30 Sept 2014

Agent tells BR: €15m goal-machine who's 'like Ibrahimovic' can 'play for LFC'. Sign?

With 8 goals in 8 games so far, French star André-Pierre Gignac is on fire for Marseille this season, the striker's Agent believes he would be the perfect signing for Liverpool FC.

Speaking to French newspaper L'Equipe on Thursday, Christopher Hutteau insisted that Gignac can 'succeed at a big club', adding:

"This is a striker with a relatively atypical profile, responsive to the physical challenge.

"He can play in England, for Arsenal or Liverpool, no problem. For me, it is between €12million (£9.5m) and €15million (£11m)."

Some info about Gignac:

* 4 goals in 17 games for the France national team.
* Marseille: 62 goals/12 assists in 157 apps.
* Toulouse: 42 goals/11 assists in 118 apps.
* Lorient: 11 goals/6 assists in 51 apps.
* TOTALS: 115 goals/29 assists in 326 apps.
* Goal every 2.8 games.
* Goal/assist every 2.2 games.

QPR midfielder Joey Barton played alongside Gignac at Marseille, and when asked about the striker, he raved:

"He's one of our most important players. He's like Ibrahimovic at Paris Saint-Germain. He can score from anywhere".

With Daniel Sturridge's consistent injury problems, Liverpool arguably need another striker. Indeed, the club's negative goal-difference in the league is proof-positive that the team is struggling on the goalscoring front.

Ricky Lambert is a good squad player, but he's not going to score 15+ goals a season, and despite his much-vaunted potential, it's doubtful that Mario Balotelli is going to be a prolific goalscorer for the Reds (this season, at least).

One of Brendan Rodgers' key goals this summer was to find a way to replace Luis Suarez's creative impact, but so far, none of this buys - individually or collectively - look capable of filling the void.

Is a player like Gignac the answer, though? At 29, it's highly doubtful.



  1. I think personally, we should go for it as it doesn't matter if Gignac is 29 as long as he is a top performer. I mean it's not really a long term option but football is no longer a long term sport. It's too fickle, take markovic for example, he's only 20 been here a few months yet after an admittedly poor performance against Everton there are portions of our fans that want him sold. Gignac if signed would have at least 3 years at the top which is a long time in football, especially at 10 mill

  2. We already have 4 strikers + Origi on loan.

    Hopefully Balotelli, Origi and Sturridge will be our core for years to come. I know some are dissapointed with Balo but I think it's too early to tell.

    Real defensive midfielder and a better goalkeeper is what we need. I can't see Gerrard playing over 30 games anymore after this season.

  3. They want Markovic sold, Gerrard retired, Sakho sold, Lucas sold, Allen sold, GJ sold, Mignolet sold, Coutinho sold, Jones sold, Illori sold, Rodgers sacked, Ayre sacked, transfer committee sacked
    thats just some of the ones I can recall over the last week or so,
    We are lucky to have such knowledgeable fans.

  4. Haha spot on mate

  5. Origi seems to have started the season well.
    I fear for Lambert that he may not get the minutes he'll require to make an impact. Can't wait to have Sturridge back. At the moment Balotelli's game plan just seems to be to shoot any time he gets the ball in the final third and he definitely needs to be smarter than that

  6. Vic Moses has been on fire which he showed that form last year! Still wish we got Remy & sold Borini.

  7. When you put it altogether it makes our fanbase seem irrational but you've collected views from many people.Sports fans worldwide make emotionally driven statements.Some supporters are bold and say what's on their mind while others are more patient and like to sit back and watch how things pan out.
    Forget sarcasm.We are lucky to have such knowledgable football fans and a few over the top statements in your post doesn't change that!

  8. What have we to lose by bringing him to the club, as already stated football is so short termed nowadays, addmittitly though not calling for SG to be retired I would be calling for him to be used sparingly as his age is against him and his mind will be writing cheques his body can't cash, as far as the list of players to be sold according to the fans... They need time to adjust to playing together, I am old enough to remember when a player was bought he was put into the reserves for a year to learn the Liverpool way nowadays they are put in immediately.

  9. I think a lot of fans are influenced by some of the football clichés that masquerade as wisdom- -If you're near 30 you're too old- we could sign anybody if we tried hard enough, such and such a player is lazy/slow/past his best etc
    An example is the reaction to Xabi Alonso's possible transfer last season. In the end, I don't think he would have chosen us over Bayern anyway, but the number of comments I heard about him being too old, past it, not mobile enough etc made me shake my head- He is now absolutely starring in a Bayern team full of superstars
    Yet people said he wasn't good enough for LFC any more... Sigh.