24 Mar 2015

Yes Please: 'World-class' £20m star wanted by Liverpool admits he'll 'consider' offers

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho recently admitted that Petr Cech could leave at the end of the season, and with Liverpool regularly linked with a move for the 'world-class' goalkeeper, Cech himself has now confirmed that he will listen to offers at the end of the season.

When asked in Early March about the possibility of Cech leaving this summer, Mourinho told reporters:

"I don’t waste my time trying to persuade him [Cech]. If he wants to leave...[he will cost] huge money.”

In January, Cech enjoyed a brief run of starts for Chelsea, but despite three clean sheets in a row, Mourinho dumped him back on the bench after Chelsea's 4-2 FA Cup defeat Bradford.

Since that time, Cech has been an unused substitute in ten out of thirteen games, and this consistent under-utilisation appears to be the final straw. Indeed, speaking to ESPN today, Cech barked:

"I don't want another season like this. I'll leave it to the summer [and] when a specific offer comes I will consider it. There are offers one cannot turn down".

In February, Chelsea's goalkeeping coach, Christophe Lollichon, shed some light on Cech's ongoing frustration. He told ESPN:

"It's difficult for Cech, who has been first-choice for 14 years in the clubs he's been at and who has been voted the Premier League's best goalkeeper several times, to be passed by a 22-year-old kid".

Cech is a popular choice amongst Liverpool fans. I recently conducted a poll on the site asking fans to select one goalkeeper out of the seven currently linked with Anfield:

* 55% of participants chose Cech as Liverpool's next goalkeeper.
* Sergio Romero was 2nd-favourites with 11% of the vote.
* Only 3% voted to keep Mignolet as LFC's number 1.

Since the turn of the year, Simon Mignolet has resurrected his flagging Liverpool career with a series of excellent performances, but despite the upturn in form, he still (IMO) needs to be replaced.

Can Liverpool get Cech, though? As always, money talks, but after playing second fiddle to Thibaut Courtois, there's almost certainly no chance of sealing the deal unless Rodgers guarantees to make him the club's number-one goalkeeper.

That will inevitably mean relegating Mignolet to squad player status, but as harsh as it may appear, that's what needs to happen. After last year's mixed performances, the Belgian blew it in the first-half of the season, and the club can't risk that happening again next season.

Judging by Mourinho's comments, the transfer fee may be an issue, but given Cech's age, it's doubtful that Chelsea will be able to command an extortionate price. As such, if Liverpool end up pursuing Cech, what is the absolute maximum the club should pay?

Chelsea reportedly want £20m for Cech, but £10m-£12m is a fairer price for a goalkeeper of Cech's talent, experience, and consistency.

It may all be moot, though, if Liverpool don't finish in the top four. Without Champions League football, there's no chance of attracting Cech, or indeed any other top-class player with significant European experience.



  1. No more has-been's . we already have Balotelli.

  2. He's a Chelsea hero, so he can never be a Kop hero, it's Hugo Loris we should offer 20m for, even though I don't mind Mignolet being number our 1!

  3. £20m wouldn't be enough for Lloris. Have you not seen the market these days bud? Selling teams have a massive advantage. Especially ones comfortable in the top end of the prem.

  4. I take him on a free

  5. I'm not entirely sure I understand the logic of the first part... It's not like we're buying from Utd or Everton. And we're not asking him to be a hero, just someone reliable 'till we can find our next long-time GK.

    Mignolet has had a spectacular 2nd half so far. If he keeps up that kind of play, I'd gladly let him be 1st choice. We still need an upgrade to Jones though.

  6. He's not a has been. Or a Balotelli.

  7. Timo Horn or Bernd Leno would be good upgrade options.If Barcelona's transfer ban magically disappears, you can add Marc-Andre Ter Stegen to the list.Loris Karius is another German with a big future.
    When I was a kid nobody wanted to be the GK.We told the ones with cr4p football ability to stop moaning and get in goal.
    It seems like German kids fight for that position.

  8. He's not as good as a had been, he's a never was...

  9. Redboondocksaint11:47 pm, March 24, 2015

    I know slightly of topic.Please tell me what you rate Clay ,JockinTheKop and Not you ? I know lfc fans won't like to hear what I have to say but lfc need to have a 3 years plan (in 3rd year winning the PL)..... We achieve this by investing in young players and grooming them while they get pl experience. Players to buy are Keita Diao (10m), Vietto(21m), Max Meyler (12m), Veratti(30m), Konoplyanka (free), Will Hughes(15m) , Ward Prowse (20m) total spent 108m. Players out to fund transfers Bolatelli(15m) , Borini (15m), Lucas (12m), Allen (13m), Aspas(5m), Coates (5m), lllori (5m), Enrique (5m), Alberto(5m), lambert (2m), kolo Toure (release), glen Johnson (Release). Total in 72 m FSG funds Rodgers 36m. We also give Henderson and Sterling their wage demand( hate it but needed). We also keep all our young players and In the 3rd year Lfc will shape up as follows..... Mignolet age 28 / 4yrs pl exp, Flanagan 23 age /5yrs pl exp, Wisdom age 23 / 3yrs pl experience , Sakho age 26 / 4yrs PL exp , Skrtle age 32 / 7 yrs exp, Can 22 age / 3yrs pl exp, Moreno 24 age / 3yrs pl exp , Lovren age 27 / 4 yrs pl exp, Sterling age 23 / 5yrs pl exp, Markovic age 22 / 3yrs pl exp , Lallana 28 age. / 4yrs pl exp, Henderson age 26 / 6 yrs pl exp , Verrati age 24 / 2 yrs pl exp , Kovacic age 22 / 2yrs pl exp , Jordan Ibe age 20 / 3yrs pl exp , Coutinho 24 age / 4yrs pl exp , Max Meyler age 19/ 2yrs pl exp , Sturridge age 27 / 7 yrs pl exp , Teixeira age 24 / 2 yrs pl exp, Konoplyanka age 25 / 2yrs pl exp, Will Huges age 21 / 2yrs pl exp , Vietto age 23 / 2yrs pl exp, Keita Diao age 23 / 2yrs pl exp, Origi age 21 / 2yrs pl exp

  10. From the last window it seems like the club are looking to do something like that but as for the players there can be no guarantees on either getting them or if they will turn out to be good enough. Also I think you left us a touch short in CM.

  11. Redboondocksaint12:02 am, March 25, 2015

    Thanks for you feedback Jay Jay, well logic behind cm Henderson, Verrati , Ward Prowse and Will Hughes 2 attacking cm and 2 dm. I do reckon abit of experience would be needed to Develope the youngsters maybe the likes of James Milner on a free transfer, and as we won't be able to get Ward Prowse this session put that 20m to get Moutinho from As Monaco. Which players would you like to see come in?

  12. I like how you think, though I will admit your post was a bit hard to read with no paragraphs...haha :D

    I'm personally not too keen on Keita Balde Diao, so in that respect I'd rather look to our youth in Sinclair. We have Sturridge now, with Origi coming in, so buying one striker (Vietto - who is quoted at 12M by the way) and getting a solid veteran would be ideal. We have to look to the future, but we also have to keep some experience in the front line. He'll be 4th choice and probably won't play much, so no big deal if he isn't a world beater. Honestly, Lambert could probably do the job.

    Meyer is a bit light weight in my opinion. An alternative for me is Firmino. He is similar in style, a bit older with more experience, but also more primed to contribute now and in the future. Konoplyanka is a good shout, though we are stacked at AM. We have Ojo close, Ibe joining the pack, and Marko eventually moving center. For free though, worth a punt I guess.

    I'd love Veratti, but that's a bit unrealistic unfortunately. Personally, I really like the look of Nainggolan, Casemiro, Kramer, or Carvalho, and all are good solid DMs. Casemiro in particular catches my eye as a Coutinho/Sturridge-esque transfer.

    As for the other CMs, they would come at inflated costs. I never really bought into the hype around Hughes, and Ward-Prowse is the future of Soton... they won't let him go that easily. I say let Allen and Lucas stick around. Again, while we need to build for the future, we NEED experience. For me, ideal situation is Hendo, Allen, Nainggolan, Casemiro, Lucas. (Can seems to be a class fit at CB... why move him when no one is available that's better?)

    The biggest positions you missed is RWB and GK (to replace Jones). RB/RWB is undoubtedly our weakest position right now. Flanno will need time to build up match fitness, Manquillo is for whatever reason not favored, and Johnson is not good enough. Even with Flanno back, we need more than just one player there. Also, keep Kolo for experience. Even if he doesn't play, again EXPERIENCE :D

    IN: Vietto, Firmino, (maybe Kono), Nainggolan, Casemiro, RWB, Wisdom (from loan), (maybe Texeria from loan), CK (Romero?)

    OUT: Balotelli, Borini, Johnson, Aspas, Coates, Alberto, Jones, Enrique, Ilori, Suso (already gone), Assaidi (already gone).

  13. Talk on here about signing for the future. Cech is 32(?). As keepers go, he's probably not at his prime yet. VdS was signed at 35(?) by manyoo and still playing at nearly 40. Southall, Seaman, Schmeical, Martyn...the list of keepers that have been top class into their late, late 30's or even 40's is endless.

    And I'd argue Cech is better than any of them.

    The game has changed for outfielders since the best keepers I mention, but not for a GK. A good keeper is still a good keeper. Cech can easily offer 4-5 years of solid performance. For £10-12m (which was the rumoured price in Jan), whether first choice or back-up (adding experience/coaching) til 2020/21? It'd be a steal.

  14. Redboondocksaint1:42 am, March 25, 2015

    Thanks for the reply not you, always good to keep an open mind on potential transfers to make our team better. Been looking at a few options since my last post and what are your views on Draxler, I know Arsenal have been keen but looking at a few of his clips he started at a young age and might be time to spend a bit of money on a future German Superstar. I love Mignolet and totally agree on what you say about keeping experience but how about giving him first team competition with the likes of Peter Czech or Handovic from inter . Rate both will go for around the 10m mark. The only Benefit of Czech is he can help Mignolet grow. I know his wages are high but we do have a bit of wages freed up with Stevie G and Glen Johnsen leaving. what are you thoughts on Montoya from Barcelona for RB?

  15. Draxler would be another great player. However, I'm not too sure we could offer him the playing time he needs and deserves with Coutinho and Lallana at the club.

    Cech and Handanovic are good shouts too. Personally I'm keen on guys like Bernd Leno, Timo Horn, Ron-Robert Zieler, and Kevin Trapp.

    As for Montoya, he looked good a few windows ago, but I'm not sure he's progressed as some would've hoped. Danilo would be perfect, but unlikely with Real Madrid interested.

  16. Redboondocksaint2:01 am, March 25, 2015

    I gotta agree with you Leno is a fantastic goalkeeper and is one for the future, the biggest problem we face is the players we want the likes of Chelsea , Arsenal and Man U are also interested, which makes it tough to get the players we want and need.

  17. Redboondocksaint2:52 am, March 25, 2015

    HEUNG-MIN SON For Bayer Leverkusen I rate could be a good addition to lfc , he is very underrated, this season alone for country he scored 3 goals and club 16 goals and 2 assists. We can have him playing behind the striker , Coutinho on the left and Ibe on the right. We may be looking in the region of 20m but at 22 I rate it will be a lot better than Bolatelli deal.

  18. B Rodgers does not need to waste any more of the clubs money on either has beens:

    NO: P Cech(32) GK NO: I Casillas(33) NO: D Alves(31)

    B Rodgers should bring one of these Four GKS to club this summer to compete with S Mignolet(27) week in week out for the number one spot:

    1: M Perrin(22) Of Genoa for £10-£12M Italian National

    2: M Andre Ter Stegen(22) Of Barcelona for £10-£14M German National

    3: K Navas(28) Of Real Madrid for £7-£10M Costa Rican International

    4: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £10-£12M Bosnia and Herzegovina International

  19. Are you guys serious? At the end of this season, BR will have completed 3 years, and now you are asking him to build for the next 3 years.

    Alas this is a frog march into mediocrity and too much for my stomach...

  20. £10 million? No thanks. The guy has barely played football for an entire year. How do we even know he still 'has it'.
    I think it would be extremely unfair to replace Migs now. A few months back everyone was on his back saying he wasn't good enough, now he's turned it around, and what, it's still not enough?

  21. Would rather we pursue Matt Ryan, the Australian goalie. If not Timo Horn. Both can be had for close to/ less than 10 mil Pounds. Then as a last resort we cna go for Cech who wont give us 4 years service

  22. So, if Roo's legsweep had broken Mig's ankle you'd be confident going in the rest of the season, maybe the start of next season too, with Brad Jones as #1 and Danny ward on the bench?

    Brad seems a likeable guy, stuff about his son and charity work made me like him more, but if our CL hopes rested in his gloves I'd start looking for activities to fill my Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the autumn.

  23. "B Rodgers does not need to waste any more of the clubs money on either has beens..."

    Cech the has been who tied for Golden Gloves last season, or Cech the has been who's kept about 8 clean sheets in the 12 or so games he's started this season?

  24. Well you can't really argue against hypotheticals. But if that did happen, we'd have no choice because we can't sign any one any way.
    Having a £10 million GK bench warmer would not be worth it, and I don't imagine Cech or Migs would want to do it either.

  25. Cech is three years past his best and in decline , he will never ever get to level he was 4 years ago. And B Rodgers should bring to club one of the 4 goalkeepers i mentioned above as they will keep improving, where as cech is in decline.

  26. In the same week that Forster and Lloris got injured, a week after Foster got injured. In the same season that Mannone and our own keeper(!) have had a shocking loss of form, we shouldn't sign one of the best in the league in case it upsets Mignolet?!?! Maybe we shouldn't sign a striker in case Studge spits his dummy out?

    Cech - or any other keeper - wouldn't come if they didn't fancy the competition. No keeper/player is going to given a guaranteed start clause at LFC.

    Reason Cech wants out is that even when he's played outstanding - his last stretch won him plaudits in Jan for 3 games, 3 clean sheets - he's been replaced by Courtois who hasn't looked quite so great (as evidenced by the gift to Hull).

  27. Decline evidenced by what? Your say-so?

    He's outstanding. My say-so is that he's a VdS, will keep improving for another 2-3 years.

  28. No by Mourinho's, J Terry (34) is still first a choice defender and in chelsea's first team week in week out if he is fully fit, injury and suspension free, because he is still the best defender chelsea have.

    Cech(32) is in decline and Courtois(22) is only going to get better over time, so No it is not on my say so but on Mourinho's judgement.

  29. You actually need to read/watch a few Mourinho statements and comments. He's made it clear that this is the same move he did when Cudicini was the best keeper in the league and one of the best in the world, but he replaced him with Cech.

    It's not to do with Cech's ability/form, it's that Mourinho expects Courtois to be there in 2024/25, which Cech clearly won't. "...we made a decision to make Courtois our first-choice keeper because he is the young one."

    "Also in terms of leadership as John Terry was ill in the morning and was
    a doubt for the game until the last moment, so I needed Petr’s
    personality to communicate to the team - the decision was good." Terry is paramount because he leads the team, when not there Mourinho had no doubts in dropping Courtois.

    If you followed any of Courtois/Atletico you will know that he made it clear he would not return to Chelsea unless he was given a chance to play after 3 years on loan. Mourinho clearly made that promise. Not a reflection on Cech's form.

  30. No I'm saying it would be pointless to have two expensive keepers in one team. Neither one is going to want to play 2nd fiddle to the other, but they would have to.
    Cech wouldn't sign unless he was guaranteed first team football. Therefore meaning Migs would be dropped, and after Migs upturn in form I think that would be unfair, he is just starting to show his potential and then we toss him aside for a keeper who is much older? What's the point in that? There is no value in that, because even if Cech was great for two or three seasons we would then need to replace him. So why not stick with Migs if his form continues, then you have a keeper for the next 10 years.