27 Sept 2014

Great News: 'Amazing' €25m Reds target rejects new contract. Big chance for LFC?

Last week, Liverpool co-owner John Henry sparked a raging frenzy of LFC fan-speculation with cryptic tweet about long-time Reds target Marco Reus, and although a deal for the German is probably a pipe dream at this point (especially with the Reds' poor form in the league), events at Dortmund represent a huge opportunity for any interested clubs.

In August, Sky Sports claimed that:

"Liverpool have been trimmed from 11/8 to 6/5 favourites to sign Marco Reus after a handful of big bets today.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca this week:

* Reus has told Borussia Dortmund he won't be renewing his contract.
* Dortmund owill be forced to cash in on him at the end of this season.
* Reus has a €25million buyout clause in his contract.

'Amazing' Reus seems certain leave Dortmund next summer, and when asked last week about the attacker's future, Sporting Director Michael Zorc told reporters:

"There are many clubs, even outside of Germany, interested in Marco. We will continue discussions, and then we'll see if we can achieve a positive result"

LFC legend Jamie Carragher is a fan of Reus, and when asked last month about the possibility of the German coming to Anfield, he enthused:

“I’d love LFC to sign Reus. [He's a ] great player, and would be one of the best players in the Premier League.”

Most Liverpool fans probably feel the same, but Reus will probably end up at Real Madrid, who reportedly already have an agreement in princple with Dortmund.

Imagine if Liverpool had signed Reus instead of Markovic over the summer. The Serb cost £20m - which basically corresponds to the German's buyout clause - and I have no doubt he would've come straight into the team and made an immediate impact.

With two goals/assists in two games so far, Reus has picked up where he left off last season. Alas, the chances of him ending up at Anfield next summer are incredibly slim.



  1. this rumor again ????? YAAAAAWWWNNNN

  2. I don't know why you keep writing articles about it if you know the chances are incredibly slim. It's almost like saying, 'great news- messi rejects new contract'

  3. Marco Reus should've been targeted by the club to the point of stalking when we missed out on Sanchez.Instead took a big dilution in quality and went for Lazar Markovic as our second choice option, hoping he'll turn into one those top class players mentioned in the future.
    I would've preferred the club not to waste money.If Liverpool couldn't attract a top quality attacker.Jordan Ibe should've been given a chance.

  4. Realistically though, if he had became available this summer, would City, Chelsea, United or Arsenal just left him to us? We can't compete with the money they can offer him. We can compete on transfer fees, but it is wages that make the real difference. We've nothing else to offer the players. Obviously we have our own unique history and prestige, but players would rather live in London or play for one of the Manchester powerhouses. Man U don't have Champions League at the moment, but they still managed to sign Di Maria, who'd start for any team in the league. We're just operating on a different, slightly lower, level.

    It'd take a miracle to sign Reus. Trying to sign the next Reus (which presumably was the line of thinking with Markovic) is our best and only option. We can really outbid these other sides.

  5. Our only chance will be a big offer in January. When he is a free agent competition will be too great, and he'll join Bayern, Real or Barca or maybe Chelsea/City

  6. Vermhat this comment will probably come across as attacking but it isn't meant to be.I just think the mindset of some needs to change.
    If everyone associated with the club has your defeatist attitude, guess what... Liverpool will never bring in the kind of player we want to see.Ambition is the key.
    You call Man City a powerhouse but the reality is they're a smaller club who punches above their weight because they spend.Liverpool obviously can't compete every transfer window with Arab money, but when we spend heavily we don't fight hard enough to bring in the standard of player everyone wants.
    We had 120m this summer and with Champions League football attracted the same sort of player we could've got without being in Europe.The wages excuse... What was Luis Suarez on peanuts?
    Man Utd couldn't get the players they wanted earlier in the summer because the likes of Radamel Falcao were holding out for better options.Then he settled late.
    Within hours of Alexis Sanchez rejecting us for Arsenal the club activated Markovic's buyout clause instead of being patient and targeting another player on the same level as our first choice.Livepool need to start acting like the level of club we are especially when FSG back management with big money to make statements.
    We need to stop making excuses.Trying to buy the next Marco Reus is not the best and only option for a club of our size.I wish a few on the transfer committee thought the same, maybe we'd have a better squad.

  7. At present we are being investigated over FFP i do not think we have any problems there but i am not sure the club have the money for such a transfer.
    I cannot believe they paid 20 mill for Markovic and was hoping i was wrong about him and hope he improves in leaps and bounds but i do not see it.

  8. Why did BR spend 20m on Markovic when he is no better than SUSO..
    Lets compare the stats
    Markovic 5 goals 5 assists (2013-14)
    Suso 3 goals 7 assits(2013-14)
    And not to forget Suso was playing for a team who finished 17th.

  9. So what I am saying is instead of blowing 20m on Markovic.....he could bought someone else....or saved the money used it in Jan

  10. Players recruitment policy at LFC is joke! Why break the bank and buy Reus or Sanchez when you can buy overpriced and average Lallana and Markovic. Do they buy according to age now Lallana 26 years old = 26 millions, Markovic 20 years old = 20 millions???

  11. Would have been better to save the 20 million wasted on Markovic and waited to but Reus.

  12. That's spooky ......until you get to Lambert....:-)

  13. Amazing, outstanding, shocking, better than Maradona, the next Pele, out-of-this-world, UFO.......

  14. I wish it had been 2.0 and 2.6 then :-)

  15. How dare you attack me. Only kidding, debate is welcome!

    You say that if everyone had my defeatist attitude, the club won't bring in the right quality of player, but that's not true, because the ambition of the fans is largely irrelevant. It is all to do with the ambition and more importantly, the strategy of the club's leadership.

    I'd obviously love us to buy Reus, but I realise that the ownership are unlikely to sanction such a move. Even if we made him our best paid player and gave him £200,000 a week, big clubs domestically and abroad could just go higher and higher until we're outbid. Without consistent Champions League or tycoons in charge of the club, you can't afford to give out these mega contracts.

    You mention that Suarez was on a great deal of money, but from the perspective of the ownership it is more risky to offer £200k+ to a new player than it is to give it to someone who had proven himself the best player at the club over 2 years. Equally it is more sustainable to buy players of a lower profile who are willing to accept ups and downs in the club's league position whilst we re-establish ourselves rather than players who demand Champions League and would likely force their way out of the club at the first sign of trouble.

    I'd also say, in FSG's defence, who have we missed out on this summer? The Falcao deal is crazy money and I think it is perfectly reasonable to turn that down, especially considering he is coming back from his 3rd major knee injury. Sanchez wanted to move to London, so there was nothing we could do there. Same with Fabregas. Costa already turned us down last summer and Chelsea have strong ties with Atletico. Di Maria wanted so much money that even Real Madrid didn't want to pay him. Pedro is Barca born and bred and would have to be seriously unsettled to want to move. Neither Reus nor Hummels would ever be allowed to leave in the summer following the departure of Lewandowski. I agree that we haven't really recruited 'Champions League' players, but who else is out there that we could have realistically gotten?

    I did call Man City a powerhouse and undoubtedly, in terms of support and history, they are a smaller club than us. That isn't a big deal to most players though. A couple of hundred grand a week is.

  16. It is reported that he already has an agreement with Real

  17. I stood on a posters sensitive toes with every response i made the other day.Most are made of stronger stuff but you get some cry babies who think they're being attacked.
    When I said everyone associated with Liverpool I meant fans and hierarchy.I know fans don't make decisions.Although going by our recruitment I'd take a fan vote/phone in to buy players XFactor style over our wasteful transfer committee:)
    You say it's more sustainable to buy lower profile players.That isn't true if we take punts of 20m on garbage like Markovic.Liverpool have wasted far to much money on these types.Top players come with less risk.Give me one of high profile superstar over 3 players of the standard we target.
    I don't blame FSG for who we bring in.They sign the cheques.Our transfer committee are the ones to point fingers at.They target players.Who could we have went for: Xherdan Shaqiri, Antonine Griezmann, Isco, Paul Pogba, Julian Draxler, Arturo Vidal, Pedro and Lucas Moura are just a few players.
    Your right VermHat.I was being pedantic.The media a sugar daddy and success have turned Man City into a artificial powerhouse.However some like to think 150-200k is out of Liverpool's wage bracket.The truth is 2 or 3 players on that wage will not bankrupt the club.