24 Oct 2014

Transfer Shock: Angry €18m star desperate to quit LFC after Madrid humiliation. Good news?

Fabio Borini is a dead-man walking at Anfield, and everyone can see it but him. Until now, that is. Liverpool desperately tried to offload the Italian over the summer, but he stubbornly vowed to stick it out and fight for his place, but events over the last week have reportedly forced Borini to finally see the light.

According to Italian newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport today:

* Borini is 'furious' about being dumped from the squad for the last two games (QPR and Real Madrid)

* He is barely on speaking terms with Brendan Rodgers.

* Borini wants out of Anfield in January. Inter Milan, Sampdoria, and Fiorentina are all interested.

Quite how Gazetta have this info is anyone's guess, but if it's true, then Borini's ire is certainly understandable. With LFC's strikers misfiring, he probably thought he'd get some game time against Madrid, and being dumped from the squad for such a massive game is a personal humiliation for the Italian.

That said, it's not as if Borini has done anything to warrant inclusion in the squad. He contributes nothing to LFC, and his stats this season categorically prove that:

* Passing accuracy: 64% (Worst in the squad)
* 0 goals/assists
* 0 tackles, clearances, or blocks.
* 1 key pass in 3 games.
* Overall: 2 goals in 23 games for LFC.

If €18m-rated Borini follows through with his threat, then it's ultimately a good thing for Liverpool. The club has been trying to sell him for a while, and Rodgers' ongoing marginalisation of the Italian may (indirectly) achieve that goal.

In a roundabout way, it's job done for Liverpool! It's a surprising U-turn from Borini, who has stubbornly and repeatedly refused to countenance a transfer. Every player has a breaking point, though, and Borini appears to have reached his.

Over the summer, Liverpool reportedly blocked loan moves to some 'very important clubs', but hopefully, the Reds will reverse this policy in January.

After all, what's the point in keeping an unhappy player at the club, especially someone who's never going play? Just let Borini go already, even if it is on loan.



  1. Unfortunately, we can now expect Borini to take a cut-price move to Italy rather than a lucrative one within the league. He holds all the cards.

  2. Terry McDermotts perm11:43 pm, October 24, 2014

    Loaning him would be foolish. Might just as all throw ten million pounds down the toilet.

  3. its almost standard practice nowadays.

  4. When he first started for LFC he reminded me of a dragon fly with bits dropping off of him with him injuring himself at every corner. I'm not an expert on dragon flys but apparently they have short life expectancies and unfortunately it looks like the non existing hand in the mouth goal celebrating Borini has reached his.

  5. I really can't believe Borini hasn't been given any kind of chance this season, or Lambert for that matter. Between Sturridge being perennially injured and the ghastly form of Balotelli I'd have thought they'd have got some game time even if it was from the bench. They must be feeling fairly exasperated by the situation

  6. Surely Borini got the hint in the summer window he was not wanted just by the business they did and if he was so determined to play then Sunderland was the place for him.
    I got the impression he was happy to wind down his contract and get a nice pay for himself in Italy.
    I notice the clubs mentioned were all Italian and that this sale is going to be a big loss we all know what Italian clubs are like.

  7. should of left in summer so he got no Wright to moan

  8. Mr manager is always right even he bought the wrong players. I m sure to get a reputable n tactically better will be better. Stupid Irishman has no clue!

  9. I think Lambert is living a dream being at Liverpool, he knows his place and what he is offering the club. He's a good, smart guy who's professional enough to step in when asked. Whereas Borini is delusional and firmly believes he is a super talent, which he is not, he's a squad player at best for us. He should have gone to Sunderland when he had a chance and would have flourished there as a first teamer. Sadly he thought he had a chance to become the main man at Liverpool, or wait until a big name comes along. Hopefully one of the Italian clubs come in and take him, and Liverpool should let him go for whatever. I would rather see us let him go for nothing and keep Suso.

  10. Brendan Rodgers has been hailed (by practically all) as the great man Manager. But what's the point of that if he signs poor quality players? Can anyone name a top player that he brought to Anfield? Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard almost won the league for us against the odds last season. But Luis is gone and Daniel is injury prone and has played only a couple of games so we should get him fit and sell him on.

    I had hoped that by now some of the host of new signings would be giving us something to shout about but our top buys from Southampton simply have not performed.
    We lost the league last term because the ManManager was chasing wingers and forwards instead of effective central defenders and 'hard as nails' midfield enforcers. Trouble is he still hasn't learned! He's still at it! Suppose you could say the wingers have flown and the chickens are coming home to roost for BR. Excellent first 10 minutes against Real Madrid then Bang - over and out! Don't look for a fall guy John Henry; look for Marcello Lippy - Quick. I'm sure you can't afford to throw more good money after second rate players.

  11. Liverpool's defensive problems stem from the midfield being too easy to bypass. Top defensive midfielder is needed to plug that gap, sorry but Stevie G is not the answer to our defensive midfielder slot long term. Skrtel and Johnson don't have a future either as both are prone to mistakes, Johnson is not aggressive consistently in his defending and Skrtel just looks like he's afraid to make mistakes. Bring back Ilori, we paid £7M for him, look at Varane at Real Madrid, almost the same age and very similar players. Our lack of speed in the central defence could be fixed with Ilori IMHO.


  13. well one thing that Brendan is good at but gets no critique for is how he can leave players out in the cold.....really feel for borini. So what if he wanted to stay and fight for his place, isn't that a good thing? this is why I will never begrudge a professional athlete from earning everything they can in their career. having said that he needs to perform when he does play, but chump change minutes here and there is hardly time to prove himself on the big stage

  14. It's only a good thing if he meant it and and none of us know for sure what the truth of the matter is.

    What we do know though is we had an offer of around £10m for him but now we are likely to lose him for a lot less to an Italian side

  15. Borini was Rodger's buy. He knew him. He'd worked with him. if he is not good enough for a first team place at Liverpool, that is the fault of one person only. Money wasted. Similar questions can be asked about others - Sakho (£15m??); and the most questionable - Balotelli - a player who has been moved on by both his last clubs for less than they paid.
    Perhaps Rodger's image of an up and coming shrewd manager is becoming rightly tarnished?

  16. I don't disagree with anything that you've said however with both of them more than capable of scoring a goal or two in the premier league and the fact that Balotelli has been nothing short of dreadful, I thought they'd both have seen a little more game time. Otherwise what's the point in having them on the wage bill? Fair enough we tried to sell Borini but the deal fell through so now he's here, our attack is desperate for a some movement up front and Balotelli is requesting a partner up front. I just can't understand why he hasn't been given more of a chance

  17. True, Borini is on the wage bill but he's certainly not the answer. He should have gone in the summer and it would be a mistake to feed his delusion by giving him false hope. BR mismanaged him and should have made it clear to him. Sadly BR is also mismanaging Balotelli as by expecting him to play as a lone striker. I really have no idea why he persists with this dumb idea. But dropping him would be a big mistake without giving him the chance to operate in his best role. Whilst Sturridge is out then he needs to play someone else up there with Balotelli. Don't ask me who. Might as well give Lambert a shout, he'll certainly give it his all.

  18. Expect to see Ballo & Stirling up front today against Hull. Ballo needs someone to play alongside and the single striker has not worked for him or the team. Against Madrid we played Stirling up front in the 2nd half and had pace and movement up front. Ultimately it came to naught, but it was a better 2nd half. I could see us revert back to the diamond in the middle and 2 up front. Coutinho playing at the tip of the diamond, Can, Gerrard and Hendo the other 3. Lets see how that works out?

  19. Borini, just another one of Rodgers crap buys.