9 Aug 2014

Record Bid? LFC make official offer for 'stunning' €63m star who'd 'love' Prem move. Better than Falcao?

With just under 3 weeks until transfer deadline day, Liverpool are still no closer to signing a replacement for Luis Suarez, but the Reds finally appear to be targeting the right kind of players, and after Falcao, the latest superstar player linked with the club is Suarez's 'stunning' Uruguay team-mate, Edinson Cavani.

According to ESPN today:

"Liverpool have asked after the availability of Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani".

Cavani's Agent, Claudio Annellucci, has also confirmed Liverpool's interest, and earlier this week, he told Uruguayan newspaper El Telegrafo:

"Cavani heard proposals from Liverpool and Arsenal. He would love to play in England, but has not made a final decision. He's not interested in money and fame; he just wants to be happy playing football."

Liverpool were also linked with Cavani in 2012, and at the time, his Agent told reporters:

"Liverpool and Arsenal are the first clubs that Cavani has agreed to talk to. It is no secret that Edinson want to play in England. It is one of his greatest dreams".

Cavani - nicknamed 'El Matador' for his flamboyant style on the pitch - ultimately ended up joining PSG for €63m, and if Liverpool are to prise him away from France, the club will probably have to pay a similar transfer fee to secure the signing.

At PSG, Cavani is often stuck out wide to accommodate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and given the fact that Daniel Sturridge is only really effective playing centrally, he'd probably suffer the same fate at Anfield. Rodgers even shunted Luis Suarez out wide last season to play Sturridge in his natural position, so it seems likely that he'd do the same with Cavani.

Perhaps that may be a stumbling block; at Arsenal, Cavani would almost certainly play centrally, as the only other competition he'd have is Olivier Giroud. If the Uruguayan just wants to be 'happy' playing football, then I imagine that, if he moves, he'll choose a club that will allow him to play in his natural position.

Like Suarez, though, Cavani is an extremely hard-worker on the pitch, and he's a perfect fit for Liverpool in that regard. Indeed, after Uruguay's 2-1 victory over England at the World Cup, Oscar Tabarez raved:

"Gerrard couldn’t play his game because Cavani was stopping him, so today they had more difficulties than normal".

Additionally, despite playing out wide for much of the season, Cavani's stats at PSG are excellent:

* 25 goals/7 assists in 43 appearances.
* Goal/Assist every 1.3 games.

It's great to see Liverpool targeting top class players like Falcao and Cavani, but in this case, it seems unlikely that the Uruguayan will leave PSG after only one year at the club.

Given a straight choice between the two, who is the better option? According to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, it's 'very difficult' to set them apart. In a recent interview, he mused:

"They are very similar. They have an animal aspect inside of them. Both of them are animals. I think Cavani is a bit more mobile, and makes more runs off the ball, and Falcao is a bit more of a box player, a bit more of a killer than Cavani"

Of the two, I'd rather take Cavani, purely because his fitness record is outstanding, and after a recent cruciate ligament injury, Falcao is clearly the bigger risk.

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  1. Jackson Martinez looks a great player and prob wouldnt cost as much as either Falcao or Cavani. Havent heard of him linked with any team which is unusual.

  2. It's because he signed a new contract with Porto
    he would have been my choice after Sanchez

  3. It will be the worst signing we have ever made - please be wrong. we should have signed Remy Asa Hartford played for years with similar, we should have worked something out. He could sign a disclaimer.

  4. Neither are coming to Liverpool way to expensive - fees and wages. I think Reus would be a better fit anyway. Nothing is going to happen between now and deadline day other than Moreno.

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:45 pm, August 09, 2014

    cavani is not gonna gel well with sturridge
    in my opinion they are both out and out strikers

    if we are gonna waste that much money on a player rather go all out for marco reus

  6. colonel cocknocker5:46 pm, August 09, 2014

    I'm pretty sure he only signed a years extension with the same wages and the same buyout clause....so his contract ends 2017 instead of 2016...basically just to get porto a decent deal on the face of it, it's not a prohibitive long contract....

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:46 pm, August 09, 2014

    plus cavani did not endear himself to us last season
    when he was telling suarez to leave and liverpool to release him

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:46 pm, August 09, 2014

    evra signed one left a week later

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:48 pm, August 09, 2014

    he like falcao and cavani is to out and out

    we should look at more players like sanchez and reus that can play upfront or wing

  10. Now when i look back at things, what a signing Remy would have been for us for a meagre 8m. Paying 50m for Cavani is not the right direction to tread. What if he fails? What if he continues hi woeful form here in Liverpool too? This is jut too big a gamble as is Falcao. I dont want us to blew off last of our stock on some overrated players who would improve our squad very little.

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:49 pm, August 09, 2014

    exactly chelsea still suffering from spending that money on el nino

  12. colonel cocknocker5:49 pm, August 09, 2014

    maybe pretty sure is a bit strong. I'm unreliably informed by some news story i read somewhere is more like it....

  13. Sanchez is soft. Perfect fit for Arsenal. Vidal is the real leader of Chile aka The Warrior. if Sanchez had any soul or heart than Barcelona would have did more last season.

  14. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:52 pm, August 09, 2014

    with city being hit by ffp , why not make a bid for stefan jovetic
    he can play right ,left ,center like suarez , a 20m bid for him should convince city to part ways

    city could then use the money to sign cavani or falcao

  15. Why didnt he start in the world cup and even when he came on he played like Welbeck.

    There should have been an option for Reus in the poll

  16. colonel cocknocker5:52 pm, August 09, 2014

    there you go http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/official-arsenal-liverpool-striker-target-jackson-martinez-signs-new-porto-deal-1459546....this article quotes porto's official page. I thought I'd heard a seemingly semi reliable report somewhere....

  17. They aint as dull as PSG

  18. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:54 pm, August 09, 2014

    get one of son, firmino,draxler,volland or brandt

  19. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:54 pm, August 09, 2014

    excuse me?

  20. What about el shaarawy? He'd surely be cheaper ,can play on the wing and up front. Or has he been playing s***?

  21. city are not as stupid as they look like

  22. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:55 pm, August 09, 2014

    i think they played ibraro
    he can also play right or left but not very prolific

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:56 pm, August 09, 2014

    i think pellegrini is not a fan of jovetic
    and now with suarez gone no one see us as rivals

    cavani could suit city they play 2 up front

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:57 pm, August 09, 2014

    he is only good at faking corner kicks

  25. I would be happy with either Jovetic or Reus but not possible

  26. Cavani is asking for 300k a week without kicking a ball.
    No thanx pls to mecenaries..i rather have bony fighting for us

  27. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:59 pm, August 09, 2014

    apparently messi told him give me the ball every time you get it
    no that he is away from him i think he can shine

  28. actually i m praying that ManU dont get Vidal. If they get him, we have no chance of making top4

  29. colonel cocknocker6:00 pm, August 09, 2014

    Prob just paper talk but he's been linked a bit to arsenal. Also he supposedly said he was an arsenal fan. Also he supposedly sent a mysterious tweet at some point saying "Thankyou Liverpool".
    As you can probably tell he's been my number one target all summer. I'm just hoping eventually after every other striker in the world falls through maybe his name will finally hit the top of our list.....

  30. B Rodgers needs to forget spending or wasting £50-£57M on E Cavani(27).

    B Rodgers needs to bring in these four attackers to club whilst shipping out F Borini(23) to Sunderland for £14M and O Assaidi(25) to Stoke for £6M

    1: Marquee Signing: M Reus(24) Of B Dortmund for £25-£30M RW / RWF

    2: J Claise(23) Of Feyenoord for £12-£17M CM

    3: W Bony(25) Of Swansea for £14-£18M FD

    4: L Remy(27) Of QPR for £10-12M FD ( B Rodgers and I Ayre need to eat humble pie and bring L Remy(27) to club.

    L Remy(27) and W Bony(25) would guarantee the club another 30-50 goals a season and cost the club £30M

    L Remy(27) would compete with D Sturridge(24) Like for Like and W Bony(25) would compete with R Lambert(32) Like for Like

    M Reus(24) would be the Marquee signing the club need to make this summer

    J Claise(23) is the dutch and cheaper alternative to T Alacantra(23)

  31. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:00 pm, August 09, 2014

    i would have no problem if he was worth that
    saw him in the olympics and the world cup he looks like a danny welbeck
    also against chelsea he was missing , plus his goal record in france is pretty poor where their are only 2 good teams

    rather have lavezzi

  32. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:02 pm, August 09, 2014

    see i think that would unsettle the squad too much competition ruins everything
    i think reus would be nice if sturridge is injured he can fit up front

    j claise played under van gaal i would eb wary of signing any player from the dutch world cup squad because they could be agents for van gaal

  33. I would've said Falcao before his injury but we'll need too see him over the course of a season to see if he's still the same player and can stay fit.
    I think Cavani first and foremost wants to be loved and he'll know from how Suarez was treated that if he goes to Liverpool and performs he'll be adored. He was loved at Napoli and was clearly in no hurry to leave.
    Napoli, like us, are a proper football club with proper fans and I think he misses that. Arsenal have turned into a bit of a plastic club. They've priced the average joe out of tickets in favour of the prawn sandwich brigade so if Cavani really wants to feel part of something and connected to the fans the way he was at Napoli, he'll come to us.
    Ultimately I'm undecided on whether I think this would be good for the club, mainly because it will be hugely expensive. However, I think his attributes make him tailor made for the premier league and he could be a real star.
    Finally, I don't think PSG can expect to get that fee for an unhappy player who is being played out of his preferred position. €50 million euro max should do it

  34. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:03 pm, August 09, 2014

    he has dodgy knees
    he will be another veron

  35. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:04 pm, August 09, 2014

    my biggest regret is daglish wasting 35m on carroll when we could have signed falcao for the same price
    suarez+falcao would win us the league even if we have the likes of adam and spearing in midfield

  36. Yea I don't think I'll ever get over the Carroll deal. Makes me feel sick every time I think about it

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:06 pm, August 09, 2014

    firmino and volland would be perfect

  38. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:07 pm, August 09, 2014

    i dont think daglish can ruin his legacy but if he ever wanted to he could not make a bigger mistake then signing carroll for that fee

  39. its impossible to sign Cavani. the only top performing players we could target are Mario Balotelli (£20M), Mauro Icardi (£25M), El Shaarawy (£25M) or Remy or Bony. realisticly we can probly get Icardi or Bony. but still upset weve signed Lambert. we should have really targeted Bony. were gonna face a fight to stay in the Champions League without the purchase of a top player. if i was BR with the £150M or so he had to spend, i would have been much more smarter with my business:

    i would have went along with the signing of Lovren, Lallana and Can for £55M. then instead of Lambert i would have signed Bony for £20M. that would take our spending to £75M. then use another £20M to buy Balotelli. that will take our spending to £95M. instead of Markovic i'd buy german-based Swiss pair Xherdan Shaqiri for £20M and Ricardo Rodriguez for LB for £15M. that would take us to £130M. and with the final £20M i'd replace Borini with Stephan El-Shaarawy. we would be sorted and ready for the new season

    the sqaud will be


    instead we will line up like this


    not bad, but title winning team? the loss of Suarez will be heavy if we dont put some1 like Balotelli in our team

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:10 pm, August 09, 2014

    no way would your first line up work
    no balance in there

  41. Falcao everyday of the week

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:11 pm, August 09, 2014

    balotelli,bony and el sharawaay are not good enough
    icardi could be a good player though

  43. Most of the players i have said over last few months B Rodgers should ship out slowly but shorely god so good they are being shown out:

    Reina has gone, B Jones needs to go also, K Toure is on his way out for £1.5M, S Coates needs to follow suit, G Johnson, M Kelly and L Leiva need to be shipped out this summer.

    F Borini and O Assaidi are on their ways out.

    Too much competition is bad, but class quality competition for every position at club is needed.

    Mignolet(25) needs class quality competition for his place

    We need a Mascherano/ Momo Sissoko type DM Midfielder at club: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG for £16-£20M

    B Rodgers should spend £30M on W Bony(25) and L Remy(27) together, still £20M plus cheaper than Cavani(27) and both their wages will be considerably less together than Cavani's one wage.

  44. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:11 pm, August 09, 2014

    cavani is the most overrated striker since wayne rooney

  45. I would be all for Falcao if he didn't suffer that serious injury.

  46. BR would find the balance.

  47. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:14 pm, August 09, 2014

    remy has a problem that lfc do not want to discolse i would give up on that

    bony is just an African andy carroll
    , matuidi is happy with his life at france

    if it was me, i would take a loan of 150m
    i would buy
    thibault courtois for 47m
    marco reus for 65m
    morgan schniderlin for 30m
    angel di maria for 40m

  48. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:16 pm, August 09, 2014

    br is not a miracle worker
    he is overrated and has been carried by suarez

  49. Certainly too many Liverpool fans seem to have unrealistic expectations based on what Suarez pulled off last season.

    Short of some amazing signings in the next few days it looks unlikely we'll make the top 4.

  50. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:18 pm, August 09, 2014

    sterling...............schniderlin....hendo.....di amria


  51. So the word on the street (according to Tim Vickery) is that we are going to announce the signing of a 'big name player' in the coming days. In that case, surely it has to be Reza Ghoochannejhad of Charlton Athletic. That's a pretty big name.

  52. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:20 pm, August 09, 2014


    remember vs west ham away when he lifted the ball on to tomkins arm and won us a penalty

    when he bummed fermandinho vs city at home and set up sterling

    no one else has this imagination and that is suarez biggest skill

  53. His goal record in France is roughly 1 in 2 which is excellent considering he was playing wide most of the season and was unhappy

  54. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:21 pm, August 09, 2014

    why was he unhappy ?
    we do not need cry babies

  55. Not a huge fan of Cavani because he cannot flourish in a 2 striker system and neither can DS. Not worth it at the price and wage.

  56. Falcao doesnt want to come..we cant force him..we only want players who want to come and play for shirt.

  57. Jan Venegoor of Hesselink would be preferrable because he has a bigger name.

  58. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:24 pm, August 09, 2014

    yeah but our best player last season
    did not want to play for our shirt he wanted to play in an emirates shirt

    most of chelsea and city players do not play for their shirt yet win trophies

    we should stop having this superior attitude , we want trophies not 100 ricky lamberts who love the club

  59. I get your point but Suarez was a different case. It is not about players passionate for the club per se but passionate about football and not money. Suarez loves football and his desire to win is unmatchable. Rewind 5 years back. City has Elano and Alan Ball. There is only one reason why they have such a good quad today. I do not want mercenaries who will just move to the club with the biggest payday.

  60. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:27 pm, August 09, 2014

    why not ?

    if these mercenaries display their quality like augero,yaya toure and silva
    i would not mind having them aboard

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:29 pm, August 09, 2014

    plus do you think if we offered sturridge
    £250 a week to sturridge he would play for us

    rather then say doncaster who would offer him say 250k a week

  62. It is not about that. As an example in a hypothetical sense, say Bayern Munich offer me a wage of 175k but Anzhi Makachkala offer me a wage of 250k, if I choose Anzhi, I would be a mercenary because 175k is something most people would not earn in 5 years and I am in 1 week. Bayern is clearly the better club and there is no other reason why I would choose Anzhi.

  63. I hate guessing games! i don't like who we are linked with, i.e. Lavezzi, Cavani, and Falcao too expensive for what you get, rather have Firmino or Muriel, even Bony (both feet and a good header)

  64. Apparently according to a BBC expert, Liverpool are close to signing "a big name" to replace suarez! Its not falcao but they think it might be cavani! Who do u guys think it will be

  65. Nice to be chasing proven people at striker at last. Cavani is mobile but I didn't think he was all that great at World Cup. Still he looks like a thoroughbred. I would sign Bony no matter who else we bring in. Has EPL experience and proven track record. This way we a durability when Sturridge gets an injury which will surely happen. I still hope we sign Vidal to add leadership to midfield. Gerrard is on his last year.......Anyone know if we are talking to Muriel, Lacazzette, Reus or any other big boy striker? I also wish we would sign Daley Blind at leave tiny Moreno in Spain.

  66. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:02 pm, August 09, 2014

    tim vickery is south america based journalist

    so could be cavani

  67. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:04 pm, August 09, 2014


  68. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:05 pm, August 09, 2014

    maybe higuain would have him over cavani or falcao

    but the guy says he does not know who it is , so i think he is being trolled by man u fan

  69. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:08 pm, August 09, 2014

    It’s not Falcao, but it’s a big-name player replacing a big name player at Liverpool, which would obviously be Suarez, being lined up very soon.

    ‘I couldn’t find out anything more than that but I don’t think it’s Falcao. It wouldn’t be viable for them.’

    this is what vickery said
    so who contacted him is the question?

    a big name players still 'available'

    higuain,cavani,,reus,di maria,isco,balotelli,

  70. Where have you been boy? Miss your detailed, specific and usually correct posts. I would add that I would rather see us sign Daley Blind or Ricardo Rodriguez over Teenie weenie A Moreno any day all day.........

  71. I say go for the gusto and sign Vidal to be our midfield leader slowly but surely as Stevie G has his minutes lowered and, if God is wiling, we nuke Allen and Lucas........

  72. This site has mentioned him before but in the World Cup I didn't see him pass or create much. ......IMO....

  73. True story. If we get Vidal, that will be huge. If Manc U get him, say hello to sixth or eight place behind Tottenham and Everton. We need quality and leadership and Vidal brings both as would Blind or Ricardo Rodriguez at the back.....

  74. For sure he will not come to Liverpool. He has to fill his countryman's boots. Not gonna happen.

  75. What about Kevin Volland , he's class,young and affordable.. but in this poll Cavani would be my choice .. sadly studge would have to be pushed out LS or benched to accommadate him i think to get the best out of Cavanni

  76. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:29 pm, August 09, 2014

    he is too static, no dribbling skills
    and the fact that he told suarez to leave us last season means i don't like him at all

  77. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:34 pm, August 09, 2014

    just putting another name out there , GERVINHO
    in italy they call him the african messi
    he has pl experience can play up front or on the left , never succeeded at arsenal but sturridge did not at chelsea

  78. Carried by Suarez? In his first season he had Suarez and Liverpool finished 7th.

  79. Kenny also had Suarez and Liverpool finished 8th.

  80. I agree that Cavani isn't the guy we need...but he is the caliber of player we should be looking at. At least for this last signing (besides Moreno).

  81. He did say an well-known agent

  82. Ok I have to ask: on what basis do you make the assumption that if ManU gets Vidal than LFC will 6th or 8th?

  83. I think if you listen what Vickery said that he knows its Cavani, he was just not supposed to say....he did give us a big hint by saying its a big enough name to replace Suarez and then and the telling us its not Falcao, that only really leaves Cavani of the major strikers available doesn't it? Icardi is no way a big enough name nor Volland or any of these. It think its safe to assume he is South American so to me must be Cavani. Very happy if so....

  84. If you don't think Suarez was a massive influence in us finishing second you've got a rude awakening coming.

  85. It is amusing that the people screaming for a marquee player are now arguing that Cavani isn't worth it. It seems it is either Reus or bust for you lot. Reus isn't going anywhere. He is also still injured. Remy has also now achieved some deity status - funny when some were underwhelmed by he prospect at the start. Personally, I thought Remy would have been smart business but something really spooked LFC. OK, move on now. So Cavani is being considered - I do not think he will come to LFC and the article above makes some good points as to why. If he does come and gets injured or doesn't bang 20 goals he will be deemed a bust and why didn't LFC get Reus....or X player....it is so easy on Football Manager.

  86. I have a slight suspicion it would be lavezzi but signing cavani would make us feared again but would push DS out wide. Let's see.

  87. Depends on whether he is guaranteed a starting place at Doncaster

  88. Then don't watch the games. With respect I don't see how such pessimism is warranted. Yes I understand the overall tone of this blog is glass half empty, but if the optimistic are called into question so should the overly pessimistic. Wait until Christmas before suggesting all is lost . Their are too many variables at the moment .

  89. Vickery states;

    ‘I don’t normally usually have many contacts with agents and the like, but I got phoned up yesterday with apparently good news for Liverpool,’

    Liverpool ‘will sign big name to replace Suarez’

    ‘It’s not Falcao, but it’s a big-name player replacing a big name player at Liverpool, which would obviously be Suarez, being lined up very soon.

    ‘I couldn't find out anything more than that but I don’t think it’s Falcao. It wouldn't be viable for them.’

    Do you notice the inconsistency in what this guy said?

    First he says "It’s not Falcao" meaning he is sure of himself and then goes on to say "I don’t think it’s Falcao" meaning he is not sure of himself.

    I think this is made up to get attention.

  90. Perhaps the Liverpool interest got him a new contract.....

  91. I don't think all is lost but I think we're struggling to compete at the level of City and Chelsea and even United and Arsenal are shaping up better than us. If we'd signed Lukaku instead of Everton I'd give us a chance of 4th, there's still time to get someone in.

  92. The BBC are usually reliable and not ones to make stuff up. But , it seems weird because we are not the type to sign a cavani or a falcao.

  93. This is not the BBC making things up. They are quoting what was said.

  94. Miss Marple had better watch out or she'll be out of a job:-)

  95. Anyways, I highly doubt we would sign cavani especially if Suarez does not recommend a move.

  96. Or maybe the Sri Lankan messi- Sringalanagaman Nirvikalanaguptaram

  97. I know this is completely off subject but for some weird reason I keep finding Agger linked to Arsenal and hoping that it will happen. I find it somewhat amusing to think of a Merterseker Agger combo trying to keep up with blitizing pace that Sturridge, Sterling, and Markovic could throw at them. It could just be that I have grown to hate them cause of there beyond ridiculous fans that are going to come out saying they are going to win the treble and then roll around April celebrating another 4th place finish. If this were to happen it would be like watching Algeria vs Germany in the World Cup where Algeria pinpointed how slow Per was and couldn't get back to save his life and if it wasn't for Neuer and just being a brillant keeper Germany could have very well been out early to an underdog. Just to see Low switch the back four after watching the near debacle unfold to become eventual champs was a masterstroke by Low to recognize his line was figured out and need to be changed.

    Now don't get me wrong I loved Agger with the beautiful left foot back in the day but even 2 seasons ago I noticed he seemed to lose a step, his aerial power was lacking and he just seemed lost with all his injuries last year. I think it is best he moves on. But the utter lack of speed in the back with those two would be comical.

  98. To be a big name it would have to be cavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaani

  99. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:47 pm, August 09, 2014

    could be higuain

  100. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:49 pm, August 09, 2014

    but not suarez at his peak

  101. That was AVB with Bale

  102. The voice of reason.9:15 pm, August 09, 2014

    Cavani, Cavani, Cavani, first choice no doubt about it, even before Sanchez, but if you bring Reus into the equation then Reus, Reus, Reus all the way. If you think about it its just a dream that either of these 2 will actually sign for us this season, but you never know sometimes dreams come true, but to be fair any decent striker would be welcome in this transfer window, or things could be bad for us if Lfc don`t bring someone in, i`d be very worried for our chances of Champions league football for the following season.

  103. To be fair there was about an hour left on the clock

  104. Jovetic is injury prone but has a 1 in 1 record in the league from the subs bench but he does remind me of Suarez

  105. And how do you know that exactly? Are you employed by the club? maybe on the transfer committee? Please, do tell

  106. Ha ha how are you bro, Like you I think D Blind, R Rodriguez or M Rojo would be better than A Moreno. But for some reason B Rodgers is obsessed with A Moreno , so it looks like we will get him. I feel and think M Rojo would suit premiership and us alot better though

  107. Bro B Rodgers should ship out L Leiva(27) for 12-14M and add £6-8M and bring in B Matuidi(27) Of PSG to club at all costs

    And B Rodgers should spend £12-17M on J Claise(23) Of Feyenoord the dutch Xavi and cheaper alternative to T Alacantra(23) instead of spend £42-£46M on A Vidal

  108. E60mn+ is lot of money; I think it's a bit too risky for bringing someone 27+ from France (or previously Spain/Italy). Both has a great pedigree as scorer, but they are into their odd half of age & untested in EPL. If they can repeat their scoring past, the money is worth indeed for anyone, but still it's risk. Somehow, can't we bring Aguero from MCFC - OK sorry.

    I don't think Reus & any of these 2 actually competes for their position in the squad. We need a top quality CF & already have spent 25mn for Lallana; so my logic says, if we are put most of our eggs in on basket, it should be a CF, but not sure about the 2 mentioned. Had Suarez not left with this squad...

  109. If its made up to get attention its the first time I have heard Tim Vickery do it. He works for the Beeb who dont report any of these rumours until their pretty far down the road....I also listen to him on talksport and he rarely seems to get much wrong so I am confident there is substance to this.

  110. I doubt its higuain mainly because Napoli only bought him last year for £32m, he has a long contract and it would take £50m at least, which he is plainly not worth. He is a very good player but not quite in that top level bracket that would apply to Falcao etc.

  111. The difference with Cavani, apart from being a better player IMO, is that we know that PSG need to balance their books a little with FFP in mind. Napoli don't need to sell hence it would a worse price for an inferior player

  112. Vickery is a stand up guy. Doesn't normally do rumours - is more of an analyst than a pundit per se. Also will answer comments on the beeb - when they're up.

  113. Cavani would kick A$$ in the PL - instant contender for golden boot. Coutinho, Sterling, and co providing service would be great. He could also work a partnership with Sturridge. Good to hear this name, and names of this level being linked.

  114. Wont be Cavani who just wants to play foiotball does not care about money yet wants 300k a week to play.

  115. Like the first three but Remy aint happenin Clasie would be a great get i see the rumours dried up very early on Victor Fisher would have liked him too.

  116. Wait and see no he is no miracle worker but he still won without Suarez .

  117. I think Cavani would be brilliant. He's already proven himself in the Italian league and although that doesn't always mean a player will do well in England it does show his quality. Suarez was only a success in the Netherlands when we picked him up and he grew into being one of the best in the world. If anything Cavani is a better finisher than Suarez but maybe Suarez is better at adapting into the false 9 role that worked so well at Liverpool. Cavani is certainly flexible and Rodgers wouldn't simply force him into a role to suit other players. It's about the team at the end of the day, getting the best out of ALL the players, if Sturridge had to share some of that space in the middle with Cavani it wouldn't be an issue.

    It seems an unlikely deal but it's good to see the club are at least trying to find a world class replacement for Suarez. I'm not confident that Cavani will come to Liverpool this summer so we may have to look somewhere else, but he's the kind of player we should always consider. He'll cost a lot of money but we also made a lot of money from Suarez. We can't end up being a club that only does big money deals if we're on the selling end. If we need a player like Cavani and he's available for a big fee then we need to seriously consider spending it.

  118. Reus is the answer here. Better then both and he doesn't need t play in a central role to be effective.

  119. Greg, B Rodgers and the board need to eat humble pie and bring in W Bony(25) and L Remy(27) for a combined total of £30M. Those two strikers guarantee the club 30-50 goals a season and would both be £20M cheaper than Cavani(27) and Falcao(28).

    And in Bony(25) and Remy(27) you have two class quality strikers who know where the goal is and have scored in the premiership constantly last season.

  120. You forgot to bracket the ages of Ayre and Rodgers

  121. Studge was part of a striker pair last season, and had his best ever season... EVER! He's grown and got 7 assists last year, proving he CAN work with another striker. Although I do agree that Cavani, is too expensive fee and wage. We need a striker, not a "forward", Lagbert looked even slower than last season

  122. Never gonna happen - apparently he's asking for £300k per week. Yes folks the cost of an average home in the UK every week.

    Given Suarez/Ronaldo/Messi are considered the best players in the world and earning ~ £200k per week, there can be some (not much!!) justification to paying that wage based on shirt sales etc.. but why does Cavani think he is even in the same bracket as those three, let alone a whole 50% better?

    Football is less about a sport for us fans and now more about a business - not so much to make a profit, but a tax efficient way to make a small clique extremely rich.

  123. Wants 300 k a week and says monies not important just a greedy prick thats full of it.

  124. Moreno is a dwarf at 5ft 7inches so he wont be much help on set pieces. At least Blind is 5ft 11 inches. I just Like Blind's history. What do you think of Ricardo Rodriguez? it seems certain Moreno will be the guy so exactly who are the big names we are signing?

  125. Bro R Rodriguez is descent but I think M Rojo Of S Lisbon was the best left back available. But it looks like we are getting A Moreno, Whilst Man United have wasted £32M on L Shaw, they plan to spend another £36M on two more left backs Blind and Rojo. Its comical