17 Oct 2014

Yes Please: BR wants 'irreplaceable' €14m Brazilian with amazing Suarez-like stats

Prior to signing Lazar Markovic, Liverpool were linked with a summer move for Hoffenheim attacker Roberto Firmino, and with Brendan Rodgers' summer signings struggling to make a consistent attacking impact, it appears that the Reds plan to make a new move for the Brazilian maestro during the January transfer window.

Over the summer, Liverpool allegedly considered making a €14m bid for Firmino, and according to new reports today:

* Rodgers is planning to make a new offer for Firmino in January.

* LFC's boss is concerned that £20m-duo Balotelli and Lambert will not deliver the goods.

When asked this week about whether Hoffenheim will be forced to sell Firmino, the club's sporting director Alexander Rose told German TV channel Sport1:

"I'm relatively confident of [his] stay here. The possibility of a farewell is not something that concerns us in the short term. Sometimes a sale is inevitable, but this is not the case."

Last season, Firmino really came to the fore at Hoffenheim:

* 22 goals/16 assists in 37 games.
* Overall: 38 goals/assist in 37 games.
* Goal every 1.6 games.
* Goal/Assist every 0.9 games
* League Only: Goal/Assist every 96 mins.

38 goals/assists? That's a stunning achievement in one of Europe's best leagues, so it's no surprise that Rodgers remains interested.

When asked in July about the interest of 'top clubs', Hoffenheim manager Markus Gisdol told SportBild:

"Roberto is currently in excellent form. He fits the way we like to play football, but he has a contract here, so I'm not worried"

When pressed about how Hoffenheim would cope if Firmino left, Gisdol added:

"He is irreplaceable, and no club in the world can directly replace their best players when they leave"

Firmino's creative output last season is phenomenal, but there's a possibility that he played of his skin in a bid to make the Brazil World Cup squad. Indeed, prior to the tournament, the 23-year old waxed lyrical about his World Cup 'dream'. He told German newspaper Bild:

"Playing for the national team is one of the biggest dreams of my life. If and when that will happen, others decide. I just have to work hard with my club"

Alas, Brazil boss Phil Scolari ignored Firmino (and LFC's Coutinho) and selected hacks like Fred and Jo instead, which contributed to the team's humiliation during the tournament.

Being ignored will have been a massive disappointment for Firmino, and it remains to be seen whether he can maintain last season's form without the incentive of a place in the national team. This season, he has 4 goals/assists in 7 games for Hoffenheim, so it's looking so far.

If LFC are going to spend €14m+ on an yet another attacking player, then it should definitely go on a player with incredible creative stats, but there's a strong possibility that Firmino could end up being a one-season wonder. After all, in the two two seasons prior to this one, the Brazilian managed only 12 goals and 5 assists in 67 appearances.

I personally would've preferred Firmino over Markovic, mainly because he's older, more experienced, and his creative output is significantly better. That said, nothing is guaranteed, and it's still entirely possible that - like Markovic - he would've struggled with the transition to the Premier League.

Worth a bid, or will Lallana, Markovic et al come good?



  1. Are you being serious?

  2. Firmino was my number 1 summer transfer target for LFC & the club need to break the bank (if necessary) & sign him before someone else does! IF, by the grace of God, we can sign Firmino & Reus i think we'd be back to our 'old' lethal ways & wouldn't need another striker! I pray this is true 🙏

  3. I am pretty sure January is going to be a quite window with maybe one or two basement signings. I highly doubt we will be going for the big fish in January.

  4. Lallana will come good however it speaks volumes when Brendan Rodger best attacking signing so far is Alberto Moreno

  5. Theres no need to break bank for Firmino. BR opted for Lallana over Firmino. Forget wishful thinking about Reus. We need a proven striker with movement behind defence than we need wingers. We will never get Reus. Dont think BR wants him.

  6. rogers is playing tombola when it comes to players there is absolutely no strategy involved, that im almost sure of.Buy a player any player pick any position play him there regardless of suitability and if it doesn't work loan him out .....THATS ONE HELL OF A PLAN

  7. Lallana and Moreno were excatly what we needed and he got them. Despite many obstacles..

  8. 38m for the pair is hardly wheeler dealing ....aSpas ,alberto,lazer,mingo,sako.lovren borini .allen, assadi and others are any of these players good value or more to the point any Kop ...

  9. Assaidi and Borini will be sold for profit or no loss.

    Alberto is waste*(probably)
    Mingo still might prove to be good, but probably won`t.
    Sakho, Lazar. and Allen are good buys.
    Lovren I am not sure, but everyone said he is, maybe there is something to it..

  10. And 38 for that pair is fair price.

  11. It´s a difficult one, Jamie. However, I can´t help notice that my own (Norwgian national team player) Tarik Elyounoussi (26) is having a resurrected career at Hoffenheim after a slow start. 4 goals in 7 matches - and at least two of those where "already scored" by excellent assists from Firmino. For his (Tarik) credit, it also worth mentioning he also scored a brilliant solo-goal among those four. Volland hash´t done anything so far this season and I can say ,rather than presume, that Firmino is now their nr1 player by a mile (or more). His forward movements, in space with adequate trickery and his eye for an assist, seem well documented and should appeal to most clubs. From the little I have seen, he also press and gets involved on the defense, but I must admit I have not looked seriously at that part of his game at all. It might be a reason he is "ignored (by big clubs)", but again, he does´t strike me as a player with a lack of defensive DNA. Hoffenheim is still under the influence of Dietmar Hopp and Sap money, and are not known to be bullied (or stressed) into selling. I surely, would´t mind seeing him at Liverpool, but as to comparison to Markovic - I would´t count the latter out over whom will be the best player over the next few years.

  12. That's what you're saying, doesn't make it true. Every single player we signed this summer plays in a position we needed to reinforce, that sounds like a plan to me.