20 Sept 2014

Done Deal: LFC star to quit Anfield & sign 4-year deal with Euro Giants. Loss?

Despite an impressive pre-season, Spanish youngster Suso continues to be ignored by Brendan Rodgers, and it seems that his time at Anfield is finally drawing to a close.

For whatever reason, Brendan Rodgers doesn't seem to rate Suso, and according to Sky Sports Italia today:

* Liverpool have to sell Suso to AC Milan next summer.

* Suso will sign a 4-year deal with €1m a year with the Rossoneri.

* The Spaniard 'dreams' of following Fernando Torres to the San Siro

Suso - once hailed by John Aldridge as 'magnficent', and 'a joy to watch' - clearly has a lot of talent, and with the right coaching/development, he could become a top class player, and save the Reds tens of millions in transfer fees. Look at Raheem Sterling, for example. If Rodgers offered Suso the same level of pitch time, and showed similar faith in his ability, it's possible that the Spaniard might've blossomed at Anfield.

Until now, Suso has always been enthusiastic about staying at Liverpool, and recently, he told reporters:

"It's a dream to play at Anfield every weekend and in the Champions League, it's the best option that can happen. I would like to sign a new contract with Liverpool and stay there for many years."

It's no surprise whatsoever, though, that Suso appears to have changed his mind. Reds boss Brendan Rodgers clearly doesn't rate him, and despite a good pre-season (including two goals scored), the skillful attacker has been ignored for LFC's first three league games. To add insult to injury, Suso has featured only once on the subs bench.

For me, the treatment of Suso is disappointing, but it's nothing new. In November 2012, Rodgers substituted him in the 38th minute of LFC's home game with Wigan, which seemed unduly harsh. Subbing players off in the first half of games is always embarrassing, and as I argued at the time, why couldn't Rodgers just wait a paltry 7 minutes until half-time? It's not as if LFC were in danger of losing the game.

Right now, Coutinho is not performing effectively for Liverpool, so why not give Suso a chance in his role? With all the injuries currently plaguing the Reds, I don't see why Suso can't get a few opportunities in the first team.

Ultimately, if Suso leaves for free, it will make a mockery of the supposed strategy of buying youngster for peanuts, and selling them on later at a profit.

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  1. The only way we will make money from selling Suso is if he signs a new contract. If he does not sign a new contract then he will leave on a free at the end of this season.

    He is better off seeking regular football elsewhere as there is too much competition ahead of him.

  2. He's being treated unfairly I think/ he deserves a chance has played as well as anybody else(which isn't great) but give him a chancw

  3. Suso needs to play and if he does not get a game on Tuesday I would fear the worst for his future at LFC, I would also worry about the direction of the transfer strategy as not every player in the squad can be a multi million pound buy

  4. who's place should he take??? and how do you come about by saying he was treated unfairly. PS no deserves chance you work your butt off to get a chance.

  5. This is one reason i thought they wasted their money on Lallana and at present the club is spilling over with talented juniors who play wide areas wings mainly.
    How are they going to prove themselves when the club is hell bent on buying expensive wingers i do not see a pathway for them.

  6. Rodger`s own arrogance will lead to his downfall if he`s not careful, Suso looks a good player so i don`t know why he hasn`t been given a fair chance, is it because Rodgers only wants players he`s brought in to succeed? maybe his ego`s that big he wants to say he rebuilt Liverpool himself with his philosophys, when you think about it only that Henderson dug his heels in he would have been gone too, i think Suso could prove himself if given a chance, Coutinho`s gone off the boil lately so why not.

  7. No you dont if you cost a lot of dough the manager plays you to justify his outlay.

  8. As much as I would have loved Suso to stay at lfc, it is a good move for him and for AC Milan. He might even "do a Pogba" against us in future.
    Lets hope that if we are selling Suso, we sign Isco in Jan. He will turn out to be a great signing for sure.

  9. Coutinho place at this moment in time he hasn't made a 5 yard pass

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:30 am, September 20, 2014

    morgan schniderlin is a liverpool fan as a boy we need to add him he scores goals as well now
    him hendo,allen will be a fantastic midfield

    we also need a top right back and maybe marco reus if available

    but morgan schniderlin and maybe nathaniel clyne

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:31 am, September 20, 2014

    here are other lfc fans :

    morgan schniderlin
    patrick roberts
    will hughes
    delle alli

    rodgers should bring them to the club they love

  12. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:32 am, September 20, 2014

    who do you start him ahead of?
    coutinho is a first teamer off form but maybe a run of games is what he needs to rediscover it

    while lallana is 25m

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:34 am, September 20, 2014


    bench: lambert,markovic,coutinho,lucas,enrique,skrtel, jones

    i am sure everyone agrees with this line up

  14. How will Suso prove himself if we sign a player like Isco?

    Isco will be very expensive too?.

  15. Schniderlin are you serious? Then what...Rodriguez, Fonte and Clyne? I know let's sign the hole Saints squad and finish 9th. We need to stop signing average players Lovren looks like a donkey at the minute (although I think he'll come good) and Lambert although a fairy tale was a bit odd if you ask me? Think we need to bed the players in we have first before more come in!

  16. Yeah, that is what I would go with too or maybe Lambert for Borini.

    Diamond is best suited to us.

  17. I think favourite come first for BR,he doesn't rate suso but i think the boy is on par if not better than lallana and allen,sterling wasn't that great when he started but overtime things improved but not allen.

  18. Well obviously they wont sign Isco Logan; they have spent too much on Lallana and Markovic neither of whom are in Iscos class.

  19. Yes but my point is that people have a fit when Suso does not get a chance but want isco to join the club. Do you see the irony?

    Unfortunately not all player will make it. Suso needs to move on.

  20. Yes i understand that and if Coutinho was more consistent you would see less people screaming for Suso to get a run.
    Rodgers early in his tenure that there would always be a pathway to bring players through the academy i just dont see where it is as far as attacking players are concerned.

  21. The academy has gone through many changes since Rodgers has arrived and with his impetus on building a young squad bodes well for our academy. Youngsters have more of a chance breaking through now then what they have had in the past. if you are good enough you will get a chance, if not then you will be moved on.

    Producing our own players should be the focus instead of hunting around for talent. Producing our own talent has been non existent since Roy Evans/the boot room. Hopefully the club will start producing more Gerrard's, Folwler's and Mcmanaman's again but that requires us to get things right from the start right at the bottom of the pile. this is not going to happen overnight though.

  22. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:40 am, September 20, 2014

    i was very angry when he stayed
    but hopefully borini can make a career at lfc
    has to start with balotelli

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:42 am, September 20, 2014

    with the diamond he will finally get a chance to play upront

    only once he did for sunderland vs city carling cup final he scored vs vincent kompany from open play
    has suarez ever done that?

  24. he deserves a chance in the place of coutinho

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:44 am, September 20, 2014

    no borini does

  26. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:45 am, September 20, 2014

    broini can be our jordan henderson number 2

    he puts in the same application

  27. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:46 am, September 20, 2014

    and he cant be that bad if mourinho bought him
    and then prandelli took to italy squad to play with pirlo
    and rodgers bought him
    gus poyet and harry redknapp two repected coaches were ready to splash out millions

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:48 am, September 20, 2014

    allen was missed vs villa
    the way eh can keep play ticking and the distance he covers as well as defensive interceptions he is very important member of the squad
    apart from hendo and lallana no one else can do that

  29. Get all that but the club has just spent a heap on many of which are squad players there is no room at present for the likes of Ibe Wilson Brannigan Canos Yesil Texeira ETC to come through.
    I disagree that the talent had less chance back then the depth now is bigger and back then we simply didn't produce juniors of any true quality it was a very dry spell.

  30. Mourinho makes plenty of mistakes that does not make Borini a star normally Mourinho has bucket loads to splash that's what makes him.

  31. We needed to build a team capable of challenging in all competitions. Yesil has been injured for two seasons and the others you mention are probably not ready to take on the big stage.

    I am referring to getting things right from the u9's etc. The academy should be producing it's own players end of the story.

    Sterling, Ibe, Canos etc have all been outsourced.

  32. Well lets put 70 million pounds transfer fee on him and see how many takers.

  33. Okay but very few clubs have been able to do this Ajax is one of few that come to mind and it is over a fair radius of the local area.
    The main reason to me being the local talent may not be good enough.
    The more Raheems Ibes etc the better in an ideal scenario we can profit nicely from outsourcing the right players.

  34. If ISCO coming in then let suso go is wise move

  35. But then there is no point in having the academy. What is the bet that if Steve Heighway was still at the club we would have had the next Gerrard and Fowler lined up long time ago.

    Let's see how the academy does over time with the new setup.

  36. Anything you profit from in any way is worth having.

  37. Well we are not going to profit on Suso are we.

    i am not saying we should stop sourcing talent from the outside but our academy should be producing it's own players especially when millions gets pumped into it every season.

  38. Our academy is one of the best and lots of players have made it from there. The prime examples would obviously be Gerrard and Carragher. There are lots of new players emerging. Raheem Sterling the obvious one and then there is Jordon Ibe, Andre Wisdom and Ryan Mclaughlin. We lost two promising stars in Kelly and Shelvey and are close to losing Suso. It happens but the point is that we have lots more talent who can make it for sure.

  39. Suso, Sterling, Ibe, Shelvey, Mclaughlin are not products of our academy. Even wisdom was signed in 2008.

    Until the academy produces the next Gerrard then we can start bragging agian.

  40. o dear..... sad news...like u said ..he should have been given chances....I feel the same way about Luis Alberto.....don't know why had a feeling about him.....disappointed with loan deal of Jordan Ibe....these were players that *could* have been given game time with LFC especially in the beginning 2-3 month fixtures..... then gone on loan/sold in the Jan transfer window....my 2 cents..

  41. No we are not going to but that is as much the clubs fault as anything else, one would think if AC Milan are interested he is worth something decent.

  42. Interested in him on a free. They are not going to pay us a penny for Suso.

  43. I don't want to sell, because he is an exciting young player and you never want to lose one of those. If he is not going to be used however, for whatever reason, then he has to be moved on.
    I would like to see him being started in capital one games, give him a chance to change Rodgers mind but I don't see that happening. We only see a fraction of Susos contribution to the team. Rodgers sees him on a day to day basis assessing training, attitude and character. He has decided in his opinion, he is not a player he can use in the future. This is disappointing but has to be accepted. Not every player, no matter how talented, will fit to the mould of every manager. That's football and that's life unfortunately.
    If we do sell him I hope he turns out to be a stellar player for Milan.

    Regarding him leaving for free. I thought the Bosman Rule didn't apply to players of his age, that we were entitled to compensation as a player we have developed? Could be wrong, but I thought that was the case?

  44. JK, please write an article about this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzM4A0yR4iI

  45. If Suso goes to AC Milan every attacker in the reserves will need to knuckle down.When a player of Suso's standard isn't good enough to cut the mustard, the benchmark for every creative player is set.You have to be even better.
    What let's Suso down is mainly work without the ball.If he fitted into our defensive structure I'm he would've been part of Brendan Rodgers' future plans.The fast, combative style of British football doesn't mix well with his game.
    It wasn't that long ago Suso was on par with Raheem Sterling in our youth teams.Some even rated him as a better prospect but RS has taken his game to the next level.He's arguably turned into our best player.Whereas Suso's progress has hit a brick wall.
    He needs a fresh challenge.Playing in British football at this stage in his career highlights his weaknesses.A move to AC Milan where pace of their league is slower and less physical could be perfect for him.

  46. How can one mistake make a mockery of a whole strategy? We've also bought Sterling, Coutinho and Sturridge amogst others at a young age and for reasonably good prices, how much is their value now ? I can even add Henderson who sure wasn't cheap but whose value has rocketed since.

  47. From what I understand, Suso is being allowed to move on because he is lazy. Not my opinion or perception but something that has come out of the club itself and at his age and the direction the club is going that is a damn shame. Enrique even joked about Suso's laziness recently in one of those team mate question shows. For a player needing to prove himself that just isn't good enough (if it's true). Many people are not happy that the lad hasn't been given a fair crack but if he isn't putting a solid shift in training well...

  48. We still put the icing on the cake as to speak with those players and they have taken great steps at the club.

  49. have you ever watched cantona, ibrahimovich, berbatov playing?? if we play suso as a rw, we r playing him out of position... play him alongside hendo ahead of in a trio of midfield... he can be at par with coutinho..

  50. always thought Lallana was a waste of money. Id have given Suso or Jordan Ibe a chance in the first team. Also Suso has not had many chances to prove himself, he had a good pre-season. definitely a talent.

  51. Now after West Ham sack Rodgers an get rid of 'players ' he bought

  52. Brendan, The Football Genius!! 😂😂😂😂

  53. Brandon is the first manager to be out this sesasons, similar to TOT's case

  54. Obviously never heard of Pardew.

  55. what mean we sell a player around 20 years in below 2 million?? what a reason???.. BR must give his game in 5 start in EPL ( 2 big game and 3 with midtable team, 5 start from bench and 3 game at UCL ) so he will get make a good presention.. and maybe we will sell or not at the end of season... think it...
    I think its good if we sell borini , lucas , toure and Johnson to make change with another player.
    call back illori, call back suso and get 1 new striker , defensive mid and keeper.
    striker : run.. run.. and run.. typical scorer ( banzema /cavani/Ronaldo)
    Keeper : more voice at box. ( argentina )
    Def Mid : hardbody,rush, tackle and control at mid-field. ( de Jong )
    who`s a good attacker before striker?? still sturidge and sterling at a back 2 striker.

  56. Very dissapointing to see how Suso's talent has been squandered by LFC.
    He had a good pre-season (two goals in the U.S) and looked an improved player from last year. Shockingly badly treated by Rodgers, who went as far as picking Rossiter ahead of him on one occasion.
    If LFC end up outside top 4 Rodgers will have to go.