19 Mar 2015

Dream Transfer? Liverpool to make €26m bid for 'irreplaceable' Brazilian playmaker. Exciting?

Liverpool have been constantly linked with a move for Hoffenheim attacker Roberto Firmino, and with the summer transfer window only a few months away, the Reds are reportedly back in for the Brazilian.

According reports in Italy and England on Tuesday:

"Liverpool are looking for reinforcements next season, and the club is planning to make a €26m offer for Roberto Firmino".

Last summer, Liverpool allegedly considered making an official bid for Firmino, and when asked in July about the interest of 'top clubs', Hoffenheim manager Markus Gisdol told SportBild:

"Roberto is currently in excellent form. He fits the way we like to play football, but he has a contract here, so I'm not worried"

When pressed about how Hoffenheim would cope if Firmino left, Gisdol added:

"He is irreplaceable, and no club in the world can directly replace their best players when they leave"

In November, Hoffenheim's sporting director Alexander Rosen conceded that it's possible that Firmino might leave the club. He told reporters:

"One thing is clear: if a club comes, then we are talking about a very big transfer fee. We are aware that while he is a player of Hoffenheim, we will certainly not be the last stop in his career".

€26m-rated Firmino seems to have a different take on things, though, and when asked recently about interest from Liverpool et al, he made it clear that a move away is very much on the agenda. He told reporters:

“It is very nice to have a lot of clubs interested in me. I will continue to work even harder so my dreams come true.”

Last season, Firmino really came to the fore at Hoffenheim:

* 22 goals/16 assists in 37 games.
* Overall: 38 goals/assist in 37 games.
* Goal every 1.6 games.
* Goal/Assist every 0.9 games
* League Only: Goal/Assist every 96 mins.

38 goals/assists? That's a stunning achievement in one of Europe's best leagues, and with 17 goals/assists in 27 games so far this season, it's no surprise that Rodgers remains interested.

Firmino recently received his first call-up to the Brazil national team, and if LFC are going to spend €20m+ on an yet another attacking player, then it should definitely go on a player with incredible creative stats.

Firmino is currently proving himself to be one of Europe's most prolific attacking players, and I personally would've preferred last summer him over Markovic, mainly because he's older, more experienced, and his creative output is significantly better.

That said, nothing is guaranteed, and it's still entirely possible that - like Markovic - Firmino would've struggled with the transition to the Premier League.

Worth a bid, or will Lallana and Markovic (combined cost: £46m) come good?



  1. Well if there's a time to buy players from Europe, this is the time! The exchange rate would mean 26 million Euros being less than 19 million pounds. That's not bad for a player with his statistics for the last 2 years. It's got to be him or Lacazette. 2 Brazilians would be nice - Firmino, Coutinho and Felipe Anderson. But that would mean sacrificing at least one current player, Gerrard's already on his way, but an attacking player might need to leave if we're going to bring the rumoured players on our list. Not sure about everybody else. but personally I'm happy with the players we're being linked to ahead of the summer.

  2. no more southcoast geeezers6:24 am, March 19, 2015

    Yes lovley player plus veito but if not firmino brendon shud fly his scouts to argintina. And ian too go to bansfeild watch then make a offer for there atakin midfeilder kid by name of jaun cazares so if any one no brendon tht read these let thr man nooo thid kid is a magician on the ball

  3. Markovic stats before Liverpool were not that impressive. I still don't know on what basis did we spend 20mn on him.

  4. Young with potenial

  5. Fimino would be a nice buy to keep developing our options. Lallana has already come good, don't know what problem anyone at LFC could have with him. He's had a good first season. Markovic has obvious promise and writing him off is totally pathetic.

  6. I'd be absolutely over the moon if we signed these three player's and get shot of raheem sterling. I have lost all respect for sterling the way is holding the club to ransom, he's overrated (imo) anyway. Felipe anderson could replace him his finishing is way better than sterling's and his all round game looks better. Sterling thinks he's better than he really is, so good luck to him and good riddance another greedy overrated english player.

  7. I still cannot see why myself he needs to go ahead in leaps and bounds to go close to justifying the price.

  8. Unless the club are willing to sell Lallana no to Firmino and a big no to playing a 4231 so no no no.

  9. Are Liverpool really looking for another attacking midfielder? Seems like it. I'm not sure how they are all going to fit in but it's definitely exciting.

  10. I'd replace him with Depay. A bit more expensive, but more proven, still very very young, eye for goal.

  11. Firmino is much more of a FW than the other two are. If we were to get him, I suspect he'd be a FW/AM hybrid, like Sterling is now. Marko could back him up, and Lallana to backup Coutinho.

    And if you read into my words, this means sell Sterling. Or convert him to a FW full time. I'm kinda getting fed up with his agent, and if he doesn't take a contract for than 100K, sell to the highest bidder. Plus, he seems lost at AM anyway. I mean, he's been good, but all too often he drifts wide and gets isolated or just runs out of ideas way too early for a creative threat.

    Another solution would be to loan Marko. I think he'll come good with time, but he's really lacking confidence in his game right now. Perhaps a loan abroad for half a season would be good for him.

  12. We need a player to be able to fill in for and or push Coutinho to up his game consistently. I think it sounds healthy.

  13. Selling our best players puts us back.

  14. if it gets us Firmino...

  15. If it gets us Firmino though...

  16. What's the point in the gamble? Maybe Firmino won't settle. I really don't understand the amount of antipathy toward Sterling from a seemingly large section of the fan base. He's only 20 and he's been our most important player this season bar none.
    I've been trying to think of another 20 year old in world football who has had such an impact on his team's season or is as important to his team as Sterling and I can't think of one. Selling him would be madness

  17. Why not get him without selling Sterling?

  18. Reading this gave me a headache and left me short of breath. You should take a moment to pause between thoughts.

  19. I said before & it's proving to be right - we made 2 major mistakes last window.
    1. spending 25mn+ for Lallana
    2. Not buying Remi.
    Lallana was never worth even half & he doesn't make the team on merit, while we spent most of the season chasing Remi & then last minute panic buy was Ballotelli.

    If LFC is still looking for an AM/2nd Forward that means almost certainly Lallana 'll lave. So should Ballotelli, though he has age in his side & next year can reach to his MC best level. What I see is BR's fascination for AMs with ball skill; but we need finishers & ball winners, not someone fancy to create only (Fermino has great scoring record, but he isn't a CF)

    However, at this moment we have 3 major positions to fill, if we are to compete for CL next year (because I think MU & Spurs 'll be better next year + top 3) -
    1. we need to replace Suarez - no potential, no cheap chance - we need someone almost certain to deliver. We mast try our best for Lecazzette 2. We must replace Johnson - this make-shift 3-4-3 'll not work for long. Once we are in regular 2 matches/per week, we 'll need a settled back 4 - I 'll pay premium for that Porto kid
    3. This is probably 6th window, BR tried for a DM & then he is using the incumbent as makeshift RB. We must try to get one of Khediria or Schinderlin.

    I am a keen follower of French League. I am surprised that LFC hardly tries in France. There are so many exciting French kids, who are extremely talented, relatively cheap and their game is perfectly suited for EPL. PSG or Monaco has multiple times budget than any French club, but still there are about 5/6 clubs competing with them almost entirely with young French players for the top 3 position, shows the quality of French youth talent.

  20. I'm just saying that, hypothetically, if there had to be a player to make room for him, it'd most likely be Sterling

  21. Read my reply to Jay

  22. Rather than a combination of Gerrard, Borini, Lambert, Aspas etc? We will clear a few players out. There is room.

  23. Markos at the stage of his career a loan would be foolish and i imagine to get close to the 20 mill back he needs to be at Liverpool.
    Myself i would take anything over 13 million, and run for him.

  24. no more southcoast geeezers7:19 pm, March 20, 2015

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  26. I would sell Markovic or Lallana if this was the case.

  27. He would be the last player leaving

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