17 Sept 2014

Yes Please: 'Incredible' £20m star is ready to quit Barca & wants LFC transfer. Sign?

Over the summer, Liverpool were constantly linked with a move for Barcelona star Pedro,and with new reports this week suggest that the Reds are still monitoring the Spaniard, who is allegedly ready to consider a move away from the Nou Camp.

In June, The Mirror reported:

"Liverpool are preparing a bid for Barcelona winger Pedro. Brendan Rodgers has made a discreet approach to Barca for and has been told he is available at the right price"

This week, new reports claim that:

* Pedro - who has not completed a full 90 minutes yet this season - is ready to leave Barcelona.

* He fears the arrival of Luis Suarez will curtail his first-team chances even further.

* The €24m-rated attacker is 'keen to listen to offers' from Liverpool and Arsenal.

When asked this week about his future, Pedro - known as 'the silent superstar' by Barca fans (on account of his humble demeanour) - told reporters:

“It’s difficult [at Barca]. All I want to do is work hard. It’s difficult to get into the starting 11 because I’m competing with the best forwards in the world but I’m fighting for my place every day"

What would Pedro - recently described as 'incredible' by Spain boss Vicente Del Bosque - bring to the Liverpool team? In a recent interview, the forward outlined what he perceives his role to be for Barcelona. He told reporters:

"My job in the team is to free up space on the pitch for my teammates, to build moves, to turn certain episodes into goalscoring chances or to get assists for teammates in better positions. These are my responsibilities during the game. Everything I do must benefit the team."

Despite the ridiculous competition at Barca for attacking places, Pedro's stats over the last few years are creditable:

2013-14: 20 goals/10 assists in 52 apps.
2012-13: 10 goals/7 assists in 48 apps.
2011-12: 13 goals/6 assists in 51 apps.
2010-11: 22 goals/8 assists in 52 apps.
2009-10: 22 goals/4 assists in 50 apps.

Liverpool fans certainly hold Pedro in high regard. Prior to the Adam Lallana signing, I asked fans who they'd rather see LFC sign this summer: Pedro or Lallana.

* 17100 visitors (approx) participated in the poll.
* A gigantic 80% of voters chose Pedro over Lallana.

That's a quite staggering vote of confidence in Pedro, but it's hardly surprising given the Spaniard's experience and pedigree. I also voted in favour of Pedro, for the following reasons:

* Pedro has consistent experience at the highest levels of the game, including copious European/international experience.

* He's played alongside some of the world's best players for years, including Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta.

* The Spaniard is a winner; he's won practically every trophy in the game, and that kind of experience could be invaluable for Liverpool. The Reds lacked experience in the final stages of last season, and that arguably contributed to losing the title.

* Pedro is the kind of player who'll come in and give the entire club a lift. He's a marquee signing with an aura about him.

In purely footballing terms, Luis Suarez's exit is a huge negative for Liverpool, but if the Uruguayan forces Pedro out of Barcelona, there could still be a silver lining...



  1. Spirit of the Shadows6:39 am, September 17, 2014

    Top class player and he can open up games too. If he is for sale we MUST go for him. But the club will have to move out borini if he comes in. Borini has time till january to prove everone wrong though.

  2. Yeah, he's more in line with being a Suarez replacement than Balotelli. He'd probably be that last bit of class we need in the attacking third to bring the team up to where they need to be to regularly compete with the likes of Madrid, Bayern and City. It would mean a very full attacking line-up and Origi (just one example) would be facing a hell of a battle to get game time next season, but that's a problem you'd rather have instead of not having enough players. I think if the price is genuinely around 20 million then he's a steal. He's in the same class as Sanchez and Di Maria but of course they're three quite different players. If Pedro is genuinely available then Liverpool should snap him up, even if he ends up being CL cup tied. It would mean next summer we wouldn't really need to sign any more attacking players.

    However I'm now very much in the camp of fans who think we need another midfielder to deal with the current problems we're seeing. Gerrard just can't be sustained in that position, not without a significant tactical change. Even with 38 million pounds worth of international defender we're struggling to cope with a 2nd tier eastern European team on the counter attack and it's not going to be good enough. Allen would be a stop-gap for that position but he's also not the long term solution. Can may or may not be the guy to take over but he's going to take time to recover and settle into the team. If there is limited money available in January I think Pedro should go on the back-burner while we search out someone to fill that hole in the middle.

  3. If liverpool will sign Pedro i will glad because de guy is good & i think liverpool need him morethan any other club.

  4. Although i would have loved the club to get Pedro is this rumour a slight admission by the author that although its early days we may have wasted 45 million on Lallana and Markovic.

  5. Pedro always looks like a good finisher whenever I seen him play. Haven't really been impressed with Lallana yet, even though he is only back from a knee injury. On yesterdays match and the Villa one. I think Liverpool have missed Allen in midfield. Coutinho is so hot and cold you never know what you're going to get. But when he's cold, he keeps giving the ball away in dangerous positions. Allen isn't anything fancy but he's nice and tidy which helps us dominate midfield and he's nippy at winning it back.

  6. With Markovic Liverpool will always make the money back on him, but Lallana definitely not if he turns out garbage. I definitely think Liverpool could've gotten better for £25m. In Spain that would've been €30m to find a player over there.

  7. I really wanted Isco Pat or Griezmann but oh well both i think would have been better than we got.

  8. During the summer, i was harping on that B Rodgers should have made sure that Pedro(27) was part of the L Suarez (27) deal and also get £55M cash. But that never materialised.

    I Prefer Pedro(27) to Sanchez, One thing L Suarez(27) guaranteed us was goals ( 31 last season and assists 10) Pedro(27) is more mobile and quicker than Sanchez(25) and is a better finisher.

    And i thought and still think Pedro(27) alongside D Sturridge(25) and Sterling(19) would terrorise teams.

    The alternative was M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund but Pedro(27) guarantees more goals than Reus(25).

    B Rodgers needs to ship out these players in January to bring in 26M
    in sales:F Borini (23) FD L Leiva(27) DM G Johnson(29) RB

    And then B Rodgers needs to bring in these 4 players to club in January :

    Priority 1: DM: C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £5-£8M
    Priority 2: RWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona or M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund for £20-£25M
    Priority 3: LW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £11-£14M
    Priority 4: RW: N Redmond(19) Of Norwich for £4-£6M

    The things we have noticed in the last two games, Without both sterling (19) and Sturridge(25) both on the pitch we lack proper mobility and penetration of stretching oppositions back 4, so more mobility, pace and speed should be brought to squad. ( Konoplyanka(25), Pedro(27) and Redmond(19) would bring those vital components to side , so we would have more pacey options available if Sterling(19) and Sturridge(25) are out of side.

    We need a mobile tough tackling DM in front of back 4 as S Gerrard(34) is an amazing passer, distributor, set piece taker. But he does not have the energy, legs, pace or speed to get all over ground and teams easily expose him and get opportunities to get at our back four at will.

    Ludogorets came to Anfield and hit the post and then they equalized whilst coming straight through the centre of pitch, if B Rodgers cannot see that we desperately need a mobile tough tackling enforcer in side then we are in trouble, as we will always concede goals with Gerrard(34) Or L Leiva(27) playing the DM Position.

    As they both do not have the energy,legs, mobility, pace, speed or tough tackling skills in their locker to protect back four well enough at home let alone away.

  9. We just need to hope that Lallana isn't the next Downing. It's still early days, but Downing never really got going and look at the end result.

    I think there are clubs out there that rate Markovic and if he is a real success the club would profit off the deal. I don't think any club rated Lallana as highly as we did before he signed, looks a 15M player at the most right now.

  10. Yes he does being only early days i hope things will improve for him but he is slow and i see pace as being a vital asset in this side if you are to play in a wide position.

  11. Agreed on the CDM position but not Tiote they want a better quality enforcer.

  12. I think Kramer from Leverkusen (currently loaned out to borrusia monjenolchebkaghbacdstbchuhb) would be an ideal fit for our CDM role and he can operate as a CM too

  13. How many did Newcastle lose by last week again?

    Tiote does NOT protect his defence.

  14. C Tiote(28) is an awesome DM, he is a mobile tough tackling DM who does his job down to a T. He is like N De Jong(29) tough in the tackle and very aggressive.

    But those players put fear into your opposition and C Tiote(28) would cost the club £5-£8M

    The best DM at the moment is B Matuidi(27) but would PSG sell him, if he was to become available then B Rodgers should bring him to the club instead. We need a CDM in the Mascherano(30) and Momo Sissoko (30) Mould

  15. Mike, Tiote(28) has just come back from Injury recently. And i doubt he would have started that game, as a fully fit injury free C Tiote(28) is a beast. He is the only CDM in league who keeps Y Toure(29) relatively quiet whenever he plays against him.

  16. I disagree on Tiote, if we ever signed him it would of been several years ago. Now, I can't see him play at any higher level than Newcastle. He did really well with Cabaye when they finished 5th, but the time has passed.

    I'm tired of the glorified half back role and Gerrard struggles to get in my team. I'd go for one of the Bender brothers.

  17. Pete and Adam have mentioned the type of quality we need if you want Tiote we may as well keep Lucas as he will add very little.

  18. Pedro would be a big statement of intent. We'd have to really push the boat out and make sure Arsenal don't become our new Spurs

  19. One of the Bender brothers or kramer would be an awesome addition to our midfield !! By the way Lars is better than Sven bender :)

  20. Toure is 31. If you're going to state ages do so accurately please.

  21. I will trust your German wisdom :)

  22. Bender Rodriguez is better than both.

  23. First mistake in ages on players ages, thanks for spotting it

  24. Seems like we have an LFC791(?) v Twistadee11(?) age database war here

  25. Its not Arsenal's mistake that Sanchez chose them over Liverpool.

  26. Only possible if we qualify for top 4 this season.

  27. By the way, we will be champions this season..

  28. We have enough attacking players so no need for anymore right now. We also have Origi from next season so signing Pedro would be pointless.

    Rodgers needs to stop tinkering, that is all. Our pressing game is what makes us tick and the flattening of Spurs was proof of this. Not sure why he has not decided to stick with the diamond formation. We looked lost vs Southampton, we did ok vs City, terrible vs Villa and again looked clueless last night.

    Balotelli is struggling upfront on his own. Solution = play two upfront.

  29. Two up front means Sterling behind strikers which means no place for Coutinho. Also Markovic(and Suso) can only replace Sterling in that formation and it doesn`t give them enough pitch time in big games...

  30. Sterling is more than good enough to play upfront with Balotelli. If we continue with clueless tactics then we are in for a very disappointing season.

  31. And when DS returns bench Mario, right

  32. Imo with eveyonr fit are best front six are allen hendo llana sterling balo danny

  33. we dont need pedro we need a world class Dm instead of gerrard

  34. Didn't say it was

  35. how about
    Sterling Hendo Lallana Moreno
    ///////////Balloteli, Danny.

  36. No. Play Balotelli and Sturridge upfront with Sterling behind them.

  37. And than you dont have space for coutinho, markovic and suso..

  38. Not everyone can start but you have to go with your best starting lineup.

  39. Uhm, what about Barca's transfer ban then..?

  40. my thoughts on markovic is, if he was that good, chelsea would've signed him. he looks pacey but a bit lightweight physically.

  41. I know but I couldn`t imagine our starting eleven without Coutinho this august, and now he looks like he could be sold without damaging the team...

  42. Gerrard protecting the 3 stooges is a is the football equivalent of hari kari

  43. theres plenty of space for them on the bench thats if they can hit it

  44. lallana needs two grafters behind him to flourish

  45. suso like tino is a one trick pony who looks great without actually doing any thing

  46. Coutinho won't be sold. he is a very good player. He will just have to get stuck in if he wants to be a regular.

  47. They cannot sign any players until January 2016.

  48. Gerrard kept Toure relatively quiet.

    Liverpool have Lallana Markovic Moreno Henderson Borini and Lambert (believe it or not) who makes runs in behind

  49. Bender is a banned word at Liverpool

  50. He's rusty-ish coming back from injury

  51. I might have misunderstood, but I thought it was no business at all, including selling players.

  52. Well it's two tonight and one the other week but whose counting :-)

  53. Pedro is the One player I really hoped we could bring to anfield this summer, Jaime you have described him perfectly...quality experience and working with fabulous squad of players.20 goals last season was brilliant even after naymar been bought.Adam lallana will prove his worth but a player who could suffer might be coutinho but I hope he proves me wrong as we all know he can be super on his day but he needs consistency now

  54. Yokohama Liverpool Fan12:22 am, September 18, 2014

    Nevermind Shaqiri but Bayern were reluctant to to sell him...

  55. I think borini is a really good utility player for the squad.. He's not starting quality but he is a decent back up

  56. The thing is Twistadee repeats the same thing again and again and again without necessarily considering the practicalities of what he(?) is saying.
    And all I see are fanciful wishlists of players with ages often incorrectly thrown in, half the time they aren't even players in the right area.
    Normally I wouldn't bother to correct them, but for some reason yesterday was just too much.

  57. Gerrard(34) plays the DM position for our club. He should have kept the likes of Nasri(27), Silva(28) and Toure(31) quiet.

    Like how Fernando(29) kept Coutinho(22), Henderson(24) and Sterling(19) relatively quiet when we played them at the Ethihad.

  58. LFC791: There are not wishlists.

    They are genuine class quality players who will make our side better, the reason B Rodgers did not sign the top best marquee and world class players is to keep the wages low .

    But in world football today especially for the last 5-8 years the best teams have the best players and spend the most money to get where they are today.

    The £20M we spent on Markovic(20) when B Rodgers should have offered £23-£28M for Pedro(27) Of Barcelona or M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund. ( Potential or world class quality)

    Last TWO seasons Chelsea have needed another tough tackling DM, A Creative Midfielder who will score goals, new GK, more pace out wide and a serious striker.

    So in season and half J Mourinho has brought in Schurrle(23), Salah(22), Willian(26), Matic(26),
    Fabregas(27), Costa(25), Remy(27) and D Drogba(36) Whilst he recalled back Courtois(22).

    Who look the strongest team by country mile this season?

    Because they brought in more experienced proven world class talent players who will do the business but expect the big salaries than the class quality players who may be hit or may be a flop.

    I love my team and i love football used to eat play , sleep football . Played to high standard at youth, then semi pro for 7 years until serious ankle injury still play 5 a side at high standard.

    But i know my football and any person who knows football and teams will know which players suit systems. B Rodgers style of play suits energetic, mobile, pacey , quick players who are motivated and willing to learn or if you are experienced with the class and quality to just graft more for side.

    Pedro(26) Of Barcelona, M Reus(25) Of B Dortmund, J Biabiany(26) Of Parma and K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen would all offer the club more class, creativity, goals , mobility, pace and speed to squad than A Lallana(26) and L Markovic(20).

    L Remy(27) Of Chelsea, C Benteke(24) Of A Villa, M Icardi(21) Of Inter Milan, J Martinez(27) Of Porto and P Aubamayeng(25) would offer more class, goals and mobility to club and squad than R Lambert(32) and F Borini(23).

    So its not wish list at all, its not rocket science.
    Di Maria(26) and Sanchez(25) will both do well in premiership because they have are world class, have energy, mobility, pace, speed to burn and are direct.

    Its not shock that Ozil(25) is struggling, the role he plays for Arsenal out wide he does not have the pace, speed to hurt teams regularly. If Ozil played in the AM role he would anielate teams, but as Arsenal are spoilt for choice with AM he is shunted out wide.

    Where we are weak is we lack Mobile tough tackling DM, we need more attacking players with pace, speed in squad. ( As without Sterling(19) and Sturridge(25) both in starting 11 we look lost and toothless)

    And our GK doesn't have a clue, he is a great shot stopper but apart from that he is a comedian. He is always coming out trying to get involved with play and has been exposed, he is diabolical and distributing the ball, he is comical at corners, he does not command his area well enough,he does not give the defenders any confidence and his goal kicking is useless.

    Apart from Sturridge(25) we do not have another attacker in the squad who can guarantee to score 20-30 goals a season.

    The attacking players i had mentioned we should have brought last summer and few seasons back and now we should bring would sort out our weaknesses.

  59. Pete, B Rodgers would not go all out for any player the top rivals want as he does not want to change the wage bill.

    Lars Bender(25) would be great signing, but with Arsenal, Bayern Munich,Chelsea and Real Madrid being linked with him in the past , would B Rodgers get him? Doubt it very much

  60. I'm afraid they are. You rarely consider the practicalities of buying players. Looking at just the first two for instance neither were going to move in the summer window and both repeatedly reiterated that. And if you go back and look at summer of your other posts they get frankly unbelievable.
    You often say Rodgers should be buy X Y or Z but never think about how we'd pull that off in real life, Sanchez for instance, according to all reports we offered Sanchez equal or greater money and we were talking with him for longer, but Wenger and London persuaded him to go to Arsenal.
    DiMaria wanted United and LVG partly because of the wages they'd offer and partly because he'd be the main man.
    You simply refuse to accept that the real world doesn't work the same way as FIFA/Football Manager.
    There's a lot more to do than simply offer up a transfer fee. And similarly if we want to get rid of a player there's a good chance other clubs won't want him and yet you rattle off fees we should get for players as if they were foregone conclusions and/or it was just a case of us accepting the deal, but as the Borini situation showed that simply isn't the case.
    Until you distinguish between real life and the perfect dream world then yes you're transfer lists (in and out) are just wishlists (and unreasonable ones at that).

  61. Pedro(27) B Rodgers could have brought to club in summer. Pedro(27) was already behind Neymar (22)and Messi(27) and they just brought L Suarez(27) to club off us. So B Rodgers should have made Pedro(27) his priority instead of Sanchez(25).

    I have said that all through summer, Pedro(27) is a more of a goal threat than Sanchez(25) , Pedro(27) is more mobile, faster, quicker and a beater finisher than Sanchez(25) and as we were losing a player ranked 1 - 3 in the world who scored 31 goals and provided 10 assists. We needed someone in world class also who would at least guarantee the club 15-25 goals a season if they are fully fit and injury free. Pedro(27) would score more goals than A Sanchez(25)

    M Reus(25) does not want to commit to another contract and is running down his contract so if B Rodgers had of pushed the boat like he did with Lallana(26) i am sure we would have been able to bring him to the club.

    Its not fantasy football or fifa, If a club, manager really wants a player and the player is not fully committed to having future with current club they are playing at then the player can be brought. Happened with J Rodriguez(23) from Monaco to Real Madrid and L Suarez(27) from Us to Barcelona

  62. The thing is you're wrong.
    You are almost every time you make a post.
    Just explain to me if you're right, why we didn't get Sanchez?
    He wasn't committed to Barca, we put up the money, have CL football, had agreed terms with Barca and yet he signs for Arsenal? Rodgers even publicly stated that yes they went for him and made a strong push for him but he picked Arsenal.
    Shall I tell you why? Because the real world doesn't go the way you want it to, it doesn't work like FIFA or your fantasies.
    As for Reus not signing an extension and moving are two separate things especially when Dortmund is involved; case in point Lewandowski, he wanted to go to Bayern, didn't sign a contract extension but Dortmund made him honour his contract, and he joined Bayern after his contract ran out. So you being "sure" that we could have got him means absolutely nothing.
    There was a similar case with Sagna and Arsenal.
    Also it's not "would of", it's "would have".
    Finally please tell me what value constantly repeating a player's age adds? Maybe it's useful the first time but seeing it 4 times in one post is frankly just aggravating.

  63. as with the zilliuon rumors on this site, this would be GREAT and for all the reasons you list. Likely to happen, sadly I would say AS IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. we did not the push the boat out enough to get Sanchez(25) simples!!!!!!!!

  65. We've been talking about this all year, and nothing was done to address this. Either Rodgers is too scared to drop Gerrard, or there was no such players available in the market. The reason why we and Arsenal are struggling is because we do not have a world class DMF. If Arsenal had purchased Luis Gustavo, I'd be confident to say they would have been title contenders last year. But they didn't they opted to purchase the attackers instead, which was a wrong move. Look at Man City, they have Yaya, Fernandinho, Chelsea - Matic, even Man Utd. now seem to have found their own controlling midfielder in Blind. And who does LFC have in that position? Let's be honest, however fantastic a captain he is, Stevie G. cannot start every single games anymore with his age and conditioning.

  66. Lallana looks like Borini for me , not much to offer a club looking to win things and aspire to dine at the top table in Europe. No Pace , no goal threat and weak in terms of their hold up play, defensively naive but BR brought them so seems determined to play them even if the balance of the the side is lop sided.

    Markovic needs to be allowed to express himself more and be more direct. Would definitely sign Pedro but need a central midfielder badly. Midfeild like a sieve, knife through butter on Tuesday. Early days but worrying.