2 Feb 2015

Confirmed: Liverpool seal deadline day loan transfer for 'nightmare' winger until the summer

In recent weeks, exciting Liverpool starlet Sheyi Ojo has made the breakthrough into Brendan Rodgers' match-day squad, but despite that significant achievement, Ojo is the latest young attacker to be farmed out on loan.

Ojo recently made the bench for Liverpool's Premier League games against Burnley and Leicester, but according to the BBC today:

"Wigan Athletic have signed Liverpool academy winger Sheyi Ojo on loan for the rest of the season"

Ojo also confirmed the deal on his Twitter page:

After sealing the deal, Wigan boss Malky McKay raved:

"I have watched him and was excited by...his [Ojo's] pace, touch and awareness. Brendan sees him as a Liverpool player of the future and will take him into his squad in the summer."

The official LFC website describes Ojo as follows:

"[Ojo] is a pacey winger who can play on the left or right flank, he can be a nightmare for opposing defenders to play against".

Making the squad is a great achievement for Ojo, but given the competition - which includes the recently returned Jordon Ibe - there's practically zero chance of playing time, so going out on loan is probably a good idea. It worked well for Ibe, so maybe it'll also be beneficial for Ojo.

Loans are generally a good thing, but the reality is that if an attacking player is good enough he'll skip the loan process and go straight into the first team. Raheem Sterling has proven that, and it's the same for every young attacking player over the last 25 years who made it through the academy to become a first-team regular.

Things have to change some time though, right? Perhaps the new breed of young attacking players (Ibe, Ojo, Teixeira etc), will buck the trend and succeed where dozens of others have failed...



  1. Sterling only played because our options were so poor Downing and Assaidi.
    And he was also meant to go out on loan last season following a route of Wisdoma nd Ssuso who also got in initially because of lack of quality and Daglish blowing 120m., Bolton and Swansea were linked , till Sturridge got injured vs Everton , then Sterling started vs Hull,West ham,Nowrich after not getting a look in prior.
    Ojo has to deal with Sterling,Coutinho,Lallana,Markovic,Ibe not Downing.
    Plus not all players progress at same rate,
    David Beckham for example had to go out on loan to Preston when Giggs was playing with Cantona,Bruce,Irwin etc , Beckham became the better player at the end.

  2. One day I will grow up to be as young and handsome as Sheyi looks in that picture.

    Wigan though... not sure about the choice of club there. It's all a bit Malky Mackay, isn't it, a bit Dave Whelan, a bit rugby league. It's basically in Manchester as well.

    Yeah, I've got nothing to say. Hi everyone!

  3. There was a time when our U18's and reserves had no players anywhere near the level required to become Liverpool first team players of the future.Under FSG's focus on buying talented youngsters that's completely changed.Raheem Sterling led the way becoming a integral jigsaw piece for club and country.
    The ability Jordan Ibe has he'll be the next big thing.Sheyi Ojo has shown signs he's next in the queue.A loan is the right move for his development, but surely we could've got him a better club than Wigan, a struggle team/relegation battler.

  4. The reality is things could have turned out a lot different with sterling we where on the verge of either selling him or loaning him out ....if your not good enough at 18 /19 to get on the bench or get the odd game now and again the reality is your not good enough

  5. Doumbia gone to Roma 10.8m- Oi Sheik where are you?

  6. I think in previous times with smaller squads and less substitutes allowed maybe it wasn't so convenient to loan out young players. The Ibe loan was ideal for everybody, Derby are probably better team than the bottom 3 in the Prem right now. Not so sure about Wigan although there are apparently clauses to bring him back for U21 games if he fails to make match squads.

  7. Apparently he's decided to stay

  8. Got a feeling BR might bite ... better for Rickeeee he will get more game time at Villa and more money . Has said he wants to keep Ballo , tho he seems to have gone AWOL And prefers Borini for some reason ...... I like Lambert but doesn't suit and is not the future .

  9. Wouldn't change that goal and celebration for Benzema...

  10. Yep I've missed that crazy celebration

  11. That is what a football fan is all about in my opinion. And what this club should be about...

  12. Yes, the prolific Lambert and World beater Borini have decided to stay at LFC!! The only way they will go is an expired contract, but like the fantastic defender, Glen Johnson, B Rod will probably give them a new contract - unbelievable!!!

  13. So few of these young guys will make it at the top level. And let's be clear - they need to be top level players to play for Liverpool. If the team is aiming to be back amongst the elite of Europe then there is no room for sentiment or coddling of players who may or may not be good enough. There needs to be a degree of ruthlessness in how they manage these talents and that means for every success there will be many many failures. That's rough on the players but it's not as if they don't get a good football education and they can always try their luck at another club.

  14. Teixeira won't, he's 22 already and not really setting the world on fire at Brighton.

  15. Don't diss rugby league

  16. Whats diss rugby league?

  17. Did Beckham become the better player? That's debatable.

    Your point about being loans working when the first team has players in that position is very true though.