7 Mar 2015

Anfield-bound? Liverpool desperate to sign 'great' €10m attacker who wants LFC transfer

Liverpool are reportedly considering a summer move for Real Madrid midfielder Lucas Vasquez, who is currently on loan at Espanyol.

According to reports this week:

* Madrid are willing to sell 23-year old Vasquez for £7m (€10m).

* Vasquez is 'keen to move to Anfield', and Liverpool are 'desperate' to sign him.

* Rodgers allegedly sees him as a long-term replacement for Glen Johnson.

Some info about Vasquez:

* Can play right or left midfield.
* Madrid have a buy-back clause in his contract.
* 3 goals/5 assists in 27 apps for Espanyol.
* No appearances for Real Madrid yet.
* Created 39 chances this season.
* Passing accuracy this year: 70.8%

When asked about his future recently, Vasquez told reporters:

"I'm happy with how I'm coming around, things are good, I'm happy with how the club takes care of me. Espanyol are helping me grow as a person and as a player."

Vasquez also confirmed that he's open to a permanent move away from Madrid:

"I am not planning on returning to Madrid. I do not know if they [Espanyol} will pay. At the end of the season, we will decide."

What kind of player is Vasquez? According to Espanyol sports director Oscar Perarnau:

"We knew we needed a player like him, with great, great pace. We wanted someone who could score and create goals. He was the top scorer of his team, and also their assists."

With the huge array of top class players at Madrid, Vazquez has virtually no chance of breaking through. Judging by Ancelotti's current squad, a huge price-tag is a pre-requisite for regular first-team football, and Vazquez is a comparative pauper.

He's doing okay for Espanyol, but his passing accuracy won't cut it at Liverpool, where the team average is consistently around to 80-85% mark.

Perhaps I'm just being pessimistic, but this has Luis Alberto MK 2 written all over it, i.e. a cheap, Spanish attacker, with very little experience of top-flight football, unable to make the breakthrough at his own club.



  1. I cannot see any value in buying Lucas Vasquez,
    Fisrtly his real value is just over 2m so would be overpaying the same as Liverpool did with Luis Alberto as a 2m player bought for 7m . (5M down the drain )

  2. IF and it's a big IF ,that Liverpool let GJ go (BR has offered him a new contract ) the only player that I think would be good enough to take his place is Wiiiam Carvalho !

  3. vietto and depay!!! i repeat vietto and depay! they will be the new generation of kuyt and torres, which was a champions league partnership. but to add, there young with extreme pace and end product. IMO, Origi stands no chance against Vietto. alot of players are given nicknames but Vietto is the new Sergio Aguero.

    --------Emre Can------------Skrtel-----------Toure

    at Anfield tomoro, lets all sing lets get depay and vieeettoo, lets get depay and vietto, lets depay and vietto........and then win on all fronts!

  4. typical fifa lineup, far to offensive for the BPL.

  5. Gotta say this sounds like Alberto transfer. Big no no for me.

    If we can pickup a young forward (Vietto, Ings) and a more reliable experience one (Lacazette obviously ideal, but someone like Jovetic maybe, or perhaps go back in for Remy, or the like), our attack would be set. Bring in a GK to compete with Mignolet, another midfielder, and an Attacking RB, and I think we're set for next season! We might need to get an RCB too, but Lovren's looked pretty solid as of late. I'd be happy with him if he keeps his performances up.


    Bench from: GK signing, Allen, Casemiro, Origi, Flanagan, Wisdom, Ibe, Lallana, Vietto, Balotelli, Toure, Schar, Konoplyanka, (I may have missed some here)

    Additions: Danilo, Lacazette, GK, Casemiro, Vietto, Schar, Konoplyanka.
    Obviously Lacazette and Lacazette are the big '?' here, considering we probably don't have much of a chance, but hey, it's still possible. The rest are all very much realistic.

  6. He's another one that I don't see any room for in our squad.
    We need another quality forward who actually has the attributes to fit into our style of play, at least one CM but if Lucas goes then I'd like to see us target a specialist DM too.
    If we're going to continue with the current formation then we probably need a specialist RWB too, a GK to compete with Migs and arguably a right sided centre half. The one area I honestly think we don't need investment in is wingers/AM

  7. If winger or attacking mid comes in it will be a waste of money, no matter how good is he...

  8. What about Kono... he's free :D

  9. Good player but we don't need him

  10. As Jock says.. Why would we want to bench one of our young developing lads or one of the highly paid acquisitions that will be settled in by than?

  11. Yeah, it was a joke :D I put him in my comment below, though I do agree with everything you two have said.

  12. I'm not exactly sure Carvalho would really be a GJ replacement, considering they play different positions, but definitely a good buy if the price is rgiht

  13. We all know that at the moment just about every young and discounted player is going to be linked to Liverpool.

    The squad this year is good, however will need a new injection of quality to help us to continue to move forward.

    Johnson and Enrique will move on, with Manquillo and Flannaghan the natural successors. Back up keeper, possible Toure replacement so Can can move into Midfield.

    Will Allen & Lucas continue to improve? If not 1 may move on and get replaced.

    The strikeforce is very goal shy. Sturridge stays, Origi comes in, but for me that still means 1 or 2 new players in. I like the looks of Lacazette and Vietto, and I agree with Kopite S, Depay does look class.

    I really hope we can bring in 2-3 new players from outside the club, but thne any other players to come from returning loan players or the Academy.

  14. LFC desperate, highly unlikely.... and who doesn't want a Liverpool move when they know they are never going to make the Real first team...

    No chance, move on already.

  15. I really fancy(football ability) James Ward-Prowse... The kid has a great range of passing and sublime set piece ability, and he plays for our feeder team, Southampton... really like this kid.

  16. I agree, think he looks a very good player but again I don't really see him fitting into our squad anytime soon

  17. Maybe instead of £37m on Pjanic, money we could and should spend on a GK and striker we could find room for him. Fact he's still a young un is a bonus... I reckon he could easily make 20 or so appearances in his first season with the club... I think though I just like the idea of British talent being brought in rather than the obligatory iniho or ovich...

  18. I don't disagree with anything you're saying but I don't think it'll happen. Also if Jaimie's having nightmares about James Milner with his record of success, he'll have an absolute field day if we move for Ward-Prowse

  19. That would make the Antonio Nunez deal look like a god idea. If HIM and Luis Alberto should have taught us anything it is to stay away from deals like these.

  20. Luis Alberto, what does everyone think about him? does he have any future at all at LFC or are we just leaving it at that?
    I thought he showed some potential is his limited appearances but nothing special at all. has anyone followed him at Malaga?