12 Apr 2015

Next Stop Anfield: 'Exceptional' €14m attacker 'really excited' about transfer to Liverpool

Between October 15th and March 13th, on-loan Liverpool strikewr Divock Origi scored just ONE goal in 25 games for Lille, but things seem to be changing for Origi, and according to Reds goalie Simon Mignolet, the young striker is ready to make the step-up to the Premier League.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Mignolet revealed that Origi - who cost Liverpool £10m [€14m] is 'really excited' about coming to Anfield, and further added:

"I have spoken with him [Origi] a fair few times about how he is going to settle in - not only at the club, but also in the city. He's looking forward to next season and I think he'll be ready for the team"

Unlike Memphis Depay, another young attacker who delivered some promising performances during the World Cup, Origi hasn't really kicked-on over the last year, and although he's scored 4 goal in the last three games for Lille (including a hat-trick), his overall record this season is distinctly average:

* 8 goals in 35 appearances.
* One goal every 4.3 games (One every 326 minutes)

Despite his underwhelming goal record, the fawning over Origi has reached fever pitch this season, and in a recent interview, Tom Werner added to the tornado of execrable ego-massage, when he told reporters:

“We are going to add an exceptional striker to that mix next year in Divock Origi. So I think that we have a nucleus of a team that will continue to be excellent".

Exceptional? Not on current evidence. If Origi can't consistently score in the French league, which is comparatively less competitive/physical than the Premier League, then it doesn't bode well for his chances in England. Here are some other examples of Origi being irresponsibly overhyped.

Here are some other examples of Origi being irresponsibly overhyped.

Brendan Rodgers: "We took a player in Divock Origi who we believe will be world-class. Now he is a top player. He has everything — the speed, the profile and so on"

Vincent Kompany: "He is very gifted and talented [and] an outstanding worker in training. Technically, he’s a monster, and in a few years he will be become one of the five or ten best strikers in the world"

Stan Collymore: "Liverpool must move heaven and earth to get Divock Origi now and save their season. If the price to sign him is £10m [on top of the £10m already paid] it will be worth every penny"

Rene Girard: “He's going to continue improving...and show he's one of Europe's greats. He's a boy who has the makings of a great player. He has all the attributes."

Simon Kjaer: "Origi is one of the greatest talents I have ever played with. He could be a truly great player for Liverpool and can become on of the best players in his position. A special thing about him is that he has no real weak spots".

Rodgers, Kjaer et al should be ashamed for putting such intolerable pressure on Origi. It's simply impossible for him to live up to all the superlatives, and as I predicted six months ago, he has struggled to consistently produce as a result of the mental weight of expectation.

When all is said and done, though, Origi is only 19, and still developing, so there's clearly room for improvement. Perhaps Origi will suddenly turn into goalscoring superstar at Anfield? I certainly hope so, but right now, I can't see it.



  1. Yrs, he has massive potential but next Season they won't be able to depend on him or frequently injured, Sturridge. Need to buy another high quality ready for now striker.

  2. Haven't been watching the French league has bm he been played as an centre forward or a wide forward ?

  3. Vietto and Depay would be enough for our attacking reinforcements as Vietto could partner Sturridge or replace him when injured. Depay will most likely be in the first team and can more than replace Sterling IF he leaves. Otherwise we would have Sterling, Coutinho and Depay would be an exciting trio along with Vietto.

    In midfield Illiramendi would represent great business as he Is young experienced in CL and has a great defensive mind. Another would be Camacho as back up for Hendo if/ when he signs a new contract.

    In defence we should be targeting Aurier from Toulouse if PSG don't want to sign him on a permanent deal (he hasn't been getting much first team). He is a physical, has a good goal scoring record and is versatile enough to play as CB, RB, and RWB. Finally, Mathew Ryan is a good backup option with potential to replace/ challenge Mignolet in the future.

  4. That is something I don't think Jaimie is addressing, not only does he sometimes play out of position but he doesn't fit in with Lille's style of play. If we got him we could get the most out of him.

  5. Think it is slightly unfair to say French league is less physical or competitive than epl , given the fact psg beat Chelsea with ten men and that monaco beat arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates.

  6. Manu's hammering of City brings top 4 back into play I think. City is clearly drowning now and we need to believe we can overtake them.

  7. Lille's tactic this season has been -let's not concede and if we can score, great-. They have a goal per match ratio as a team, and in the League1 everybody is defending well so his tally ain't THAT bad, but it is bad.. I only watched the lad in the pre WC and WC itself and thought Belgium are great, Lukaku needs not to play when they have this kid! He has good eye for the pass, pace, shot, he is tall enough.. Think he will do good in the EPL..

  8. iF Sterling does leave, which looks likely to me, than.. Sell Borini, Lucas and Mario too- if can get a good price for each, specially Sterling that would give us enough to buy Illaramendi (Naingolan) and Jovetic.
    --------- Origi-----------Sturridge.

    If Daniel out, Origi and Joveta upfront with Lallana or Ibe. Lazar and Allen as back up and Can ready to fit in anywhere in the midfield. That is 9 very good players for 6 places with two decent covers in the midfield, a least for Swansea type of games. Few attackers in the youth too, so a very good team to compete on hopefully 4 fronts.

  9. And one more thing- glad Suso is getting his playing time at a top club..

  10. Agree with everything! It might be good business to pickup another cheap forward though, and keep Depay as a winger/AM. Like Luiz Adriano.

    That would give us Sturridge, Vietto, Adriano, and Origi as out and out forwards. Coutinho, Lallana, Markovic, Sterling, Depay, and Ibe in the AM positions and Wide areas.

    In the midfield, we'd have Illarramendi and Lucas as DMs. Ideally for me, we'd have 3 CMs. Henderson, Allen, and Nainggolan would be my choice (keep Can at CB).

    Then we'd have Manquillo and Aurier at RB. Flanno and Moreno at LB. Skrtel, Can, Lovren, Sakho, and Toure at CB.

  11. liverpool addict8:08 pm, April 12, 2015

    we need to buy Edison Cavani or Alexander Lacazette...Origi will be a bit part player to be honest

  12. Why would either of those players come to Liverpool ahead of other teams who play in the CL every season

  13. Can't see it either!

  14. Hasn't he been playing on the wing? Him and hazard had similar goal scoring records IIRC, could be extremely wrong tho

  15. Cheap CF , in Ings ?

  16. Careful what you say ,orme will disagree with the above statment !

  17. There have been a number of articles on how people praising players is the reason they fail to fulfill their potential. If a player is good enough no matter if people are 'grossly overpraising' or 'over hyping' then they will make it happen, if not its likely they never had the mental toughness to cut it at the highest level anyway. Media soundbites from ex-players etc are for the fans etc what a manager and coaches say to the player personally is what matters not what they say to the press in PR mode.

  18. Agree with most of that but would let Toure leave and give Llori a go as backup CB.

  19. Well, yes, but we're already getting Origi and my scenario has us getting Vietto as well. 3 of 4 FWs younger than 23?