager.

    We're a massive club but under Rodgers we are mediocre and next year will be worst if he still at the helm

  3. No decent player would want to be part of Liverpool if B.R is still manager.B.R has to go so new manager can begin total rebuild.

  4. No point in these articles Jaimie until BR goes it's pointless

  5. Priorities:
    1. 2 quality strikers; to go with Sinclair, Ibe and Sturridge
    2. 1 proven defensive midfielder; with Emre Can as the alternate
    3. Upgrade midfield except for Coutiniho (Markovic, lallana, Allen suck)
    4. Sign 1 proven defender to replace Toure : consider trade Lovren out of the league for a proven player at D, Mid or striker
    Hiring Traits:
    a. deeply competitive
    b. good passer and ability to be box to box if needed not a tugboat like Balo or Lambert and not a headless chicken like Lallana and Allen
    Pints all the way around for all fans who witnessed that pathetic display today. If that doesn't send the message that our team quit I don't know what it takes. Leadership on the field and off has failed miserably......... This game was mailed in by the players........Sinclair and IBe should have started. At least they would have given a sh&t.........

  6. We need to see who the new manager is & who he wants in. FSG would be mad to trust BR with any more influence on how money is spent & what players come in. 3 years at the helm to finish 6th. I take no pleasure in it but although he might be a good coach, Brendan's not a good manager & his time is surely up.

  7. I can't get over today's loss...have we lost that much respect? We deserve to be relegated. Spend the most money in the league and finish 6th including embarrassing losses....we have shamed the legend Steven Gerard who worked his socks off to get us titles....

    At the end of day all blame is to no1 but Rodgers. Mourinho would win title with us, Everton, even villa. Because he can motivate players of any ability to overcome the odds. He won champions league with Porto. So how after many losses do we make same mistakes? Useless manager Rodgers.

    I hate him now, honestly, waste of time. Poor Lfc fans have to sit back and watch this guy destroy our team.
    1.poor signings like aspas and alberto meant Suarez felt this club players not good enough, nor manager and had to leave to achieve dreams. He even said Brendan did nothing and it was his will to win which made the club fight all season
    2.sold players like agger who could never be part of such an embarrassing loss.
    3.instead of buying good players to accommodate stevie he buys crap like Allen and lallana and then drop stevie for big games vs Madrid. If we had better players stevie could play every game. But because we got poor players, we expect too much from stevie...who is world class still but too old to by himself
    4.complains about experience but gets rid of carragher(wanted to play on but Rodgers said he will be bit-part), agger, gerrard, now Lucas, and he tried to push skrtel.
    5.it hurt me so much to see agger go. I've seen agger put himself on the line for lfc so many times and he was one of us. A real lfc man and leader. You get rid of him for rubbish like lovren?
    6.says the team played well second half??? Are we a team in relegation? I don't think he realised we got battered 6-1 by Stoke. Atrocious

    Right now I would take ANY1 but Rodgers. Anybody can do a better job, even Chris Ramsey... I don't see the difference in him and rodgers. Rodgers should manage in the championship. If Rodgers weren't manager we'd still have our greatest player gerrard and possibly Suarez, and we wouldn't have half the deadwood at the club.

    How can you spend 20m on markovic?? 5 goals and you spend that, what are you thinking?

    I'll be shocked if BR still coach and any1 who loses 6-1 after spending 210m should be sacked with immediate effect. Our lack of competitiveness is down to the manager and always will be. Don't blame the players, blame the manager. He's there to manage, develop and motivate and he's failing big time

  8. If you and Logan had watched it I feel the extra support could of tipped the balance in our favour and to be fair to him he certainly did slate the team after todays game.
    Honestly, if a new manager comes in and the same players suddenly try a lot harder then I'll be hoping they all get sold.

  9. Mike Aitcheson1:02 am, May 25, 2015

    same old thing again. Do badly and it's the manager. do well and it's Suarez. Make your mind up, it's down to the manager or down to the players, not both.
    Did you call him poor, weak minded and soft 3 games from the end of last season?
    Didn't think so. It's you that fits that description changing the blame/credit as you see fit.
    PS Rodgers needs to go, not for your reasons, but because he has lost the players. He was responsible for us doing both well and badly in the last 2 years, so forget about the usual 'apologist' claims..

  10. Darn it, just when I thought I had it all squared away...
    I still think this season I shall mostly be blaming the players but after reading your first paragraph (and not trying to be polar to your own writing) I'm kind of leaning towards it really being down to both players and manager.
    Maybe we could say BR royally f*cked up the start of the season and perhaps that's where we can say the players were then lost leading to them into f*cking up the rest of the season.
    Thing is if the above is even close to the truth, then in my opinion, one party tried his best but got it wrong and up to eleven others are not worthy of the shirt.

  11. No, I really hope this doesn't come across as sniping as it's never my intention but I just can't agree with that.
    If Brendan stays there's absolutely no reason we cant challenge again and to be honest if we've now reached a stage where top players in the game don't want to come to LFC then it's the game that has a problem.

  12. Now lets all be honest, We are not going to attract top class players for next season with BR and we cant afford to sack him ? So why not move him side ways like a Government worker (cant sack them either) across to the Academy Then we could get Klopp or Rafa before he commits to R.M. To the tactics, Why does BR persist with three at the back ? he knew (knows) we where not very strong at the back and persisted playing players out of position WHY ?? Does HE really know what he is doing.

  13. Lysias Chadya Sibanda2:20 am, May 25, 2015

    Rodgers is a very weak manager . He has had his chance and faked dismally to motivate his team when it really counted . Instead the team collapsed and showed no spine or eagerness to play for him . Mid fielders playing in attacking positions , strikers completely left out and Can playing in a right back position ? This Rodgers clearly does not cut it as a Liverpool manager and needs to bow out .

  14. Paint it black man.

  15. Stan Dinaround2:52 am, May 25, 2015

    His agent is non other than Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo's super agent and the guy responsible for putting plenty of deals together for the bigger clubs, could be a worthwhile signing just to garner a relationship with him knowing who he has on his books... Get him on side, and who knows, he may even send us a player or two we would otherwise miss out on.,...

  16. Stan Dinaround2:53 am, May 25, 2015

    Salvio is only similar in that they play as wide men with pace.... Salvio is older and better developed....

  17. Mike Aitcheson2:54 am, May 25, 2015

    The reality is that we have not risen above the levels we are at now for 7 years, since man City became a superpower in 2008 and top 4 was no longer as easy as it was. BR has been no worse overall than KK/RH or RB in that time and got closer than anybody to the PL

    Interesting stat: Average points since 2008;

    BR: 69 5th highest spender in PL

    KK: 55 4th highest spender in PL

    RB: 68 5th highest spender in PL

  18. Stan Dinaround2:56 am, May 25, 2015

    Brilliant, damn them for not tuning in.... The loss, all their fault.....

    You have to wonder just why half the team won't step up for Brendan.... I half think it's the treatment of certain players that doesn't sit well with the lads...

  19. So changing manager is not getting us where we want to be, so far. Stats should quell some appetite for managerial scapegoating, unless I'm missing something there, it's all been much of a much.
    Guessing over that period that perhaps predictably money has spoken.

  20. Stan Dinaround3:00 am, May 25, 2015

    Who you calling Black? Had a black car once, all the crap shows right up... Had to get rid.

  21. Mike Aitcheson3:01 am, May 25, 2015

    The most important thing is your point that they didn't want to play for him. The other things are true but imo red herrings, same as his rubbish overpraising is incidental
    Overall his record is no worse than we've had for many years now

  22. Mike Aitcheson3:09 am, May 25, 2015

    No it won't.
    the Anti BR brigade will ignore them and harp on about irrelevant things like his crappy press conferences or the like. he's clueless, weak, lightweight etc etc. But nobody in the post City era has done any better - we need to take a proper look at where we are and have been for quite a while.
    We are 10 years from our CL win and 9 from the FA Cup win. THAT may be why Sanchez, Willian, Costa etc etc go elsewhere. They say it's all because of BR

  23. Fair point, twas only in jest I felt them tuning in would of helped.
    Only for me but, and this will sound extremely flippant and I really don't want it to, I couldn't care less why the players may have thrown in the towel, IMO and I'm not usually one for gross overreaction but - no matter what their issue may have been it's disgusting behaviour to make your - 'I don't agree with the manager statement' on the pitch.
    I'm sorry the way it's panning out at present that's for sure and I really respect your and others knowledge and opinions but I'm pretty p*ssed at the players to be honest.

  24. So, hypothetically is there a favourable answer out there, I'm just hoping that (and it was another recent post which mentioned this) we can get a 'team' performing to a greater level than the sum of their parts.
    That's what Suarez brought to the table in abundance and I think that maybe if FSG can push the boat out on another super-player it could happen again, other than that, making top four on a regular basis until the expansion is finished and we have more revenue is ok by me.

  25. With you there, black looks great coming out of the car wash but not so much a mile down the road.
    Rolling stones did a good job of painting it black though.

  26. The effort of the players last night was pathetic whether the players reacted to Rodgers or not is of no consequence.
    These boys are highly paid professions and are not only playing for their own pride and boundless amounts of cash but for SG who deserved much better.
    I wouldn't have the majority of those players in my side made up of mostly heartless divas worst Liverpool performance ever i am absolutely disgusted.,

  27. Mike Aitcheson4:05 am, May 25, 2015


    We don't know if Klopp would come to us, or Garcia, or virtually any of the new brooms that everybody seems to think we need. Even if Klopp does come, we need to realise our place in the food chain isn't as high as it once was and that we'll need at least 2 seasons in the CL to change that

  28. Mike ,
    1 question ,

    Why did BR leave Steve G at home for the Hull match and when take Sterling to the Stoke game ???

  29. ha let him stay next season liverpool will play in championship

  30. On the face of the run in, BR has completely lost the dressing room.

    Could be due to any one of a number of reasons, but most culpable is BR's regime of BS.

    There are a number of very good articles alluding to the fact that no-one can trust anything out of BR's mouth...leading to disloyalty and disillusion.