4 Dec 2014

Photo Proof: LFC's 'brightest prospect' trains with Sterling and co. Prem debut vs. Sunderland?

With two Premier League victories in a row, Liverpool have finally arrested the damaging league slump that plunged the team into mid-table obscurity. The Reds are hopefully on a roll now, and this weekend's game against Sunderland is another excellent opportunity to edge towards a coveted Champions League spot. Competition for place continues to be fierce, but based on photos from today's training session, one or two of the club's exciting young players may be in with a chance of making the squad.

As the following photo shows, Jerome Sinclair and Jordan Rossiter - hailed by John Aldridge as Liverpool's 'brightest prospect - both trained with the first-team squad this morning:

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-04at160925_zpsb4bedbd3.png

Rossiter made a goalscoring LFC debut in the recent Carling Cup win over Middlesbrough, and after the game, Rodgers enthused:

"Young Jordan Rossiter at 17 years of age - I was delighted for him. He got the opportunity and showed wonderful composure for his finish".

Sheyi Ojo - who travelled with the team to Leicester during the week - also took part in the session, and came up against Mamdou Sakho, who is now back in full training:

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-04at161652_zpsedd9e246.png

In his press conference today, Rodgers provided the following injury updates.

On Coutinho:

"Philippe Coutinho had a slight issue with his knee during the week but he should be OK for the weekend,"


"Jose Enrique is back in. We are having to manage Jose and his games, but he has trained and should be available for the weekend"


"He's working with the medical team on a daily basis. I trust the team of people here that look after the injuries. Hopefully he'll be available sooner rather than later."


"He has gone away to get some work in, with some of our staff, doing specific work. He's coming along well."

Ojo didn't make the bench for the Leicester game, but here's hoping one of the three gets some pitch time against Sunderland this weekend. Sinclair is an obvious candidate - with Balotelli and Sturridge out injured, the Reds are thin up-front, so why not give him 10 minutes at some point during the game?



  1. I hope Ibe was here

  2. You misspelt Luis Suarez.

  3. Sahko and Toure combo soon perhaps

  4. Did you Jordon's last goal? In the same game few minutes before the goal he was beside the goal line dribbling- something I only see Suarez succeed. He did too..

  5. He will be next season.
    The derby experience has improved his,positional awareness,desicion making,team work etc.
    This can only be done through regular games even Beckham had to leave to hone these skills and he became a bigger player then teh other guy Giggs who was put straight in the team.team. Ibe can be as good as Sterling both ahve big futures

  6. I think better than Sterling...

  7. 'twas a nice goal, no doubt.

    I look forward to him disappointing me by being shite, injured or being so good he leave.


  8. I look back on the me of this summer and think of him as a fool. Never again! Never will I hope. Never will I dream.

    Liverpool to lose 9-0 to Sunderland.

  9. Just wondering about the stadium plans
    Apparently its a 5 year interest free loan from FSG
    so what will that mean for liverpool?

  10. LFC will be taking on £115m worth of debt.

  11. Rodgers does not fancy Sakho. Do not hold your breath.

  12. Keep the expectations low and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

    I like it.

  13. My question is how does that take an effect on FFP? Is there some sort of write-off because it's related to stadium construction?

  14. Steven Gerard graduated just after Michael Owen. And we signed Danny Murphy from Crewe! Who wites this rubbish???

  15. Pity cos communication between em would be better and can he be any worse than Skirtel?

  16. We're paying 15m for a 15 year old. Absolutely not. Fix our current issues first please

  17. It isnt included under the FFP regulations

  18. A Eureka moment for the Mansours. City stop paying their playing staff and start paying Yaya and the lads for their role in minor stadium maintenance, which gets written off of as an FFP expense. They'll still play football for City, pro bono though, out of the goodness of their hearts.

  19. Good to see you commenting Terry, but I do have to disagree. There are more than 2 ways it could go. Your two are fair points, but what if we sign him, he struggles, we loan him, he still struggles (think Borini, Assaidi, quite a few of our youngins) and we are left with a player who is almost unmarketable?
    Also, yes Suarez at 65m is cheap, especially considering the Bale deal, but you arent just buying suarez, you are buying consistent trouble, a player who cant play your opening 8 games or whatever it was, and you dont know when he'll next consider doing something stupid again...

  20. So what happens next? We find a massive young prospect, who has been
    scouted by and linked with all of the top teams, he comes from a league
    where almost none of us have actually watched a game, even less would
    have seen one where he features, with prices anywhere between 10 and 20
    mil. Sounds great, lets sign him, play him in a handful of games and
    then when he doesnt immediately score or create goals, let's all blame
    the manager for wasting the money and call for them to both be fired.
    Ladies and Gentlement, Lazar Markovic.

  21. another way to have success...a Sheikh buying Liverpool...:-)

  22. Well god love em but they better have their union cards.

  23. Blood them youts! when we 3 nil up of course ;)

  24. Yes Greg is right, stadium development does not come under the FFP regulations. Community projects, training ground improvements etc also do not get counted.

  25. I think Skrtel has been ok this season. I think he gets alot of undeserved criticism.

  26. When are we ever 3-0 up?
    Not trying to be negative :) There havent been many times in recent history that we have been 3-0 up...
    vs Sunderland though, who knows?

  27. Totteham was the last, but the team looks strong now. I have a feeling some results are on the way, followed by a few big 1's. Chin up son