3 Sept 2014

Redknapp: 'Special' £20m star is 'better' than £54m Man Utd duo. Better than Balotelli, too?

Last night, Radamel Falcao's father confirmed that the coveted striker rejected both Liverpool and Arsenal in favour of a move to Manchester United, and ex-Reds midfielder Jamie Redknapp believes that Colombian will put major pressure on United strike duo Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie.

In August, French radio station RMC claimed that:

* FSG approved a season-long loan deal for Falcao worth £12m (€15m).

* The contract would include an automatic £40m (€50m) purchase clause.

Liverpool signed Mario Balotelli instead, and Man United snapped up Falcao, but not for £12m. According to the Guardian, the loan fee is only £6m, but the total cost of the deal (including wages, bonuses etc) is reportedly £20m.

Analysing the Falcao deal this week, Redknapp hailed the 'special' striker as 'one of the best centre-forwards in the world', and further mused:

“How will Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney feel today? My guess is they wouldn’t be too happy because if he’s fit and ready he’s as good as both of them, if not better".

On the surface, Falcao appears to be just another football mercenary; why else would he reject Champions League football at Arsenal and Liverpool in favour of playing for a club in the midst of a severe downward spiral?

Money seems to be the only logical reason...though having said that, the Van Gaal factor appears have played a significant part in Falcao's decision. After sealing the move, he enthused:

"I am very excited for that [working with Van Gaal]. He is a very good trainer with a lot of experience".

To be fair, when asked the question, what else is he going to say?

In any event, for Falcao, joining a team that isn't in the Champions League is nothing new. He signed Monaco last year - a team that struggles to average an attendance of 10,000 fans a game - and, like now, I doubt he signed the deal because he loves the club, or looked forward to working with the manager.

As for Falcao vs. Rooney and RVP (combined value: £54m) the Colombian's career goal-rate is superior to both United's main strikers, and with Van Persie's injury problems, it makes perfect sense to have another top-class striker at the club to pick up the slack.

In many ways, the deal is similar to the Balotelli transfer - Sturridge is increasingly injury prone, so Balotelli is there to plug the gaps. If it came down to it, though, I'd still take Sturridge over Falcao. Balotelli, on the other hand, is a tougher call; if LFC swapped Falcao for the Italian tomorrow, I'd be fine with it (from a footballing perspective)

Unfortunately, if Falcao does the business, United will have a major chance of qualifying for the Champions League. The question is, at whose expense...?

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  1. There is no way on earth that Liverpool or Arsenal offered him the money he is reported to be on for United.

  2. ManUtd lost 4-0 to MK Dons, now they will lose 4-3.

  3. I think Balotelli may be more flexible too. I suppose we will see this season.

  4. Lol champions league champions champions that yourl trump card. Your club is in the champions league after ages. If champions league is so prestigikus why did lfc sign a bunch of monkeys and united attract top players? Dont talk abt money coz if ul dont have it think back 2 wen las did ul actually win a major trophy. Im pretty sure the winnings from the 5 euro cups has been spent a long time ago. Dude stop the hate man united is bigger better and much more attractive than lfc .

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:52 pm, September 03, 2014

    I think they are all past their prime the man u strikers

    van persies goal scoring has fallen for the last two seasons

    scholes said rooney is past his prime and i agree he was at his best at 09-10 never looked the same

    while falcao is now 28 and has just recovered from the 2nd worst injury
    possible i think he will end up like torres

    man u have names , sturridge and balotelli are still a long way from their prime and better for the long run

  6. I'm not trying to start an argument or disagree with you, but what do you think is the worst injury you can suffer as a footballer? Just curious for your opinion.

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:59 pm, September 03, 2014

    leg break?

  8. Hmm I suppose if it's a clean break then maybe, such as Cisse 10 years ago or whenever it was, from what I've heard though an ACL tear is the worst when it comes to potential recurrence of the injury and how hard it is to fully recover.

  9. Hahahaha money only seems to be the reason? Suuure more like its the easiest reason for you to believe. Just like Brenda when he thought Champs League Football would mean players would want to come to Liverpool; denial doesnt help you.

  10. Hey Jaimie... you ask who the two best strikers are in the poll but its a bullet list, we can only choose one.
    For me Falcao is massively overrated, and Balotelli is just what we needed anyway.
    Also, one more thing Jaimie... could you do a piece on LFC's next vice captain?

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:14 pm, September 03, 2014

    i dont know if its roys negative tactics
    but henderson my faviroite looks quite useless in international

  12. What has Van Gaal done that is worthy of praise??He has spent 30m on an unfit Luke Shaw, 27m on some guy named Herrera, 16m on hot-head rojo(hasn't received a work permit yet), another 16m on Blind(became overrated after the WC just like James Rodriguez), 60m on Di Maria(Good player but his actual value is about 40m), and paying 300,000 per week to Falcao(potentially the next torres) even after having fat rooney on the same wages. So you call that wise spending.In BR, we trust.

  13. Jaimie, if Utd make the top 4, it will IMO be at Arsenal's expense. Why? Because Liverpool, strengthened very well, and probably strengthened better than Arsenal did in the window, despite the fact they got Sanchez. In the two areas they need reinforcements in the most- striker and DM, they kind of failed. Danny Welbeck at the moment is very unproven, and they didn't sign a DM. Additionally, they only have 6 defenders.

    Arsenal may be professionals at scraping in into the top 4, but look at the competition they always had: Liverpool pre- Rodgers, Everton, and Spurs. Arsenal should have been knocked out 2 seasons ago, only for Tottenham to typically f*** it up for themselves. But now however, big spending Utd are below them, clipping at their heels. So they may be pros at the top 4, but have they ever had a threat from clubs like Utd? Certainly not.

    Also, if you say that Utd are in a downward spiral, how the hell did you predict we'd come 5th? Don't tell me you put Spurs in the top 4!?

  14. so falcao decided to leave atletico for monaco because it was his dream move too ? he s a proven mercenary moving from club that had CL to club that didnt for more wage.
    he did it every year the past 3 years...

  15. Re: Falcao, I've heard credible reports that clubs like Arsenal simply pulled out of the race because he was too expensive. Same with Madrid, City and Chelsea. He thought he was going to join Madrid 24 hours before his move, and couldn't be more happy about it. To me, he did reject Liverpool, but it was in favour of Madrid. I think Liverpool had pulled out by the time Utd stated their interest.

  16. If Arsenal offered the same wages as United, he'd be at Arsenal. He only joined United because every other team pulled out.

  17. Redknapp doesn't know what he is talking about. Falcao WAS one of the best strikers in the world but almost certainly isn't now. Last season, Falcao managed only 0.45 non-penalty goals per ninety minutes played, even though he was playing in a lower-quality league. This is mediocre. For comparison, Danny Welbeck performed significantly better at 0.56. If you want to talk elite, try Sturridge at 0.83 or Suarez at 0.94. Now add in the fact that he is barely 8 months from an ACL, from which he may or may not fully recover. And he's 29. Man U have bought an aging player who is almost certainly past his peak and who is damaged goods anyway.
    More evidence, if it were needed, why you wouldn't want Harry Redknapp anywhere near LFC.

  18. Can't believe that we would have agreed to his wage demands either

  19. YES!! I think it is between Hendo, Lovren and Mignolet.

    Mignolet as vice is controversial but it will give him more confidence and hopefully help his vocal-ness

  20. Can u do an article on Liverpool's next vice captain please?

  21. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:34 pm, September 03, 2014


  22. So Falcoa isn't earning more than Rooney? Would he have been offered that at those teams? Perhaps it isn't the ONLY reason but to think it is't the biggest reason is the purist example of denial. Our top earner probably earns half what Falcoa is getting.

  23. As recent events have highlighted strikers are not ManU's problem. It's everybody else...FALCOA (just ask RAY) isn't their answer to the question of a return to CL football.

  24. I doubt it was a situation where Liverpool, Arsenal and Utd were standing there, with 18 hours to go, yelling 'pick me pick me pick me'.

  25. In saying all of this, I'm happy for Falcao, he seems like a good fella. He was struggling to contain his smile (here come the cynical comments about money) when he had his first interview with United. As long as he's happy.

  26. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:52 pm, September 03, 2014

    only one option hendo

    lovren-the way he treated southampton was absolutely disgraceful and he is new

    mignolet- i think he should just worry about his distribution

    skrtel is the next best candidate but half the fan base would rather have sakho start ahead of him we dont need another agger like situation

    lallana is possibly an option being a former captain of a pl side but he needs to play first

  27. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:55 pm, September 03, 2014

    best strikers in the league:

    2) costa
    6) van persie
    9) bony
    10) remy

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:57 pm, September 03, 2014

    12)jay rodrigueze

  29. You're right. By and large a cruciate ligament injury is the worst injury a footballer can sustain. They're very rarely the same after it

  30. No argument here ...... No way Mignolet !

  31. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:59 pm, September 03, 2014

    kelly had such a promising career

  32. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:28 pm, September 03, 2014

    why is hodgson leaving lfc players on

  33. Haha. Couldn't agree more! Lovren for me

  34. Hodgson is no good at the top level as we LFC fans know to our cost. I'd be intrigued to see what Rodgers would do with this England squad. Not saying we'd be world beaters, but if think we'd be a damn sight better...

  35. I agree. Also, I believe we can finish anywhere in the top 3. Despite losing Louis we are so much stronger than last year

  36. Raheem man of the match yet again :-)

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:49 pm, September 03, 2014

    henderson looks really good in the stevie role

  38. Rooney looks crap in the captain's role

  39. You do know we haven't actually bought him yet, don't you? Its just a loan with an option to buy. I'm sure if Liverpool had bought him you'd all be saying it was a Brendon Rogers masterstroke, with minimal risk but with the potential for a massive payoff if it comes off.
    Oh, and everyone on RAWK was buzzing about him potentially signing for Liverpool not long ago. Now he's suddenly 'damaged goods' and 'certainly past his peak'.
    Well, we shall see, won't we?
    Oh, and good luck with that loon Balotelli by the way.... Again, if he'd signed for United, you'd all be saying how he'll be a disruptive influence and how Rogers would never risk disrupting the team like that. For my money, Balotelli is a far riskier purchase than Falcao.

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:52 pm, September 03, 2014

    why is roy playing liverpools players for the whole game
    sterling looks exhauseted

  41. Cos he's desperate ....

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:58 pm, September 03, 2014

    i think rooney should be dropped for welbeck
    i think welbecks game suits sturridge and sterling who are by far englands best palyers

    they should also drop oxlade for milner and play hendo controller

  43. There's a fair bit of truth in what you say but it is difficult to say which signing is riskier or which will turn out the best.

    As you say we shall see :-)

  44. Call me bitter but I wouldn't want a player on £350k a week, it's ridiculous!? I'm not denying he's class because he is but that kind of money is gonna alienate the whole dressing room! Utd will score goals but they'll concerned also, especially if he continues with this 3 centre back circus...

  45. Not me. I was against it when there were rumors that LFC might be interested in Falcao. Believe it or not, I thought Eto'o was a better value one year deal.
    LFC have seen with Lucas what an ACL injury can do. Also I follow American football, where such injuries are not uncommon. The received opinion in those circles is that it takes a season after initial recovery for a player to get back to pre-injury form: Not always, to be sure, but typically. Chances are that United are paying Falcao's exorbitant wages while he rehabs.
    A completely separate issue is whether Falcao was in decline even before his injury. There is significant, though not fully conclusive, evidence that he was. So 20 million pounds (fee + wages) for one year of such a player doesn't look like much of a deal to me.
    By contrast, Balotelli is almost no risk. If he doesn't work out, there will be some club that will take him for about what LFC paid, allowing for amortization.

  46. it's obvious the reason why liverpool n arsenal didn't succeed to sign him is his salary, both liverpool board and aw are known to be prudent on this. falcao is not proven in the bpl and already 28 or 29, short-term signing, suitable for desperate mu n hopefully works out for them, but seriously, they shld beef up their defense more.. i m not complaining tho...

  47. i do hv a good feeling abt mario, he seems sincere during interviews abt how he feels now that he's joined liverpool, yeah, good luck to mu fans too on that over the top falcao loan deal, hope it pans out...

  48. Please get Sturridge a song . Imagine how much more motivated we could make him. Every main man in our history had a song why should his be different .

  49. They won't do a damn thing without a new midfield. Either some of these stars end up on the bench or they play with an absurdly top-heavy line-up that would get swamped by a Championship team playing 5 in the middle. Guys like Rooney, Mata and Di Maria can potentially play deeper roles but they're attacking players, not midfielders, and they'll struggle if they have to spend half the match containing opposition players who are far more suited to playing in the middle of the park. Falcao is a great player but he's probably going to have to end up rotating in the side with someone else, so he has only added depth to the United squad, not really enhanced their first team.

    I would have liked to see Falcao at Liverpool, of course. But he seems to be motivated by something other than football so it's probably just as well. I'm sure he would have worked hard and done a great job for us but for the long term good of the team we need to stick with players who we believe have the interest of LFC at heart. Balotelli is questionable in that regard but Rodgers believes he can make him a true team man. His efforts against City were a good start.

  50. This has to be a Liverpool site :) Sturridge before Falcao...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...before RVP haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa