10 Dec 2014

Big Surprise: After CL fiasco, LFC plan shock move for 'magic' £12m Everton star. Sign ASAP?

Liverpool are reportedly considering a surprise move for unsettled Everton attacker Kevin Mirallas, who is also being pursued by Tottenham Hotspur.

According to The Express this week:

* Liverpool are 'monitoring' Mirallas' contract situation at Everton.

* If a deal cannot be reached, Roberto Martinez is prepared to sell the Belgian rather than let him leave for free in the summer of 2016.

When asked about his future over the weekend, Mirallas confirmed that discussions about a new contract have 'have been going on since the summer', and admitted that he'll quit Goodison Park if Everton don't progress this season. He warned:

"I've made no secret of the fact that I want to play in the Champions League. Ideally I will do so with Everton, but if that doesn't appear possible we will have to look at the situation"

Prior to his Everton transfer, Liverpool were heavily linked with Mirallas, but as per usual at Anfield, the club dithered, and the Blues ended up snapping him up for a piffling £6m.

Liverpool bought Joe Allen, Fabio Borini, and Oussama Assaidi instead (for a combined £29m).

£12m-rated Mirallas is highly regarded at Everton, and the club's boss, Roberto Martinez is determined to hold onto him. In an interview this week, the Spaniard hailed Mirallas as 'wonderful footballer', and further enthused:

“He [Mirallas] is a star. I’ve said that before - he has the star quality to find that piece of magic or important moment in the game to score a goal. He keeps showing that.”

Team-mates Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar are also big fans of Mirallas. Last week, Baines raved:

“He [Mirallas] is one of the best finishers at the club. If you are going to put someone in on goal in an important moment, Kevin would probably be at the top of the list because he’s composed"

Pienaar went on to outline one of Mirallas's key strengths:

“Kevin is a player you will leave more one-versus-one with the full-back because he’s got the ability to twist and turn, and come inside and he can finish really well on his right foot".

Since arriving at Goodison, Mirallas has contributed 44 goals/assists in 82 games (goal/assist every 1.8 games), which is an excellent record, and as I argued back in 2012, I'd love to see the Belgian at Anfield.

He is a tough, confident, no-nonsense attacker with a superb work ethic, and - let's be honest - a bit of a nasty streak, which is often present in players with an indefatigable winning mentality.

Liverpool need a bit of that, though. The wide-eyed 'Gosh, I'm at Anfield!' schtick of Lallana, Lambert et al is tiresome, and I'm confident that Mirallas has the mentality to handle the expectation/pressure that comes with playing for Liverpool.

Alas, historically, very few Everton players have signed for Liverpool (and vice-versa), so it's unlikely that this deal will happen. Plus, Mirallas wants to play in the Champions League, and the way this season is going, it's looking increasingly likely that the Reds will fail to qualify.

So that's that, then (!)



  1. He should be sacked for not playing Lallana last night.

  2. Who, Kevin Mirallas?

  3. heh. A very good player by the way...

  4. Anyone who rates Wisdom, seriously needs to have his head examined.

  5. Agreed. Would love to see him at LFC, but we've a greater chance of winning the league this year than signing him.

  6. Than maybe we should go for Mirralas..

  7. Not going to happen and we should stay clear anyway. Would rather give Markovic a proper chance. Reminds me quite a bit of Patrik Berger. Pity he was injured so much. Great player.

  8. I have had a change of heart now B R admits he was in the wrong - LETS STICK WITH HIM -I still believe the young players he bought in the Summer are good players and please B R play LAZAR against Man United - he makes us look much quicker than Mario and Lambert

  9. SORRY - Forgot - if we can get the Everton lad - THEN YES - good player but SELL 2 from 3 from Borini Mario Lambert and let Johnson go - too slow in mind and body -THINK YOUNG B R

  10. fully agree !!!

    just i think that if we don't do any business in jan more fans will want the sack

  11. If Mirallas wants to play CL football, coming to us would not be the brightest of decisions

  12. Which is why I wonder the topic is even brought up for discussion.

  13. and second highest british player very overrated!!

  14. Rodgers is not going to change.

  15. Bring back Ibe and we will save spending money on yet another player who could fail.

  16. Forget Suarez's 31 goals and 13 assists.........the thing I miss about him is his fighting spirit and passion for the game never ever gave up always wanted more.......At the moment we have only one player with that passion i.e Stevie and sadly he doesnt have have the legs to do it every game

  17. Sadly, I would have to agree. I said yesterday that the only player that could get a goal would be Gerrard and I was right. Nobody else has the determination to score. We need fighters for sure and that is why I advocate the youth as they will play with no inhibitions and fight for others. The display yesterday was an insult to everyone involved. Nothing can take away that fact.

  18. Maybe if we did not have a delusional manager then things would be different. We were a house on fire with ten men in the last 15 minutes vs Basel so why can we not do it all the time with ten men?

    Here are the reasons

    1. Team selection
    2. One up top
    3. Persistence with players who should not be on the pitch
    4. Pass, pass, pass, pass and pass till you are blue in the face combined with slow build up play.
    5. Manager who is not willing to be flexible this season and has been nothing but out of his depth.

    Can go on but these are the main factors why we are struggling. team without confidence and no identity.

    Welcome to mid table mediocrity.

  19. Ironic that a manager is out of his depth, partially because he doesn't use his depth.

  20. the thing is by buying more players will it solve our problems!!!

    or make it more complicated

  21. What's the point of buying more players if he won't use them. Yesterday, he started Sterling, Gerrard, Henderson, Lucas, Skrtel, Enrique, Johnson.

    All who were here before he got arrived.

  22. Enrique Moreno sub is reason enough to sack him.
    It is a bit positive he realized his mistake, but that line up was disasterous...

  23. how does that work???

  24. PSG offering Lukas Moura because of FFP. Now that would be a great signing..

  25. Sure he deserved a red if it was indeed deliberate (which it looked like it) but there's no way that the little flick on the nose from Marko caused him to bleed from the mouth. I'm not even if there was enough contact to cause a scratch.

  26. 1) Absolutely. Shoulda started Markovic, Can, Moreno, possibly Lallana.
    2) Again, terrible decision. Although, tied in with #1, if we had to go with 1 up top, it shouldn't have been Lambert. I don't care if you're Luis Suarez, 6 games in like 18 days kills. No one will play well like that, let alone a 32 year old who's supposed to be our #3 striker.
    3) Kinda same with #1. BR is stubborn to a fault.
    4) While we don't want to start forcing things, scoring should always take precedence over passing. Every team seems to know this except us. Even teams like Barca or Spain who are notorious for the passing game know that they need to score to win. Difference is that they pass with purpose because they don't want to force a pass that isn't there. We pass without purpose for a bit, then force the pass anyway.

  27. There was intent by Markovic but whether he deserved a red is debatable. Safari made a meal of the situation to make things look worse than what the were. If he had not gone down clutching his face then the ref would have had no reason to send Markovic off.

  28. If you intend to hit someone during a football match you should be sent off imo

  29. Sterling is overrated, he has lots of pace and trickery but his passing and shooting ability are very suspect. Yes he got ten goals last season but six of those were from Suarez assists, he hasn't scored in his last ten league games for LFC. 70,000 p/w HaHaHa

  30. BR is just clueless. Plain simple. Just give him the sack so he can pack his stuff and children like Allen, Johnson, Lallana, Lovren

  31. The thing is B Rodgers needs to DROP G Johnson(30), M Skrtel(30) and Play Manquillo as RB week in week out unless he is injured, unwell or suspended , M Skrtel(30) should be put on the bench. D Lovren(25) should play as the RCB, yeah yeah he likes play as LCB yet he is right footed. He cost the club £20M and should be able to play RCB or LCB well.

    M Sakho(24) should be played as the LCB Alongside Lovren(25), Lovren(25) and Sakho(24) should be given 12-16 games together to build solid partnership. Whilst Manquillo RB and Moreno LB should be given the same amount games in side to build rapport with Lovren(25) and Sakho(24).

    B Rodgers does not need to bring in W Reid(26) is not better than Lovren(25) or Sakho(24).

    B Rodgers man priorities in January should be more class quality protection and stability at back and in Midfield : GK DM CM

    1: GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke needs to be signed for £10-£14M to dislodge S Mignolet(26) from the first team . ( Commanding GK with presence)

    2: DM: L Bender(25) Of Bayern Munich Or M Schneiderlin(24) Of Southampton for £16-£21M

    3: CM: Y Cabaye(29) Of PSG for £14-£18M to dislodge J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) from first 11.

    And to bring more class, creativity, goals , mobility, movement, pace and speed to attack:

    4: RWF/ LWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£27M to compete with R Sterling(19) ( World class,Mobility, pace, class, creativity and Goals)

    5: LW / LWF: A Ayew(24) Of Marseille for £3M in January or for free on Pre Contract for Summer ( Class player, Creativity, mobility, pace, speed, assists and goals)

    6: FD: L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £5M in January or sign for free on Pre contract for Summer. ( Mobile, Pacey, Quick , top finisher )

    7: K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £5M in January or sign for free on Pre Contract for summer. ( Creative, Pacey, Quick, Goalscoring wide man)

    Whilst B Rodgers needs to ship out these 6 players to make way for the 7 players above:

    GK: B Jones (32) RB: G Johnson(30) DM: L Leiva(27)

    CM: J Allen(24) AM: Suso(20) FD: F Borini(23)

    With the 6 players shipped out and the 7 players mentioned brought in we could have two descent sides and make top 4 still this season:

    Team 1: Premiership and Fa Cup First team:


    Manquillo Lovren Sakho Moreno

    Cabaye Schneiderlin Lallana

    Sterling Sturridge Pedro

    Carling Cup side:

    Team 2: Mignolet
    Flanagan Skrtel Toure Enrique
    Gerrard/ Henderson Can Coutinho

    Balotelli Lambert Markovic

  32. Very true, but its strange, apart from the pass pass pass thing its sounds like the last seasons of benitez.
    If we do replace Rodgers then we must get someone flexible, who is prepared to change things if its not working out and we must do something about the transfer commitee.
    Maybe Stevie G or Jamie C with an experienced director of football Gus Hiddink or someone similar.

  33. I think Lalana is a good player, Rodgers just doesnt play him and if he does, he stuck out on the right wing, noit his best position. he is one of the few players we have who creates chances for others and can actually score himself.

  34. What about Aspas Ilori Coates Alberto Ibe and Robinson.

  35. If you really believe this line up can win the Prem then your deluding yourself. I am a fan also of Liverpool but no way is that midfield or defence going to win the league.

  36. Hulk has only once got more than 20 goals in a league season and this was in Portugal and why would Arturo Vidal want to come to Anfield just now ?

  37. B Rodgers cannot sell any of them until summer as they are all out on loan.

    But yeah, the in summer he needs to clear the rest of the dead wood average players:

    Alberto(22) , Assaidi(26), Aspas(27) and Coates(24) and K Toure(33).

    I think Llori(21) and Ibe(20) should be given a chance next season to play with first team and see how they fare and if they can make the grade.

  38. Reid wants to play Champions League so West Ham is the best club for him. Liverpool have not got a striker and are 10th.