10 Dec 2014

Yes Please: 'Miracle' €35m goal-machine could sign for LFC after Euro giants contact club to discuss possible transfer

The Jackson Martinez rumours refuse to die! Last week, Peppino Terri, an agent registered with Italy's FA, claimed that LFC 'are in for Martinez', and new reports claim that Porto are actively trying to sell the prolific Colombia striker to Liverpool."

In November, Liverpool's pursuit of Martinez made the front page of leading Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record, and according to the Daily Mail this week:

"Liverpool do not wish to buy their way out of trouble but will continue to evaluate potential new strikers. Porto's Jackson Martinez has been offered to them [LFC]"

Theoretically, if Liverpool activate Martinez's €35m buyout clause then Porto will have no option but to open negotiations. If only it were than simple, though. As the Luis Suarez/Arsenal fiasco showed, release clauses are basically worth nothing, and if Porto decide to ignore the offer, there's nothing LFC can do about it.

It seems unlikely, though, that Porto would actively try and sell their top goalscorer. Since arriving at the Estádio do Dragão, Martinez - described by Porto boss Julen Lopetegui as a 'miracle' striker - has racked up some formidable creative stats:

* 74 goals/6 assist in 109 appearances.
* Once scored in 10 successive games for Porto.
* At one point, scored 18 goals in 17 games.
* Broke Falcao's record by scoring 11 goals in 12 matches for Porto.

Why would Porto want to sell a player with this kind of creative output? Even if Martinez wants to leave, it makes no sense to basically 'offer' him to another leading club.

As a comparison, it's like Liverpool just allowing Suarez or Sturridge to leave without a fight, and as recent history proves, that just wouldn't happen.

Whatever happens, Liverpool need another striker ASAP. The idea of Lambert, Balotelli, and Borini up-front for the rest of the season is a positively bone-chilling possibility, and with Champions League football an absolute necessity, the club needs a striker in the squad who can consistently score goals.

Forget Sturridge. Liverpool should proceed as if he doesn't exist. Sturridge is an amazing striker, but he cannot be relied upon, and it's impossible to build a team around a striker who is always injured.



  1. It wont get sanctioned by the mysterious transfer committee.
    We have a long term problem, it's serious and starts at the very top.
    I don't like what Brendan is saying and playing but he cannot take all the criticism, until we know what power this transfer committee has or does over player purchase.

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:12 pm, December 10, 2014

    We need some pacy strong black strikers




    Joel Campbell

    one of them is fine two even better

  3. i think your reading to much into it seppy .....at the end of the day Rodgers has lost the plot and the team ....his first to signings where borini and allen @ 25m set the marker

  4. Are you sure I thought the decisions are taken by committee.
    This committee was introduced after Kenny as a compromise for a Technical Director.
    We have player transfer by committee...it isn't working

  5. Bascombes gone public ....lol

  6. Bascombes gone public

  7. Agree and think we need to sign up a lead striker and I do rate Martinez very high. My question is who does BR let go? If Balo he looks like an idiot, if Borini the same applies since he bought him and suddenly
    doesn't want to play him when everyone can see we need to play two up top. My only worry is that BR will persist with one up top and Martinez will start finding it hard to make an impact and we'll back here asking for another striker

    Just confused that the same man who altered the team during matches to get the best out of players last season is the same man who's playing formations that don't work and putting his pride before what needs to happen for our team to get results.
    City are through and we're the laughing stock as the only English team that didn't qualify in arguably the easiest group. Fans sing their hearts out and the players look like they're playing a friendly match against the reserves. Combine that performance with the Real Madrid line-up and I feel like we've done our best to tarnish the glorious European legacy so many have fought for the Liverbird to create. Doesn't look like the team (as a unit) wants to play for BR anymore except for Gerrard who's playing for us
    Sorry, rant over. These boys need to know how much we need this win over UTD. And for starters, they need to play with the same intensity they had in the 80th min with 10men against basel for the entire game against UTD. If they cant do it then bench them, and if BR can't motivate them to give their all then get Kenny, Rush, et al in the dressing room to sort this out because this lack of effort is unacceptable period!

    Rant over for real now....

  8. We definitely have a committee, but no-one can really be sure how it works on a practical level.

  9. Read Jaimie's posts in the last article. Rodgers has explicitly stated multiple times that he has final say on transfers. Why would Rodgers say this when it's not the case to only heap pressure upon himself? The Allen and Borini transfers are proof of this as they were handpicked (and subsequently overpaid for) by Rodgers. I assume any of the Spanish signings were also handpicked by Rodgers as he has a clear preference for their players and style of play.

    Ayre stated it's a review by committee, I think this makes perfect sense. But, Rodgers has final say, so it ultimately falls to him. The responsibility is on Rodgers.

  10. IMO a technical director vs transfer committee, technical director is the better of the two evils. Too many cooks spoiling the soup. The incompetence is for all to see. Imagine being scrutinised by Fifa re FFP rules & still having a squad not worth much! Still Rodgers has to be culpable because when it works the other way we don't congratulate the committee, Rodgers takes the credit!

  11. I prefer root of all evil route. It's just more fun that way.