6 Apr 2015

New Transfer: Liverpool keen to sign 'outstanding' £10m 'player of the year'

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is seemingly determined to increase the club's quota of British players, and the latest Brit to be linked with a move to Anfield is Middlesbrough defender Ben Gibson.

According to the Sunday Mirror:

* Liverpool and Manchester City are interested in signing Gibson.

* Middlesbrough are willing to sell the 19-year old for £10m.

Some info about Gibson:

* Contract expires: 2019
* Centre-back who can also play left-back.
* 68 apps for Middlesbrough.
* 33 apps for Tranmere.
* Recently called-up to the England U21 side.
* 2014: Named North-East Writers' 'Young Player of the Year'.

* After the call-up, his boss, Aitor Karanka enthused: "I’m very pleased that Ben [has] been called up because he's very good, [has] worked very hard, and has a lot of quality".

* England U21 boss Gareth Southgate added: “He [Gibson] has outstanding character. He's come on so well as a defender and become a mainstay of the Boro side. That’s testimony to his commitment and development"

Gibson is often lauded for his burgeoning leadership ability, and according to Boro' team-mate George Friend:

"He [Gibson] is a natural leader and a very confident guy. Henot scared to say what he thinks on the pitch. I love playing alongside him. He’s very athletic and good on the ball"

Genuine leadership ability is severely lacking at Liverpool, but £10m for a Championship 19-year old? Thanks, but no thanks.

Gibson has an impressive number of performances under his belt for such a young player, but he is totally unproved at the highest level, and £10m is way too much money to risk on a player who may or may not come good at some undetermined point in the future.

If Andre Wisdom, Sebastian Coates, and Tiago Ilori are seemingly not good enough to be given a sustained chance at centre-back for Liverpool, what makes Gibson any different?

Plus, Liverpool have enough Brits in the squad, and as I've argued many times, a team composed mainly of British players has no chance of winning the Premier league, and history categorically proves this.



  1. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:03 pm, April 06, 2015

    Please no more English/British players, it is giving us a reputation of signing
    Adam Lallana, Stewart Downing,Charlie Adam,Joe Allen, Craig Bellamy(good but not enough)
    Jordan Henderson (first two years),Ricky Lambert,Andy Carroll ,

    I don't know if Sturridge counts because his parents are Jamaican so is he considered proper British?
    Foreign players like Sanchez will look at just the names liek Lambert and bulk at it.

    English players are 75% overpriced , look at Luke Shaw. We should focus on bringing the ones through the academy like Jordon ibe and Sterling.

    Please no danny ings or Milner

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:05 pm, April 06, 2015

    10m over valued price for an over hyped british

    when i guess we could sign a

    equally good uruguayan full back for maybe 200,000

    no Danny Ings , james Milner please , it is ruining Liverpools reputation.

  3. yeah I heard those uruguayan defenders from africa are quite cheap

  4. I think they'd both be great squad players for Liverpool, you just need to compliment them with the variety you get from continental and South American types.

  5. Sturridge definitely counts as British. You can't just pass him off as foreign for the sake of argument. By that logic you could disregard half of Liverpool's great British players of the past because most Scousers would be eligible to play for Ireland.

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:09 pm, April 06, 2015

    The only problem i have with Rodgers is his


    look at how he did not change a FOUND OUT formation.

    And i think he is suborn on his belief he can get English players as technically good as foreign players.

    No you cant Brendan , look at Allen,Lallana, Lambert as proof

    No Britsih players unless outstanding like say ( Walcott or Rooney)
    focus on cheap foreign players with names that excite other players

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:10 pm, April 06, 2015

    Yes but Jamaica is way further then England then Ireland is
    as is Nigeria

    so Sturridge,Sterling,Ibe do not count for me

  8. That's mental. They are English people who grew up in England.

    You're getting into dangerous waters now...

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:12 pm, April 06, 2015

    Man city lost

    if they lose to utd next week (yep cheering them for once in my life)
    and we win

    we are only 4 points of them


  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:15 pm, April 06, 2015

    Just saying they do not have English/british heritage so do they really count as English

    because players with African heritage

    have more pace and more strength and a bit more skill like Stuzza and Raheem

    so if we count them as English then it paints a way better view of the typical english player

    which is more like Milner and Henderson , no technique just work horses

  11. To be honest, considering United's fixtures, we'd probably have more chance of getting top 4 if City win.

    City have easy games except United and Spurs. United have to play City, Arsenal, Chelsea and fairly tough away fixtures against Everton and Palace.

  12. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:16 pm, April 06, 2015

    I think you ahve to realize

    man united do better against big teams

    they struggle vs small teams like leicester and swansea

  13. Aye, they've done decent against the big teams, but you wouldn't wish for them to play worse teams, would you?

  14. ...but they are English players.

    It paints a better view of English players because you're excluding legitimate English players on the basis of their heritage because it suits your argument.

    It's like saying "French players are just water-carriers like Didier Deschamps. When are they going to have skilful players like Zidane, Benzema, Nasri or Djorkaeff. Why are all their defenders like Pascal Cygan and not as good as foreigners like Varane, Desailly and Thuram. All of their midfielders are weak like Valbuena. They need powerhouses like some of the foreign nations have, like Pogba and Blaise Matuidi".

  15. He's gone under .........

  16. Slim chance of top 4 we have still. As long as we win our game next Monday we will have gained points on at least one team above us. Draw or win for city for me, think more chance of united messing up despite city's bad form. Let's get past Blackburn then at least the prospect of an fa cup semi might get some confidence and form back in the side. No for the kid above by the way, we need to bring in experience.

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:40 pm, April 06, 2015

    I wanna apologise I think I expressed it wrongly

  18. This shocks me.

  19. The lads 21years old not 19 and he's the chairmanship nephew ,so he's not going anywhere unless Boro don't get promotion and he's worth a lot of money . He is very impressive .

  20. Unfortunately there is no right way of expressing what you are trying to say..

  21. Don't say anything else until you speak to your attorney! !!

  22. Unfortunately for you if city/Chelsea come calling he might well move. Hopefully he stays with you and you get promoted, you've played some good stuff this season but it is such a competitive league to get out of.

  23. He seems very loyal to the club but £10million is a lot and every player has his price from a business point of view, but then he's Steve gibsons nephew...
    Also he's 22 but good effort anyway, god knows where his apparent 19yo age has been picked out from? :p

  24. And yeah he is a very solid defender, would be getting much more hype if he'd come through the academy of a "big club"

  25. Your so weirdly racist. Your obsessed with where people come from or heritage or whatever. It is literally meaningless.

  26. Ibe? I think Sturridge's grandparents came from Jamiaca, maybe parents. Wisdom too but Ibe? First I have heard. Unless you just mean black?

  27. He's eligible to play for Nigeria. I don't know how distant or close his Nigerian antecedents are.

  28. Fair enough. You've got to be careful though. Some people would find some of the stuff you've said a bit offensive, especially when they don't know the man behind the words.

  29. I think you have to realise, actually supporting the scum is disgusting. I'd rather see City win and it be harder for us to get top 4 and I mean that as no joke. In the state we are in, and with the amount of changes we'll likely make over the transfer window, I'd rather us not have any european comps next season, give us time to bed in, avoid these injury hits and give the league another go.

  30. You're a crack up.

  31. LFC already have 2 best versatile centreback,but afraid or not confident to used....Sebastian Coates and Tiago Ilori.Tough,Smart and can score the goal.But happen now....Buy and Loan is very easy for Liverpool because you get bargain fee.

  32. I think what you were trying to say is that English players are genetically rubbish and if anyone comes good by chance then he would be genetically different.

    I don't know what I am talking.

  33. Oh well that makes sense. Don't Nigeria and Jamiaca share a border.

  34. Exactly We all understand exactly what it is you're trying to say, rewording it won't make it any better

  35. That is what he means

  36. Are you stupid? Not sure why I'm even asking but seriously.
    How many millions of born and bred English people have parents born outside of England? Look at the government, full of Etonions and ex Oxbridge grads who are the children of immigrants.
    My parents weren't born in England but I was and I have always been and will always be a proud Englishman. 'Is he proper British?' -that's like a slogan for ukip - bloody ridiculous.

  37. So am I more Pommie than you ?
    All 4 my grandparents come from that cold ,drizzly place.
    My parents born out the country ,plus me ..
    (Clearly light hearted comment ).

  38. World population 7 billion..
    England's population 53.01 million... The number of world class English players is phenomenal in comparison...
    It also stands to reason that there are more foreign players available.... Just because there are more of them, doesn't mean they are all better...

  39. Diego Costa, Zinedine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic... just a few examples for you of your point being pointless.

  40. Somebody should tell him we're all from Africa...

  41. For the last time... Sturridge and Sterling have Caribbean heritage. The Caribbean is NOT in Africa

  42. The fact that Deschamps is actually Basque makes your point evermore hilarious. Even though Basque country is not a sovereign nation, they do have their own national team :D Furthermore, also Valbuena is of Spanish descent...

  43. So glad they are "willing" to sell for 10m.

    How nice of them! :)

  44. Which further exemplifies how foolish Rodgers sounded the other day when he declared we have no shot at getting top 4.

    We take care of our business and win our games, and we will at least have a fighting chance.

  45. They just can't accept that they too will not be able to crack the code

  46. Falcao prays that he'll never have to play with the likes of Enrique or any stamper...