15 Nov 2014

Confirmed: 'Incredible' €10m striker wanted by Liverpool 'will consider offers'. Sign to replace Borini?

Liverpool are reportedly one of three teams pondering a move for Juventus striker Sebastian Giovinco, and it appears that the striker is definitely open to a transfer.

In October, reports in Italy claimed that:

* Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs are considering a move for the 27-year old, who is interested in a move to the Premier League.

* Giovinco's current contract expires at the end of the season, so theoretically, he could be available on a free transfer.

When asked this week about interest from the Premier League, Giovinco's Agent, Andrea D’Amico, told reporters:

"Giovinco is calm and has showed what he is capable of when he is used. We will consider the offers of other clubs that are abroad. When the time to make evaluations comes, we will see.”

D’Amico also slammed Juve for failing to offer Giovinco a new deal sooner. He barked:

“I do not understand how Marotta and Juventus could decide to lose a fantastic player like Giovinco for free.”

In an interview last season, D'Amico hinted at Liverpool's interest in a possible transfer. Speaking to Calcio Mercato, he noted:

“I am not surprised that Arsenal and Tottenham are being linked, but they are not the only clubs. Olympiacos, Monaco and Liverpool - There are many other teams, as Giovinco is appreciated everywhere"

Giovinco - nicknamed 'formica atomica' (Atomic Ant, after the cartoon character - has made only one appearance for Juve this season, and last year, Antonio Conte granted him a mere 566 minutes of Serie A pitch time, all of which suggests that Giovinco is surplus to requirements.

Despite barely playing him, Conte seems to rate Giovinco highly, and in a recent interview, he gushed:

"Giovinco has incredible quality. He needs to believe in himself even more and realise he can make the difference at Juventus the same way he did at Parma".

Yes, well actions speak louder than words, and if Giovinco is so 'incredible', then Conte would play him regularly. Stats:

* Juve: 18 goals/22 assists in 123 apps.
* Parma: 23 goals/22 assists in 70 apps.
* Empoli: 6 goals/4 assists in 37 apps.
* TOTALS: 48 goals/48 assists in 230 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 2.39 games.

Creditable stats overall, but €10m-rated Giovinco is clearly not prolific enough when it comes to scoring goals. With his assist rate, he'd probably be better off being converted to an attacking midfielder.

Worth a bid?



  1. Sebastian Giovinco? No thanks.We can do better!

  2. Replace Borini, this guy is a definate upgrade, and how fast is this guy.... Weird how some players are ignored by their current managers when they have obvious talent.. Definately worth considering.

  3. This bloke is far superior to Borini... and Balotelli.. and Lambert... underrated and undervalued.

  4. Another average player on the cheap that fits Rodgers player profile.

  5. its doesnt actually fit rogers profile as rodgers tends to pay through the nose for below average players

  6. Don't be surprised if BR pays 25m then plays him last 10 min of games we are losing

  7. wouldn't get too exited, as a juventus fan i can tell you Gio was once hailed as the next Del Piero, he is too small and weak and way too greedy with the ball. he will struggle more in the premier league than serie A. Personally I just want him off the wage bill as fast as possible.

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:52 pm, November 15, 2014

    NO please no no please no

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:18 pm, November 15, 2014

    Rodgers i will save you the hassle of buying players i will just give you list get it done

    Martinez 36m
    doumbia 30m
    schniderlin 27m

  10. "Sebastian Giovinco is far superior than Balotelli"... I think your exaggerating.Balo looks like trash in a Liverpool shirt.That's partly down to him and Rodgers has to take some of the blame for not using him correctly.
    If Balotelli is played with another striker we'll get more from him.He isn't able to adapt like Daniel Sturridge, who makes a big impact playing in many formations as a support or lone striker.
    Grading the talent of Mario Balotelli and Giovinco.MB wins for me.
    Giovinco maybe better than Rickie Lambert and Fabio Borini, but so many players are.
    Liverpool need to start showing more ambition in the transfer market.