27 May 2015

Legend insists: Liverpool should swap Sterling for 'exceptional' £21m attacker with 128 games missed through injury

Liverpool are once again being linked with a ludicrous summer move for perpetual sicknote Theo Walcott, and John Aldridge is the latest ex-Red to urge the Reds to sign the 'exceptional' Arsenal star.

According to the Daily Mail today:

"Liverpool are interested in Walcott if they fail to resolve their contract stand-off with Sterling".

In his Monday column for Sunday World, Aldo noted:

"If Sterling ends up at Arsenal, why not try and get Theo Walcott as part of the transfer? If you can keep him fit, Walcott might be as good as Sterling anyway".

Jamie Carragher also wants Walcott, and he confirmed this in March, when he told Sky Sports:

“Liverpool have looked at signing Walcott in the past. If he was available then I’m sure any Liverpool fan, player or manager would love to see him at the club"

It's absolute madness to even consider signing a player with such a horrific injury history:

* 15 separate injuries since 2008
* 646 days on the sidelines as a result.
* 128 games missed through injury. 128 games!
* An average of 21 missed-games a season for the last 6 years.

I recently conducted a poll on the site asking if Liverpool should sign Walcott, and the results were emphatic:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.17.34_zpsteys4phq.png

As the polls shows, there are lots of Liverpool fans who have serious reservations about Walcott. After all, in what universe does it make sense to sign an attacking player with a *worse* injury history than Daniel Sturridge?!

On a separate note, Liverpool's alleged interest doesn't make sense for another reason: Walcott - whose current deal is worth £21m over 3.5 years - is pulling a Sterling at Arsenal and trying to fleece the club for money he doesn't deserve. The Independent recentlyt reported:

"Walcott [is] looking for a significant increase on his £90,000-a-week wages. [He] wants a wage packet worth considerably more than £100,000-a-week to put him in the region of the club’s highest earners".

Gah! This kind of presumptuous, arrogant entitlement is a defining characteristic of modern footballers. What gives Walcott the right to demand 'considerably more than £100K a week' when he misses close to 50% of every season through injury?

Arsenal should be paying him *less*, not more; or, at the very least, there should be clauses in his contract stipulating he gets paid only 50% of his contract value when he (inevitably) gets injured again.

Footballers are totally out of touch with the real world. If you or I missed 21 months of work over a 5-year period, we'd be laughed out of office for demanding a massive pay-rise (if we hadn't already been fired for endless absences).

It's ridiculous, and what's even more ludicrous is the idea that Liverpool will swap one mercenary for another. Talk about 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. We should look no further then Abou Diaby. Walcott is a good player though.

  2. Steward Dowing has the same stats as Sterling this season and is on 50k p/w . Makes you think a bit !

  3. What about the stats from last season?

  4. That'a long way to go

  5. I wish Tevez rumors are true. Tevez, Sturridge, Benteke and Origi. That's four really good strikers.

  6. We can pick up Wilshere and Ramsey on our way.

  7. I doubt he'll move but yes although he does make Sterling look like a charity workeri

  8. Front three of Tevez...Sterling and Griezmann and Coutinho behind them. That's what I would like to see next season

  9. NO ,I said this season
    Maybe you forgot about the Suarez factor ?

  10. The owners should sell Sterling for no less than £50M
    And they should only accept T Walcott in deal with £30M cash also
    Therefore we have another mobile fast quick striker at club who also suffers from injuries. But
    And then new manager should give the manager another £50-£60M on top of the £30M to spend
    And these three Mobile attackers should be brought to club for £50M
    C Benteke Of A Villa for £20-£25M plus R Lambert
    P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund Or L Vietto Of Villareal for £10-£16M
    K Bellarabi Of Bayer Leverkusen for £4-£8M
    Those three attackers above should replace These five attacking players this summer:
    L Alberto AM, F Borini FD, I Aspas, R Lambert and M Balotelli
    Whist Defensively these players need to be shown door this summer:
    GK: B Jones CB: S Coates RB: G Johnson
    LB: J Enrique CM: J Clue/Useless Allen DM: L Leiva
    And replaced by these 5 class quality players and 1 world class CM:
    A Begovic Of Stoke Or M Perrin Of Genoa for £7-£10M GK
    Upgrade on B Jones , completion for S Mignolet
    A Robertson Of Hull for £5-£7M LB
    Upgrade on J Enrique, Competition for A Moreno
    T Alderwierld Of A Madrid Or S Kjaer Of Lille for £8-£12M CB
    Upgrade on S Coates, Comeptition for M Skrtel
    Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen for £15-£22M CM/ DM
    Upgrade on J Clue/Useless Allen
    G Imbula Of Marseille for £10-£14M DM
    Upgrade on L Leiva
    M Verratti Or Y Cabaye Of PSG or T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich for £10-£35M WCM
    S Gerrard's Natural Successor Competition for Can and Henderson

  11. Great options. Regarding Origi; he's has a funny season and at only 20, I think a lot of patience will be required while he settles in. I sincerely hope that he will neither be slaughtered when he has a bad game, nor lauded as world class when he has a good one, and just left to develop at his own pace..

  12. Except griezmann isn't stupid enough to come to liverpool..

  13. And tevez would want champions league football..

  14. I'm torn. Walcott is injury prone unfortunately. On the positive, he's a potentially palatable replacement. I'm afraid of letting Rodgers or the transfer committee select a replacement.

  15. Rodgers is not going to buy a DM. he doesn't even believe in them.

  16. I am hoping and praying Rodgers is not there come next season, he does not believe in DM yet we concede goals for fun season in season out and offer little protection to back four.
    We need two DM's: Its not coincidence why Chelsea and Man City are miles apart from rest.
    Matic, Ramires, Fernandinho and Fernando may not get the plaudits they deserve but with those key players playing in front of Chelsea or Man City's back four week in week out.
    The likes Of Cahill and Terry, Kompany and Mangala would be exposed badly week in week out.

  17. He will...with the right money

  18. No.. He won't, liverpool would be behind every champions league team in top leagues, then possibly he would go to liverpool.. Stop being delusional

  19. Can a mercenary be a charity worker?

  20. Why did Falcao go to Monaco? Hulk to Zenit? Willian to Anzhi?

  21. Pray without ceasing ;)

  22. I think he will be under immense pressure because BR has already lauded him as world class. I am reserving my judgment on him until he plays 10 games for Liverpool at a stretch and not sporadically and also not out of position. Striker needs some kind of rhythm IMO....one of the reasons for Lambortelli failure.

  23. He didn't use DM to accomodate SG. He will definitely next season. He has no choice.

  24. yes!!! do it now!!! we have a great history in signing crocks who will miss most of their contract injured. why not add theo to the list and pay him a fortune for the pleasure!?

  25. disappointed you didn't include players ages in your post, Twist your standards are slipping!!

  26. A healthy Theo would be a great add...but he's never healthy. So...no. Still not sold on Benteke though.

  27. But he scored more premiere league goals in one appearance than any of our strikers playing whole season..??

  28. I bet Chelsea go for Benteke

  29. Hope not. There aren't too many left after that

  30. If we're gonna have to replace Sterling then Konoplyanka or Yarmolenko get my vote. Be happy with half the wages Walcott will be wanting too

  31. Stan Dinaround6:55 pm, May 27, 2015

    Walcott does what Walcott does, scores a few goals at the end of a season he no part of, and all of a sudden he's the dogs bollox.... spends more time licking balls than kicking balls.

  32. Stan Dinaround6:57 pm, May 27, 2015

    Origi made Ligue Uns worst 11 for the season, I think we still need to look beyond the kid.... Like Sterling, he has a long way to go before we all start writing him off as a flop for not carrying the club.

  33. Stan Dinaround6:59 pm, May 27, 2015

    Falcao had no choice in going to Monaco, Atleti didn't own 100% of his rights, and the other party forced the sale..... Falcao didn't even want to go to Monaco....

  34. Stan Dinaround7:00 pm, May 27, 2015

    Tevez wants to go home to Argentina when he's fininshed at Juve....He was going to go now, but has been pursuaded to stay for one more season.

  35. Stan Dinaround7:01 pm, May 27, 2015

    Unicef do a bang up job of combining the two....

  36. Stan Dinaround7:03 pm, May 27, 2015

    Just to clarify, only 2% of donated money actually goes to charitable causes, the rest on "administration costs"....The head of Unicef earns the highest wage for any CEO of a charity, over $2m a year....

  37. Stan Dinaround7:05 pm, May 27, 2015

    £20m for someone who only plays a handful of games a season is steep.

  38. Stan Dinaround7:08 pm, May 27, 2015

    Probably, but he wants to play football....

  39. Stan Dinaround7:08 pm, May 27, 2015

    Felipe Anderson would make a cracking replacement....

  40. Just because some unknown editor of some stupid newspaper considers Origi worse striker of the year doesn't mean he actually was.

  41. Ok but what I am saying is that money talks. And if we offer Griezmann 2x his current wages..he might consider.

  42. I'm a fan of Theo a change of clubs would be great for him and I rather see Sterling go to Arsenal than the other clubs interested. I cant see Raheem staying at the club seeing how most of the fans hate for him which I find remarkable considering when you match it against the what Suarez did in his time at the club.

    So if there's a deal to be made I think the club should make it happen. But I think it would be unlikely to happen because of this 20% fee owed to QPR so Liverpool will be looking for a straight cash deal.

  43. Stan Dinaround7:15 pm, May 27, 2015

    Smoke fire and all that..... Origi did actually have a bit of a shocker this season, going from October till the last game without scoring, and getting booed on occassion by the Lille fans.... There was definately smoke. The author of said article is only unknown to you, L'equipe is well known and well read in France and further afield....

  44. Stan Dinaround7:17 pm, May 27, 2015

    I'm sure he reads the articles from JK and realises that if he was to except in such terms he would only be labeled a mercenary and surely, this "well known editor" holds much sway over his decisions....

  45. Nicolas Chamberlain7:21 pm, May 27, 2015

    Suarez proved his worth and worked his socks off.
    The first is overrated and still unproven, the latter is one of the world's best strikers.

  46. It hasn't stopped any other player signing for Chelsea.

    Money talks.

  47. Is he on fifty k? He was on more than that for us.

  48. Rohan Anderson7:26 pm, May 27, 2015

    4-8m for Bellarabi? Dream on

  49. Nicolas Chamberlain7:28 pm, May 27, 2015

    Our fanbase is becoming more and more cynical.
    Well, things are only going to get better...
    But we really should sack Rodgers.

  50. It could be seen that maybe the fans tolerate racism more than than a mercenary....just saying. Henry mentioned that in all his years he has never seen a Liverpool player receive so much hate.

  51. They tend to do very well in door to door collections

  52. Well Rafa started the trend with Aqua Man, BR is just trying to emulate him

  53. There is a difference, One is a World Class Player who left nothing behind on the pitch, somebody who was heartbroken after the Chelsea and Palace games.

    The other is a 20 yr old who thinks he is a World Class player but is a million miles away, couldn't give a crap about the club or fans, gives up very easily and is all about the money.

  54. That tends to be the story with most South American players.

    They get to a certain age and want to finish off their careers at home.

  55. Another difference the response has shown that fans can identity with money more than racism which is understandable.

    In saying that Suarez should of got the same volume of hate that Sterling is getting but the same level of understand which Suarez got from the fans.

    As most fans know there are also a lot pundits and players and fans that feel that Sterling is very reasonable in questioning in LFC future as if the the club had defended him in the way that they had defended Suarez, this deal would of been resolved much sooner.

  56. What are the chances of that happening when BR is in charge.

  57. Theycallmemrburt8:05 pm, May 27, 2015

    As do cancer research....

  58. need to pay QPR sell on fee, rumored to be in the range of 20%

  59. something which he will do while playing his regular 4-8 games per season.

  60. Not sure I am understanding you..

    Are you saying that Suarez is a racists but our fans cant really relate to that so he was given a easy ride?

  61. Nicolas Chamberlain8:25 pm, May 27, 2015

    I don't think that the Spanish slang used by Suarez is racism. Everything is racism these days. Suarez grew up with lots of colored people in Uruguay. I really do despise racism but I really believe that Suarez isn't a racist. Henry didn't saw our fans when we played at Stamford just after Torres left. Henry is overreacting and I do find his insinuation quite objectionable.

  62. Cabaye has three years of top class football left in him, he is better than any central midfielder at club.

    He has more mobility than S Gerrard has and would a fully fit Y Cabaye would walk straight into our starting line up. No problem

  63. Stan Dinaround8:32 pm, May 27, 2015

    Ain't that the truth, have you ever heard of Dr Burzynski, and the bang up job the FDA did of screwing him out of his lifes work to make sure the gravy train kept rolling.....

  64. Stan Dinaround8:33 pm, May 27, 2015

    Depends on a persons desire to play football I suppose....

  65. Kenny continued it with Carroll

  66. How the owners can say B Rodgers job is safe after the last two games of season.

    Two games played:
    9 Goals conceded
    2 Goals scored

    We have pathetic spine

    A Begovic Of Stoke should be brought for £7-£10M upgrade on B Jones , someone better than S Mignolet GK

    T Alderwierld Of A Madrid for £8-£12M , upgrade on Coates competition for Skrtel CB

    A Robertson Of Hull for £5-£7 a young mobile fast quick left back who can defend well and tackle. Competition for Moreno LB

    Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen for £17-£22M Upgrade on J Clue/Useless Allen DM

    G Imbulla Of Marseille for £10-£14M Upgrade
    on L Leiva DM

    Y Cabaye Or M Verratti Of PSG Or T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich for £10-£35M CM

  67. His contract was up this summer ,so he should be free agent unless he re signed recently

  68. I'm saying that Suarez is performed a racist act which he was found guilty of but it wasn't vilified by a lot the fans in the same when comparing it to the Sterling narrative because:

    a) Suarez is a world class assist

    b) The clubs propaganda in defending the player e.g t-shirts.

    c) Racism is something harder to understand if you haven't experienced it directly and I think that reflected a lot in the way the club and the fans defended him.

    d) Tribalism. like people have said, Suarez worked his butt off for the club so when the Evra incident took place it was easier for the club fans to support him than lets say an Asps or Borini.

    With the Sterling narrative everybody can identify with it because everybody deals with money so everyone knows about pay rises and structures within their work places.

    I'm unpacking this to kinda highlight that the hate put on Sterling is over the top considering nobody truly knows the full story. I think is an aspect of sheep mentality with the consumption of content coming from media some outlets like the Echo. Just like people were cynical with Sterling BBC interview they should should apply that to the other side of the coin and pick and choose the bits from each side that match up and hopefully the true story is within there.

  69. Stan,
    Walcott playing through middle guarantees 10-20 goals a season

    Something all 4 of our strikers struggled got to this season : 10

    Walcott's pace and speed in premiership terrorises teams and he would do well for us

    Benteke and Walcott up top could hurt teams next season if we get both

    If Owners can get £60M for Sterling out right that would be great

    And then Aubamayeng, Benteke and Viett3 should be brought to club for £53M

    Whilst Bellarabi Of Leverkusen should be brought to club this summer also

  70. There is a big difference between an act of racism and being a racist that why I never called Suarez a racist but what he did was an act racism.

    Everything is racism was in the past too, it feels like it more these days because more people are challenging it rather than letting it slide thinking that's just the way things are.

  71. Can't think why,la!?

  72. I hope that you are not suggesting Liverpool fans tolerate racism because that would be a big mistaken and offensive assumption.

  73. I broke it down in a previous comment.

  74. "Racism is something harder to understand if you haven't experienced it directly and I think that reflected a lot in the way the club and the fans defended him"

    This is wrong on so many levels its insane.

    I do not know to even start. All I can say is that you have never lived in Liverpool and you have no idea what the vast majority of people think of racists and how much they hate them.

    The Suarez incident was a very complex case, so much so that the FA had to call in a number of Spanish linguistics experts.

    This was a simply open and shut case like John Terry. Not only did you have the language barrier but you also had to take into account the South American culture.

    Even the FA admitted that they did not believe that Suarez was being racist ior is rascist however he was charged as such because in our culture what he said was wrong. You go anywhere in South America and or South American community and nobody would bat an eyelid over what he said, including black people.

    If Suarez had said what John Terry said, believe me he would not of been forgiven.. not for one second.

    I suggest that you stop talking about things you have no experience off because if you had lived in Liverpool or knew any people from Liverpool for a length of time you would realise what you are saying is total and complete rubbish.

  75. Stan Dinaround9:23 pm, May 27, 2015

    Walcott is undeniably talented, but he doesn't play often, and that is the only reason I wouldn't be interested... We have enough injury problems witout buying more, no matter how good he is.....

  76. Sorry but what you are clearly saying is that Liverpool fans forgave Suarez for an act of racism and that themselves makes them complicit.

    Try saying that in Liverpool and see how far you get.