24 Apr 2015

Offer Submitted: Liverpool bid for 'fantastic' €32m playmaker who'd love Anfield transfer

In March, reports claimed that Reds legend Xabi Alonso tried to convince Real Madrid midfielder Asier Illarramendi to sign for LFC, and with speculation mounting about a possible summer transfer, it appears that the Reds are taking concrete steps to seal the deal.

Earlier this month, Spanish newspaper Marca claimed that Illarramendi 'loves the idea' of signing for Liverpool - even without Champions League football - and according to The Telegraph today:

* Liverpool have submitted an official offer for Illaramendi.
* Real Madrid want €32m [£23m] for the midfield playmaker.

Interesting news, but it seems highly improbable to me that one of Europe's most promising midfielders is happy to leave the bright lights of Real Madrid - and the Champions League - to potentially battle out in the Europa League. Indeed, when asked in January about his future, Illarramendi told reporters:

"I want to stay at Real Madrid. I'm very happy at this club and in this city [and] I'm only looking towards [Madrid]"

That said, Luis Suarez signed for the Reds in the same circumstances, so anything is possible. Some info about Illaramendi:

* Cost Madrid €32m.
* Plays as a central/defensive midfielder.
* 31 apps for various Spain youth teams.
* 84 apps for Madrid over the last two seasons.
* 17 apps in the CL for Madrid.
* Current deal expires in 2019.

Given the sheer number of top quality players at the Bernebeau, it's hardly surprising that Illarramendi can't hold down a place in Madrid's star-studded team (only 3 starts since December 20th). Ancelotti does seem to rate Illaramendi, though. In September, he explained what the midfielder brings to Madrid:

“We put Illarra in to avoid risks. He’s more defensive-minded, and e wanted to control the game and he showed he was up to the task. He helped us come back in the game".

Italian legend Arrigo Sacchi is also a big fan, and when asked last season about the midfielder, he raved:

“I was blown away by Illarramendi. He's a fantastic player. He can defend, he gets forward well, he reads the game well and can go long or short with his passing. I think he has a lot to offer Real"

That's a glowing recommendation from a true legend of the game, but with Toni Kroos and Lucas Silva ahead of him in the pecking order, Illaramendi's future at the Bernebeu is looking bleak.

This season's dismal European performance underlines the urgent need for Liverpool to sign a couple of quality, Champions League-experienced midfielders, and the Reds are crying out for another Alonso-style midfield metronome. Illaramendi even looks like the revered Spaniard (!), but is he a viable transfer target?



  1. I don't see the downside.

  2. * Liverpool have submitted an official offer for Illaramendi.

    Have they? Is this legal given that the transfer window is not open?

  3. Wouldnt be touching him at that price, for Madrid to be looking for their money back on a player who they overpaid for in the first place and who has struggled in the 2 years hes been there is optimistic to say the least.. 15 mill would be the max i would pay

  4. He'd cost a lot. Some have questioned whether he has a 'big club' mentality. Don't know how much that's worth.

  5. £23M for a 25yo who has never shown anything to suggest he could be a special player seems a lot to me, for that price (or even less) there's more proven player out there.

    If we want proven there's the like of Javi Martinez and Luiz Gustavo who are really though and good technically.(even khedira but injury prone though).
    If we want Youngster there's the usual named player, carvalho (who seems to have improved technically) and Kondogbia (not as good in small area but a tall powerhouse).

  6. Considering how much the club has spent on players who Madrid wouldnt even consider why not Illaramendi is just the sort of player we need.
    Although i would try and get a discount on the price.

  7. As far as I can gather FIFA does not mention any rules regarding when a club can bid or negotiate the fee for a player. The players can be registered by the club only during the two official windows (excluding some circumstances like free agent, loan, etc.).

    Bidding outside the window poses a problem (the said player might be injured few weeks after the bid is accepted, selling club might go back on their word, etc.), in that it involves a lot of trust, and in football you can trust no one. The reason why most clubs don't negotiate outside the window.

    Source: http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/administration/regulations_on_the_status_and_transfer_of_players_en_33410.pdf

  8. Fine player. Not sure why we should pay so much though. But 23 million on the other hand is not a ridiculous fee.

  9. I think it is legal, it's just that the transfer won't go through till July the 1st.
    I know that we agreed the Henderson signing on June the 8th (my birthday) but he did not officially become a LFC player till that July

  10. Suarez came from the Dutch league, Liverpool is a step up from that league, with or without CL, this guy is never leaving Real to join us, plus, he is over priced at that price

  11. just ask lallana ;-)

  12. Rodgers will probably buy Leon Britton

  13. Happy Birthday then mate...
    Lucky day

  14. Peter from Perth WA5:02 pm, April 24, 2015

    Whats with this crap, "but it seems highly improbable to me that one of Europe's most promising midfielders is happy to leave the bright lights of Real Madrid" with such negative supporters in LFC's camp who needs an opposition.

    To every high priced quality player that ever considered playing for LFC don't, we can always find some some under-achiever far cheaper somewhere?

  15. Haha thanks pal, it's the only reason I remember the date, shame it weren't Messi ;)

  16. Illaramendi is not the DM player we need:

    The DM we need is L Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen, W Carvalho Of Sporting Lisbon or M Schneiderlin Of Southampton.

    We have too many small players in midfield who get bullied in big games ( Allen, Coutinho and Lallana)

    We need an athletic tall mobile tough tackling DM with good technique and ability as A DM

    The only small nibbly player i am hoping club sign this summer as Marquee and world class signing: S Gerrard's Natural Successor:

    T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich for £25-£35M

    He can compete with any ball playing midfielder in world football and come out on top he is that good at 24

  17. Just feeling underwhelmed already by next years potential transfer rumours and praying none such as this actually happen, every name seems like a complete waste of money, a gamble or bargain basement as per usual. Looks like Utd are getting Depay, after we apparently spent all year talking to his agent, scouting, telling everyone we were interested. How long does it actually take take to print out a contract and get a signature? Joke....

  18. If it could only be the "English Messi" at least... or the "Egyptian Messi" or the "German Messi", or the "Polish Messi", or the "Italian Messi", or the "Swedish Messi"

  19. Ooo... What about the "Argentine" Messi :P

  20. or the Portuguese Ronaldo

  21. It's not that much anymore I think mate. Think about Di Maria.