23 Mar 2015

Anfield Nightmare: Massive blow for Liverpool as vital £90m quartet suffer season-damaging injuries

This news is as inevitable as it is depressing: after spending five months on the sidelines earlier this season, 'wonderful' Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is injured yet again, which is another potential blow to LFC's chances of finishing the season strongly.

According to The Mirror today:

"Liverpool striker Sturridge is a doubt for [England] because of a hip injury".

£29m-rated Sturridge is not the only one:

"Adam Lallana [cost £26m] has a groin injury [and] Raheem Sterling [£26m-rated]...is also nursing a toe injury".

The Mail also claims:

"Simon Mignolet [ijured] his ankle in a collision with Wayne Rooney during Sunday's defeat to Manchester United. The 27-year-old will have a scan".

The injury issues are neverending for Sturridge; he's simply incapable of staying injury-free for a sustained period of time. Since arriving in January 2013, £29m-rated Sturridge has suffered TEN separate injuries (including the latest issue):

* MAR 2015: Hip
* NOV 2014: Hamstring
* SEP 2014: Thigh
* AUG 2014: Hamstring
* APR 2014: Hamstring
* NOV 2013: Ankle Ligaments
* SEP 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury
* MAY 2013: Ankle Ligaments
* FEB 2013: Hamstring
* FEB 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury

It's maddening, and Sturridge's susceptibility to injury may have a knock-on impact on his future LFC career:

* If the regular injuries continue, LFC may be forced to sign another, more reliable striker, which could lead to Sturridge falling down the pecking order. Given his superb goals/assists rate, I'd hate to see that happen, but the team has to come first, and if Sturridge can't remain consistently fit, then the issue should be addressed.

* It's hard to build a team around a player who is constantly injured, and if Sturridge is not careful, he could go the same way as Agger, who was gradually phased out of the team. Granted, the Dane's form is one of the reasons he's no longer at the club, but his atrocious injury record is another major reason.

* The club may also decide to cash-in on Sturridge at some point to take advantage of his high transfer value, rather than watching his value decline as a result of repeated injuries.

Lallana fitness is also an ongoing problem. This is his third injury of the season, though his absence will (thankfully) have negligible impact on the team.

The one positive in all this is that all three players may miss out on England duty, which gives them much-needed recovery time, and also removes the possibility of picking up even more injuries.



  1. Liverpool Kop exclusive - £10 million wonder boy on his way - Divock Origi is set to join Liverpool in the summer.

  2. forget Sturridge. his days at LFC looked limited ever since that stunning performance against Man City where we tore them apart as a TEAM. yeah sturridge is a fantastic goalscorer, but he only goal hangs and doesnt come deep to get the ball and get involved the play. and he hogs the ball and messes up the play. at the end of the day Sturridge was only that good because of Suarez fantastic teamplay and leadership. hes a goalhanger, and doesnt help the team out in midfield. Sterling, whos attitude is poor, in his favour 'Naturally' comes deep to get the ball, and as we saw with 2 assists vs city he has the attributes to be a real Striker like the likes of Benzema and Suarez who have fantastic assisting stats. next year we really need to target Vietto some who is a team player.

    i dont want to ever see a natural Left back unless its Riise or Roberto Carlos at LFC ever again. Natural left back dont work anymore in the modern era and they are highly un-effective. instead they are liabiltys. whereas a inverted full back like Flanagan can pass in-field instead of into danger like Moreno did constantly yesterday. Moreno has a great attitude to get forward, good work rate and pace but other than that he actually useless. his crossing is poor just like Manquillo and his positional sense, something Flanagan use to get tactically spot on, is so poor and he is caught out many times. after yesterdays poor performance there shouldnt have been just 1 change, we should have made all 3 subs. we should have took off lallana, allen and moreno. they were terrible. Allen should neer be relyed on when we have better players available. but my biggest issue was Moreno. he is just useless. maybe we need to give him a go at Right back and put Flanagan at left back where they can both pass in-field instead of into danger.

    the big issue is Brendan Rodgers. basically unless we get replace Rodgers with a superior replacement like Simeone, Klopp or Mancini then we should forget about it. we wont be nowhere with BR, thats for sure, but his signings are just poor and for that he should face the sack. hes a absolutely great manager but his signings put him in trouble. were in the same position we was in when we had players like Jovanovic, Voronin, Aqualani, Konchesky, Poulsen. BR came in to get rid of these players and has replaced them with Lallana, Lambert, MArkovic, Balotelli, Lovren, Allen, Borini, Moreno. all terribly poor players

  3. Moreno just had a poor game, doesn't make him useless. Your post is over reaction at its very worst.

  4. Yarmolenko, Vietto, Felipe Anderson, Moussa Sisskho and Memphis Depay. the 5 brilliant players we need to target in the summer. sell sterling for £50M and add another £50M ontop to get these stars in. i assure well be banging goals like no tommorow

    ----Yarmolenko-----------Coutinho---------------Felipe Anderson

    we will become the new Bayern Munich. with Coutinho playing as the heartbeat as we all know he can, Yarmolenko will be our Robben. the player who cuts in and gets you goals and assists. Vietto brings teammates into play and gets assists and with Yarmolenko and Anderson around him who get goals it will work well for the team. and what more to say about Felipe Anderson. the kid is a genius. if we dont sign him ill be amazed. he is both footed, like literally im talking not just shooting but dribbling too and his livewire antics along with skill work rate and insane pace makes him a cross of Costa and Bale. and then Vietto who is a 30 goal a season striker will become another of the great LFC strikers. Can will be like alonso sit back and get forward when needed and sissokho is a box-to-box machine and always starts counters and has great techincal ability.

    Sissokho - £15M
    Depay - £20M
    Anderson - £20M
    Yarmolenko - £20M
    Vietto - £20M

    100m investment to win the title. players with attitudes much better than Sterling

  5. You lost me at 'Forget Sturridge'.