2 Nov 2014

'Come to Anfield': Ex-Red urges BR to sign 'brilliant' €6m star. Better than Borini?

Despite spending close to £120m over the summer, Liverpool have disturbingly regressed on the goalscoring front, and with only ONE goal scored in the last four games, the club's problems in front of goal are becoming increasingly acute. What's the solution? According to ex-Red David Thompson, former Spurs striker Jermain Defoe is a possible solution.

Prior to Liverpool's latest goalscoring fail against Newcastle, Thompson tweeted:

"I would love to see Defoe come to Anfield in the [transfer] window He still has plenty of legs, and would really add to the squad"

Hmmm. If the answer to Liverpool's goalscoring problems is to bring in another 32-year old striker in the twilight of his career, then the club really does have problems (!)

In any event, €6m-rated Defoe has been plagued with injuries since moving to the MLS, and he readily acknowledge this himself. Over the weekend, he told the BBC:

"I've been playing 15 months without a rest so I think that's probably the key factor in me getting injuries. I need to shut down and rest my legs. And then we'll take it from there. We'll see what happens when I go home."

'Brilliant' Defoe is almost certainly available - In a recent interview, Toronto General manager Tim Bezbatchenko confirmed that the club had received an offer for the striker, and conceded that the club will sell for the right price. He told reporters:

“Jermain has not asked to leave, but if you’re not 100 per cent committed in what we’re doing, then we have to sit down and talk. If things change then we’ll adjust, and we'll expect 'a lot of money. More than we paid for him"

Injuries aside, is Defoe a better option than Lambert and/or Borini? Neither player seems capable of scoring goals, so it's not like he could do any worse.

Thanks, but no thanks, though.



  1. I think we should switch to a 4-2-2-2 with borini and balotelli up front, when sturridge returns we just put him instead of borini, sterling on the right and coutinho/lallana on the left. The wingers will come inside a lot though so it will work. If we sign reus he could go on the left, but that is a dream...

  2. Should have bought him instead of Lambert. Suits our playing style a bit more.

  3. What a rediculous idea. We are supposed to be going forward. Signing up a player who is now seen his best years gone and in decline is a non starter

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:31 pm, November 02, 2014

    1) jackson martinez

    get one of thees strikers

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:33 pm, November 02, 2014

    if we sign martinez and next season when we sign origi we should have a frightening front 2 again and get 2 midfielders in cabaye and song
    all possible signings


    martinez can be our costa
    cabaye our fabregas
    song our matic

  6. Wouldn't want to sign him but maybe a short term loan deal might suit all parties. We definitely need more legs up front anyway. We're so static and predictable at the moment

  7. Do you really rate Cabaye that highly? He seems quite indifferent to me.
    It also appears you have a lone strike???

  8. has anyone read what Steve Nicol has had to say?

  9. I'd like to see us play two up front or buy proven quality, not Defoe!

  10. We certainly do not need any more average signings, so Defoe, NO.
    The most important aim is to ensure we qualify for the Champions League, which means finishing top 4. We have no chance of winning any silverware this season with too many new players at once coupled with a learning curve for a junior manager playing 2/3 times a week. Play the reserves in the cups and CL, just concentrate on the league. Another season of CL money and prestige, another season for the new players to bed in, another season of probably keeping United out of the CL and an opportunity for the manger to gain more experience and to realise some of the mistakes he has made.

  11. i would like to mention this here though its away from this topic..fellaini spat on aguero and nothing much is happening..had it been suarez or balotelli it would hav been a different case...LVG defends saying saliva can dribble when u shout..
    firstly who the hell is he to go and shout near the face of another player. .and FA (Fergie) is still corrupt..

  12. Ooooh tell me which one you get so I don't get the same one. If we both came on here with our new Higuains we would look daft. Very embarrassing.

  13. That requires common sense Rogers hasn't got that. He praises Borini one minute and drops him the next. I really believe that if Balo and Borini were partnered up front for 4 or 5 games we would see a good partnership and some goals scored, until sturridge comes back I agree this would be the best option

  14. Last season one name kept coming up to explain the turnaround in attitude of players like Suarez and Sterling.....Dr Steve Peters, is he on holiday this season????? as it seems confidence is on the floor, no matter what the manager says.

  15. Most Liverpool supporters will want a player better than Defoe, but I think we'll need to get cash for some of the trash in our squad to help finance any big money deal for a striker.
    I doubt FSG will give Brendan Rodgers a huge amount in the next window.After spending £120m, a washed up bargain basement player like Jermaine Defoe is probably the type we'll target and get.
    Even if they open the cheque book and sanction another expensive deal, does anyone trust BR and the transfer committee to identify the right player?

  16. I agree, and it was no fluke because he was with team GB at the Olympics too, and with us last season. He has some serious work to do getting our players to hold their chins up, and get out there and play some good football WITH results.

  17. No. but I expect he was fully supportive

  18. Why the hell should FSG give B.R anymore money to blow?
    FSG need to be spending more money to bring in a proven manager who can get LFC out of the shit that B.R has got them into.

  19. Defoe??? We are woeful...

  20. Please no. Have we not had enough of either average players or ones that are over the hill or broken. Rodgers really needs to bring in quality during January that will make a difference, otherwise he will probably have to start sprucing up his CV. I would strongly suggest he does not put down budget management as one of his key skills.

  21. These rumors are stupid! Have LFC become so hard up that we can only consider old, nearly washed up semi-fringe players as a solution for 120 million of ill conceived acquisitions. For heaven sake, get big boy players who are older than 19-20 but not in need of a friggin cane.......

  22. It wouldn't be fair to judge Borini so far as his first team chances are very limited. As for Balotelli. .....

  23. What Steve Peters did with the British Olympic team he got too much credit for.The squad over performed and he happened to be around behind the scenes.
    Then you had O'Sullivan overhyping his influence to the media at every opportunity.How did Peters help? It wasn't rocket science...
    Ronnie 'the man child' O'Sullivan needed to be told by a father figure 'your the dogs bollock5' knuckle down and concentrate.You don't need to be a sports psychiatrist to help a simpleton like O'Sullivan.Anyone could've got his career back on track!
    England's football team didn't make it out of the group stages.Where was the Peters magic in that early exit?
    What Liverpool did last season was down to our strikeforce not Steve Peters!

  24. Why would the club sign Defoe? the only advantage to signing him would he could share an ambulance with Sturridge or Lucas.