6 Oct 2014

Record Transfer? BR wants to sign 'stunning' €63m star who 'had offers from LFC'

Liverpool are once again being linked with a move for Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, and all indications seem to suggest a PSG exit could be on the cards sooner rather than later.

In August, Cavani's Agent, Claudio Annellucci, confirmed Liverpool's interest, and revealed that Liverpool made a concrete offer for the striker. He told Uruguayan newspaper El Telegrafo:

"Cavani had offers from Liverpool and Arsenal. He would love to play in England, but has not made a final decision. He's not interested in money and fame; he just wants to be happy playing football."

Liverpool were also linked with Cavani 'stunning' in 2012, and at the time, his Agent told reporters:

"Liverpool and Arsenal are the first clubs that Cavani has agreed to talk to. It is no secret that Edinson want to play in England. It is one of his greatest dreams".

Cavani - nicknamed 'El Matador' for his flamboyant style on the pitch - cost PSG a whopping €63m, and if Liverpool are to prise him away from France, the club will almost certainly have to pay through the nose.

At PSG, Cavani is often stuck out wide to accommodate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, something that is a constant source of frustration for the striker. Writing in Le Parisien, former PSG goalkeeper Jerome Alonso recently noted:

"We no longer recognize Cavani. He looks sad, his eyes no longer sparkle. With Cavani before, Paris can score a fourth goal late in the game. But his game is stereotyped."

Ex-PSG striker Jerome Rothen is also convinced that Cavani is on the outs at PSG, and in an interview last week with Le 10 Sport, he observed:

"I can't see him [Cavani] staying long-term in Paris. If he reiterates his desire to leave, the club will not keep him"

Arsene Wenger remains a big fan of Cavani, and in an interview with TFI over the weekend, he enthused:

"I love him [Cavani], but he's playing with the brake pulled up. At PSG is he not able to give his best because of Ibrahimovic. He is able to influence at all levels in a team and there is little room for an attacker around him."

And therein lies the rub. Like Sturridge, Cavani is most effective as a central striker, and that's clearly where he wants to play, but is that a realistic possibility at Anfield or Arsenal?

Both clubs have at least two central strikers on the books, so it's possible that Cavani will suffer the same 'play out wide' fate in the Prem. Of course, if Liverpool play a 442 diamond, then Cavani will fit in perfectly.

Like Suarez, Cavani is an extremely hard-worker on the pitch, and he's a perfect fit for Liverpool in that regard. Indeed, after Uruguay's 2-1 victory over England at the World Cup, Oscar Tabarez raved:

"Gerrard couldn’t play his game because Cavani was stopping him, so today they had more difficulties than normal".

Additionally, despite playing out wide for much of last season, Cavani still racked up some impressive stats:

* 25 goals/7 assists in 43 appearances.
* Goal/Assist every 1.3 games.

I'd take Cavani in a heartbeat, but after Rodgers' massive spending spree over the summer, the price may be prohibitive.



  1. Nonononono. He is a waste of money. He very rarely plays well in the big games. He wastes WAAAAY too many chances, and his stats are in a relatively easier league as well as having better players around him than he will at Liverpool. Please BR, take a pass on Cavani and go for J. Martinez or Lacazette. He should have taken Rëmy in the summer despit any heart problems, he is better suited to the PL than Balotelli.

  2. Those same things were said about Suarez.

  3. Not sure about this. Probably be a bit too costly

  4. Off topic, but does anyone enjoy the way Chelsea are playing this season? I actually am. They're so darn friggen strong and composed on the ball, have a wonderful, organised defence, are physically imposing, and are great going forward as well.

  5. Arsene Wenger: "I love him, but Cavani is playing with the brakes on.At PSG he's not able to give his best because of Ibrahimovic.He is able to influence at all levels in a team and there is little room for an attacker around him."
    I made a similar case to someone on this forum when defending Lucas Moura.At Paris Saint Germain it's the Zlatan show.Javier Pastore, Lucas and Edinson Cavani struggle to look good consistently with Ibrahimovic being a dominant focal point of every attack.
    PSG have expensive jigsaw pieces in attacking positions, that are being used to show a picture of Zlatan:-7
    Since moving to France Ibrahimovic has become a demanding player who takes the shine off other stars.If you watch The European Football Show his influence goes beyond what happens on the pitch.He's got Nasser El-Khelaifi in his pocket too.
    I like Edinson Cavani but i doubt Liverpool have the kind of money left to make a serious offer and strengthen in other areas.

  6. If Chelsea were playing at the bottom of the garden, I'd pull the curtains!

  7. Lacazette plays in the same league, and so far this season, his three toughest matches all came in a row. For France against Serbia, against PSG and against Monaco. He didn't score nor assisted in any of them. Big game player?

  8. over gonzalo H anyday. this guy would make a difference.

  9. yeah looks a far cry from the bus parking of last season though they kinda did that in the game vs city. and i really dont blame them for that. every other team would do or try to do the same at the etihad.

  10. Yeah I don't blame them for doing it at City. But they were so machine-like against Arsenal. I sometimes wish we can just be like that. They literally are football robots sent from a future galaxy. I would kill for a big DM like Matic.

  11. Bugger Chelsea who cares about them.

  12. Would love him here. Price is a concern though.

  13. I would spend that money any day on Pogba to be gerrard Soon his day has nearly ended Great service legend

  14. And city game? same old shiete, if you ask me/ at least against good teams, It will be interesting to see them against us now they are that much better than us...

  15. Suarez was almost 3 times cheapers

  16. dont buy Cavani.. and a real striker are good in punish instict.. prollific in the box.. not just his name.. we have lallana, cautinho and sterling to make something deferance.. with sturridge and balotelli are main top. hendo can play like gerrard.. good we add moreno and manquillo at side and loveren with skertel will play together. just get a stiker like reus and lavezzi to pair their.. simple and econimic..

  17. about Chelsea and the garden theyd get no were near my garden

    and i dont even have one . cant wait till we get alonso back