21 Nov 2014

'What happened was...': BR reveals the strange 'cause' of Sturridge's new injury

Daniel Sturridge's ongoing spell on the sidelines continues to cause major problems for Liverpool, and based on Brendan Rodgers' comments today, it seems like 'Mr Glass' is particularly apt nickname for Sturridge when it comes to his concerning susceptibility to injury.

In his pre-Crystal Palace press conference today, Rodgers revealed exactly how Sturridge sustained his latesr injury. He told reporters:

"He [Sturridge] had been back training, but what happened was just a flick of the boot.

"He didn't strike the ball, it was just a twist of the boot that caused the issue, which is a slight tear, and it's the thigh has caused him problems over time".

A 'flick of the boot'...?

So, all it takes to put Sturridge out of commission for a further six weeks is the act of slightly moving his foot through thin air? If that's the case, then there's clearly a serious problem somewhere.

To paraphrase Basil Fawlty, it really does seem that a rapid movement of air could damage him irreparably.

Sustaining injuries during the intense physical grind of Premier League games is perfectly understandable (and indeed expected), but it seems that Sturridge is so fragile that he can't even handle low-intensity training without getting injured.

Granted, it's not entirely Sturridge's fault that he has the physical durability of an old man, but it's incredibly frustrating to see a highly paid athlete continually picking up injuries in such piffling circumstances.

In my view, this season is a write-off for Sturridge. Liverpool should just forget about him, and proceed as if he's not even in the squad. It's utterly pointless retaining hope that he'll come back to save LFC's season, and Rodgers needs to find a solution *now*, not in two months.

Even when Sturridge finally returns, he's going to need at least a month (possibly longer) to gain the requisite match-fitness to be consistently effective, so the immediate goal is obviously to sign a proven, prolific goalscorer during the January transfer window.



  1. You'll have to forgive him: he's from Birmingham.

  2. and i disagree with the "middle aged woman" reference.. hell even "old arthritic aunt" doesn't compare with sturridge. i will refuse to believe that any young man/woman could injure himself/herself so seriously just by moving his/her leg swiftly, leave alone a professional football player. it has to be some deeper inherent condition with him.

  3. Why did Rodgers bother buying Lambert if he is not prepared to give him a chance,it's embarrassing at this stage all this rumour of running back to lille try to get a 19 yr old in to save the season, Liverpool should be winning the next 6 games before we to to old Trafford, the squad I'd there,it's about time the manager started getting things right. LiLiverpool have the players to go on a run, I just hope it happens now.

  4. For Sturridge, the thigh is the limit.

  5. I can forgive him for that, but his passion for snood jumpers is unpardonable.

  6. I agree, the squad we have should be performing much better than what we have this season. If Rodgers is going to continue with the same system that has seen us struggle game after game then the frustration from fans will only grow.

    We do not have an easy game on Sunday by any means but nothing but a win should be accepted.

  7. That is what happens when you have all your eggs in one basket.

  8. Or, more appropriately...
    That is what happens when you put all your baskets on one egg.

  9. Yes... like a previously torn thigh muscle.

  10. Or take it one step further, egg in the face for Rodgers.

  11. that tears right back up after healing for months ?

  12. Given Sturridge's injury history, I'm sure the boffins in the Anfield medical team will by now have realised that he has an issue with his left thigh. Maybe it's an problem that might be resolved (partly) with surgery. It would be preferable to lose him for a prolonged period than continuing to suffer from these constant setbacks.

  13. Yeah,the yolk will be on him.......I'll get me coat.

  14. with Sturridge back the possibility of 12 pts looked good from next 4 games but now we might get 2 and away to Ludogorets-forget it. This is where you need to show us why you get the millions Brendan. Mutley DOOO Something

  15. So depending on who is fit I am just hoping Rodgers changes it up. Does not look like Balotelli will be playing vs Palace.

    Saying that, I would really like to see the following team.

    Manquillo Toure Sakho Moreno

    The team I expect Rodgers to go with

    Johnson Skrtel Lovren Moreno


    Sterling as usual wasted on the wing. Henderson wasted as a holding midfielder. Johnson, Skrtel and Lovren should have been dropped long time ago. Slow build up play from the back with our defence ending up with majority of the passes again. Ghastly football. Please make it go away! This team is should be doing better than what it has.

  16. BR new the score with regards to Saurez leaving & Sturridge's injury record yet he failed to utilise funds adequately. So far he's blamed Balotelli, now Sturridge. Wish he looked in the mirror!

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:56 pm, November 21, 2014

    Rodgers just does not help himself
    so what he is saying is that he knew that sturridge had injured his left thigh 8 times previous 7 if that was the injury with england on same thigh

    we could ahve signed bony and eto in summer and save one million we would not be in this mess but fsg wanted someone who could sell shirts while rodgers was watching twilight when he bought the overweight pensioner lambert for 4 million .

    rodgers wise up!

  18. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:58 pm, November 21, 2014

    if i had a face like his i would never look in the mirror : )

    but he obviously whats whats most important money and if he gets sacked he gets more money

    maybe he is trying to get himself sacked now to get compensation from his new contract while his reputation is still intact

    smart man that rodgers

  19. Wonder if he's Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  20. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:02 pm, November 21, 2014

    i hope he joins team p45

    Viva la RAFA !

  21. The reason DS keeps getting injured... Subways Chicken Teriyaki sandwich:-)

  22. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:08 pm, November 21, 2014

    10 reasons as to why Rafa Benitez should be our new manager

    1) he is a big name manager , real even wanted him at one point
    2) He wins bucket loads of trophies and has done throughout his career
    3)he signs big players like torres,higuain,alonso,mertens etc
    4) worked with the very best in the game gerrard,hazard,eto,milito, mata
    5)has experience in the pl
    6) he does not suck up to the owners never does
    7) he loves the club , clearly a liverpool fan
    8) he is brave even takes on ferguson while rodgers sucks up to mourinho
    9) he has a very nice voice and his press conferences are always interesting
    10) he knows his " FACTS"

  23. 6) He does not suck up to the owners never does.

    FSG and Rafa = Cold water into a pot with boiling oil.

    End game. My advice is to forget about Rafa. It ain't going to happen no matter how much you want to beg.

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:13 pm, November 21, 2014

    forgot his never die attitude
    and his pedigree as one of the greatest ever coach in Europe

    12 reasons

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:14 pm, November 21, 2014

    but apparently fsg are open to a sale

    if we get a sheik in

  26. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:15 pm, November 21, 2014

    hell even mike ashleys better then fsg
    atleast he don't force a transfer committee upon the boss and tell them to buy players with resale value

    look at the buys rodgers made at swansea all 25 and up
    but here we have this stupid philosophy that arsenal abandoned of buying young players with potential

  27. FSG will not be thinking of selling the club until the new stadium is built. Dream on.

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:17 pm, November 21, 2014

    you never know our roman abrahmovic might be around the corner

    chelsea fans are so lucky as are city fans

    its not fair how come they get the best owners and we always get american owners

  29. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:18 pm, November 21, 2014

    we arent making a new stadium though
    we are just refurbishing it
    am i wrong?

  30. There is nothing wrong with FSG as our owners. They gave Rodgers and the transfer committee £120m to spend this season. How many other clubs have that privilege?

  31. New stadium, refurbishment whatever you want to call it.

    Anfield will be a new stadium after the revamp.

  32. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:22 pm, November 21, 2014

    yes but they clearly force a certain way of buying upon rodgers

    they would never buy a say fabregas lets say even if given oppertnaties
    fabregas age of 27 would be too high to spend over 10m on and his wages would be too high

  33. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:24 pm, November 21, 2014

    but it would still be called anfield ?

    are we renaming it?

    i would call it t one of these names

    5 times arena
    steven gerrard stadium (pay homage to our greatest)
    new liverpool

    do you like any?

  34. Now you are just trying to muddy the waters.

    Rodgers and the committee were given £120 MILLION POUNDS FFS. How many managers get that amount of cash made available to them in one transfer window? FSG do not make the signings. They produce the cash. balotelli is earning a fat wage and Sterling will be one of our highest earners with his new contract.

    FSG have provided a f*** load of money and expect a return on their investment. Any owner would.

  35. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:31 pm, November 21, 2014

    but why ?
    markovic 20
    origi 19
    can 20
    manuillo 19
    lovren 24
    lallana 26
    balotelli 24

    where are all the 27 , 28 ,29 , yera olds like rafa used to buy

    dont tell me all theese young players are a sudden coincidence

    fsg obviously say "we will only spend big on young players "

    i dont wnat any young palyer unless they show same potential as c ronaldo or haxard at that age

    get old palyers jsut under lambert age

    fsg ahve a buy young poilcy will you dispute that?

  36. Rafa wasted just as much money. Take of those rose tinted glasses.

    Done now. Go look for somebody else to play with.

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:33 pm, November 21, 2014

    and this buy young policy is a massive reason for our downfall

    even daglsih ahd to sign henderson,coates,carroll ,
    adam because they were young

    while kuyt maxi meireles where shown the door because of their ages

  38. He's got to shell out for a striker in Jan... don't close that door.

  39. Ah and therein lies the rub... we're assuming it was healed.

  40. But is the club well oeuf enough to afford a top-class forward? I'm here all night, folks.

  41. fsg have more than backed all the managers under there tenure its just that the managers they have employed are complter idiots when it comes to transfers

  42. thats the team i think he will go with and to be honest im not confident

  43. i actually agreee jk and think Liverpool should just write Danny off this season and try to get him fit for next season

  44. everybody is up for sale if the price is right thats what being in business is all about ..if these sheiks materialize do you think they are buying Liverpool for the love of football

  45. Let's look on the sunny side:

    My kingdom for a straw.

  46. Whatever they do don't tell him to put his feet up it will end in tears

  47. rafa also cracks under pressure like that tv rant shown

  48. This has already happened. It has happened without any other being involved except DS. It's a shame but 'fit next season' is not a bankable outcome. We just need to move on and get a new #1 striker.

  49. i agree ....until danny has been verified fit and has played at least 10 games on the run we should proceed as though hes not at the club,for me that means buying a striker come jan and i dont mean a stop gap

  50. Exactly what I told the missus when I got her old boots repaired as an early Christmas present

  51. Heard of Joe Kinnear?

    I hold no brief for FSG, but let's not exaggerate.

  52. YOu forgot where lfc was headed when FSG rescued us. 213M has been given to BR. Lambert is 32 y/o. You refused to see the obvious like some fans. Move on and forget Benitez. He hasnt won any title since Valencia. Dis poorly at Inter, average job at CFC, 2nd place at lfc and he shouldve won title but screwed up, won one cup for Napoli, Naapoli is 6th. Move on! Grass is NEVER greener on the other side. FSG is a sound group and you should be proud they are owners of LFC. Value of club continues to increase. Comercialization expands, expansion on course, etc. David Moores, or GIllette and Hicks havent down half of what FSG has done in 4 yrs.

    Benitez also bought Voronin, Ngog, Paletta, Insua, Leto, Mark GOnzalez, Josemi, Antonio Nunez, Krankomp,etc. He WASTED lots of money. His time is up.

  53. I think we started playing better after that...el oh el

  54. Gerrard Houllier Arena.
    Momo Sissoko Stadium

  55. You really are a wind up merchant. For gods sake can't you just pretend to have some sense?