5 Mar 2015

Confirmed: Liverpool make 'official' transfer 'enquiries' about powerhouse £10m midfield star

The agent of Cagliari midfielder Godfred Donsah has confirmed that Liverpool are one of a number of Premier League clubs trying to sign the Ghanaian midfielder.

Speaking to reporters, Oliver Arthur claimed:

“There’s lots of interest in Donsah right now, especially from clubs in the UK.

“Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal have made official enquiries about him".

One the names conspicuously absent on the alleged list of interested Premier League team is Chelsea, which will disappoint Donsah as he supports the club.

Speaking to GhanaWeb today, he enthused:

“My mother would give me money see the games at a local bar. That’s how I started supporting Chelsea and my idol, Michael Essien. I have his jersey.”

Some info about Donsah:

* Central midfielder, who can also play right-back.
* 18-years old. 19 in June.
* Current deal expires in 2020.
* This season: 2 goals/1 assist in 18 apps.

Liverpool may be interested, but it will be a very difficult signing to pull off as the youngster will need a work-permit. Donsah has is uncapped at international level, which is usually a pre-requisite when applying for a permit, and according to the Evening Standard:

"Home Office rules are expected to be made tighter during the summer, meaning an English club could be certain of securing a work permit for a non-EU player only by buying him for at least £10 million".

£10m for an 18-year old with only 18 appearances to his name? No chance. A deal like that is a massive gamble, but Rodgers already spent £10m on the similarly-aged Divock Origi, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility.



  1. I think the work permit issues are a bit stringent in UK. It results in lot of cash outflows from the UK as EPL clubs tend to buy established players from other countries at very high transfer fees. Clubs would prefer to buy them young, cheap and develop them. I understand that it might have an impact on national team and domestic players development due to lot of foreign influx but isn't that something which is happening already?

  2. Mr. Point Of View7:47 am, March 05, 2015

    As long as racist issue hidden at BPL, they wont success

  3. "I feel good, I have felt really good since I came back and I am ready to play every game," Sturridge told reporters. "I don't want to be eased in but I suppose that is what the manager wants."


  5. I'm fine with this transfer but only ift they accept nothing less than 20 million. I'll go pick him up myself. I've always wanted to go to Sardinia to eat Casu Marzu

  6. I am hoping this is just a rumour as club should have pipped Tottenham to the signing of D Alli(18) instead of this midfielder.

    In the summer B Rodgers needs to ship out all these players: 13 players:

    B Jones(32) GK K Toure(33) CB S Coates(CB) G Johnson(30) RB

    A Wisdom(20) RB J Enrique(28) LB L Leiva(28) DM

    L Alberto(22) AM J Teixera(22) AM R Lambert(32) FD

    F Borini(23) FD M Balotelli(24) FD I Aspas(27) FD

    And he should replace the 13 above with 9 top class players:

    5 Top class Defensive players:

    1: GK: Marc Andre Ter Stegen(22) Of Barcelona for £10-£12M to compete and cover S Mignolet(26)

    2: CB: T Alderweireld(26) Of A Madrid for £7-£9M to compete with M Skrtel(30)

    3: LB: A Robertson(20) Of Hull for £6-£8M to compete with A Moreno(22)

    4: DM: L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen or M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton for £18-£20M

    5: DM: G Imbulla(22) Of Marseille for £7-£11M

    4 Top class attacking players:

    CM: I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona for £22-£27M to compete with J Henderson(24)

    RW/ LW: Y Bolaise(25) Of Crystal Palace for £6-£8M to compete with R Sterling(20) and L Markovic(20)

    FD: L Adriano(27) Of S Donesk for £7-£9M to compete with D Sturridge(25)

    FD: L Vietto(21) Of Villareal for £10-£12M to compete with Origi(19)

  7. Haha, happened to all of us...

  8. Yeah I would love to go to Sardinia. I was supposed to go to Corsica not too long ago but Air France went on strike. I would love to see both those islands.

  9. I was almost convinced unt you put Balasie under top class attackers.

  10. Liverpool a club I could manage- adopted different football philosophy- Skirtel plays a passing game that u could adapt with that kind of player- they did that last season and from nowhere finished 2nd -That's the best there is- left some out but seems to like us- said he wasn't ready after KD left

  11. It was a long one haha! I felt inspired!

  12. Mr. Point Of View1:28 pm, March 05, 2015

    You know? hehehe yes you do !

  13. Can clubs file a law suit if that ain't true? I mean word 'official' is supposed to be substantiated with som kind of proof?

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  15. Did you see the Jonny Evans V Cisse sp3tting match.Absolutely disgraceful! Evans missed first when he sp4t in Cisse's direction and missed.Then Cisse got up and gobbed in his face.Evans didn't even acknowledge it because he knew he did wrong too.Disgusting behviour and both deserve bans.

  16. Corsica is awesome
    especially if you beat the french in beachfootball ;-)

  17. Y Bolaise(25) is a very good attacker and causes problems to any full back he plays against.

    And would be a very good addition to side, he will offer more class creativity goals pace and speed to side than any of these brought to the club over the last few seasons: Balotelli(24), Aspas(27), Borini(23), Lambert(32), Assaidi(26) and Alberto(22).

  18. He is decent occasionally. Don't get fooled by him upping his game against the odd top club.

  19. Ha. Yeah I wonder what constitutes an official enquiry? Do they need to fax " hey is that lad any good"?

  20. Agree with all your points especially re Migs.

    Even happy to give Allen praise, but as you point out, he is a squad player currently filling in for Lucas. I hope and expect LFC to find a long term fill for this key position in the summer - which was a major failing last time around.

    Lastly, really nice to see Coutinho and Lallana play well together - both are making LFC tick at the moment.

  21. Scholes: 'he was spitting at the ground'. Absolute f**ing bullshit. Who the hell has the presence of mind to decide to do that while in a confrontation? If you want to spit at the ground, why spit in the direction of someone else who is on the ground below you?

  22. Jay Jay, he would offer more class, creativity, goals , pace and speed to our club than any of the 6 players we currently have on clubs books? Am i lying or what?

  23. Apart from pace and speed, I think he also improves quickness and he attacks fast and rapid

  24. Yes he does. Somethings those 5 players on the clubs books who cannot offer those key qualities and will never be a success at club.
    ( M Balotelli(24), I Aspas(27),F Borini(23), R Lambert(32), and L Alberto(22) )

  25. Barely. That is my point.

  26. He is a lot better than all of them by a country mile be honest. If he was playing with better players and better club everyone would appreciate his class and quality more.

  27. I used to wonder why Paul Scholes wouldn't speak to the media.Now he's retired and somehow managed to get a job as a pundit, the reason is obvious... He has trouble putting sentences together and didn't want to get exposed for having mor4nic views.
    His attitude towards this surprises me, because I've heard him do a Roy Keane and kick Man Utd in the nuts this season, with a few honest stinging statements.
    However Scholes is quick to criticise the collective, but doesn't really do Man Utd player finger pointing.
    Jonny Evans is probably a close friend, but taking the role as defence lawyer and excusing him in this disgusting game of sp5t tennis makes Scholes look stupid.

  28. What a clown, trying to get money for writing a bunch of rubbish

  29. Well, it's actually not bad, but still there a lot of similair new pieces.

  30. Jay he is much better than the 5 players we have on clubs books and he is like Sakho(24) not the most pleasing on eye but very effective.

  31. He is honestly not all that good. Powerful and quick when he wants to be but hasn't got all that much quality and guile and hardly ever turns up. He is a mid table quality player maximum and to call him anything more is judging him on the odd appearance rather than him as a player.

  32. Unfortunately, conflict of interest easily comes with the job of punditry, but if you want to hear the views of recently retired players that were excellent in their day, then you have to live with it.

  33. Dunno about this guy but what about Henderson?

    He has been given too much praise lately and it has gone to his head, He has been offered a new contracr which is probably more a week than I will earn in several years and yet it is not enough. Where is his loyalty? We've given him nothing but love from day one and this is how he repays us, He is just a greedy,out of touch, pampered little so and so. ;-)