31 Mar 2015

'Best Signing': Liverpool want 'extraordinary' €15m Madrid star who's 'ideal for LFC' according to Luis Garcia

There's always another Suarez! Liverpool are reportedly monitoring Atletico Madrid midfielder Mario Suarez, a defensive-midfielder who is also being pursued by a host of Serie A clubs.

According to Monday's Daily Express :

* Arsenal and Liverpool are 'keeping tabs' on €15m-rated Suarez.

* The Premier League is allegedly the 'most likely destination' for the 28-year old Spaniard.

When asked this week about Suarez's future, his Agent, Garcia Manuel Quillon - who also reps ex-Reds boss Rafa Benitez - told reporters:

"He [Suarez] was followed in January by three or four teams. At the moment I couldn't say if there are any meetings planned. We're talking about an extraordinary player, who can represent the season's best signing for any team."

Some info about Suarez:

* Current contract expires in June 2017.
* 179 appearances for Atletico Madrid.
* 5 goals/5 assists.
* Only 2 appearances for the Spain national team.
* Averages 40 games a season.
* 4 major trophies, including a La Liga title.
* 2006-2008: Two years on-loan in the Spanish second division.

Suarez almost joined Inter Milan in January, and over the weekend, he confirmed that a transfer at the end of this season is a definite possibility:

"There have been past offers which I did not even listen to, but things change in your life. When the season ends, we will talk with the club again and decide what to do."

Ex-Red Luis Garcia is a fan of Suarez, and when asked last season to name the one player he'd like to see Liverpool sign, he enthused:

"Mario Suárez. I love him. He'd be ideal for Liverpool [and] perfect for the Premier League. He is strong, with great physical presence [and] technique, and a touch of quality that makes the difference."

With Lucas in the squad, is it really worth bringing in another 28-year old defensive-midfielder for €15m? The cheaper option is to just keep Lucas, but given his increasing susceptibility to injury, bringing in a replacement/challenger seems to make sense.

Unlike Lucas, Suarez is a tough, robust player who rarely gets injured, and with Sturridge, Lallana, Enrique et al constantly injured, that's exactly what Liverpool need right now.

Plus, this particular Suarez doesn't bite people, so that's an added bonus...



  1. It's a funny old game this forum malarkey, I'm usually a bit worse for wear from post match celebrations (or once this year the opposite) but I'm sober as a judge this evening and more confused than ever.

  2. Brilliant, much appreciated Bob, I've added that one straight on the 'list' Reasons why I must purchase beer on the way home today, no.39...

  3. Do you contradict yourself for sport?

  4. Didn't have the greatest match vs Ned. Just couldn't cope with their movement.

    On the flip side, Depay was just awesome. Really, REALLY hope we're at least in the conversation, though Man Utd looks keen on him with Van Gaal...

    Depay + Vietto would be good value for money fixes for our attack. Throw in 2 good CMs (preferably one of them a DM) and perhaps a RB/RWB like Aurier if PSG don't option to sign him (still on loan, but getting no game time) and I'd say we're good. Oh, and a GK.

  5. We need to buy some proven top class players.we have a good squad now but we are lacking that bit of real quality and experience. Hopefully Rodgers will be able to bring in 2 or 3 big players.dont know anything about this guy but why not give some of our own young lads a chance instead of buying another unproven young player.would be different if he could be bought for 3 or 4 mill he might be worth a gamble. .

  6. On what planet is sterling worth 70?

  7. Liverpool are under investigation by Eufa over the conduct of a number of transfers including 2 juniors yet to be named.
    A Barcelona like embargo could be placed on the club maybe no transfers this summer.

  8. Good shout. I really like Depay and Vietto as he banging in the goals. But as you highlighted it's rare that LFC purchase players that are actually desirable in recent times. Song would do well in a red shirt...

  9. I was worried with the state of the team for next season as we fail to attract top quality and we are loosing our talisman of many years in Gerrard. Our attacking line up leaves a lot to be desired and we wasted our opportunity to really push to be in the CL places consistently with poor signings.

    I was worried until I heard that James Milner is on the cards. I now look at life with the optimism of a person who side stepped a banana skin while in the realisation that his lottery numbers just came in. Knowing that we continue to pursue the mundane and overlook pointless world class quality players makes me happy in my soul and the knowledge that we continue to have overrated work horses as apose to quality, guile and flair make know we are sorted for the future. Another triple Brandy me thinks...

  10. Hey Greg, do you have a link for this UEFA investigation? I haven't seen anything about it so far, but if it's true, it's come at a terrible time for us. We dont seem to have the kind of funds that Barca had when faced with a similar situation. Can't exactly go for a quick Rakitic, Suarez, Ter Stegen, Mathieu style spending spree.

  11. For charity...

  12. Benj your caring nature is heartening but i think ive just got my first April fool.

  13. What is Liverpool's chance of getting Depay ,looked really good and sharp last night !

  14. I dunno... Technically, La Liga and Bundesliga are a step above the Premier League, to be fair.

  15. I'm just hoping Milner will sign a new contract and shout "APRIL FOOLS" to BR. That would save me a bucketload of stress

  16. Nah - I say we find somebody a bit more average and a bit more expensive, and importantly a bit younger.

  17. To be fair though, with the exception of Bayern, Barca and Real, I don't see any of the rest of the teams in Spain or Germany finishing top 4 in England

  18. Probably not. Is that a matter of skill or environment, though? I suspect the Spanish teams might be taken aback by the frenetic PL pace.

    It's a pity that those three teams have a virtual monopoly on good players in their leagues; Valencia, Schalke, Dortmund and co could easily put out Prem top-four-challenging teams if they were allowed to keep more of their best players.

    I was also looking at it from the other end of the log - how would the bottom-half German and Spanish teams compare to their English counterparts? Certainly in terms of technical skill the continental teams are better. Depth is always a problem, though.