14 Mar 2015

Surprise Transfer: Liverpool want 'exceptional' £12m World Cup star as replacement for Glen Johnson

With Glen Johnson edging towards the exit, Jon Flanagan still injured, and Javier Manquillo seemingly out of favour, Liverpool are on the lookout for another right back, and the latest name to enter the fray is Newcastle star Daryl Janmaat.

According to the Chronicle this week:

"Liverpool have run the rule over Newcastle United’s in-form right-back Daryl Janmaat, whose fine first season in the Premier League has attracted heavyweight interest".

Liverpool were linked with Janmaat several times prior to his £12m move to Newcastle, and 1n March 2014, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf claimed that 25-year old during Feyenoord's 2-0 victory over PSV.

Janmaat - one of Holland's star players at the last World Cup - is currently second on the list of assists in the Premier League for defenders, and when asked about Janmaat's progress at Newcastle this month, interim boss John Carver raved:

"He [Janmaat] is an exceptional player. He's been the most consistent player for us this season. He is a good defender and likes playing on the front foot and he gives you real quality going forward"

If Liverpool stick with 343/352 next season, wing-backs will become increasingly important; Janmaat has played that role for Holland, and insists:

"Even as a wing-back, Daryl would have fitted into the [352] system nicely"

Janmaat: League stats this season

* 28 appearances.
* 1 goals/6 assists
* Aerial duels: 56% success rate.
* Aerial duels: 53% success rate.
* 77% tackling success rate.
* 59 interceptions (2.1 per game)
* 68 clearances (1.4 per game)
* 5 blocks (1 every 5 games)
* Passing accuracy: 74%
* Passing accuracy opposition half: 64%
* Averages 38 passes per game.
* 22 Key passes (1 every 1.2 games)

Stats: OPTA

Janmaat's passing is clearly not up to scratch, and is well below the collective 82.7% average of Liverpool's squad, but overall, is he a Better option than Manquillo, Flanagan, or Dani Alves, who is also currently linked with a move to Anfield?



  1. Yet another fabricated Sports report from Jamie K. Throughout his writing career Jamie K has never yet correctly called an LFC transfer and thus us yet another example of Pie in the Sky

  2. In fairness to Jaimie he is just reporting what is being reported elsewhere. Those sources are poor for sure but it's not like Jaimie is making it up. He is just forwarding the fabrications of someone else.

  3. all we need is Vietto, Depay, Sissokho and Felipe Anderson. we will be ready to take on Champions League football.

    -------------Emre Can----------------Skrtel-------------Sakho

  4. Hey JAIMIE the new mobile version that you have of this site did not allow an option for me to comment on here this morning. I usually give my feedback via my phone. Is this still the case?

  5. That Depay from the youtube clips I watched looks awesome.

  6. "Liverpool were linked with Janmaat several times prior to his £12m move to Newcastle"

    LMFAO do you really think the Fatman would ever spend £12m on a player ? If you do then you dont know our corpulent owner

  7. Try turning the handle on the phone a bit faster. It takes more power for this app

  8. Is that what the handles for? OK thanks. I suppose its better than the paper cup and string that i was using last month

  9. How d'you get away with criticism?

  10. Yet another idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about...

    Jamie CLEARLY doesn't come up with these, nor does he say they're true. He posts a rumour from another source and follows it up with his own opinion. He's been doing this for awhile, and it's pretty much the secondary purpose of the website (the primary being to discuss "critical realism," however you interpret that). He cites his sources, and the reason he's never correctly called a transfer is because he never calls a transfer period (on the site). He posts his opinion of the player in question, and usually follows it up with a "what do you think?" question.

    I'm not saying the site is perfect, but if you want to complain about the false rumours, don't kill the messenger.

  11. What happens to Sterling and Sturridge?

  12. Vietto is more of a second striker so that aint going to happen.

  13. 12 million....another deluded scouser.....try 5 ,call yersel a journo ya cant even do your homework

  14. Spelled his name wrong.

  15. Click on the £12M and it will take you to the source which is a Geordie - albeit a deluded one....