16 Dec 2014

Amazing Stats: 'Incredible' £10m star confirms LFC's 'interest'; he thinks it's 'great' to be linked with Liverpool

Liverpool have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, but the club continues to be linked with a move for FC Cologne 'stopper Timo Horn, who has now responded to rumours linking him with a move to Anfield.

Horn was linked with Liverpool back in October, and last week, the Daily Mail claimed:

"[Horn] has emerged as a potential signing for Liverpool as they look to increase competition for under-fire goalkeeper Simon Mignolet".

When asked today about Liverpool's interest, Horn told reporters:

""While it's great when you awaken the interest of a club like Liverpool, at the moment it is not the right time for me to consider it.""

In an interview with German newspaper Express this week, Horn's agent, Volker Struth, claimed that he's heard nothing LFC:

"We have been told about those [Liverpool] rumours, but no one contacted us directly"

Some info about £10m-rated Horn:

* 6'4 goalkeeper in his third season at FC Cologne.
* 27 apps for various German youth teams.
* By October, he'd conceded 7 goals in 9 apps, equalling Bayern's 50 year record.
* Helped Cologne set a new goals-conceded record for a newly promoted team.
* 11 clean sheets in 18 games overall this season.
* Recently went 365 minutes without conceding a goal.
* Current contract expires in 2016.

Horn may be only 21, but his goalkeeping stats are excellent:

* Last season: Conceded only 20 goals in 35 games for Cologne.
* That's only 1 goal conceded every 1.75 games.
* Achieved 18 clean sheets along the way (over 50% of games)
* FC Cologne totals: 74 goals conceded in 86 games (0.8 goals per game)
* 37 clean sheets (43% of games)

Cologne are understandably desperate to keep hold of Horn, and the club's boss, Peter Stoger, is hopeful Horn will sign a new deal. In September he enthused:

"He [Horn] does an incredible job. I would be happy if he stays, it would be a good platform for him to develop."

Whether the Ochoa deal actually goes through remains to be seen, but if, for some reason, it goes belly-up, then Horn is another excellent option.

Perhaps Liverpool should kill two birds with one stone and sign both Horn and Ochoa?

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  1. This would suggest that Jones is out in Jan. and the loser of Migs and Ochoa gone in the Summer... I doubt its true we're getting both though.

  2. Don't know alot about Horn, but I interested in the Ochoa links, great keeper, and a bit miffed by his inability to get a game at Malaga... He has fairly dodgy handling stats, prefering the punch approach, but my biggest worry is the language barrier. I know Manquillo and Moreno speak Spanish, but its the CB's I would be more concerned with, they need all the help they can get right now.. I don't know if you saw Carra and Neville rip onto the CB's on MNF, but it's going to take a strong leader to drag them into some sort of cohesiveness... I am not exactly enamered by the Ruddy links though, thinking Cech or Begovic the best choice. Chelsea are willing to let Cech go out on loan, so even if he moves on in the summer, coming in with Ochoa or Horn etc could be a great solution, Cech would be the perfect stop gap while the other GK gets to know the Lingo and his teammates... If we can get Cech to stay, all the better... But one thing I know, Jones and Ming just aren't upto taking us forward, and neither is Neto or Romero for that matter....

  3. We do need 2 solid GK's so it's not inconceivable that we are after both... Just hope we don't insult the necessarypeople with our ridiculous need to drag out transfer negotiations....

  4. Great point; Balotelli's and Ochoa's hair could get together and create a reality TV series to get us more exposure and bigger fan base.......it could have a shoot out with the Kardashians over ratings.......I reckon the hair would win.........

  5. A training cone would be an upgrade on Joke Allen, or a cheaper equivalent, at the very least.

    You know exactly what you'll get from an immobile piece of polyurethane (0 goals, 0 assists, except for the time that beach ball tricked Reina),

    Allen offers the same threat in addition to a total lack of defensive solidity and effective tackling. He's apparently good at recycling possession though, which basically means he gives the ball away a lot, except when passing sideways or backwards.

  6. Do any of these rumours ever manifest?

  7. Allen was Liverpool's best tackler last season. Only Lucas had a higher per game tackle count, but Allen gave away fewer fouls.

  8. The one good thing about it is that he would school the team in proper defence. We'd become a much more solid team at the back and Rodgers has done plenty of hard work on the attacking side of things. A few tweaks from Rafa might just be the solution. Or he might come in and totally change everything and claim he needs 10 new players.

  9. I honestly wouldn't be against two new 'keepers since we know neither of our current ones are up for it. I think we should just get one and concentrate elsewhere. I still fancy Perin, but Horn has the benefit of having played in a higher tempo, more physical league.

  10. I'm not a big fan of Guarin. I think Inter's desperation to offload him for two years also perhaps speaks to managers maybe seeing his mentality as characteristic of the malaise at Inter. I don't think we need any more players who won't take take responsibility, personally.

  11. I don't rate Ochoa. He's a very rash keeper and therefore prone to errors. Like Mignolet, he makes brilliant saves, but his overall game needs a lot of improvement, something which, at his age is unlikely to happen. I have never seen Horn, but his stats are impressive. Promoted teams are usually the beating sticks of the different leagues, so that makes his stats even the more impressive. Sign up Horn right now!!!!! The way BR is going though, I expect him to sign the inferior keeper.

  12. Again ... meh. We need a clear upgrade if we're going in for a keeper. Surely there are more convincing options out there.

  13. Also, James Pearce is a raging Rodgers apologist

  14. That's a good shout. Slightly trickier in the English league though as the reality was that he was always involved in a 2 horse race.

  15. I still don't despise Mignolet. Don't think he's given enough credit for the good that he does.