2 Apr 2015

Exciting Transfer: Liverpool keen to sign 'excellent' £30m striker with 244 goals and assists

Earlier this year, multiple reports claimed that Liverpool were planning to activate Gonzalo Higuain's £30m release clause in a bid to sign the prolific striker 'before the end of January'. The Reds have been constantly linked with the 'lethal' Argentine over the last three years, and the link has resurfaced again this week.

According to reports today:

* Liverpool are still 'keeping tabs' on 'excellent' Higuain.

* The Reds 'head the queue' to sign the striker if he becomes available.

When asked in January about Liverpool's alleged interest, Higuain's agent insisted that the striker is 'happy' at Napoli, and added"

“Do Liverpool want Higuain? I haven’t spoken to any club, firstly because they haven’t called me and secondly because it would be disrespectful. We’ll see about Gonzalo’s future"

At first glance, it appears that the agent is ruling out a move to Anfield, but in reality, it's the same statement that most agents give in response to transfer queries:

* pay lip-service to the player's loyalty to their current club.
* Insist the player is happy and not thinking about leaving.
* Contradict that by suggesting the player will consider their future in the summer.

In my view, Higuain's agent clarified nothing nothing with his statement, and reading between the lines, it seems that the 27-year old will almost certainly be available in the summer, especially if Napoli fail to qualify for the Champions League.

Higuain - nicknamed 'El Pipita' - is a cut above the players Rodgers usually signs, and he represents a significant upgrade on Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli, but as much as I'd love to see him at Anfield, I honestly can't see why he'd sign for Liverpool.

Higuain is 27, which means his next contract will his last as a top-class player in his prime, and he'll want to win trophies in the last few remaining years of his top-level career. As such, he'll probably opt for a team that consistently challenges for trophies, and right now, that isn't Liverpool.

In the club's current situation, Brendan Rodgers does not have the pull to attract a player like Higuain, and the only way the Reds will be able to sign him (and players of similar quality) is if Rodgers is replaced by an internationally renowned manager.

One thing's for sure: Higuain is the real deal, and his creative stats prove that:

* 244 goals/assists in 353 apps for Napoli and Real Madrid
* Goal/assist every 1.4 games.
* 20-25+ goals/assists every year for the last six years.

Yes please.



  1. Unfortunately, he won't come here if we don't make Champions League.

    And even if we do, I have a sincere concern that we won't provide the base salary that he'll be seeking. We'll want to craft an incentive-laden deal as usual that another team (i.e. Arsenal) will beat.

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:45 pm, April 02, 2015

    Even if we get cl
    he would not join

    because what is the point of fighting for 4th every year
    And that is FSG goal

    They irk from paying buying wages and that is the problem

    If we offered Sanchez 250,00k a weak a 120k increase from his Arseanl wages
    he would not reject 100%

    why would he reject two years wages in one year

    no chance

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:45 pm, April 02, 2015


  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:46 pm, April 02, 2015

    Balde dio ( Lazio guy)

  5. He's already on the list

  6. Yep, I know what Higuain means, duh..

  7. Yea the least likely transfer in the league

  8. Entitled- yes. Not breaking rules- yes. I don't have to read it- yes.
    It still hurts to see 6 of your posts in a row and a reply below everyone else's post.

  9. Konoplyanka and latterly Yarmolenko

  10. A player like Higuain who comes in with high pedigree and requires high wages is never going to come to us with the current state that we are in. Can you imagine Higuain holding the Red shirt at Melwood next to Ian Ayre? I for sure cannot.

  11. Breeding? Or breathing?

  12. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:01 pm, April 02, 2015

    When i left on my sabbatical
    i put you on the "will miss" list
    alongside Jay,Bob loblaw, Fdomt , vermhat,Septimus,

  13. Oh and anyone who was once linked with a Rafa rumor.

  14. Breading. Like breading a chicken.

  15. Oh god no imagine 2 of em

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:03 pm, April 02, 2015

    I will call Sheik Shamsy/Clay or Corteius -Meijer
    if you tempt me to : )

  17. Damn, haven't slept two days.. The latter, obviously...

  18. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:03 pm, April 02, 2015

    Thanks man.
    You are growing on me now.

  19. I still prefer "breading" as the answer

  20. What would that mean, making bread out of him? Or making him a Wiena steak..

  21. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:06 pm, April 02, 2015

    I am not a post man

  22. Now that is an disturbing image. And I need to sleep..

  23. Both sound good - bread needs pounding and a steak usually involves sharp implements

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:07 pm, April 02, 2015

    oh yeah , English is not your strength , no biggy.
    It means i dont dislike as mcuh as bfor

  25. Feel free - my dog awaits

  26. It's not yours either

  27. What do you mean either?!?

  28. Sorry orme never meant it like that

  29. Hate to break it to you, but we've already signed Aspas and Lambert.

  30. You put "Guest" on your 'will miss' list?

  31. He already said no, unfortunately not going to happen

  32. Hey Bob nice bedtime story for you- on bbc sport page next to Sterling latest is an article about distance runner Kipsiro and ongoing saga with Peter Wemali involving allegations of rape black magic arson and murder- 5 girls told Ksiro that Wemali impregnated them so they could have abortions which would widen their private parts enabling them to 'run like Kenyans' So glad I like football and not distance running

  33. Sounds like my kind of story. I'll pass that on to my 2-year-old when I tuck him in for the night.
    I can't wait until they find out who the guilty party is so that Jaimie can compare Sterling to him.

  34. Rumour is that it was Sterling

  35. Feeling left out, or is the comma-as-period and no 'and' between Verm and Sept driving you crazy?

  36. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:03 pm, April 02, 2015

    I put him in the good list
    as well as Chigras Vygras and Loganlfc
    and Gilstrap who is a legend of the site ,
    where is he , he is normally voice of reason?

  37. Are you Santa Claus?

  38. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:04 pm, April 02, 2015

    Santi Crazola is

    if i was
    you can guess who would miss out

  39. just left out. I'm not the one that hangs his shirts according to colour.......

    But I must admit an edit function for other people#s posts would be good as long as I was the only one able to use it.

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:07 pm, April 02, 2015

    one of them starts with om
    another one derb
    and Roha

  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:09 pm, April 02, 2015

    where is Gilstrap
    him and Logan are the cornerstone of this site for me

  42. Whereas others are the anal gland

  43. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:12 pm, April 02, 2015

    You are quite new?

    I cannot remember you during my first tenure

  44. Gene's older than you, Code.

  45. Shouldn't that be your fist tenure

  46. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:14 pm, April 02, 2015

    I think they along with Jay Jay are the most regular
    and most knowledgeable and articulate in explaining their arguments.
    I wont add my self to that list because i am, humble : )

  47. When you put it *that* way, I'm glad you don't consider me to be a cornerstone.

  48. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:16 pm, April 02, 2015

    You and Vermhat and Stuart are the funniest
    guys who can always pop a joke.
    I bet you guys laughed in 1989 vs Arsenal when Micheal Thomas scored for Arsenal and won them the league

  49. You honestly never wrote that last sentance. Please..

  50. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:20 pm, April 02, 2015

    They gave Torres a new contract
    johnson high wages
    Gerrard and Carragher massive wages

    They are the worst owners ever
    but credit where credit is due

  51. I took 6 months to get get over that ......and i am not joking

  52. You've just explained their downfall.

  53. Hicks and Gillet?? Are you for real??? They took the club to the brink of bankruptcy. We almost did a Leeds under their ownership. You've got to just be a wind up merchant

  54. And then we bought him how's that for a ring stinger

  55. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:22 pm, April 02, 2015

    I thought it was because they were taking massive loans
    to pay for the stadium

  56. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:24 pm, April 02, 2015

    No i never said tehy were good
    i critisize them a lot . if tehy got us Villa and Silva like rafa wanted we would ahve won the league.

    But they deserve credit
    in that they never hesitated paying big wages

    I will give credit where credit is due to eevryone.
    Even to you , you seem knowledgable and experinced.

  57. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:25 pm, April 02, 2015

    To be clear , i prefer FSG over them any day
    but ultimately we need a Roman Abrahmovic

    You cannot run lfc like an American franchise

  58. Exactly. Spending money they never had.

  59. That's 42 months in Dog Time. Remarkable.

  60. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:28 pm, April 02, 2015

    i like the way they however did play the top stars big in 2008-09
    then the reserves earnt way lower

    that should be the current model

    pay the likes of Sterling and Coutinho mre

    we dont need Lallana,Markovic etc when we have an academy full of talent like Trexeira,Suso,Ibe

    save that 40m spend on one big player that should be the way they run

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:29 pm, April 02, 2015

    There you go again.
    you guys should be having that show instead of James corden

  62. unfortunately Bob has a face that is only suitable for radio - bless him