16 Feb 2015

Go To Anfield: Legend urges 'Top-class' £10m striker to sign for 'Liverpool or Tottenham'

In recent weeks, Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and John Aldridge have thrown their support behind Brendan Rodgers' alleged pursuit of Burnley frontman Danny Ings, and with Real Sociedad reportedly in pole-position to sign Ings, Clarets hero Robbie Blake has urged the 23-year old to forget La Liga and sign for LFC.

In an interview with Talksport today, Blake hailed Ings as a 'top-class player', and warned that a move to Spain is a potential step backwards. He noted:

“It would be a shame if he [Ings] did go to Real Sociedad because it wouldn’t further his career.

"He needs to move on and go to a top team in the Premier League this summer, a club like Liverpool or Tottenham.”

Burnley boss Sean Dyche feels the same, and speaking to Sky Sports today, he warned:

"His [Ings'] aspirations need to be top end of the Premier League. The middle of La Liga is no use. If I had seen him play at Manchester United on Wednesday, I would be knocking on the door to try and get him."

From what I can see, lots of Liverpool fans are distinctly unenthused by the prospect of signing Ings, but Carragher and Aldridge are definitely all for it. In as recent column for the Liverpool Daily Post Aldo insisted that signing £10m-rated Ings is a 'no-brainer', and explained why the Reds should bring the striker to Anfield:

"Ings has got great potential, and I’d rather see us spend on [him] than on, say, Iago Aspas. Ings wouldn’t be regarded as much of a gamble. He knows where the goal is and he will improve".

Carra recently insisted that £10m-rated Ings is a better fit for Liverpool than £20m-rated Saido Berahino:

"If I was Liverpool I'd be trying to sign Danny Ings. With Ings, you hear him speak, he says: 'Let your football do the talking.'"

I don't agree that a move to Real Sociedad is a bad career move for Ings:

* La Liga is one of the best leagues in the world, and Ings will play against some of the world's best players.

* English players very rarely move abroad and test themselves, and it'll be good for Ings' development to experience a different style of football.

* With that in mind, there's a high probability that La Liga will improve Ings as a player.

* At Sociedad, Ings has a great chance of playing practically every game; will that be the same at Liverpool? Doubtful.

On a related note: San Sebastian is an absolutely gorgeous coastal city, and I'm sure the weather and lifestyle will appeal to Ings. Life is also about living, and waking up to sun every morning (as opposed to grey, dreary cloud or rain) is obviously enticing.

Ings is arguably an upgrade on Borini, Lambert, and (possibly) Balotelli, and for a nominal compensation fee, it's a potentially no-lose transfer for Liverpool, and if he ends up signing for the Reds, I won't be too upset about it.



  1. Dream on Kane he just signed new deal . And for Ings ?
    Do you all remember player called Benteke had one massive year you couldn't get him for 30mil . Now we are talking different cause Villa isn't going so good and he isn't banging in the goals .
    We 100% need one more striker who can easy replace Daniel and Mario when injured Borini isn't that man.

  2. San Sebasti√°n is very nice. Highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in the world. One of the rainier places in Spain, though I'd be bored by the incessant sunniness of other parts of the country.

  3. Ings to come in, sterling to real, mybe pjanic to come in

  4. Can't be he has gone for good I remember his leaving speech(es)

  5. wait what? and I missed that?

  6. Yes every time he has left for good he has made a final leaving speech

  7. In his last speech you were his hero, not sure about this time though:-)

  8. There is interest from real and i would not be to suprised if he ended up there, money talks, as far as sterling not been good enough i disagree he is player that can walk into any team, and he is still only a kid learning and could be a great player

  9. did you spot him like 6 or 7 days ago? I did:-)
    the lad just CANNOT go!

  10. I'm sure they were tears of sadness...

  11. No mention of Johnson is he in a parallel universe?...actually the way he's playing nowadays...

  12. True that. The Basque Country gets more rain per year than the southcoast of Ireland! Beautiful town though (and they do also get a lot more sun). Id move there too. He'll improve in areas he would not improve in in England.

  13. Ings is a very good striker in a not so brilliant team,whether he can reproduce his current form if he signs for Liverpool is anybody's guess. He's a better bet than the BBL that we have at the Club this moment cheers

  14. I'm waiting for the 'schnderelim' comment.

  15. Nothing against Ings, but if we were to get a fourth striker next season, and assuming Borini and Lambert leave, I'd prefer it to be an almost-worldie like Lacazette.

  16. Not good enough for real, prob end up sitting on the bench, his finishing is poor.also can be brainless times, like earlier in season, do all the hard work, run down the wing, cross into empty box, other player would wait to cross and time it better.lacks composure. Potential to be great do, he is very young. I think ibe will be better player, a lot more composure, fearless, great powerful accurate shot. Think sterling is being greedy, countinho loves the club and agreed the contract fast, does sterling love it the same or is it about money.some people be happy to play for the club they love for small money

  17. Why look at other players when we have a talented youngster in Sinclair. I would rather gamble on our youth than spend on another player.