26 Feb 2015

Done Deal? 'Fantastic' £6m goalscorer wants Liverpool transfer and will sign in the summer

In recent weeks, Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and John Aldridge have thrown their support behind Brendan Rodgers' pursuit of Burnley frontman Danny Ings, and new reports suggest that the Reds have won the race for the 'dangerous' 23-year striker.

In a recent interview with Talksport, Burnley legend Robbie Blake urged Ings to choose 'a club like Liverpool' over Sociedad, and that's exactly what he appears to have done.

According to The Mirror:

* Ings has rejected Real Sociedad.
* He has his heart is set on Anfield
* Ings has 'made up his mind' to sign for Liverpool at the end of the season.
* Liverpool will have to pay up £6m in compensation fees.

From what I can see, lots of Liverpool fans are distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect of signing Ings, but Carragher and Aldridge are definitely all for it. In as recent column for the Liverpool Daily Post Aldo enthused:

"Ings has got great potential, and I’d rather see us spend on [him] than on, say, Iago Aspas. Ings wouldn’t be regarded as much of a gamble. He knows where the goal is and he will improve".

Carra recently insisted that £10m-rated Ings is a better fit for Liverpool than £20m-rated Saido Berahino:

"If I was Liverpool I'd be trying to sign Danny Ings. With Ings, you hear him speak, he says: 'Let your football do the talking.'"

Jamie Redknapp is also a fan of Ings, and he's convinced that the striker is 'destined for bigger things'. In a recent column for the Daily Mail, Redknapp enthused:

“He [Ings] is a fantastic young player. He has the work-rate, technique and the temperament to became a top player and, Chelsea or Manchester City apart, he could improve any side in this League"

For £6m, I see very few downsides to this deal. In terms of scoring/creating goals - a striker's primary role - Ings is clearly an upgrade on Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli, and even if he fails at Anfield, the worst case scenario is that the club will make its money back.

Under different circumstances (i.e. no expiring contract), Ings' value would be inflated by the spurious British player 'tax', he'd probably cost £15m+. As such, this deal is an absolute steal.

Multiple sources claim the deal is done, but there's still a possibility that Chelsea or some other club will come in at the eleventh hour and trump Liverpool with a massive salary offer. If/when that happens, we'll see how much Ings really has his 'heart set' on Anfield.



  1. And I thought Ibe would not get a start, master stroke bringing him back... Make no mistake this is a tough game.... Why don't we just kill two birds with one stone and going all out and try to win it... Trophy ✅ Cham league ✅

  2. Agree man, not saying we will win tomo but our squad looks quality for once

  3. Danny ings is a very good player and at 22, at a good age, but with the emergence of sterling up front, I doubt ings would get much gametime. We should target memphis depay who is on fire with 21 goals/6 assists in 29 games. 2 goals at the world cup, hes one of the best young players in the world. He can wear number 7, and has potential to be suarez replacement, although there completely different players.

  4. All for it JK, Ings is a decent player and would make a great backup option, certainly when compared to our current backups. For the price, I think it's a great buy.

  5. Brave 2-0 prediction that. I think Besiktas will score with Toure and Lovren at the back as they are a far cry from Can and Sakho.

  6. I'd like to see Balotelli playing as he has lots of experience.
    It will be a loud and difficult baptism for a lot of our younger players, I hope the older more experienced players can keep on top of it. Skrtel, Lovren and Toure is an experienced defence and will be crucial to the game but everyone ahead of them could be overawed with the noise and the occasion.

  7. Massive potential in Ings. He has pace, flair, vision, and an impressive range of improvised finishes. Hope the transfer comes off. I think he'd thrive in a team like Rodgers' Liverpool.

  8. I think 6m is only if he gets an England call up otherwise it will be 3m although Liverpool did offer 5m in Jan.
    Lambert 4m
    Borini 10.5m
    Aspas 7m
    and Ings is a better buy for Liverpool than £20m-rated Saido Berahino:

    at 6m is a no brainer !

  9. I didn't think he showed a lot of pace last weekend, but it could have been just a down day for him. If we get him for 6M and sell Borini and Lambert we could use that dough to offset the cost of one more superb striker like Lacazette or Martinez. Then we'd have Studge, Lacazette/Martinez, Ings and Balo...with Balo as the weakest link. Ings scored 21 last year when he was 21. Doubt surrounded a one hit wonder year, but 9 so far this year is pretty good too.

  10. To be fair, nobody showed much of anything last weekend due to the weather and poor officiating throughout the league. Ings, Sturridge, Balo, Origi, and one addition would definitely be a great force, if a bit excessive assuming we only play 1 FW. But I'd rather have too many than too little like we did this year. Plus I doubt Ings is a one year wonder. I mean, he's been playing pretty well for a few years now, and the jump to the EPL merely seems to be the latest chapter in his development rather than a shock performance. The way he's been playing so far was actually expected by many.

  11. well,stiff price but overall we can use him as back up that might be a rock star,and somehow if brendan decide to off him then it won't go below 6M, but still it doesn't solve liverpool's main problem on world class individual,and the right answer is DEPAY!!

  12. For £6m, we should go for him. Good player. He & Daniel infront.

  13. Isn't 6mn too much for a free agent?

  14. For that money it's a no brainer!!!

  15. If the club buys only 1 striker definitely not, its proven quality time the club cannot afford potential to lead the attack with the almost inevitable injuries to Sturridge.
    Origi is also arriving and if his form in France is anything to go by dont expect him to get much game time another case for getting a tried and true performer.

  16. Is he a players who would shine against top teams in the CL and give us the opportunity to win the big honors ? i don't think so.
    We saw what happpened to Arsenal (City too ?) when you buy good PL players, don't get surprise when you get exposed at the highest level.

  17. I must admit, I've not seen much of Memphis Depay but looking at his stats and what you can see on You Tube he looks to mainly play wide left, cutting in onto his favoured right foot.

    Has good balance, tricky and pace, but more than anything knows how to score and his stats show a real improvement over the past 18 months.

    Depending on what formation Rodgers adopts next year I would see him competing with the likes of Coutinho, Lallana just being the front man, or even wing back like Ibe, Moreno (although less so).

    If that is the case Ings would still be a good call, especially given the price as he would be an upgrade over Borini, and different to Lambert, also Origi is arriving in the summer so interesting to see where he fits in.

    Do however agree that Depay looks a great option which is worth exploring.

  18. It a compensation fee.

  19. You're right. From a purely financial point view this is a no-brainer. Liverpool could take him in and if he doesn't play they could even loan him out to a decent club and watch him increase his value. There is virtually no risk in that whatsoever.

  20. Final paragraph is spot on. I've expressed the same sentiments in past posts. Can't see any EPL club allowing LFC "steal" him before they've tested his resolve.

  21. You may be right but you seem to be missing a major point.

  22. Hi, first time posting - why do we need to pay the 6m? - makes more sense if he really wants to sign do us, to do the following....tell him to sign for Moyes @ 300k fee. We pay RS a 1.3m loan fee for 1 yr with guaranteed option to buy for zero.
    So we pay 1.3m and RS get their 300k back plus 1m bonus.

  23. Great point, considering the 'flop' status its now a completely switch to hearing this team is more than good enough and enough depth to cope. I completely agree with this opinion that people have now turned to. I was one of a very few people who argued we needed a lot of additions to cope with a big fixture increase. Good to see (all be it belated) that theyre are starting to prove themselves. Hopefully in the summer we get a few quality additions and remove a few un-needed. Tweaking now rather than changing. (It took Arsenal 8 years to get to that stage, we are doing it in 3).

  24. Besiktas have lost 2 of their back four and their main goalscorer, so they are far from full strength either. 1-2 Liverpool for me.

  25. This comment is directed at the author of this article - Jaimie K. The headlines you use for your articles are often very misleading. Case in point: this headline starts with "Done Deal". Just because another media outlet (in this case The Mirror) declares that Ings has made up his mind to join LFC does not mean that it's a "done deal" yet. If your intention is to mislead, then fine; but if your intent is to accurately report, then the headline should read something like "Danny Ings Will Sign for LFC according to The Mirror".

  26. I know some can't see past Burnley when they hear mention of Ings, but I know he will be a great asset for LFC.. I hope this move does happen...

  27. Danny Ings has done well in the prem at a club like Burnley and no disrespect but he would get many more goal scoring chances at LFC. He is only 22 and would be a good buy, money from Borini alone would pay for him and I know who I would rather have at anfield. Who knows could be another Sturidge given the chance.
    If we can also buy Lacazette, we would have a good strike force. I personally am not sure about Origi, I dont think he is as good as Jordan Ibe, he is a similar player to Ibe, not an out an out striker like Sturridge.
    If we can get a decent holding midfield player and a back up keeper. that would be good business in the summer.
    Maybe Barca might want to offload Suarez but im dreaming again !!