1 Jan 2015

LFC XI vs. Leicester: BR confirms 'brilliant' star will start. Shock return for €6m man? Injury boost for Lovren

With two wins and a draw from the last three league games, Liverpool are coming into form at a crucial time in the season,and victory today over Leicester City will put the Reds within touching distance of a coveted place in the Champions League places.

Despite some atrocious results this season, Liverpool are only 5 points away from fourth place right now, and if results are favourable, then the Reds will end today only two points off the Champions League places. Team news:

* Martin Skrtel misses the game through suspension.

* Dejan Lovren may return from injury. In his pre-match press conference, Rodgers told reporters:

"Dejan has been back training in the last couple of days. We'll see how he is and then we'll take it from there"

* Suso trained with the first team this week, which opens up the possibility of a place in the squad. The Spaniard returned from injury at the beginning of December, so he's had plenty of time to build up fitness.

After sitting out the last game, Rodgers has confirmed that Gerrard will return to the starting line-up:

"He [Gerrard] comes straight back in. Steven's a wonderful player and a wonderful servant to this club, particularly during my time here. He's been brilliant for me. I've just got to manage his games".

but is that the right decision?

In my view, Liverpool should keep the same team that hammered Swansea. Skrtel will sit it out through suspension, but the Reds put in an excellent overall performance, and none of the outfield players deserve to be dropped. As such, why make changes?

If Rodgers brings Gerrard back into the side, then he's making a change to suit the individual, not the team. It's no coincidence that Liverpool put in their best home performance of the season with the captain on the bench. Preferred line-up:

---------------------- Mignolet

---------- Can -------- Toure ------- Sakho

---- Manquillo -- Hendo ---- Lucas ---- Moreno

---------------- Lallana --- Coutinho

---------------------- Sterling

Predicting a 2-0 win for Liverpool, Reds legend Mark Lawrenson noted:

"The Foxes got a great win over Hull but coping with the intensity of Liverpool's high-tempo attacks will be a very different test for Nigel Pearson's side, and I do not see them holding out for 90 minutes".

My prediction: 3-1



  1. Let's see how Gerrard's inclusion alters the intensity of our play... I agree that we should not change a winning formula.

  2. Lets hope that Kolo is replacement for Skrtle. Lovren is just not what we need in defence. especially when he is not match fit. Can would be probably dropped for Gerrard.
    Rodgers, If it aint broken, why fix it.

  3. Mr. Point Of View7:51 am, January 01, 2015

    My view 31 should be drop ! I know is insane but he is lucky not to be charge ! I think discipline should come 1st !

  4. But, the question is why the need to always play Gerrard? He is in the twilight of his career and we are not challenging for the title. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose from consistently playing every single game as his body will take its toll. I would not see how Gerrard would object to a role from the bench. What is the worst that could happen if we do reduce Gerrard's role?

  5. Winning still comes first. Compared to that everything else is a luxury.

  6. Agree we might even play better and give others the space to step up with him on the bench if needed.

    But I cannot see him happily accepting a secondary role just yet if ever. Part of what makes him so good is his belief that he is (still) better than the others.

  7. once again Rodgers is pleasing his landlord honestly he cannot manage big players also it'll be best for LFC if gerrard moves on

  8. so Gerrard AND Lovren could return to the starting line-up :-/

    Anyway Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope we kick this one off with a big win.

  9. Jaimie,

    I know you don't want to answer this, but do you still believe that Lovern should be kept and Sakho sold as you previously stated?
    I see you haven't included him to start.
    Your clarification would be appreciated.

  10. Thats what I was thinkn, Kolo would come in for Skrtel and Can dropped for Stevie.

  11. I agree Gerrard should stay on the bench. It happened to Carra as he got older, it happened to Hyypia and Hamann and I dont see how Stevie should be above that. And I'm certain he would agree.

  12. if gerrad plays in the middle today we will struggle for a number of reasons
    1) we lose hendos energy and pressing in the middle
    2) we lose a natural rb in manq out wide
    3) our attacking players go into there shell, gerrard overwhelms them
    4) we dont pick up runners and our cb become exposed
    5) gerrad will pick the ball up deep impacting on cans role
    6) he will look for the glory ball instead of playing it simple

    why change a winning team, whats the point of playing well and winning if you are dropped ,If Gerrad cared for the team he should tell rodgers to stick with the Swansea team .....what should be an easy 3 points could turn into a banana skin

  13. and i still think i can dance when i go out drunk

  14. either way logan you either lose a rb or a dm but more importantly the defensive structure of the team suffers our pressing has been awful this year up till the Swansea game

  15. im in sunny st helens the home of rugby league

  16. Massive club in terms of how attractive we are to players
    who only remember last 5 years
    and in the last 5 years all the clubs mentioned have been way bigger then us
    last time we were a massive name was 2009 with Torres,Alonso,Mascherano,Gerrard,Reina,Kuyt
    we dominated Europe beat Real 4-0
    when we do simmilar things to that top players will want to join us

  17. i think Logan summed bony up in that he is a younger version of Lambert,he looks good at a small club but from what ive seen he doesn't have the technical ability or speed for the top echelon ...as for top goal scorer well im old enough to have seen the ricki lamberts and clive allens of the world to realize that sometimes that's not enough

  18. Clive Allen...?

  19. Showing your age there maybe? ;)

  20. Brendan's words are very clear here. I said it in my post we won't be signing anyone. Maybe if he gets rid of say a Borini but it doubt it.

  21. Ochoa will be a great goalie for Liverpool he has every skill they need as a goalie look what he did in the world cup he did great !! And against neymar one of the good players in the world

  22. Guillermo was the most scored on goalkeeper in France but he was the goalkeeper with the most blocks. Thanks to his childish defense. Ajaccio loved him and believed in him. If you have your team and fans support you can do big things