13 Dec 2014

Done Deal? LFC outbid Valencia for exciting South American striker hailed as the 'new Luis Suarez'

Liverpool are reportedly on the verge of sealing a deal for Uruguayan striker Jaime Baez, who is also wanted by La Liga side Valencia.

According to The Mirror today:

* Liverpool have made a £3.2m [€4m] offer to sign 19-year-old Baez.

* Baez is often compared to ex-Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

* The Reds are leading the race to sign the young attacker.

* According to Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato, Valencia have put in a €3m offer.

Liverpool may have put in an offer, but Baez won't be going anywhere at the moment as he doesn't have a European passport. Some info Baez:

* Plays for Juventud de Las Piedras in Uruguay.
* 16 goals/9 assists in 66 apps (Goal/Assist every 2.6 games)
* This season: 10 goals/assists in 14 apps.
* 1 goal in 4 apps for Uruguay U20s.

Due to the passport issue, it's possible that the deal for Baez may be a buy-and-loan-back affair, just like the Divock Origi transfer.

One thing's for sure: There's no chance of Baez - or any other teenage prospect - making any significant contribution to Liverpool's season, which begs the question, what's the point?



  1. Honestly, even if we were in a position to bring in a young striker, he doesn't impress me at all.

  2. Got to secure the talent before others. Nothing wrong with this. We passed up on Aguero at 17 and others. However, we must sort out current troubles!!!

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:12 pm, December 13, 2014

    We should get the Palermo guy Dybala he is the new Augero ,
    he has pace,movement , skill and intensity the four most important attributes for a striker bar finishing

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:12 pm, December 13, 2014

    prefer new augero to new suarez

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:18 pm, December 13, 2014

    right now two strikers who have 6 important skills necessary for a lfc striker:

    *Pace with acceleration
    *Skill must be able to beat players like SAS and Augero
    *Intensity he most have suarez and sanchez dog like attitude
    *enough strength not to be pushed around like Aspas
    *Versatility liverpool like playing a variety of formations normally
    *Decent movement

    Torres , Owen , Suarez(apart from lightning pace) all had these that is why they were so successful and Sturridge when not injured also has these qualities

    It is amazing Balotelli was bought he has only one of those attributes strength

    One player who fits this mold is Joel Campbell

  6. Really, you wonder what's the point... LFC were once offered Ronaldo, and one Sergio Aguero... But didn't go through with the deals because they felt it too much of a risk....I'd say, throw caution to the wind, we are far too cautious in the transfer market, and look how well thats worked out for us.... I say for €4m it's not exactly a risk...Even if he's loaned back or sent to Portugal to develop...

  7. I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of Collymore's mouth. Hes definitely not within any inner circle that would know such things

  8. OT- don't listen to propaganda by the Echo, and in particular James Pearce. Despite all the smoke indicating that Rodgers' job is in danger, they will try and tell you that it is in fact safe, and that he's the perfect man for the job. Rodgers alone can even attract the very best players they say! They will do anything to defend Rodgers! It's no wonder why when James Pearce even admitted on TalkSport that he was invited down to Melwood for a day by Brenda!

  9. Rodgers IMO will go with

    Johnson Skrtel Lovren Moreno
    Lucas Allen
    Sterling Gerrard Lallana

    Cannot see us winning this match either.

  10. Christian Benteke's performances have been good, but his goal scoring stats look like trash because Aston Villa hardly create decent chances.
    However because Benteke isn't the goal machine that he was in his first season, his valuation despite signing a new four year contract last season should be reduced.
    A big man with mobility, pace and good technique who will score more with better service.Divock Origi, Sturridge and Christian Benteke would be good striking options.
    Benteke is 24.Although his face suggests he's had a hard life.I would check his passport is legit before making a concrete offer.Him or Bony would be good PL upgrade options.If we look outside this country for a striker, i want Lacazette.

  11. Sorry but that's just not true. Are you seriously suggesting that Clough or Mourinho, Van Gaal and Ferguson only developed egos later in life? Get real.
    As soon as Clough had to retire he declared that he would be the best manager the game had ever seen. Mourinho told Bobby Robson he would better him when he got the chance and would change aspects of Robson's coaching when translating. You are simply trying to justify an unjustifiable position. According to you, only winning the PL would afford a LFC manager a further year of your good will. Knee jerk much? It was only 7 months ago for pity's sake.
    So you want him sacked, what a well thought out conclusion. Let's sack any manager that doesn't get us into the top 4. So that's every other year since 1991 since we have had 10 non top 4 finishes since then. Some plan.

  12. Every LFC manager had a superstar in their team, whether it's Rush Keegan, Dalglish, Torres Fowler Alonso, Suarez etc.
    The bare facts are that only Paisley out of ALL LFC's managers had a higher win ratio since the war (Kenny's overall average is 54%)
    Rodgers and Rafa are both 56%
    I think that deserves credit, and a full year to succeed or fail

  13. You fail to give Sturridge sufficient credit. With him , we could have continued with last year's methodology. Without him, no way could it have been the same.
    Failing to get a direct replacement, which Rodgers wanted to be Sanchez, was the biggest single failing last summer

  14. So how come his win percentage is the joint 2nd highest for LFC since the war?

  15. I have lost my appetite for transfer rumours...

  16. So you think getting Sturridge back will have no impact? You must do, since you have extrapolated the results without him throughout the whole season to make your comparison...

  17. Dude, my ears are still ringing and I didn't get through your first four sentences......

    Are you hoping Brendan Rogers hears you....?

  18. Do you believe, when our pretty much fiercest rivals, know we have a soft centre that they won't attack it with serious vigour?

    Especially at the theatre of screams......?

    I didn't see said press conference but can believe what you said must be true, Brendan's voice sadly is getting more and more hoarse and strained every time I hear him speak - he is proper under pressure.

    Sign of a manager worth his salt is to get through it and be stronger on the other side, weather the storm.

    I think that's why he's gone defensive with Lucas in front of the centre halves......I know he looks like his gear box has fallen off and left him in second - permanently - but he just holds the ball and passes back, protects it.

    I wonder at Man U home having two non-holding midfielders as Steven and Jordan isn't inviting more trouble than we need.

    Yep, I would love to see what we had 'goin-on' in the last 20 mins against Basle for the whole of the 90 at Old Trafford but, as you say, Brendan looks scared and I think he may go for a lock down and hold - then play hard 20-30 mins at end.

    I'm not a football manager but I agree when Jaimie says we may not win this game - I think Brendan does too - which is why he may have to create a more tactical game plan like when Chelsea came to us and waited for us/Steven to make a mistake.

    Guys if that's what it takes to get a result wouldn't you take it....?

    Even if it means a game of attrition and waiting it out.....?

  19. 2 nil Liverpool, period.

  20. Last season it was Sturridge. These players create space for him to carry the ball into aswell. Could be an argument for Borini up front for this one, but BR won't play him because either
    a) Borini slept with his ex
    b) Borini slept with his
    c) Borini slept with his ex
    d) Some much more plausible reason

  21. Haha suicide :)

  22. I bl00dy hope not, but sadly I think you're right

  23. Mignolet

    johnson skertel toure Moreno


    Henderson Gerrard Lallana

    Sterling Borini

    Subs : Lambert, Jones, Enrique, Sakho, Coutinho, Allen, Balotteli (4-4-2)

  24. I'm so sick of those "new ...." labels... every player is an individual with his own style of play ffs

  25. Been reading Gerrard and Lpvren had major falling out after Palace game both blaming each other - allegedly

  26. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:33 am, December 14, 2014

    no he is a one season wonder
    Bony is a better option if we want a player like that ]]but signing big powerful strikers at lfc should be outlawed

    mobile strikers are the best


  27. For a big powerful striker, Benteke is mobile.Don't let the fact he looks like he eats defenders for breakfast fool you.If Aston Villa don't create, it's hard for him to score.Which gives the impression of him being a hot for a season striker.I think he'll return to first season form with clever creatives feeding him.
    One season wonder you say... but you want Liverpool to go after Dybala a player who's been a half season wonder.

  28. I really like your idea about the 3-5-2 and it would be a surprise and a very bold move from Rodgers. Alas, I feel that he will stick to his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation which doesn't work. If he were going for a 4-4-2 I'd like to see this:
    ..........................Lucas...............................(unless he's injured? Then Can)

  29. agreed, except the passport nonsense.

  30. no strikers to start today? is he going to play skrtel up front....he's losing the plot completely now. If we lose today then i hope he walks.

  31. I find that when a player has been labeled the next "player name" here, that player tends to go off the boil. Look at Bojan, expected to be a world beater up there with Messi. Now at Stoke (no disrespect to Stoke intended.)

  32. I dont see this happening.. the youtube vids look promising but no quality players want to come play for brenda.. we keep getting rejected .. and it's down to the manager..

  33. Spot on DerBaumMann! The media have created a seemingly never ending whizkid production line of new Messi and Ronaldo's.
    Like Nathan said these kids are forced to try and live up to unrealistic superstar expectations.

  34. Confirmed #LFC XI to face Manchester United: Jones, Skrtel, Lovren, Johnson, Moreno, Henderson, Allen, Gerrard, Coutinho, Lallana, Sterling.

  35. really good post mate

  36. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:31 pm, December 14, 2014

    no markovic and can rodgers out

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:32 pm, December 14, 2014

    liverpool fans need to get joe allen out the club

  38. weren't u calling for full support few weeks ago...my concern is jones for migs sure his distribution is crap but he is a better shot stopper that jones anyday

  39. The Sun is the only paper reporting the bust up.You know they never hesitate to goal-kick Liverpool where it hurts.
    Even if the story is true.It's not really a bad thing.Brendan Rodgers strikes me as having a Wenger type, laid back approach to player accountability.
    So I'm glad players are highlighting mistakes that others make.

  40. Good luck to Brad Jones today a tough game to break a long spell but i hope he stars and teaches Mignolet a lesson.

  41. I don't recall mentioning anything regarding Sturridge in my post. As Jaimie has mentioned before it's best that Liverpool continue as if Sturridge doesn't exist - and I agree with that sentiment. Sturridge is a brilliant striker, with a wretched injury record, and that's the reality of the situation.

    I'm not calling for Rodgers to be sacked rather merely pointing out what may happen. 'At some point', could also mean at the end of the season. IMO it's pointless sacking BR halfway through the season because of not having a viable replacement. But FSG have shown that they are capable of making such a move.

  42. FSG is pissed that 110m bought them Balo and Ricky. They are also pissed that 110m got them knocked our of CL. It's all about the money it seems.

  43. AVB has got a throat problem

  44. You sound like a Brendan Rodgers puppy. Liverpool is like a headless chicken right now and Suarez was the head. Every team like Liverpool needs a prolific goalscorer and Suarez was definitely the one. By the way Rodgers didn't develop Suarez. Suarez was a world class striker before coming to Liverpool and it was Kenny Dalglish who brought him to Anfield not Brendan Rodgers. Brendan Rodgers has no understanding that a team like Liverpool needs to have not one, not two but a few strikers/midfielders who are prolific goalscorers. Look what happened; the only prolific goalscorer we have Sturridge is hurt. How do you have a bunch of youngsters who run around and don't know how to score goals. Look what Sterling did today. If Suarez had those chances what do you think would've happened? Sure goals. My friend, you need to understand that above your interests, Brendan Rodgers woes, is Liverpool Football Club and we as supporters want to see our team rule the world for that matter. Brendan Rodgers had enough and before he relegates us, he needs to RESIGN with HONOR.

  45. Luis Suarez. That's how come.

  46. Point taken. Was simply pointing bout that current form would improve with DS back so figures up to now cannot be used for the whole season

  47. Rubbish. Every single one of the managers had a top striker playing for them, and most had better midfields/defenders

  48. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva10:19 am, December 15, 2014

    BR will go it is simple FSG are a business and right now their business is not looking good, we need a world class striker but unfortunately they cost some real money and I have been criticized on here for saying that we need to spend 40-50 mill on one but what do I know.
    How about Poldowlski he apparently isn't happy at Arsenal, as for our defence LFC need to bring back Tiago and play him that boy has speed to burn and will be a great CB for us, our midfield is a joke their isn't a player that can cause problems in there, they look clueless bar Cortinho that boy loves to run at players but has no one who can keep up.
    IMO BR should be given till the end of the season to turn things around but I can not see it happening.

  49. Well yes. He is. See with Benitez (and I'm 100% against bringing him back by the way) you could say that he brought in Aquilani but he also brought in Alonso. He had hits and misses. Rodgers only had misses. He was just lucky enough to have Suarez at the club. Now he's gone and you can see the true quality of the manager.

  50. How many times can you possibly repost the same article Jamie. You are a joke of a journalist

  51. You mean Morata who is only not playing due to injury? you mug

  52. How was his first season disastrous? His objective in his first season wouldn't have been to make the Champion's League, it would have been to gain stability and create a foundation, which is exactly what he did. So ok, right now, we aren't in the Champion's League positions in the league, but the league isn't even halfway through and although we are are mid-table as far as positions go, we are only 7 points off the top 4, we will close that distance, no questions. This season cannot be considered a failure as far as his objective to make Champion's League when it's not even halfway through.