17 Mar 2015

'Ugly win, but...': Lineker, Hamann, Owen etc react to Liverpool's 1-0 victory

Liverpool march on! After a superb win against Swansea, the Reds are now only four points behind Manchester City in Premier League, and with Brendan Rodgers' team in excellent form, finishing second is now a credible and realistic possibility.

Post match reaction*:

Jordan Henderson

"We knew second half that we needed to go out and put in a better performance. I felt as though we did that. We passed the ball a lot better and created a few chances as well"

Brendan Rodgers

"The aim is to finish as high as we can...and the Manchester City result at the weekend gives us an opportunity to finish second. We are just going to take that into every game and see where it takes us"

Daniel Sturridge

"Hard fought win. Nice three points tonight. Great finish by Hendo"

Simon Mignolet

"Very pleased with the result and the clean sheet! We equalled an old record also! Well done boys"

Gary Gillespie

"Ugly win but a win none the less. Hasn't done Man United any harm playing poorly and still winning this season".

David Thompson

"Big well done to Brendan Rodgers big push for the top four now on"

Michael Owen

"Another game that showed the importance of tactics. Rodgers matched Swansea's midfield diamond in the second half and that turned the tide" Neil Mellor

"Another clean sheet away in the Premier League to make that six in a row. A very Impressive resilience about Liverpool defensively now"

Gary Linker

"Liverpool have really grasped that winning habit"

Didi Hamann

"Well needed 3 points for LFC after this weekends results. Can't wait for Sunday. Will be electric"

Jamie Carragher

"Huge win that for Lfc tonight sets up Sunday against Man United at Anfield. Loved the team celebration when the 'great' goal went in"

Just imagine if Liverpool hadn't blown it in the first few months of the season; the Reds would probably be top of the league right now...

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  1. Liverpool should play games for cellar dwellers part time because we're really good in the second half of the season.

  2. But it's nice to see us grind a result. It's impossible to be obliterating every game. Once you make a habit of winning, you forget how to lose.

  3. Sunday will certainly be interesting. Can't give chances away like we did today with the potential Man U have, especially coming off that thrashing of Tottenham. I think Sterling will have to come up so he can play a more advanced role with fewer defensive responsibilities as to harass that brittle Man U defense and bring in either Markovic or Manquillo (although likely Johnson) so sure up that wing-back role. Sunday cannot come soon enough!

  4. I also think that 2nd place is also in play now, City are in terrible form and their manager is intransigent about usins 4-4-2 when he doesn't have players with enough defensive responsibility to do it when they lose the ball. We are the (league) form team in Europe, and Sturridge hasn't even hit anything like top gear yet. I think if we get 4 points from the next two, we will do it. If we achieve 2nd and win the FA cup he will have gone one better than last year (trophy) and that will be nothing short of a miracle from Rodgers, who will have combined recover y from losing the best two attackers in the league, integration of 7 new players into the squad, and chronic loss of form from Mignolet, all within one half season and then actually IMPROVED us (albeit marginally ) within the remainder of the season. Spurs have NEVER recovered from losing Bale, and it took Utd over a year to get over Ronaldo.

  5. Good fortune sometimes better than good play......

  6. Before we moan about the performance.Think how Man Utd have played this
    season.If it was a good display competition they would be in the relegation zone.Liverpool can't play well in every match.Sometimes you have to be
    willing to accept a hard fought win, which falls below our high
    football standards.I thought the second 45 was much better.
    Michael Owen: "Another game that showed the importance of
    tactics.Brendan Rodgers matched Swansea's midfield diamond in the second half
    and that turned the tide".
    Liverpool set a new club
    Premier League defensive record.It was our 6th consecutive away clean
    sheet.Something not achieved by us since 1972.I never thought we'd set a positive defensive record so quickly after conceding 50 last season.
    in 13 matches.Liverpool are the best team this year.If we play the same
    formation (which has been the key to our turn around) and take good defensive form and confidence into next
    season.With a few quality signings, we should be title contenders.
    Back to this seasons target of top four.Man Utd will be the next team to get run down by this red train!

  7. I love ugly 1-0 win than classy 2-2 draw.

    Winning 1-0 away is the ultimate for any league football.

  8. If we finish second and win the FA cup, Rodgers has great recovery powers than Wolverine.

  9. You are wrong bro, it's the brodge man....it has always been the brodge...

  10. I wish I could feel as positive as Brendan finishing second. Looking at the goal difference between us and other top 4 sides in the table, I can't help but feel that it can prove to be our downfall even for 4th place.

  11. Happy with the win but we wont get away with a first half performance like that on Sunday. And we need a striker up top who is sharp and ready.

  12. sometimes we need a game to test us,,a hard game , it just reminds us of why we here and what we have to do to get it...

  13. Swansea were pressing far up the pitch that Sturridge was too isolated upfront at most times it didn't help our cause as we kept giving way balls easily time and time again.We may not get away so easily against better attacks better than the Swans) such as this coming sunday but then were at home so we will be fourth come sunday cheers

  14. I doubt he thinks he can get second. But having a goal so high is better than aiming for fourth. As for goal difference? Doesn't matter if you have more points.

  15. We deserve the win. We dominated them throughout the 2nd half ,and sturriedge should have scored

  16. Remember that if we win all the remaining games our goal difference will improve by *at least* 10. It's already improved by 15 in the last 15 games. I think we'll finish with a solid +20 or so which should be competitive with Man Utd, who are realistically our current target. Particularly after we knock 6 past them on Sunday :)

  17. Although going for 2nd is a good goal to aim for, 3rd is the best we can really achieve.

    Man City cannot play any worse, and will soon start to pick up points.

  18. Hope everyone noticed sakho performance? Sakho is twice the player lovren is . he kept Gomes quite and dominated him in aerial duels ..not only that, he made some 4ward passes ,running down the left channel like classic Peter shelligham '90's

  19. I dunno, I think City can fall further. They look mentally exhausted, to me, destabilized by the pressure on the manager, and short on proven attacking options if Agureo and Silva fail to fire.

    For me, a lot hangs on what happens to Arsenal tonight and how they respond, either way. Because however that works out, I can certainly see them dropping points -- they remain an inconsistent team, with a mental fragility that's been exposed time after time.

    There's also of course the ridiculous, pointless March international break between our next two games, which might change everything. Overall it's still too early to predict much -- other than that it will be unpredictable :)

  20. Of course we won't...but we can't be excellent every game. By the same token, United fans have probably been saying for a while, 'we can't get away with these types of performances at Anfield'

  21. Very true but I don't think we should let up in the second half