2 Dec 2014

Transfer Stunner: LFC fighting to sign 'perfect' £28m star hailed as the 'new Ronaldo'

The Mauro Icardi rumours just refuse to die! The Inter Milan striker continues to be linked with a move to Anfield, and new reports claim that the Reds are waiting in the wings to snap-up the 21-year old Argentine.

In November, reports in Italy claimed that Liverpool are planning a massive €35m (£28m) move for Icardi, and according to Sky Sports news tonight:

"Chelsea and Liverpool are both weighing up a swoop for Mauro Icardi, who is currently in discussions about possibly extending his contract.

If those talks break down then then [Chelsea and Liverpool] move for the 21-year-old"

This is not the first time Liverpool have been linked with Icardi:

JULY 2013: The Daily Mail claimed: "Liverpool have enquired about Sampdoria striker Mauro Icardi. The Argentine has also been watched by Tottenham and Manchester City".

AUG 2013: sources in Italy claimed that that the Reds planned to make a €30m offer for the 21-year old striker.

When asked recently about Icardi's future, his agent told reporters:

"If Icardi plays in Spain or England, where he is likely to go, he will be a star. He will become one. He has the talent to be the new Ronaldo. You'll see"

Some info about Icardi:

* Spent 3 years at Barcelona before his €400k move to Sampdoria.
* 11 goals/2 assists in 33 apps for Samdoria.
* Last season: 9 goals 2 assists in 23 apps for Inter.
* This season: 12 goals/assists in 15 games.
* 1 appearance for the senior Argentina team.
* Current contract expires in 2018.
* Missed 10 games through injury last season.
* In a recent interview, Icrdi reveals he wants to 'be like Gabriel Batistuta'

Inter Boss Walter Mazzari is convinced that 'perfect' Icardi is destined for great things, but in a recent interview, he sounded a note of caution over the striker's development, and urged him to focus on his game:

"If he [Icardi] can keep this up and get some flaws out of his game, he can be a great player. He has all the characteristics, he just has to focus. Personal things need to be put aside. Footballers are professionals and they mustn't forget that."

This deal is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Rodgers' is clearly obsessed with bringing young players into Liverpool's squad, so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he splurged big bucks on yet another alleged 'star of the future'.

After spending £20m on Lazar Markovic, though, I sincerely doubt that LFC fans will bee too thrilled to see Rodgers spend €35m on a 21-year old. Additionally, after the utter fail in the summer, FSG will probably wary of Rodgers' judgment in the transfer market, and it'll be a huge surprise if the group sanctions such a big fee for another young player.

There's also the London factor to consider - if it comes down to a straight choice between Chelsea and Liverpool, there's only going to be one winner. Diego Costa is proof of that.



  1. I think Icardi is a great talent, but he has a long way to go. In terms of talent alone, he could be a top striker. I doubt he has the mental qualities to become the kind of player we need. We already have someone who is struggling who has that profile.

    I'd also be wary of the sideshow of Icardi's life rolling into town. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  2. icardi 10x markovic and so is ibe, wilson, texeriea, suso, sterling and coutinho. markovic lfc biggest waste of money because he will never get into the matchday squad again

  3. Waiting for the sugarcoat to come "the club did everything they could to sign the player, but at the end it was geography deciding where the player wants to go".

  4. Some players just take some time to bloom. Have patience, we've seen glimpses of Marko's raw ability. He's got that flair which most of our other players haven't. I believe he'll turn out to be a great player..some day he might have Hazard-esque impact (just being positive).

  5. Wilfried Bony is a much better option:
    1) Proven goal scorer
    2) Prem experience
    3) Has more swagger
    4)Can play upfront by himself
    5) No off field issues

  6. People were saying worse things about Lucas and Henderson
    Henderson is now captain of lfc vs stoke
    while Lucas won lfc player of the year in 2011

  7. The new Ronaldo so that means he will go to Urinal then Real Madrid

  8. markovic is suffering from the manager not putting any trust in him, combined with the fact the team as a whole is playing awfully and has no idenity. his injury in pre-season didnt help with his progress either. if he was given some confidence and a run of games he would show his worth. IMO rodgers is the failure in this situation as he has been with so many players (alberto, suso, ilori, coates, lucas, borini, can etc all of whom have to play second fiddle to the likes of balotelli, joe allen and other out of form/ridiculously poor players (including gerrard too) when they could be given more chances to show what they can do)

  9. Why won't people understand that nearly every single Serie A star we've signed has almost always flopped? Bring in a striker from the BBVA, at least if BR is looking for overpriced talent he can find it there.

  10. I agree totally with you, it's too early to write him off yet.
    Ronaldo didn't really settle to well to start with, I'm sure he was even sent back to Portugal briefly (not a loan spell) to deal with homesickness and look at him now.

    I'm not saying Marko has the same potential level of ability, just that sometimes players, good and bad, need time to settle