29 Jan 2015

Transfer Stunner: LFC plan €40m bid for 'fantastic' playmaker who's 'like Busquets'

The transfer rumours just keep on coming, and the latest player to be linked with a January move to Anfield is Porto starlet Ruben Neves.

According to the Daily Express:

* Liverpool are 'weighing up' a £29m bid for 17-year old Neves, a figure that roughly equates to his release clause, as confirmed by Porto in October: "Rúben Neves [has] renewed his contracts...with a release fee of 40 million euros".

* Real Madrid and PSG are also interesting in signing the midfielder.

Liverpool were last linked with Neves in October, when The Mirror reported:

"Liverpool have joined the chase for teenage midfielder Ruben Neves, [who] has been watched three times by the Reds this season"

Some info about Neves:

* 17 years old. Turns 18 in March.

* Plays as a defensive midfielder. A profile on UEFA.com describes Neves' playing style as follows: "Passing precision, vision and astute positioning. Great maturity for his age. Defensive midfielder [but] shows no fear in getting forward, leading attacks and trying to score".

* 1 goal/1 assist in 18 games for Porto.
* 46 apps for various Portugal youth teams.
* 3 apps for the Portugal U21 team (1 goal)

* Youngest goalscorer in Porto's history. After scoring on his debut against Maritimo, Neves told reporters: "It was a dream debut, not only for my performance and goal but also for the win. I'm going to keep this forever and I hope it will be the beginning of a very successful career."

* JUL 2014: Captained Portugal's U17s to the European Championship SF.
* Selected as one of the 10 'Talents of the tournament'.

Barcelona attacker Cristian Tello is currently on-loan at Porto, and in a recent interview, he waxed lyrical about Neves' talent, and compared him to one of Barcelona's best players. He raved:

"Neves is fantastic with the ball, has great positioning on the field, and is aggressive, with a good job. With some small differences' he plays very much like Sergio Busquets"

Liverpool have dozens of promising youngster at the academy, but very few quality defensive midfielders are on the verge of breaking through, so increasing the club's option in that area could be a good thing.

The Reds could also benefit from grooming a long-term successor for Lucas Leiva, but €40m for a 17-year old? Absolutely no chance, and if the Reds are actually considering making such a massive bid, then whoever is driving that decision needs to be fired forthwith.

It's doubtful that Liverpool are actually considering a deal of that magnitude, though. Historically, the Reds don't pay massive fees for teenagers. Indeed, the club has never paid more than £5m for a teenage talent, and I can't see that changing with Neves.

At some point, though, one of Europe's top clubs will inevitably pay through the nose for Neves. Porto are superb finding, developing, and selling-on young talents for massive profits, and it's just a matter of time before they hit the jackpot once again.


  1. Liverpool wont spend money on any World class players .they haven't replaced Suarez or Jamie Now Gerrard is leaving world class off them .
    And they will spend 29 mil on a kid Bull$&%#
    We lost champions massive replaced( Carra Suarez Gerrard) them with (Lovren balotelli maybe 17 year old 29mil) HAHA
    Is it Ian Ayre Rodgers or FSG who ever is signing them . There more like saying we don't need players we have Borini and allen Cover for Suarez gerrard.

  2. I've never seen nor I will ever see a player worth 29 mil pounds at the age of 17 coming to LFC. These types of players go to Chelsea, Man C/U, Real M, Barcelona... Since the arrival of FSG we have become a feeder club. Our wage structure doesn't allow high paying players (just to name a few: Agger, Reina, Suarez, Gerrard). So, talks about players like Busquets, Benzema, "The New Ronaldo/Messi" and so on are not about players coming to our club.

    All we got is a chance, to steal some young player like Sterling for about 1 mil pounds and sell him in the summer for 50 mil.

  3. never going to happen

  4. He is an excellent prospect but team shouldn't be spending £29M or 40M on a 17 year old.

    I think we have a ready made DMC in Can.

  5. Another made up transfer story by some hack at the Express. Rodgers more or less said the club wouldn't be doing anything in this window, no journalists who actually have any ties at the club are reporting anything and even if we do move for someone, €40 million euros for a 17 year old defensive midfielder? It's hysterically ridiculous.
    Far be it from me to tell you what to write about Jaimie but this story so obviously doesn't contain a shred of truth to it, I don't know how you could've been bothered

  6. Better get Tello himself!

  7. This is a lol rumour.

  8. Pay €40m for Porto's talent spotting team.

  9. My thoughts exactly... how many great players have started their european careers at porto.

  10. So....what you're saying is spending 29 Mil on a 17 year old is a good thing?????

  11. As a player I doubt if Henderson is adding sufficient value to the position he plays in.

    He lacks quality going forward and rarely scores any goal. Does any believe if Gerrard would have missed that open header at the most crucial point of the game. There are countless occasions when Stevie has rescued the team from similar situations. And that's how class acts build their legacy and give a meaning to the title of Captain.

    I don't see an instance where Henderson has ever done that. Undoubtedly, he is no where close to Stevie when it comes to skills, the goal scoring ability, leading by example and making an impact to a game.

    From the current crop I would like Lallana to play more games and force his way up in the hierarchy as he seems to have that potential. Emre Can seems another legit option - considering the talent and optimum aggression that he possess.

    IMO Henderson and Skrtel(already 30) can both act as interim Captains - but neither of two can be a long term solution.

    IMO FSG would be wise to scout for a talented central midfielder in the summer.

  12. Agreed, i've even seem him shout a Stevie which surprised me and made me chuckle.

  13. In fairness to FSG, the players you referenced here are:

    Reina - High wages. Unwanted by the manager.

    Agger - High Wages. Oft-injured. Streaky.

    Suarez - FSG gave him multiple wage-increases to keep him here. It wasn't until he bit a player for the 3rd time and Barca still made a 75m offer that we sold him. As much as it pains me that he's gone, I can't find fault with the owners.

    Gerrard - High wages. Clearly lost a step. What's the right time to cut the cord and move on from a club legend. There's really no perfect time, however it's always better to cut a guy loose a year early than a year late.

    We aren't a feeder club, but we are certainly not what we once were. The revenue streams aren't there to compete with the likes of ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man City. We can't afford the players they can because we need to abide by FFP.

    The new stadium expansion will help deal with a big chunk of that (hopefully).

  14. I think sakho can be given it because sometimes when he feels responsible on the pitch he takes it to himself and makes sure the defense is in order. It has happened rarely but having watched several times it feels like he can lead by example

  15. Happy to. Six assists so far this season; more than any other Liverpool player.

  16. I dont care who the captain is. Just sign us some decent players.

  17. Depends. To Abramovitch it's just a number. To FSG it's real money.

  18. But still they are mid-team in Europe, is that our only target?

  19. Thats LFC in a poor season. What about assists in other teams from the likes of Silva at City and Hazard at Chelsea. Henderson is not better than an average player. He has had four seasons to become a better player, consistently in the team, and has improved only slightly. If he did not have an engine he would be of no use at all.