24 Jan 2015

LFC to make stunning £30m offer for 'new Ronaldo' this week. Sale 'inevitable'. Late Transfer?

The Mauro Icardi rumours just refuse to die. The Inter Milan striker continues to be linked with a move to Anfield, and new reports claim that the Reds are considering a last-ditch bid for the coveted striker.

According to The Express this week:

* Chelsea and Liverpool are set to put in £30m bids for Icardi this week to stave off last minute interest from Atletico Madrid.

* Inter Director Sporting Director Marco Fassone confirmed that Inter may have to sell some of their stars to raise much-needed funds. He told reporters: "Without the Champions League, some sales may be inevitable."

This is not the first time Liverpool have been linked with Icardi:

JULY 2013: The Daily Mail claimed: "Liverpool have enquired about Sampdoria striker Mauro Icardi. The Argentine has also been watched by Tottenham and Manchester City".

AUG 2013: sources in Italy claimed that that the Reds planned to make a €30m offer for the 21-year old striker.

NOV 2013: reports in Italy claimed that Liverpool were planning a massive €35m (£28m) move for Icardi.

When asked recently about Icardi's future, his agent told reporters:

"If Icardi plays in Spain or England, where he is likely to go, he will be a star. He will become one. He has the talent to be the new Ronaldo. You'll see"

Some info about Icardi:

* Spent 3 years at Barcelona before his €400k move to Sampdoria.
* 11 goals/2 assists in 33 apps for Samdoria.
* Last season: 9 goals 2 assists in 23 apps for Inter.
* This season: 12 goals/assists in 15 games.
* 1 appearance for the senior Argentina team.
* Current contract expires in 2018.
* Missed 10 games through injury last season.
* In a recent interview, Icrdi reveals he wants to 'be like Gabriel Batistuta'

Ex-Inter Boss Walter Mazzari is convinced that 'perfect' Icardi is destined for great things, but in a recent interview, he sounded a note of caution over the striker's development, and urged him to focus on his game:

"If he [Icardi] can keep this up and get some flaws out of his game, he can be a great player. He has all the characteristics, he just has to focus. Personal things need to be put aside. Footballers are professionals and they mustn't forget that."

This deal is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Rodgers' is clearly obsessed with bringing young players into Liverpool's squad, so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he splurged big bucks on yet another alleged 'star of the future'.

Additionally, Inter have just signed Lucas Podolski and Xherdan Shaqiri, both of whom are capable of replacing Icardi in the team.

After spending £20m on Lazar Markovic, though, I sincerely doubt that LFC fans will bee too thrilled to see Rodgers spend €35m on a 21-year old. FSG may also be wary of Rodgers' judgment in the transfer market, and it'll be a huge surprise if the group sanctions such a big fee for another young player.

There's also the London factor to consider - if it comes down to a straight choice between Chelsea and Liverpool, there's only going to be one winner. Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez are proof of that.



  1. This must be fake , probably speculation
    Icardi has no raw pace to get in behind, he is more of a box player like Balotelli. The two strikers if we buy any most suited to lfc are Dyabla and Lacazette , players with raw pace and skill who can dribble past players .

  2. I think it is a bit naive saying Sanchez and Costa choose Chelsea and Arsenal respectively mainly because of London.

    You have to take in account , that in last ten years chelsea and Arsenal have overall been more successful , and both have better projects to sell because they have more money then us . Then compare Brendan to Mourinho and Wenger the two most respected coaches in world bar Carlo Ancelotti and Guardiola.

  3. Icardi Benzema Lavezzi Higuain how are we gonna cater for all these strikers- oh I get it we sign none of them- thankfully only another week of these rumours to endure

  4. We are suppose to sign him today it been end of the week and all!

  5. "Personal things need to be put aside." As in causing the break-up of a team mate's marriage and marrying the ex-wife who is 7 years older and picking up her 3 kids in the deal. She's a media personality from Argentina...imagine she would be thrilled to go to Liverpool...imagine the father would be beyond crazy to have his kids so far away. Probably no off-field pressure and distractions there (eye-roll). He's 21...she's a 28 yr old mother of three...who do you think is running that show? Aside from that his on field stats look very good. If he can perform like that with everything else he'd be good...but I don't know.

  6. Man its not our job to judge, let him do whatever he wants
    obviously there are limits like if he is part of KKK or a Neo Nazi

  7. B Rodgers should not waste £26.15M on M Icardi(21), he should spend £20M on signing these two strikers this transfer window.

    L Vietto(21) Of Villareal for £10-£14M
    L Adriano(27) Of S Donesk for £3-£5M or he should be signed on Pre contract.

    These two strikers above would bring 12-25 goals to club during second half of season, within Fa Cup football and the league.

    Which is much more than the three strikers who cost the club £31M combined have given us so far this season( Balotelli(24), Borini(23) and R Lambert(32) )

  8. L Adriano is not fast
    Vietto is quite fast but not Sterling,Sturridge spped
    Dyabla and Lacazette have that raw pace and skill of strikers we are linked to.

    What happen to Aubemayang? you wanted him before, he has pace,skill etc why do you not want him anymore?

  9. Well, Mancini is now the manager of Inter, not Mazzari. Anyway, Icardi's agent is looking a buyer, but Icardi's is nothing more than a £15m player at this stage. We need to go for Lacazette, but I'm sure we won't because he is very good. Dybala's name is been banded about but I expect we'll sign neither of them.

  10. Hes no joe allen so BR won't spend that kinda money.

  11. Well Shamsy, Icardi does seem to be little slower now than 2013-14 but he has just come out of an injury. Believe me this guy is quick and his movements and shots are very measured and intelligent. But 30 million seems too much, we should go for his countryman Vietto instead.

  12. I just think a player needs raw pace or skill at level of Suarez
    Lacazette, Dyabla pure pace almost up there with Walcott

    Iccardi may be quick but so is Balotlli , i saw him play he does not
    play on shoulder of last defender , he does not do shimmy's , he does no step overs no nutmegs etc . His main attribute is he is a goal poacher
    but i think Lfc need more then that.

  13. Confirmed team: Mignolet,Can,Johnson,Sakho,Mnaquillo,Enrique,Allen,henderson,Lallana,Coutinho,Sterling

  14. Confirmed team: Mignolet,Can,Johnson,Sakho,Mnaquillo,Enrique,Allen,henderson,

    bench: Ward,Lovren,Rossiter,Lambert,Borini,Lucas

  15. It is a joke starting one center back
    and giving Johnson and Allen games

  16. Totally Agree ..... Johnson ????????

  17. So, the maestros Johnson and Allen are back. Will love to see how this affects the team. Why does Johnson have to come back? Why does Rossiter not start? Is there some obligation to play Allen?

  18. We should still win with this team...no excuses

  19. I am now convinced Rodgers must owe him .....

  20. City losing and Ski Losing

  21. At least the hope I am taking from this is that these two will not be finding their way into the League Cup game. We have some really tough games and we do not want to be playing with 9 men in those games.

  22. Bradford scored 3 at the Bridge :-)

  23. Both of those (Johnson And Allen) have an emetic effect on me so will have a dish nearby

  24. And a stack of Buds .....

  25. City as well 2 down

  26. If these other results don't motivate the lads nothing will !

  27. City, Chelski, Spurs, Saints, all out. The magic of the cup!

  28. what is hppening in london???

  29. Bradford putting 4 plus Cech at the bridge - can t wait to see/ hear what Moanrinho has to say on MOD ;-)

  30. What? L Adriano(27) is very fast and mobile, he is a class quality striker and a very good finisher.

    Vietto(21) is fast and quick who scores goals for fun.

    I think Aubamayeng(25) is class and quality player but as L Adriano(27) will free transfer in summer, if club offered Shakhtar Donesk £3-£5M now we could get him instead of waiting until the summer to bring in top class striker.

    L Adriano(27) is more like D Sturridge(25), he is nothing Like A Carroll(26) at all.

  31. Not judging...just predicting...and being wary about his ability to focus on football with 3 small children, being 21 and having a hot wife who has already strayed once.

  32. They'll move here and she'll elope with Balotelli