8 Oct 2014

'Amazing' £16m Barca star to Anfield? - Agent reveals truth about LFC transfer rumours

Last week, Barcelona star Dani Alves publicly confirmed that he's 'moving to England' next year, and with Liverpool regularly linked with a move, speculation is rife that Anfield could be his next destination. Despite the public confirmation, things are not as clear-cut as they seem, though, and Alves's Agent has basically contradicted the Brazilian's claims.

Speaking to reporters recently, 'amazing' Alves told noted:

“Next year I'm moving to England. I'm going to play at the home of football. This will be my last season at Barcelona.”

When asked last night about the possibility of moving to the Premier League, Alves's ex-wife (and agent) told Catalunya Radio:

"We would like to stay here, because our children are settled here. The club has never expressed a willingness to sell him. We currently are not negotiating with anyone"

This doesn't really make sense as Barcelona have already announced that £16m-rated Alves is leaving the club. A statement on the official Barca website confirms:

"We are delighted that Dani is here, and with the performance he has provided for the club. Both sides have reached an agreement though that his contract will end in 2015"

Of course, it's possible that things could change, and that Barca will do a U-turn and decide to keep Alves, but given his age, it seems unlikely, especially given the recent acquisition on a 5-year deal of Douglas Pereira, another Brazilian right-back.

I always find it humourous when agents/players insist that leaving is out of the question due to family being 'settled'. That's all well and good...until money enters the equation, and then players have absolutely no compunction about uprooting their families. As usual, money talks, and I'm sure it will be the same with Alves.

I can't see Alvest signing for Liverpool, though. In his eyes, LFC is probably not high-profile enough. Chelsea is probably the most likely destination, but that's fine, as I don't see the logic in replacing one ageing right back (Johnson) with another.



  1. I would start looking for a new agent. Ex-wives can be a bit...vengeful.

  2. I had to read that line about 4 times before it sunk in. Kept thinking my eyes were deceiving me?

    Then again, who better to be your agent, than someone who has every intention of getting the most money for you as it will yield more money for them.

    Alves is quite brilliant in that regard.

  3. I must admit I thought it a bit odd when I heard he was on only £10K a week......

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