24 Apr 2015

'I'll sell': Boss confirms Liverpool can sign 'exciting' attacker for '£60m'. Deluded?

Last month, Liverpool reportedly made a 'firm enquiry' about the availability of 'exciting' Crystal Palace star Yannick Bolasie, and according to Palace boss Alan Pardew, the promising attacker is worth almost as much as Luis Suarez.

Liverpool are allegedly planning to offer Rickie Lambert in part-exchange for Bolasie, but when asked on Thursday about LFC's interest, Pardew told The Guardian:

“I’ll sell Yannick, if someone wants to give me £40m-£60m. Every player has a price, of course. Anyone who rings me up will get a proper price".

The depth of Pardew's delusion is staggering; the man is clearly a raging fantasist, and there's more chance of Liverpool re-signing Andy Carroll for £50m than Palace selling Bolasie for '£40m to £60m'.

At least Pardew is consistent. In January, he told reporters:

"It would take an extraordinary bid to take him away from this football club. I would be very surprised if any club wanted to make that phone call."

For £10m-£12m, Bolasie is possibly worth a shout, but in my view, Liverpool should steer clear for the following reasons:

* Comparatively new to the Premier League, and like so many others, could fade away after a good 12 months.

* Bolasie's goal record is simply not good enough. Last season: ZERO goals in 30 appearances. This season: only 4 goals in 30 apps.

£60m for 4 goals in 60 appearances? It's amazing that Pardew can make such nonsensical claims with a straight face.

In any event, Liverpool already have enough attacking midfielders who fail to consistently score goals, and if the club spends big bucks on attackers this summer, the money should go on players with prodigious goal records, such as Robert Firmino, Memphis Depay et al.

That said, if the Reds are determined to sign Bolasie at all costs, then the proposed swap deal is still feasible. Lambert plus £59m should just about cover it ;-)



  1. I'll give him £40 to keep him....

  2. See what im saying Jaimie K why do you put a Question mark after every statement if its true tthen no need for a question mark? take no notice of the avitar ,im more like Homer now ha ha

  3. can we just offer them 60 plus 1 pound like wenger did?!

  4. Can't stand the flavour of the month nat,urge of Premier League football.

    A player has a couple of good games and all of a sudden everybody's talking like he's the second coming. This guy hasn't proven he's worth £16m let alone £60m

  5. Alan Pardew - 'raging fantasist' :-).....oh boy he really is delusional...

    and since joining wherever he joined - obscure united - he's just got worse...

    Didn't he once say he was surprised Brendan Rogers got the Liverpool job because BR wasn't really a manager....unlike Alan Pardew himself - who is a real manager....yeah, okay then....

  6. Can I please be your super-agent to deal with the safe transfer of your £40 - dot the 'i's and cross the 't's if you will.....

  7. I love how JK has described almost everything this week as being "raging" :)

  8. Bolasie plays well against us which worries me if we buy him theres hardly any teams left that worry about him.

  9. That's raging lunacy.

  10. Who know, a top class manager like BR might go for it LOL.

  11. I really wouldn't be surprised if this happened with BR in charge. Except Dwight Gayle and David Puncheon would be signed for the same price too.

  12. Mr. Point Of View9:06 am, April 25, 2015

    IF there are ppl value Sterling at 100m so why not 60m for Bolasie? Hahahahaa,,,,So i think actual market price when we selling suarez should aprox 400m !
    FSG should ready 1billion for this summer

  13. Pardrew's been nudging the turps