12 Oct 2014

'Atomic Ant' to LFC? - BR wants to sign 'incredible' €10m attacker. Replace Borini?

Liverpool are reportedly one of three teams pondering a move for Juventus striker Sebastian Giovinco, who is currently finding it difficult to nail down a first-team place at the serie A club.

According to the Daily Express today:

* Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs are considering a move for the 27-year old, who is interested in a move to the Premier League.

* Giovinco's current contract expires at the end of the season, so theoretically, he could be available on a free transfer.

When asked this week about the possibility of leaving Juve, Giovinco told reporters:

“There are things to evaluate and at the end of the year I will consider whether or not to continue with Juve. We’ll see as time goes on.”

His agent, Andrea D’Amico, recently slammed Juve for failing to offer Giovinco a new deal sooner. He told reporters:

“I do not understand how Marotta and Juventus could decide to lose a fantastic player like Giovinco for free.”

In an interview last season, D'Amico hinted at Liverpool's interest in a possible transfer. Speaking to Calcio Mercato, he noted:

“I am not surprised that Arsenal and Tottenham are being linked, but they are not the only clubs. Olympiacos, Monaco and Liverpool - There are many other teams, as Giovinco is appreciated everywhere"

Giovinco - nicknamed 'formica atomica' (Atomic Ant, after the cartoon character - has made only one appearance for Juve this season, and last year, Antonio Conte granted him a mere 566 minutes of Serie A pitch time, all of which suggests that Giovinco is surplus to requirements.

Despite barely playing him, Conte seems to rate Giovinco highly, and in a recent interview, he gushed:

"Giovinco has incredible quality. He needs to believe in himself even more and realise he can make the difference at Juventus the same way he did at Parma".

Yes, well actions speak louder than words, and if Giovinco is so 'incredible', then Conte would play him regularly. Stats:

* Juve: 18 goals/22 assists in 123 apps.
* Parma: 23 goals/22 assists in 70 apps.
* Empoli: 6 goals/4 assists in 37 apps.
* TOTALS: 48 goals/48 assists in 230 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 2.39 games.

Creditable stats overall, but €10m-rated Giovinco is clearly not prolific enough when it comes to scoring goals. With his assist rate, he'd probably be better off being converted to an attacking midfielder.

Worth a bid?



  1. Great little player

  2. In a word, no

  3. The Daily express have linked us with Higuain, Giovinco and Winston Reid this week and misquoted Suso to make it seem like he's just given the club an ultimatum. I'd be surprised if there's a single iota of truth to any of it

  4. Jock,

    Wait till next week: Ronaldo, iniesta, Messi Aleves and ibrahimovich are being tracked and coming as well...

  5. This must be a joke. In Balotelli and Borini we already have more than enough Italian mediocrity. Italians are useful for opera singing and cooking, but not for playing football. This is well known throughout the world.

  6. Mr. Point Of View8:53 am, October 12, 2014

    What the point to replace a fringe player??? Borini is younger which his expiring day is much longer b4 rotten at bench hahahaa

  7. In January:

    B Rodgers needs ships out these 6 players in January:

    1: GK: B Jones (32) 2: RB: G Johnson(29) 4: CB: K Toure(33)

    4: DM: L Leiva(27) 5: FD: F Borini(23) 6: AM: Suso(20)

    And then B Rodgers needs to bring in these 5 class EXPERIENCED Proven Quality Players to squad in January: Not S Giovinco(27)

    Thesea are the players needed: DM, GK, RWF, LWF & a Top Quality CM

    Priority 1:

    DM: Y M'Vila(24) Of Rubin Kazan ( On Loan at Inter) should be brought to club for £10-£14M

    Priority 2:

    T Krul(26) should be brought for £10-£12M to displace S Mignolet(26) from first 11.

    Priority 3:
    More mobility, pace, speed to attack is needed as if Sterling(19) and sturridge(25) are not in side it effects balance of side, we need some alternative speedsters brought to club so if the Sterling(19) and Sturridge(25) are out of starting 11 we will still have the mobility, pace and speed to hurt teams in attack:

    2: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona should be brought to club for £23-£26M
    3: M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund should be brought to club for £22-£30M

    Those two class creative goal scoring wingers would bring the best out of Balotelli(24) or D Sturridge(25) playing either side of them.

    And both those players have pace, speed to burn and would bring an extra 20-40 goals a season to club.

    Last Priority : 4 class creative box to box goal scoring quality Centre Midfielder: Should be brought to club to compete with E Can(21), J Henderson(24) and J Allen(24).

    One of these three centre midfielders should be brought to club to help J Henderson(24) replace S Gerrard(34):

    1: J Claise(23) Of Feyenoord for £8-£15
    2: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £16-£18M
    3: B Etxebarria(27) Of A Bilbao for £12-£16M

  8. Goode joke, but the problem with Italian players is that they are either world beaters or complete utter shyte!

  9. Why's that? I don't know too much about the player outside of youtube vids (I dont care much for Serie A, personally) but I'm keen to know why he wouldn't be a good purchase. From what I've seen, he looks better than Fabio, and we seem to be able to get more than £10m for the guy, so for a profit we could have a more experienced player who seems (once again, from my limited experience) better in most departments... Thats in response to both Jock and RonCalifornia. I'm not trying to troll or anything, I just want to know why you think that?

  10. Hey man, agree with most of what you said there. The players you suggested for selling is pretty much spot on with what's been said amongst fans. Suso is the difficult one though. I'd love for him to do well, but Rodgers doesnt seem to trust him. Im still not convinced Pedro is what we need but Reus would be awesome! If we get Valdes, we wont need Krul and I honestly doubt NUFC will want to sell. The one that I had major doubts about is M'Vila, who I've heard is a bit of a douche and just not that good... He seems like one of those guys that is good on FIFA but just falls short in real life... I'd love to see Clasie or Exteberria though!

  11. Benj, Suso(20) is a class quality little player but it is going to take him 3-5 years to get ahead of Sterling(19), Coutinho(22) or Lallana(26) playing in the hole as AM as them three players can and all excel in the hole.

    So B Rodgers should sell Suso(20) with cheap buy back option in place so if in 3-5 years Suso(20) is wanted by most of the top european teams we would have first refusal on him before he is sold.

    Pedro(27) would be an awesome addition to club, he is class, creative, mobile, pacey, quality and quick and he is a very good finisher and scores goals regularly. B Rodgers should spend £56M bring M Reus(25) and Pedro(27) to club. Pedro(27) is similar to Di Maria(26) but a better finisher and goalscorer and the club could and should bring Reus(25) and Pedro(27) to the club this summer for £4M less than what Man United paid for A Di Maria(26).

    Y M'Vila(24) is an awesome DM, if B Rodgers can bring and get him to club get him fully fit and hopefully injury free , we would have a world class DM with the last chance to hit it big( Last Chance Saloon) and i am sure he would up his game and get his confidence and motivation back.

    And J Claise(24) Or B Etxrebarria(27) are class quality box to box , ball playing centre midfielders who will create and dictate the tempo of games.

  12. Sorry I just noticed this post mate.
    For a start we already have 2 under performing Italians in our team. There are exceptions but Italians are rarely successful in England.
    He can't get near Juve's first team and his goal/assist ratio is hardly impressive.
    He's 27 I think too so he doesn't have lots of time to develop and get used to the league. He's also tiny..,
    That's my reasons for being against this signing anyway.
    He's a decent player but not what we need imo