22 Dec 2014

Transfer Shock: LFC keen to sign £20m striker Gerrard hailed as 'world-class'

In what has to be the most improbable transfer rumour this year, Liverpool are reportedly considering a January move for ex-Red Fernando Torres, whose top-flight career continues to nosedive in Italy.

According to Daily Mail today:

* Liverpool are 'seriously considering' a January move for Torres.

* The Reds are interested in a loan move, with a view to a permanent move.

At first glance, this rumour appears to be utterly ridiculous, but given Liverpool's transfer incompetence over the last five years, anything is possible.

Torres - described last month as 'world class' by Steven Gerrard - is finished; kaput; clapped-out. He will never again scale the heights of his Anfield glory days, and his time as a consistent goalscorer is well and truly over.

With that in mind, FSG should instantly sack anyone at Liverpool who even suggests £20m-rated Torres as a serious transfer option, and that includes Rodgers.

I don't see how anyone can construct a credible argument for signing an increasingly injury-prone striker who currently averages one goal every 600 minutes.

There's no point even analysing the issue any further; it's a non-starter, and anyone with any sense will reject the idea out of hand.

And there lies the rub: Liverpool's transfer policy is a shambles, and it's clear that 'sense' is the last thing Rodgers and his committee possess when it comes to identifying effective transfer targets.

I doubt there's any veracity to this particular rumour, though, so we can all relax in the knowledge that Liverpool will never make this kind of egregious transfer mistake...right?

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