2 Oct 2014

Done Deal: Liverpool agree monster deal to sign 'world class' €50m superstar. Exciting?

The january transfer window is still three months away, but new reports this week claim that Liverpool have agreed a deal to sign Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema.

According to reports in the UK and Spain:

* Brendan Rodgers has held talks with Real Madrid over the possibility of signing Benzema.

* Madrid have agreed to sell Benzema to Liverpool for €50m (£38.8m)

Liverpool have pursued 26-year old Benzema a few times in the past.

JUL 2014: The Daily Mail reported: "Liverpool have an interest in Karim Benzema. He would cost £40million and wages of around £200,000 a week...but it is not a simple deal".

FEB 2014: Spanish newspaper Marca claimed that Rodgers sees Benzema as a 'realistic target' if the Reds qualify for the Champions League this season.

FEB 2014: One of Benzema's reps allegedly 'informed' Liverpool that the French international was open to leaving Madrid at the end of the season.

2013: Benzema linked with cash-plus-player, swap deal with Suarez.

2011: Real Madrid reportedly rejected an LFC bid for Benzema on transfer deadline day.

I'm sure many LFC fans will be excited by the prospect of this deal, but I've never been impressed with Benzema. As Gerard Houllier recently noted, he sometimes appears to be 'unmotivated', but to be fair, last year, he had a great season for Madrid (36 goals/assists in 46 appearances). He also had a stellar World Cup for France, contributing 3 goals and 2 assists to help France through to the quarter-finals.

Houllier also insists that Benzema is in a golden period of his career, and in a recent interview with Journal du Dimanche, the former Liverpool boss enthused:

"Benzema has always been a goalscorer, but he has improved [working] with his team-mates. He is not just a poacher. He is good at assisting and mentally he is very strong. He is now falling into the category of world-class players"

Benzema recently signed a deal with Real Madrid, but this season, the French star has been target of jeers by Madrid fans. This seemingly doesn't both him, though. He told reporters last week:

"I was jeered last season too. All the greats who have played for Real Madrid have been jeered; [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Zinedine] Zidane. It's not a problem for me. I don't let it get to me. I just concentrate on playing."

Liverpool clearly need another top class striker, but I'm not convinced Benzema is the answer. The Reds need a Suarez-like player; someone with skill and invention who can create things for himself, rather than having to (mostly) rely on service, and Benzema doesn't fit the bill, especially for €50m (!)

I'd rather see Liverpool sign a player like Gonzalo Higuain, who arguably has the playing style and the creative return to make a decent attempt at filling the void left by Suarez.

That said, after this summer's underwhelming transfer business - and Rodgers' overall ineffective performance in the transfer market - I find it hard to believe that FSG will hand the manager another €50m so soon.



  1. well if that is true that is Sterling's asre out the door to R Madrid if this deal happens

  2. Unfortunately BR needs to sign players who suit his style of football, or otherwise change the style of football to complement the players he has bought or is pursuing.

    Mario is a case in point. He prob has many strengths, but running into channels and space is not one of them - which is the main reason we have missed Sturridge. To date none of the new signing with the possible exception of Moreno has impressed as of yet. Lallana may be getting better. But at a stretch 2/7 and £100m sunk is not very good. Maybe the other may come good.

    But that's not the point. We spent £100m so that we could/would have a strong bench. Well we can kiss that experiment goodbye now as we're worse off than last year.

  3. Who needs Benzema when you have Aspas knocking them in left and right in the Europa League????

    But really, the only way to partially fill the void left by Suarez at this point is to play Sterling as a 9, or false 9 or whatever - basically play him in the same role that Suarez played.

    As far as attributes go Sterling is the closest thing - his first touch and anticipation of where the ball will go are probably the best on the team, his shooting is very good, he's become more physical, and has the pace and dribbling skill to beat just about anyone, he's also using his left foot more and quite effectively - his skills are wasted being played so deep, let Coutinho, Lallana, Markovic, Suso take care of the wings/10. Play Sterling up front with Sturridge or Ballo, while one of those 2 sits on the bench, and becomes a true impact sub (unlike Ricky).

    If Rodgers can put Gerrard as a deep lying play maker, he can try sterling as a striker.

    That's the only way I can see the team taking things in another direction, January will probably be too late.

  4. They can have his arse. We can get him some implants. It's the legs we need to keep.

  5. It's been 3 games for most of the players. Can hasn't even played yet. Give them some time at least.

    Not saying it will definitely get better, but there is almost no point in judging them now.

  6. Benzema doesn't work hard enough.

    Higuaín would be a better fit for us. His all-round game is better than he's given credit for.

  7. NOO.......not benzema

  8. Totally agree with your assessment of Benzema JK, there's no doubt the guy is talented, but whenever I've watched him play, he just seems a bit 'meh'. I've seen him smash some golazo's but for me, he's a bit like Anelka, but not as clinical. It's alot of money, both fee and wages, but he would almost guarantee goals. I do agree that we need a suarez/kun type of striker, rather than another big target man, but I've got no idea who we'd target for a reasonable amount of money that would fit that type of profile. Looking forward to the WBA game. Peace, YNWA

  9. Lavezzi would b best i believe

  10. We have Origi scoring goals for Lille, get him back in January!!!

  11. When Sturridge comes back and Allen or Can, then we can stretch teams by pressing again................that is our problem now!!!