9 Mar 2015

Gerrard's replacement? Liverpool chase 'fantastic' powerhouse who'd 'think about' LFC transfer if an 'offer' came in

After scoring against the Reds in December's fatal Champions League draw, 'fantastic' Basel midfielder Fabian Frei confirmed that he'd be interested in signing for Liverpool, and new reports suggest that Liverpool are keen on bringing he powerful Swiss star to Anfield.

In the wake of Liverpool's Champions League exit at the hands of Basel, reports claimed that Liverpool were willing to offer Frei a 5-year contract, and according to Swiss newspaper Blick this week:

* Liverpool remain interested in Frei.
* Hannover, Borussia Dortmund, and Schalke are also monitoring him.

When asked about LFC's alleged interest in mid-December, Frei told Blick:

“If an offer [from Liverpool] was to come in, I would think about it [signing for LFC]. Eventually I want to play abroad. Preferably in the Bundesliga or in England.”

Some info about €5m-rated Frei:

* Central midfielder. Can play as a DM or further forward.
* 28 goals/37 assists in 237 apps (Goal/Assist every 3.6 games)
* 1 goal in 5 apps for Switzerland.
* 6 major trophies with Basel (including 4 league titles)
* Current contract expires: 2017

Frei is in good form this season, especially in the Champions League, and his match-winning performances recently prompted praise from Sporting Director Georg Heitz, who raved:

"His [Frei's] form is excellent, but it is not really surprising as he is developing well, and that's why Basel recently extended his contract until 2017"

Frei put in an impressive performance against Liverpool, and scored the goal that sent Basel into the second round of the competition. After the game, he revealed that he'd received a request from one particularly impressed LFC fan:

“After the game a Liverpool fan asked me to stay at Anfield and replace [Steven] Gerrard."

That's wishful thinking in the extreme, but is Frei capable of replacing Liverpool's captain? No chance. He could probably replace Joe Allen, or Lucas Leiva and provide good competition for Henderson, but very few players are in Gerrard's league, and when he leaves the club, the Reds will need better player than Frei to fill the void.



  1. Its either him or James Milner.

  2. hopefully none of them

  3. Frankie Fletcher8:53 am, March 09, 2015

    This summer Liverpool need to buy quality not quantity. We invested in the squad last summer and look like we have some depth to our squad now, but this summer we need to invest in the starting 11... buy a quality midfielder and a quality striker (just like chelsea did last summer) and hopefully we can start a season as well as we finish them.

  4. What about Scharr?

  5. None of them boys can dance
    Not a single one of them stand a chance

  6. Hmmm James Milner at 150k a week or this guy on 70....tough decision.

  7. The idea that any new face turning up in the summer is somehow a replacement for Gerrard, or even Suarez is nonsense...Firstly, you don't replace Gerrard, he's irreplaceble....More so, which Gerrard, the box to box dynamo that we all remember fondly, or the quarter back of recent...
    The fact that teams are constantly evolving, makes the idea we would be looking to replace any one style of player pointless.. Maybe the odd similarity wouldn't be out of the question, but a like for like, nah...
    It bugs me when we talk of a suarez replacement, or Gerrard replacement... any player Brendan and the club looks at, will not be in view of replicating anyone, they will be looking at what charateristics they have that they can bring to the team to help continue the evolution of said team, much like Hendo not being Gerrards replacement, Hendo is his own man, and should be respected as such....If Balotelli was ever to replace Suarez, I would call that one epic fail of biblical proportions, they couldn't be any more different if you tried....
    Any new signings should be judged on their own games, and not those of the players who played before them...

  8. I like the look of Scharr, great going forward too...and available on a free if I'm not mistaken...

  9. Only the dead can dance...

  10. Deep song...host of seraphim

  11. Googled that, sounds interesting...

  12. Exactly. Quick too. Only 22 I think. Worth a go surely?

  13. There is no way this guy is Gerrard's replacement. Also, Rodgers moaning about the Anfield pitch is getting a bit irritating. We should be beating Blackburn irrespective. Balotelli needs to be shipped out ASAP! Borini for me should be ahead of him. Offers much more energy and work rate.

  14. Frei is not replacing Gerrard of the past but the present Gerrard is not playing and neither will Frei.

  15. Great sound... Only discovered them myself this last year or so.. Children of the Sun from the Anastasis is the track that got my attention. FdotM mentioned another great track/album...

  16. Great minds...

  17. Intelligent player for his age. Would be a great asset with plenty of European experience and a winning mentality... What's not to like...