14 Apr 2015

'English Messi' to LFC? Rodgers wants 'incredible' £15m attacker who loves Liverpool

Despite being overloaded with promising young players, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is reportedly intent on bringing even more youngster to the club, and latest player on the Reds' radar is on Fulham attacker Patrick Roberts.

According to The Mirror:

* Liverpool are 'keen' to lure 19-year old Roberts to Anfield.

* Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Spurs are also interesting in signing the coveted winger.

Liverpool were first linked with a move for Roberts earlier this season, with The Independent reporting at the time:

"Liverpool are preparing an offer for Fulham teenager Patrick Roberts"

When asked at the time about Liverpool's interest in Roberts, ex-Fulham boss Felix Magath told reporters:

“Liverpool are looking. He [Roberts] will develop to the Premier League and I believe he’ll be a national player for England in the next year. How fast he’ll develop, nobody knows, but his skill is incredible.”

Fulham boss Kit Symons is determined to keep Roberts at the club, and in a recent interview, he enthused:

"Pat will be offered a new contract. He's a fantastic prospect. He's a sensible lad. I'd be a bit worried if he didn't want to play but he understands the situation and the predicament of the club."

Some info about Roberts, dubiously nicknamed the 'English Messi':

* Boyhood Liverpool fan and his parents are from Merseyside.
* Plays as a right-winger, or a second striker.
* 8 goals in 21 appearances for England youth teams.
* 25 appearances for Fulham so far.
* 2013: Signed a 3-year professional deal with Fulham.
* 2014: Helped England win the UEFA European U-17 Championship

Description of Roberts on Fulham's official website:

"Impressive blend of skill and technique, be that playing in behind a central striker or when drifting in from the right flank. His close control and confident dribbling ability also make him a valuable attacking outlet".

In a recent interview, Roberts revealed his admiration for Lionel Messi's dribbling skills, and described his main footballing strengths:

"My main strength as a player is my dribbling ability – I like to take defenders on whenever I can. I’m not a bad finisher either, so I do like to chip in with a few goals too"

The youngster also reiterated his allegiance to LFC:

"I also like watching Steven Gerrard too. My family are big Liverpool fans, so he’s the man as far as they’re concerned".

Roberts is so highly rated by Fulham that the club recently slapped a ludicrous £15m price-tag on him, which is clearly designed to ward off the vultures of the Premier League.

If/when Rodgers makes a move, Liverpool will probably have an advantage in any negotiations, but as the likes of Alberto, Teixeira, Suso have learned, it's extremely hard for young attacking players to come through the Academy system and make the breakthrough into the first team.

Over the last 10+ years, Raheem Sterling and Jordon Ibe are the only exception to this rule, so that's the size of the task faced by Roberts, or indeed any young attacker who joins the club.

Additionally, Liverpool's experience level is rapidly declining, and next season, the club needs players who'll come in and hit the ground running.

In my view, Roberts is better off at Fulham for the next three years.



  1. he should stay where he is for now... 15m is too much anyways

  2. Frankie Fletcher3:29 pm, April 14, 2015

    Maybe this could be a buy and loan back deal? I agree we need some proven talent right now but Rogers has proven he is willing to give youth a chance in the first team. It would also be nice with Gerrard departing to get a good quality local lad who is passionate about the club.

  3. Seen him play 3 times - did nothing at all - Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson better than him now - comparison with Messi is total nonsense

  4. We have lost form at the wrong time - we wont make top 4 and we all know it and the F A Cup is a 9/4 bet at best

  5. Ah my little RAYof sunshine ;-)

  6. Stay where you are kid, there will be plenty of time to move up to a bigger team, learn your trade at a team you'll almost certainly start... Don't get suckered by the big bright lights just yet.... But by all means, keep making it clear that LFC are you prefered destination when the time is right.

  7. Isn't he though? He's pulled me out of some dark times, that RAY...

  8. I always thought tom ince is the next English messi not this guy.
    Or was it Zaha?


  10. i also heard joe cole is as good as messi

  11. I heard that Messi is as good as Joe Cole.

  12. For goodness sake don't anyone tell code that Messi isn't English

  13. I'm sorry but isn't Argentina a commonwealth? so that makes him English so, yeah, I'm with crack on this one!

  14. 'He's a fantastic prospect', Impressive blend of skill and technique','His close control and confident dribbling ability also make him a valuable attacking outlet', 'his skill is incredible'.
    So glad we're getting Messi!

  15. Or are they Jamaican?

  16. Messi is the "Argentine Joe Cole"

  17. Rodgers has great ability in attracting young players as they know if there good enough they'll get a game, the 10 year thing is only rubbish, those two players made the breakthrough under Rodgers, hopefully in a few years he can attract the older guys too.

  18. This is the reason behind why their is very little English youth prospects in the prem. They are overpriced and compare his stats to the likes of kovacic or diao from lazio.

  19. Didn't know he reads this blog ?! :) Good points though.

  20. English Messi?

    A new working definition of an oxymoron. Huzzah!

  21. Isnt England in Jamaica?

  22. Never even heard of the the lad and given how the press usually build up these young English players, is he really that good?

  23. That's what Liverpool said about Ronaldo 12 mill is too much and he went to Manu and again with Alves and he went to Barca for 19 mill. You win some and you lose some. 15 Mill is worth a gamble

  24. He's english and therefore extremely overpriced. If he was ukrainian he wouldn't cost more than 2m

  25. and what of Flanners?

    Anyway we've got way better players in the setup already IMO and some space should be left for them after marquee-esque signings...

    players of whom i speak: Brannagan, Ojo, Canos, Kent, Teixeira (injured), Yesil and the 2 other Jordans

    Get quality and put faith in academy for up and comers!
    Come on now BR!

  26. Depends on how old your map is

  27. While the club's overall experience levels may be 'rapidly declining', what about the potential team that plays together on a regular basis? I see what you mean however Jamie, the squad as it is have several key areas that could definitely do with strengthening and a young attacking midfielder/ winger/striker might not be an instant answer, but with the youth we have currently, adding to that dazzling list is not a bad idea, particularly if, should any of our players fail to make the cut, the chance exists that we could sell them for more than what we bought them for. I'm no expert on the kid's ability, but I must admit he does look pretty nifty, not to mention a tad Owenesque. Add to that he's a huge Liverpool fan. Sure Lambert is aLiverpool lad as well, but Roberts will, arguably, only get better and could turn out to be a bargain.