4 Oct 2014

BR Raves: Liverpool have signed a 'world class' player who 'has everything'. £10m bargain?

The ink is barely dry on Divock Origi's Liverpool contract, but Brendan Rodgers is already starting to hype the 19-year old, and his latest comments are a prime example of Rodgers incessant predilection for (as I see it) counter-productive praise.

Origi has 4 goals/1 assist in 8 appearances for loan-club Lille so far this season, and when asked about the youngster's progress this week, Rodgers fawned:

"We took a player in Divock Origi who we believe will be world-class. Now he is a top player. He has everything — the speed, the profile and so on"

Origi is a 'top player' at the age of 19? Great! All that's left is the quick jump to world class status, but according to Rodgers, that's inevitable, so Liverpool have nothing to worry about.

Reds legend Alan Hansen is not as enthusiastic about Origi. In a recent column for The Telegraph, he seemed less than enthused by striker's talents. He observed:

"Origi has a long way to go before being the finished article. He has genuine pace, but he is also raw and displayed some wayward finishing. He is young and has potential, but you cannot ignore his rawness".

To be honest, I'd prefer to hear comments like this from Rodgers, rather than the endless 'he's amazing' rhetoric. Yes, I go on about this a lot, but I just don't see how labelling a 19-year old 'world class' is productive.

Just let Origi get on with developing his game without the added pressure of having to live up to the expectation of becoming a world class player.



  1. Maybe he's drawin attention to the fact that not all transfers are rubbish

  2. Why are some shocked when Brendan Rodgers goes exaggeration or superlatives heavy when giving a summary over players.We should know by now that's just him and he's unlikely to change.
    He's always had a salesman style of media interaction.It annoyed some when he first came in.We became more tolerant last season when we contended for the title.Now Liverpool are looking like garbage everything he does that irritates gets highlighted again.
    Divock Origi will do well for us because he's a quality player and his game suits our system.He has a truckload of potential.

  3. Rodgers is the Pied piper he blows his Own Flute . And LFC fans follow
    Talks a good game with out doing anything .
    Suarez was his Golden Goose Carried Rodgers Now his gone .
    He looks Ordinary like his signings.
    We as club will Suffer Massively We will no get champions league again .
    Because players wont come for that fact.
    100% We need players like Pogba to replace Gerrard Isco to replace Allen .
    And those type of players will cost money which FSG gave him and he bought Bad.
    He is getting called out with borini Coutinho Aspas alberto Allen sakho .

  4. Does it really matter what Rodgers says at the moment? We all know about his approach with the media and nothing suggests this will change.

    I am more worried about what is happening on the pitch right now. Only a convincing win will do today.

  5. He never said that he's world class .. He said thaf now he is a top player and will be world class .... Atleast read ur won articles correctly !!

  6. That's great because Balotelli, Allen and Lallana are also world class according to Rodgers and Markovic will be. All I can say is, be prepared for another five years of CL exile. On an aside, Origi actually is that good.

  7. If we are to add Dele.Alli to the mix, next season should be better. This season requires about 4 miracle signings in January to make top 4. Shaqiri to match Sterling's speed from the wings, isco to replace stevie and add that ... in the midfield, j.Hart in goal and finally Benzema in front. And if he needs the cash and PSG are still willing sell sterling for top dollar and off load Mario (who lacks the pace to fit in)

    Back to next sseason imagine Illori, ibe,origi and dele in tbe team and the old out. Even if we dont challenge (which I know we will), it makes for an exciting watch the