28 Nov 2014

Top Transfer: LFC can sign 'world class' attacker for just €16m. Good news?

Two months ago, Bayern Munich star Xherdan Shaqiri confirmed that Liverpool tried to sign him during the summer (for €18m), and with Brendan Rodgers' summer signings abjectly failing to fill the Luis Suarez void, it looks like the Reds may finally be in with a genuine chance of signing Shaqiri.

In September, Shaqiri - hailed as 'world class' by Munich's Sporting Director Mattias Sammer - told reporters:

“Liverpool made a bid for me before the World Cup but Bayern put their foot down and told me, ‘We’re not going to sell you"

Liverpool continue to be linked with Shaqiri, and reports over the weekend indicate that Bayern have now decided that the Swiss star is surplus to requirements. According to The Mirror:

* Bayern have 'sounded out' LFC, Arsenal, Napoli and Atletico Madrid over Shaqiri.
* The club is willing to loan out the attacker in January.
* The German giants want a €2m loan fee, with a €14m option-to-buy attached.

Based on Shaqiri's recent comments, staying at Bayern doesn't seem like a viable option:

"I'm not going through another year like this. I am disappointed because I have played less. I am young and need to develop myself. I want to play in the big games from the beginning, and the Champions League is important to me."

Shaqiri is averaging a paltry 36 minutes of pitch-time per game this season, and with the huge array of top players at the Allianz Arena, that's unlikely to change anytime soon. Clearly, if he really wants to 'develop himself', the best thing for the Swiss star to do is leave, and it looks like he'll now have the opportunity to do that.

Alas, if it comes down to a straight battle between Arsenal and Liverpool, then there's probably only going to be one winner. Arsene Wenger remains a huge draw for top players, and presence of players like Ozil and Sanchez at the Emirates will probably be a huge attraction. Plus, there's the London factor to consider, which is one of the main reasons Sanchez chose the Gunners over the Reds this summer.

That said, after wasting so much money over the summer, a £1.5m loan deal is just what Liverpool need. Shaqiri will have to prove himself to earn a permanent deal, and that means he'll have to play out of skin to achieve that, which can only be a good thing for the Reds.

Just imagine if Liverpool had signed Shaqiri instead of Markovic over the summer. There are no guarantees, but I feel confident that he would've had a significantly greater impact on the club.



  1. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:49 pm, November 28, 2014

    We need a striker first and foremost
    i hate being linked anywhere else

    1) doumbia
    2) martinez
    4) bony
    5) berahino

  2. I agree completely that Shaqiri IMO would have been a much better signing than Markovic, even if he is for the future; considering Sterling is 19 and is one of our best players when Marko is 20. Shaqiri is 23 and is still young also while also having the ability to play first team and still has room to develop of course.

  3. Balotelli not fit for the Stoke match.

  4. I think we should have signed Shaqiri instead of Lallana. Markovic is still young and has found himself in a team that does not know how to play football this season courtesy of Brendan Rodgers.

    Lallana is our most expensive signing this season and not even making the starting eleven. That is enough to suggest that our manager should not be given another penny to spend and needs to be given his marching orders.

  5. There's every chance we won't make CL next season and who knows how long after that so that rules Shaqiri out of coming to us

  6. It rules out many players coming to us if we do not make CL.

  7. Bayern wouldn't sell him it seems

  8. When you put it that way..

  9. It also rules out the money boost from the new sponsorship.

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:15 pm, November 28, 2014

    our two most successful signings are fringe players from other big clubs
    sturridge and coutinho
    we shoudl ahve signed morata,shaqiri,

    we can sign campbell now though joel campbell

  11. That does not hold. We signed Sahin from madrid and Markovic from Benfica and others also from bug clubs. Unfortunately, they have not been great.

  12. Ever since I saw Shaqiri playing for Basel, I knew he was tailor made for us and that has not changed. He is pacy and strong and lethal. There were so many quality wingers available in the summer and we picked Markovic for some reason.

  13. Xherdan Shaqiri on a €2m loan with a further €14m option to buy.It's a no brainer!

  14. Because none of the players you just mentioned are fringe players at their respective clubs...

  15. Here is the thing, we why Shaqiri choose to come to us.

    I mean he is a very good player and I expect quite a few teams will go for him.

    At the rate we are going we will be out of the CL, we will be way down in the league and with next to no chance of qualifying for the CL next season.

    So unless we break the bank in regards to wages + bonuses etc, why should a player of that quality come to us?

  16. 'A few months ago I was manager of the year now I'm favourite to get the sack' then blah de blah you know the drill

  17. Dombia from cska Moscow he has an unbelievable goal to games ratio it's similar to Suarez. He scored 2 against man city the other week. He is all we need class.

  18. Doumbia is a must we should all sign a partition to sign him his record is similar to Suarez record

  19. On that basis you could be the man with the right qualifications to clinch the deal :-)

  20. I actually really like Lallana but I was puzzled why he brought him as we have so many players who can play in that position.

    Would of been far more better to spend that money on a DM

  21. Striker & Defensive Mid first please...