7 Sept 2014

Confirmed: BR tried to sign 'world class' €18m star, & he'll 'consider' Jan transfer. Pursue?

Over the summer, Liverpool were regularly linked with a move for Bayern Munich star Xherdan Shaqiri, and the attacker has now confirmed that the Reds put in an official bid before the summer transfer window even opened.

Speaking to reporters this week, €18m-rated Shaqiri said:

"Liverpool made a bid for me before the World Cup but Bayern put their foot down and told me, "We’re not going to sell you".

Shaqiri - hailed as 'world class' by Munich's Sporting Director Mattias Sammer - also opened the door for further speculation about his future:

"I will consider my decision during the winter break".

If Liverpool tried to sign Shaqiri before the World Cup, then this suggests that he was Brendan Rodgers' first choice for the left-sided attacker role, with Lazar Markovic a back-up option in case the deal failed (which it did). It's also possible that Rodgers targeted both players and only managed to get one of them.

Shaqiri is a sparingly used squad player at Bayern, and given the large number of top players at the club, it's doubtful that he's going to become a first-team regular any time soon. As such, it's hard to understand why Guardiola is so keen to keep hold of Shaqiri; why not not just let him leave?

Should Liverpool go back in for Shaqiri during the winter transfer window?

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  1. Shaqiri is pure class. If you consider the amount of goals/ assists per minute he had last season, then you can see that he has Sturridge- like stats. He would be ideal in our system of a 433 but he has no place in a 41212 with sterling at the tip of a diamond.

    I would love for us to sign him so he can play in a 433 and battle it out with Markovic, lallana, and sterling. Shaqiri is exactly what we need as well as a midfield destroyer CM who can also operate at CDM for a 41212. Which I believe is our best formation and the best way forward.

  2. I hope shaqiri doesn't get enough chances at bayern and comes to liverpool in January. Their loss will be our gain.

  3. I'd love to us getting Shaqiri. I rate him very highly.

    But in the same time I feel our midfield is starting to get bit crowded. However if it looks like there's room in squad in January then we should try to get him.

  4. Markovic will do for me.

  5. Enough is enough - I don't want Shaquiri in LFC. By this time, we should at least understand that XS isn't that interested to come here. He isn't playing much at Bayern, LFC is in CL & almost certainly he would have started here; yet for 3 windows now, I have heard LFC chasing him. All of us keyboard genius has framed in at least 100 LFC formation & I am sure, XS himself understands much better than any of us, yet Jan 'll be 4th window we 'll frame him hypothetically. Had he been interested, I don't think Bayern or Pep would have stopped him, particularly when we are ready to pay reasonable fees. I see him playing in Italy or Spain next year - if in UK, it 'll probably be at MU, as I believe LVG took him to Bayern. Let's focus on investing energy/effort on realistic options.

  6. Difficult to judge as we've not seen enough of Markovic or Shaqiri in a run of matches.
    But I expect Markovic was bought instead of Shaqiri when it became clear we were not going to get himi. That usually means the moment has passed

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:09 pm, September 07, 2014

    Daniel Sturridge injury will mean Lazar Markovic will get his chance no way Brendan Rodgers can keep him and Adam Lallana


    we have plenty of depth now

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:10 pm, September 07, 2014

    Lazar Markovic can play as a false 9
    Xherdan Shaqiri can't

  9. I agree. I'm looking forward to seeing Markovic get a good run of games, and we have Lallana too. i'm also really excited about our squad this year. It's the most complete one we've had in a very long time.

  10. Impressed with Scotland tonight Jaimie even though I've got a decent bet on Germany. I wish England would try as hard as they are!

  11. I wanted us to get Shaqiri a few months back but we got rejected and went for Markovic as our back up option.He looks decent from the little we've seen especially in the Man City cameo.
    Maybe if Lazar Markovic flops we could go back in for Shaqiri but as it stands our attacking midfield options are good.Raheem Sterling, Markovic, Adam Lallana, Coutinho and don't forget Jordan Ibe will be in the mix next season.
    Shaqiri and his representatives should've made it clear to Bayern Munich that he wanted to divorce their bench.Instead he chose not to force a move, he just sat back and showed no ambition to change a frustrating situation.

  12. Ribery and Robben will both be leaving the twilight of their careers and Shaqiri will replace one of them next season

  13. It was Jupp Heynckes not LVG

  14. This ship has sailed with all the options we have now.

  15. This was the player I really wanted to join us over the summer, he's strong, quick, great feet and doesn't get enough playing time at bayern, I think if he did he would be up there with luis and messi, I genuinely believe it.
    Hopefully this will happen in January but the team we're building/ built, is superb and I'm really looking forward to this season.

  16. I really like Shaquiri but don't think there's room in our squad for him now

  17. Gotta play with two strikers

  18. I wonder if we do sign Shaqiri it'll represent 'a vote of no confidence' in Markovic? Personally, if we can afford them both and have them play in a rotation system, then the power of good to u with strength in depth to cover for injuries people whinge about during international breaks.

  19. May be, doesn't matter. Bottom line is, he isn't interested & if he comes in UK, it's most likely at MU for LVG's Bayern contacts & MU Club profile (& money as well; they are throwing money at everthing these days). Even with Reina move to BM, we couldn't bring XS; & don't think it was Bayern that blocked the deal.

  20. Spirit of the Shadows6:57 am, September 08, 2014

    IN other news Henderson is injured. thanks a lot roy...

  21. Was it a 50/50 or did he go over the ball with another of his two footed specials? Hatchet man Roy!!

  22. I'd rather target Reus. If we could get both, that'd be ace. Either Shaqiri, Reus or Sterling could also be used as strikers as well - what with us hopefully moving Borini (and seemingly Suso) on in January. Let's get used to having so much strength in depth - we weren't afforded this in the Rafa days.

  23. I don't want another 'BIG I MAN' at Liverpool we have enough players who think they are billy big time.
    Shaqiri thinks he's the nuts you only have to listen to him when he givs interviews.
    Yet I have seen nothing which justifies him starting ahead of any of our current players.
    He's not better than Markovic Sterling Lallana or even Ibe.
    I'd rather we give Jordan Ibe a run than spend money on Shaqiri I just don't trust him.
    What we really need is a KEEPER such as Cech or if Valdes is as good as he was....Mingolet is a accident waiting to happen.
    Finally a quality defensive midfielder no idea who but I think we may have missed a trick in not getting Alex Song

  24. Don't think so. With Lallana in the mid instead of Allen it's much more in attack. And than those two wingers are Ribery and Robben of the (near) future.

  25. Absolutely sick of hearing about shaqiri. Feel Blackmailed by a Said???
    If he'd wanted to play for us, he'd be with us now!!! A bit of a footy whore! I think.

  26. By the time Reina got there Rodgers already had bought Lallana and Markovic