23 Oct 2014

Urgent Deal: BR desperate to sign 'explosive' Brazil star to replace £9m LFC misfit

Another day, another defensive horror show from Liverpool. Real Madrid tore the Reds a proverbial 'new one' at Anfield last night, and once again, Simon Mignolet (who cost LFC £9m in 2013) made a mistake that led to an opposition goal. The sooner he is replaced, the better, and with the Victor Valdes deal apparently dead in the water, Brendan Rodgers has reportedly highlighted an alternative option.

This week, The Mirror reports that:

* Rodgers is 'frantically' searching for a replacement for Mignolet.

* Liverpool are now planning to make a move for Norberto Murara Neto, aka 'Neto'.

* The Brazilian is allegedly willing to accept £20,000-per-week and could be available at a bargain price.

When asked this week about his future, Neto seemed to rule out a move away from Serie A. He told reporters:

"I am not thinking about the renewal. I’m just concentrating on my work and being in good form. The club would like me to renew straight away but we haven’t reached an agreement yet. Fiorentina remains my first choice.”

Neto's Stats:

* 2014-15: Played 7
* Goals conceded: 5 (1 every 1.4 games)
* Clean Sheets: 4

* 2013-14: Played 49
* Goals conceded: 51 (1 every 1.04 games)
* Clean Sheets: 16 (1 every 3 games)

* TOTALS: (Fiorentina) - Played 70
* Goals conceded: 72
* Clean Sheets: 25 (1 every 2.8 games)

Neto's clean sheet record is quite impressive, but over his career, his goals-conceded per-game ratio is not the greatest. However, last season, he conceded fewer goals (51 in 49 games) than Mignolet (53 in 40 games), so at a basic level, the Brazilian is clearly an upgrade.

Former Fiorentina goalkeeper Sébastien Frey certainly believes that Neto is a top-class 'keeper. In an interview earlier this year, he raved:

“I trained for a few months with Neto and he his is naturally explosive, and I think the Italian school helped him grow even more. He can become one of the best goalkeepers in Serie A.”

Is Neto the answer, or should Liverpool try and sign a proven, world-class goalkeeper (like Iker Casillas, for example, who is currently being linked with a move to Anfield)?



  1. Oh past. Right.
    2014/15: £117 million
    2013/14: £48 million
    2012/13: £50 million
    2011/12: £56 million
    2010/11: £80 million
    That's approximately £350million over the last 5 seasons. So £70 million each season. Chelsea spent £90 million, but spent it on world class players and look how they have drastically improved... Yes I know Liverpool have tried to go for world class players but failed, maybe they need to do something about that.

  2. I can see that you've gotten your teeth into this Balotelli as a lone striker "problem" and won't let go of it. I thoroughly disagree. Balotelli is a striker. When has he ever been called anything else? The suggestion that he's only ineffective when played as the only striker makes virtually no sense. He's ineffective, period. The problem is not Balotelli out of position it's Balotelli. Suarez never had any trouble playing as a lone striker, nor did Sturridge, nor did Torres. I agree certainly that whatever we're doing at the moment is not working but it's a formation we used many many times last season and it consistently produced goals. Liverpool as a team work well with a single striker up front, it's just that Balotelli is not playing at the top of his game, he's not yet fitting the system. I can see how it's easy to blame Rodgers for that, perhaps we could say that he bought the wrong player, but if that's the case then it's a mistake long gone, one that can't be corrected by adjusting tactics. Shifting an entire Liverpool team to suit the supposed preferences of one player is not the answer. The answer is for Balotelli to wake up and find the kind of focus and determination needed to succeed for his club. He is seemingly doing that, working hard in training and showing signs of improvement. So Rodgers should absolutely persist with the formation and keep on the player until he is suitably transformed into the kind of intelligent and flexible striker that we need.

  3. Again the same mistake - BR & FSG are expecting a Sturridge & Coutinho every time. You can't strike gold with every chancy dig - BR has wasted enough, may not be Carroll like howlers. I think, GK is the best potion for a risky big investment. In general, expensive GKs hardly flops. Instead of spreeing small amount for a number of chances, I suggest BR to pay 20mn+ & get someone like Lloris or Begovic.

    Mignolet was a wrong choice, could have been a great GK in 80s, 90s because he is a very good shot stopper, but in current days, GK is a sweeper & defense coordinator. He is absolutely poor, probably won't start even for lower mid table clubs in EPL.

  4. When do we sign a new manager...

  5. 24 players signed in 3 years and very little quality in the bunch.. 2 players at most.. #rodgersout!

  6. I doubt we will lose to Hull.. but if we do Rodgers should be told that his contract will be terminated at the end of the season..there is a reason he was fired from Watford and Reading..

  7. Tons spent and not a world class addition in the bunch. If I hear one more rumor or we actually sign one more "fabulous, unstoppable" kid I am going to f@@@ing scream. All the teams above us understood the concept except us. I know Liverpool is not London and that's a competitive disadvantage to get some players but it's a great city in its own right. I don't trust the front office. Of the new signings, Moreno and Manquillo have shown some good things albeit some youthful errors. Except for one great goal by Lallana, he and Balotelli, Markovic, haven't done shit and Enrique was horrendous against QPR. Johnson is still largely ineffectual. Even if Sturridge returns and remains healthy, we only have Sterling, Henderson and Coutinho (although he seems to show up 1 good game very 4) the squad is awful. Suarez brought out the best of several players and we desperately need work rate, persistence and tenacity throughout the roster. These traits are in short supply on this roster. The guy that characterized the roster as a crowd of mediocrity hit it on the head. Mid table at best............

  8. I'm curious as to why we are a team that shouldnt be concentrating on the future? We lost THE best striker in the world (I'm talking as in a centre forward, not wing/forwards like Christina and Leo) and had to build our team up to a level that could compete in 4 competitions, in both quality and size. We had the quality there, as evidenced by last years efforts, but the squad depth was lacking. Taking Suarez out affected us more than we thought, along with our massive injury problems already. You keep saying that BR only bought players for the future, that would be good in 3-5 seasons, but look at the list of BR signings who were already established first teamers, if not internationals, before we signed them: Allen, Sturridge, Coutinho, Mignolet, Toure, Cissokho, Sakho, Ilori, Moses, Aspas, Lambert, Lallana, Lovren, Moreno and Balo. Thats £150m on established players. Now take a peek at the list of inexperienced/unestablished players: Borini, Assaidi, Yesil, Teixeira, Alberto, Can, Marko, Origi and Manquillo for a combined total of £60m. I think that's a good balance and before anyone says that the 'established signings' arent performing, not one of them was out of form in any way when signed, there was absolutely no way that BR could have predicted that the likes of Cissokho, Moses, Aspas etc wouldnt work out. Peace, YNWA

  9. Since when is Markovic our best player?

  10. Rodgers seeks replacement for Mignolet, and LFC should seek replacement for Rodgers.

  11. You really got the meaning of you ll never walk alone

  12. Mignolet is a great shot stopper. Sure, he sucks at set-pieces and ball distribution but the blame can't fall at his feet all the time. Our defense sucks big time which leads to alot of goals scored against us. If we go for another gk, he'll need to be a great shot stopper and be able to command his lines. Does Neto fit that bill?

  13. Well said, The problems were there to see Last season.

    We need Good Commanding GK who defence trust who can kick well and distribute the ball well with his arms or feet as S Mignolet(26) is comical and the defence have NO TRUST in HIM AND it shows week in week out.

    B Rodgers needs to man up and put S Gerrard(34) On the bench as he is in effective in the centre of park unless we play a team with no class, quality, mobility or pace in the middle of the park. Then S Gerrard(34) can shine with the Hollywood passes, but he does not have the energy, legs, mobility, pace and speed to dictate and dominate games anymore.

    And he is not a DM , B Rodgers should bring in two DM'S in January, A GK , World Class Goal scoring winger with mobility, pace and speed and lastly a mobile pacey quick striker.

    Whilst he needs to ship out all the dead wood players still at club offering us very little:

    Ins : January:

    1: Y M'Vila(24) Of Rubin Kazan for £11-£14M DM
    2: C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £10-£12M DM

    3: T Krul(26) Of Newcastle for £8-£10M GK

    4: RWF/LWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£27M
    5: FD:L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £15-£20M


    1:B Jones(32) GK

    2:G Johnson (29) RB

    3: L Leiva(27) DM

    4: F Borini(23) FD

    5: Suso(20) AM

    As B Rodgers has wasted millions millions millions on average players and the only player who looked like he was Champions League player and played without fear was Coutinho(22).

    B Rodgers needs to bring Sakho(24) back into side, no matter what the disagreement was because to say the guy is injured after he walked away from ground for being unused against Everton. After that he got suspect injury when?

    Sakho(24) may not look the most convincing defender we have on ball, but if he is given 7-15 games in team with D Lovren(25) i think they could be a great partnership.

    J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) both have good energy, mobility and a bit of pace to them but they are both Average midfielders and last night it showed badly.

    In July-August 2015 if B Rodgers is still manager of Club:

    This world class Centre midfielder need to be brought to club:

    1: T Alacantra(24) Of Bayern Munich for £25-£32M

  14. You're so right. But he'll probably still be there fouling things up with his utterly clueless signings in two to three years time.

  15. I would have been upset too

  16. Well, I would have been upset too

  17. Dead right Suarez carrier Rodgers. And Gerrard. And Mignolet. And, And, And. But 75 million and being runners up in the PL should have been enough to convince one or two similar players to join us. But now, we had to build the squad.

  18. Mr. Point Of View9:32 am, October 23, 2014

    yes BR AND HIS SIGNING is doin sh i t now but is still to soon to replace him. By end season no reach objective then sack

  19. You couldn't make it up,but you did.Rogers didn't know about the shirt swop until he was told at full time.

  20. Do what? Use more money??,which will not happend.
    Let's go the B.Dortmund road first and then the potential of this club, with it's history, is as big as any club in the world. But it will take years!

  21. BR and his signings are not doing poorly just now. They've been poor ever since he came to the club. Previous years the excuse was no funds, no Champions League. That doesnt fly this time though. Three windows, three strikes. You're out.

  22. On this keeper. Another one glued to his goal line. His ability to handle crosses is worse than Mignolet's. I'd pass so Rodgers will probably pay 10 million for him

  23. Balotelli isn't a defender nor the manager that has to sort defense out, why are we even having a conversation about him?, Liverpool lost out on the league despite having 2 league top goal-scores, why? because we had a poor defense that's gone worse.

    In truth which of any of BR's summer signings have done anything of note?, why single out Balotelli

  24. Exactly if he's average BR will spend over the asking price for him-

  25. Strange...don't remember seeing such comments last season when we blitzed pretty much all that was put in front of us & played fantastic football - BR was still the manager!

  26. mignolet is a good shot stopper but poor in the air. reina was a good shot stopper but suspect in the air. dudek, westerweld, james, all the very same. what i would say is, that when you chop and change a defence as often as brendan does, it will not create a consistent bond or understanding between goalkeeper and those in front of him. his confidence will return once brendan stops f***ing around with the back four. All the consistent successful clubs stick to a constant line-up. it isn't difficult and you don't need a sports scientist or psychologist to work that out. bring back mike hooper!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Do BR always read this comments. Please defense is really a mess.when our players are back we should continue with sakho and skytel. For the main time. Like wise lone striker is not good football please. Real male rid play with two hold striker and Ronald at the other side. Like wise. Please puts Steve ahead and try can as defensive midfielder. I like the wording of Jammie carreghar .let us try to keep a clean shirt before sending blams to the attackers. Let us try this as other clubs. Try and rest Steve and try another option. Chelsea use to keep lampard on the bench to get sir point if the young ones can prove.

  28. Lovren still immune to criticism I see.

  29. Absolutely agree in terms of gk. And like you mentioned I really Feel like liverpool need Hugo lloris. He is absolutely reliable and has premier League experience. I wouldn't be surprised if liverpool even tried to bring in petr cech

  30. Sergei Robrov struggled playing as a lone striker as did Jon Dahl Tomason as did Daniel Amokachi, Veronin and Kezman. All of these strikers had great international reputations as a second striker but struggled badly when they were shoved onto the last defender. On the Flip-side When Robbie Keane joined us he was asked to play as a second striker and really struggled. However when Torres was out Keane didn't do too badly as a first striker.

    Keane diplomatically says: 'I enjoyed the position I played against Bolton, up front on my own. That's my best position and where I have played for the last 10 years, I enjoy it.


    So in the case of Keane at that stage of his career and in the system Rafa chose to play Keane couldn't play no.10 but could play as an out and out striker showing there is a massive difference in the two roles. In one of the roles he was effective in the other he was shipped out after 6 months.

    The 1st and second strikers roles are completely different so I disagree. It is like saying 'a central midfielder is a central midfielder' and then proceeding to play Vinnie Jones, David Batty, Tom Huddleston or Owen Hargreaves in the no.10 role at the tip of a diamond. Getting in behind defences is a natural ability that I dont think can be taught. Ian Wright, Shearer, Lineker, Suarez, Cole, Sturridge and even Sterling naturally slip in behind defences which is what separates the out and out striker from the 2nd striker. When Gerrard played as a second striker a few seasons back he looked good for a year but could he have played as a center forward? never.

  31. Love BR but his defensive tactics and coaching needs to change in order for this team to move forward. Look when Clarke was in charge of the back four, we was very solid.

  32. I'd like to see Rodgers as forceful about our defending as he is over that shirt swap.

  33. Offer Chelsea 15m for Cech and stop all this messing about. Cech is only 32 which is nothing for a keeper, could easily cut it for next 4-5 years.

  34. We didn't but a Suarez replacement, we simply bought a couple of ill fitting strikers. There really is no direct replacement for him as there wouldn't be for Ronaldo or Messi were they to leave their clubs. We needed to buy players that would allow us to continue the high intensity game we started last season and we needed those players to hit the ground running this season. Those kind of players are world class - your Fabregas, Costa, Di Maria etc and they either cost many many monies or they are not interested in joining a club who has challenged for the title twice in twenty years and one which has just qualified for the Champions league for the first time in years and has been forced to sell their only truly world class player. We are not in the business of handing out 200k plus a week contracts, we couldn't sustain it. The issue is whether we could have done better with our transfer budget or is it simply a question of waiting for new players to bed in and become a real team. If we used our budget to sign a top top striker and maybe another wide player, we would have had to keep Agger instead of Lovren, no Left back upgrade, no squad strength for what is certain to be a much more physically demanding season than last. Maybe the ideal would have been to keep all the young players we have loaned out in the squad and supplemented them with 1 or 2 truly world class signings. The only issue with that is they generally don't see Liverpool as one of the best options anymore and we are unwilling to tear up the incremental rise / performance related contracts we have given the younger / new players in order to hand someone that kind of money. How could they pay a Cavani say 200k and have people like Henderson, Sterling (only 2 deserving) on under 60k?

  35. Chelsea would not sell Cech to us

  36. Lovren was a good player last year, Skrtel was club player of the year a couple of seasons ago, Sakho looks alright when he played for France. Most teams in the prem would love to have the guys we got, it has to be coaching and hard work to get it right at the back. Apart from Chelsea very few teams this year are doing particularly well defensively

  37. Spurs will never sell him to us. If Lloris becomes available I can see a scenario where Man City get him and us ending up with Hart!

  38. I hear yo mate but I can guarantee that if Wisdom was playing for us people will moan that he never beats a man and puts a cross in, simply passes the ball back.

  39. Just like people said they wouldn't sell Juan Mata to Utd. Now FFP has kicked in they would take a good offer for him and I'm sure he would be keen.

  40. AndWithSuchSimplicity3:37 pm, October 23, 2014

    Skrtel got ripped apart by Havant and Waterlooville on his debut.
    Nothing seems to have changed.

  41. AndWithSuchSimplicity3:38 pm, October 23, 2014

    Why doesn't Carragher do it, or is he happy taking Murdoch's money.....???

  42. Mr. Point Of View3:41 pm, October 23, 2014

    Sack BR now will make no big different bcoz his successor will inherit same poo ! Let him (BR) clean his mess till the end and see where we goes ! Honestly i already brave myself for relegation battle hahahaa worst case scenario

  43. AndWithSuchSimplicity3:41 pm, October 23, 2014

    No "World Class" players wanted to come.......

  44. we had the chance to sign begovic but instead went for mignolet to save a few million quid. this buying above average talent doesnt work - yes he hasnt made a caroll type of howler but he has made many downing level howlers - whether its him or the ex man city transfer committee god only knows!

  45. stop trolling.....rogers has the highest win ratio as a liverpool manager (over 56%) since Kenny Dalgleish in 1991 when we last won the title. Add to that the team KK inherited from paisley and fagan it shows how amazing Rogers has been with the team he took over. A bad run of games, (that could see us in 3rd place should we beat Hull on Sat!), and you're calling for his head - you are clueless! Before you call me a sniper JK, I have added stats to my post to show why BR has been amazing for our club!

  46. Oh, I see another moneyball douchebag! Who cares about winning percentage when you didn't win anything.
    Spare that C word for Rodgers and his signings! Did you compute how much money FSG will earn from these signings also??? LOL

  47. Mourinho hates Liverpool, he still hasn't accepted that semi final goal was a goal and constantly sniped at us last season because of our schedule, this year he talks about eveyone wanted Chelsea to be the clowns, he starting to get a complex about us just like fergie did. JM wants/wanted to manage Utd. Mata was sold to Utd because Mata doesn't solve a problem at Utd. Selling us a top GK would solve a problem for us.

  48. We never won the premier league n that started 1990!!

  49. Why didn't we go for Ochoa? He would've been a free transfer last summer, had a great world cup, looks confident in the area.

  50. Because he's not expensive enough and he's above average